Opinion Essay Examples

Globalization’s and Business Relationships and Responsibilities

The world is fast changing into one big village. Cultural diversity, religion, race, and differences in ideology, which have created barriers among nations, are fast fading as people learn to accept and tolerate each other. The free flow of capital and labor among nations give evidence of this change. The political, economic, and socio-cultural turbulence […]

Women Empowerment: Did it Break Glass Ceiling?

Introduction The paper lays down the experiences of researcher and learning from the research done on glass ceiling faced by women. Though this is not a reflective essay, the findings are expressed in a narrative manner, and a conclusion has been given regarding career and glass ceiling faced by women. Empowerment and presence in the […]

Prostitution Legalization

Prostitution has been illegal in many countries in the world. Despite this fact, prostitution has continued to be practiced in every capital, and other cities in every country. This being the fact the governments need to see that they are fighting a losing battle and continuous prohibition of prostitution is like chasing wind. There are […]

Pandemic Flu Planning

Recommended epidemic control steps A flu pandemic can be controlled through four steps that would be aimed at reducing the rate of spread of the disease and reducing its impact on the community. The steps are useful if an outbreak is detected early before it could have explosive growth (Interim Pre-pandemic Planning Guidance, 2007). If […]

Racism: Impact on Minorities in American Society

The election of President Barrack Obama was an indication that the US had finally come of age in as far as eradication of racism is concerned. However, critics argue that Americans were simply against the bullying of Iraq in a war that the previous president, George Bush, alleged was necessary to facilitate the destruction of […]

Knowledge and Gettier’s Argument

Knowledge, its source and truthfulness have been under question for a long time. People have always wondered what exactly constitutes facts and if there are any defining laws that can be attributed to all knowledge or information available in the world. Many philosophers speculated on how information can be interpreted according to its falsity or […]

Disability in Modern Society

Introduction Disability is a mental or physical condition that restricts a person’s activities, senses or movements. Modern societies have recognized the problems faced by these individuals and passed laws that ease their interactions. Some people, therefore, believe that life for the disabled has become quite bearable. These changes are not sufficient to eliminate the hurdles […]

Facebook: An Indispensable Social Networking Tool

Facebook has come under attack owing to rising cases of privacy issues and its negative influence on people. Critics argue that Facebook’s management is not doing enough to protect people’s privacy and personal information. In addition, it has been criticized for turning people into machine-like beings. Many young people have turned to Facebook for companionship […]

What Should You Do? Poverty Issue

Today, many people in the developing countries die of poverty related causes. However, at the same time, there are many and extravagant individuals who spent fortunes on luxuries. The momentous question arising from this is, ‘Are we responsible for other people?’ What should we do when faced with such situations? In reaction to this question, […]

Data Capture & New Media

As it would be observed, modern technology has brought certain advantages to the current human generation in all aspects of life. Communication sector is indeed one of the major beneficiaries of this outstanding transition. One really can’t be wrong to imagine the immense wonders which the modern technology has brought into our lives as something […]

Linguistics in Educational Programs

Introduction The discovery of some oil reserve in the state of California gives the chance to confront a hot-button issue in California. The demand by the California Indian Council to have the Bilingual Education Programs brought back in exchange for access to the oil reserves located in the Indian reservations land is in order and […]

Hollyhock House/The Creative Community

While starting the research, I would like to point out some general information, which is related to the construction in the East Hollywood. Thus, one should take into account that the main architect of the Aline Barnsdall Hollyhock House is an interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright. Now the building is recognized a National Historic Landmark […]

E-Learning and the Science of Instruction

The impacts of globalization and technological development are notable. Generally, different societies and categories of people react uniquely to these technological developments. Presently, it is observable that the high application of contemporary technology has led to various consequences. People within typical societies are able to note that merits and disadvantages brought by the advancement in […]

Are the Witches Responsible for Duncan’s Death?

