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Opinion Essay Examples

Hollyhock House/The Creative Community

Now the building is recognized a National Historic Landmark and considered to be one of the top houses in Los Angeles. I suppose that the transformation is possible due to the cultural and historical advance [...]

Curriculum and Instruction Revisited

While designing the curriculum, it should be ensured that the assessment, instruction, and curriculum collaborate to challenge the students. In this regard, the instructional content and strategies should be tied to the experiences that students [...]

Legal Gun Ownership

This implies that an increase in the number of legally permitted guns would lead to a reduction in gun related violence and crimes due to the increase in the cost of committing such crimes.

Training is the Answer

The question an organization should ask before strategizing on training should be what the training will do to the trainees: not necessarily the content of the training kit, but the way that training will affect [...]

Education and society

Education plays a very important role in the development of a society right from the individual level all the way to the national level. In conclusion, education is important to both the individual and the [...]

Ethics Between Law and Religion

Ethics in religion may be defined as acting according to the beliefs and practices of a given religion. However, ethics may be a source of punishment to the believers.

Women in Management

Research has shown that just like there are similarities in the leadership styles of both men and women, there are also differences and they are all effective.

Doing the Right Thing

As the gap between the affluent and the poor continues, the social gap between the rich and the poor is likewise widening; hence, decreasing the elements of cohesiveness and civic virtue within our society.


This resistance has been one of the obstacles to eliminating the cyber bullying in the schools. Schools and districts have been involved in the Challenge Day activities where children are advised on how to handle [...]

Meaning of feminism

In essence, shunning and neglecting the capability of women in most sectors has resulted limited their ability to accomplish their potential. Indeed, it is outstanding to foster the participation of women in society.

Downsizing in America

However, in 2007, the company was hit hard by the global financial crisis and one of the restructuring strategies adopted by the management was to outsource the sales department. Downsizing is the result of a [...]

Nixon’s Legacy, Reaganomics

The media was influenced by the aftermath of the Watergate scandal as it gained confidence and a more aggressive approach to investigating and unraveling of scandals in the government in an attempt to facilitate transparency [...]

Can Conscience Save Us?

The Earth Charter states that only the universal responsibility, membership in the human family, the need for global ethics as the elements of social consciousness may save people from overpopulation which becomes a real problem [...]

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

The scenario being experienced at the workplace provides that members of staff are offended by the personal photos and calendars hung in the back of the kitchen that are sexual in nature.