The three witches were doing their work by giving their prophecy to Macbeth and Banquo and hence are not responsible for the murder of King Duncan and Banquo’s family. In this play, Shakespeare stipulates that it was Macbeth’s choice which caused the death of Duncan the King. It was the obligation of the witches to […]

Gun Violence in USA

Introduction Several debates have been raised on the efficiency of the existing gun control laws in the United States. The Newtown school shooting incident evolved the gun violence debate causing a public uproar to review the gun control laws currently in enforcement in the United States. While it is a personal responsibility to treat human […]

Protecting Innovations in The BlackBerry Company

Introduction The necessity of expanding market share of a business drives innovations. In this light, innovations ensure that a company develops new products that maintain their customer’s preference to the company. In addition, innovations enable the company to produce unique goods that please their clients. Therefore, the company becomes competitive than their competitors. Moreover, companies […]

Theory of Mirror Stage

The idea of psychoanalysis was brought forth to explain the effects of philosophy and how it directly affects cognition. The conception has its origin from France. Psychoanalysis was an idea from human behavior and was triggered by comparative psychology. In comparison, a child is outdone by a Chimpanzee when it comes to instrumental intelligence. A […]

Response: When Followers Become Toxic

Factors that help leaders from being led astray /mislead Leadership is an ongoing process in an organization. It results from the dynamic nature of the environment. Use of efficient leadership change management and leadership principles make change management successful and keep followers from being toxic. First, the leader needs to embrace system thinking in an […]

Pendulum Motion: How History and Philosophy Can Improve Physics Teaching and Learning

The scientific revolution was a period in history that saw the development of intellectual thinking, a period referred to as the age of renaissance. This was accompanied by many scientific discoveries that sought to explain naturally occurring phenomena. Many intellectual thinkers at the time used experiments and methodology to provide a substantial basis for their […]

Language and It’s Influence on Our Attitudes

Language encompasses the social life. It is the primary vehicle used for communication of knowledge, and the primary medium to get a glimpse of the other person’s thought process. Therefore, the importance of language as an imperative element of study in social psychology is irrefutable. For this reason, one must understand that language has an […]

Health Care for All the Citizens

The health of the nation is the social issue. The statistics reflecting the state of the people’s health within the country can be discussed as the mirror to reflect the social welfare. Furthermore, in theory, all the citizens have the right to receive the necessary help including the medical help because they have the right […]

Curriculum and Instruction Revisited

Demonstrated Learning Mastery The form and content in a curriculum and instructional materials are extremely vital. Teachers who teach technology enjoy the freedom in customizing, and coming up with curriculums and instructions which favor them, students, and community. Designing the curriculum involves developing the content to be used. The process of developing a curriculum, which […]

Legal Gun Ownership

In the US, the increase in cases of gun violence has generated heated debates over legal gun ownership (Krouse 33). Thirty-three states permit its lawful citizens to own firearms. The Right to Carry (RTC) law allows law-abiding citizens to be issued with gun permits. Critics assert that the current increase in the number of gun […]

White Privilege in Contemporary society

The modern globalizing world is going through multiple changes. Diversity brought by merge and migration processes making the boundaries between nations, countries, cultures fade away is getting more and more intense every year. Public awareness of social diversity is also a developing phenomenon. It is demonstrated though the reflection of social and cultural diversity and […]

Ethical Issues in the Academic World

Introduction Ethics in the academic world is as important as in any other sphere. There are a variety of ethical issues in this area. One of these issues is ethical conduct while completing academic papers. Some claim that there is nothing unethical in using such works as they can be seen as any other resource […]

The Bariatric Surgery Center

The Veteran Health Administration (VHA) requires healthcare providers to inform their patients of any adverse side effects resulting in the course of the care (Pozgar 1). The patient has a right to be informed of any harm associated with surgical procedure and whether the side effects are immediate or come up later on (Pozgar 2). […]

Jews and Christians

Jews and Christians Linda’s point of view may seem quite radical, but is understandable. The Pharisees were hostile to Christ as they even planned for his death. They constantly accused Jesus of breaking the law and committing blasphemous acts. Even after crucifying Christ, mainstream Jews continued to excommunicate early Christians because they branded them as […]

Training is the Answer

Introduction In this article, the author has developed a very strong argument on whether or not training can be considered as an ultimate solution. He both agrees and disagrees with this argument but all in all, in his agreement, a negative response is clearly seen. His bottom line, however, is that training is not enough […]

The Council for Exceptional Children

The Council for Exceptional Children and Its Code of Ethics The Council for Exceptional Children or CEC is an international organization that strives to improve the education of children who have disabilities or specific talents (CEC unpaged). CEC promotes the adoption of governmental policies that can benefit such students; moreover, this organization facilitates professional development […]

The Role of Alexander Hamilton in Federal Governments in the United States of America

What is the most significant part of Hamilton’s argument in Federalist 70? Why does Hamilton argue in favour of a single executive? Are the comparisons Hamilton makes to the Roman warranted? Alexander Hamilton is considered as the founder of principles that govern Federal Governments in the United States of America and thus the true architect […]

Pedagogy Expertise in Education

Teaching is the ability to influence and motivate students to act and think in a positive manner. The influence should be substantial and sustainable in order to make the desired impact on the life of students. Students should also be able to learn deeply from the attributes of their teachers. A teacher should always show […]

Positive Effects of Television on the way People Understand Themselves

Television helps in building child cognition. Several studies have assessed children’s programs such as Sesame Street. All these studies find that young children who view Sesame Street often have more developed cognition in identifying shapes, numbers and letter than those who do not view the program (Fisch 2004). Besides, these children do extremely well in […]

Genetic modification and testing: ethical considerations

Sciences and in depth knowledge about human and animal genetics has received extensive attention and reached heights that were not expected. Modifications to the genetic information and the types of outcomes have been surprising but at the same time, met with some displeasement. This sort of engineering has resulted in modified foods, animal testing and […]

African Americans: Race and Ethnic Discrimination

Race and ethnic stratification remain quite burning issues in the American society. Multi ethnic American society has faced a variety of problems which led to violence, tension and disintegration. African Americans constitute the major minority group in the USA. This group also remains one of the most discriminated even though the struggle of the 1960s […]

Diversity and Inclusion in Relation to Music in the Workplace

Executive Summary All organizations endeavor to streamline diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. In most scenarios, diversity and inclusion is a key component of a company’s mission statement. Diversity and inclusion applies to all relationship components in an organization including customer-to-employee and employee-to-employee contacts. This paper addresses a diversity and inclusion issue that involves the […]

Education and society

Education plays a very important role in the development of a society right from the individual level all the way to the national level. Education helps develop a person’s critical thinking, expand their mental horizons and increase their capacity to innovate and think creatively. Education helps develop a person’s ambition, and in the process follow […]

The US Ethnic Groups: the Hispanic Americans

Currently, the total number of Hispanic Americans is about 41 million, which is approximately 15 percent of the total US population. There are several ethnic groups which constitute the Hispanic Americans including Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Cubans among others. All the Hispanic ethnic groups are linked by a common language and a unique culture. […]

First day of freshman year

The first day of freshman can be the most challenging one. This is obviously because being in a new environment with unfamiliar faces can be very confusing to an individual (Matlock, 2005). However, preparing adequately and gathering enough courage can help a freshman overcome some of the challenges. On the first day, a freshman is […]

Is Britain a Meritocratic Society?

It was determined by history that people need a belief based upon which they would build their present and future. Here is where the need for formulating various concepts of society derives from. One of the popular approaches to defining society is that of the meritocratic society. First coined by Michael Young in his 1958 […]

Ethics Between Law and Religion

Introduction Ethics refers to moral behavior that is acceptable to a particular society. Seglin defines ethics as a set of moral issues that are regarded to be righteous (4). Given a narrower perspective, ethics can be considered as an act of doing what the society expects at the right time and in the right manner. […]

Women in Management

Does gender make a difference in leadership styles? Understanding gender as an essential element of all aspects of each day life has become more and more extensive. Gender makes a difference in leadership style. Every leader has his or her different leadership style and a different strategy of approaching their profession. Both men and women […]

Doing the Right Thing

Introduction Perhaps, the American society is the most divergent, the most accommodating and the most culturally diverse among all societies across the globe. Interestingly, most Americans reflect similar elements of behavior in many respects (these elements are distinct to our American society). There are a number conscious and unconscious core values which are expected to […]


Many victims of relational aggression have been reluctant to self-report. Educators have experienced a difficult time to recognize this aggression. Bullying has been known for a long time to be a situation in which one boy threatens to beat another. Research has considered it to be a relational aggression. President Obama has been a victim […]

Online Technologies and “Kizuna”

Technology is becoming increasingly central to the daily routine of individuals (Goode 583), not only in the United States but also globally. In education, the availability of personal computers in the 1980s and a multiplicity of internet-based applications in the 1990s have brought incredible transformation on how college students learn in traditional learning settings (Aziz […]

Ethical and Legal Duties in Hospitality and Other Recreational Sectors

Managers face “big” tasks in making business decisions that affect the company, the shareholders of the company and other stakeholders in the industry. It is important, therefore, to conduct the business in an “ethical” manner, and this call for the management to consider their ethical duties for legal and business obligations. Nevertheless, understanding the ethical […]

Meaning of feminism

According to my interviewee who is an activist, feminism is a movement that seeks to empower the female gender. The movement began in late 18th century thus championing against oppression directed towards women. It sought to eliminate rape and gender based cruelty, which are rampant. These evil tendencies have limited the capability of women to […]

Through a Computer Display and What People See There: Communication Technologies and the Quality of Social Interactions

Introduction: Communication Technologies Come to the Rescue It is hard to deny that communication technologies play a great role in the lives of billions of people all over the world. With the rise of technology and the surge of innovations that have opened new possibilities for communication between the people in different parts of the […]

Clifford/James on Whether and When It Is Ok to Believe without Sufficient Evidence

Clifford/James argument is devoted to the issue that there are cases when people have to believe the information without additional arguments and proofs. This statement cannot be agreed on as there are no cases when people are to believe others without supportive arguments. It is possible to accept the evidence without any arguments, however, one […]

The Ideal Heroes

What makes our life significant and meaningful? Every day we interact with a lot of people who influence our life greatly. Moreover, we are also able to affect the world around us while communicating or working. Thus, we often meet those people who can change our life. Is it possible to name them ‘heroes’? Why […]

The Relationships of Working Memory, Secondary Memory, and General Fluid Intelligence: Working Memory Is Special

The article discusses the perceived link between working memory and fluid intelligence; according to the writer, both have similar approach of retrieving information from secondary memory. In the article the writer aims are investigating the robustness secondary memory in the ability to predict higher order cognition. To support/research the issue, the writer undertook a survey […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Franchise Agreement

A franchise agreement is a set- up where a buyer is given exclusive rights to sell products of an already established firm. The buyer is called the franchisee and the parent company franchisor. Typically, franchisors give franchisees their brand name to trade with and offer help and support. Similarly, one may be licensed to produce […]

My Supportive Academic Environment

By definition, the term “environment” may refer either to actual physical surroundings or to social or cultural background factors. It is the aggregate of surrounding things, influences, or conditions that alter life of a person, or the population at large. By nature, all organisms respond to changes in the surrounding by evolutionary adaptations in their […]

Arguments for Gay Marriages

Introduction Marriage is an entity that provides for companionship among the partners. The two partners help each other in their daily activities. The foundation of any marriage is usually love and affection between the two partners. Gay marriage refers to a relationship between two individuals of the same gender. One party is the husband whereas […]

Downsizing in America

Although my immediate family has been lucky enough not to fall victim to layoffs or downsizing, however, I have friends and relatives who have not been as lucky. My uncle is a good example. He had worked for a utility company for 25 years, rising through the ranks to become the head of the sales […]

The Veil and Muslim

Introduction Islamic women have worn the veil since time immemorial. The debate on whether the use of the veil does any good to the society has always existed since prehistoric times and it exists even today. This paper discusses how the veil became the symbol of Muslim civilization, what the veil meant to Islamic reformists […]

Creating a Theoretical Framework for the Teacher’s Philosophy of Education

The philosophical doctrines have always had a significant impact on educators’ views of their mission and the methods for achieving their goals. The debates concerning the primary purpose and content of education programs resulted in emergence of diverse educational philosophies. The blend of various historical educational philosophies and the compromise between the teacher-centered and student-centered […]

Impact of Modern Technology on Human Communication

Modern communication technologies have revolutionized the way in which we carry out our day to day activities. Hardly any aspect in our modern lives has escaped the influence of these systems. Human social life is one such arena which has experienced the positive and negative influence of modern technology. Considering the significance effects that these […]

Social Movements and Sociology

Discussion 1 Social movements are planned efforts by a group of individuals to initiate reforms in major facets of the community. As a young man, I have been a part of a social movement in my society. Worried about the controversy that was surrounding the legalization of marijuana, a group of young people got together […]

Antitrust Claims Filed against Microsoft by Netscape Communication in 2002 on Behalf of AOL

Introduction When one company has monopoly in the market there are high chances of antitrust claims from equivalent competitors in the industry. With monopolistic behaviors, customers continue to buy products from the company despite the high prices. Sellers in such a case exploit the monopoly to increase their profits and market share. In the business […]

Nixon’s Legacy, Reaganomics

How would the Watergate scandal have affected your perception of government power? The signing of the antiballistic missile treaty with Soviet Union was not a wise action for Nixon. This treaty was worse of than the unilateral disarmament, because it only restricted our ability of United States to defend itself, though the treaty was later […]

Safety of Women and Workplace Health Issues

For the last fifty years, workforce in the U.S has experienced numerous changes. Although the number of men in the workforce is still higher than that of women, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of working women. For instance, the percentage was thirty four in the 1950s and this has increased to […]

Memorandum to the Board of Directors

This memo seeks to advice the board of directors of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation on the best policy issue the company should pursue in dealing with the problem of Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) additive the company produces through its subsidiary – Octel Associates. Making the corresponding recommendation, I have considered three options suggested by the board. […]

History of Clinical Pharmacy

1910-1959 Success in a professional career requires the ability to learn from the past. It is important to note that the time period between 1910 and 1959 was characterized by several incidences that acted as major platforms for the transformation of pharmacology in the world. Pharmacy in this period was composed of great levels of […]

Alcohol Abuse Issues

In the findings of the NationalCenteronAddictionandSubstanceAbuse,the statistics reveals that almost80%ofhighschoolstudentshave tasted alcohol (“Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to a younger age?” 1). Despite the legal drinking age in America being at twenty-one years of age, a substantial number of us may have direct experience of alcohol consumption. Often, some teenagers believe that […]

Use of performance enhancing drugs

Thesis In this paper, I am going to discuss performance enhancing drugs and its ethical implications to the spirit of sportsmanship. Introduction Performance enhancing drugs are chemical substances used by sportsmen to boost their performance in the field. For many years, theseclasses of drugs have always been related to anabolic steroids but the global anti […]

A Bed for the Night

Introduction David Rieff in his book, “A Bed for the Night: Humanitarianism in Crisis”, presents the idea that the concept of an international community is moot and nothing more than a fanciful notion. In the book Rieff elaborates on the following notions: A.)That there is no world consensus on most matters of true importance (Rieff, […]

“Crude Oil” and “Week Three Tapped” Movies

Introduction Environment refers to the sum total of the conditions that surround people and other living organisms. The thriving or survival of many organisms, including human beings, depends on the conditions of the environment. A poorly conserved environment presents great hazards to its inhabitants. However, if well conserved, environment gives invaluable benefits to those it […]

Philippe Starck as the Great Designer of the World

For the French, the world widely knows them better probably in design, art and fashion. For years now, the French have almost taken a leading role as market leaders in the clothes, hotel, art, winery and cooking industries not to mention natural sciences and philosophy. Although France may not exclusively claim for the one of […]

Can Conscience Save Us?

Having considered two different opinions in the relation to the question whether consciousness can save us or not, I came to the conclusion that I support the Earth Charter’s ideas which state that human conscious can save the whole humanity from different disaster. Taking the example of population and its damaging grows, we are going […]

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Skaine (1996) defines sexual harassment as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature…when submission or rejection of this conduct explicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment ” (p. 11). The two […]