Opinion Essay Examples

Globalization’s and Business Relationships and Responsibilities

The world is fast changing into one big village. Cultural diversity, religion, race, and differences in ideology, which have created barriers among nations, are fast fading as people learn to accept and tolerate each other. The free flow of capital and labor among nations give evidence of this change. The political, economic, and socio-cultural turbulence […]

Pandemic Flu Planning

Recommended epidemic control steps A flu pandemic can be controlled through four steps that would be aimed at reducing the rate of spread of the disease and reducing its impact on the community. The steps are useful if an outbreak is detected early before it could have explosive growth (Interim Pre-pandemic Planning Guidance, 2007). If […]

Disability in Modern Society

Introduction Disability is a mental or physical condition that restricts a person’s activities, senses or movements. Modern societies have recognized the problems faced by these individuals and passed laws that ease their interactions. Some people, therefore, believe that life for the disabled has become quite bearable. These changes are not sufficient to eliminate the hurdles […]

Facebook: An Indispensable Social Networking Tool

Facebook has come under attack owing to rising cases of privacy issues and its negative influence on people. Critics argue that Facebook’s management is not doing enough to protect people’s privacy and personal information. In addition, it has been criticized for turning people into machine-like beings. Many young people have turned to Facebook for companionship […]

What Should You Do? Poverty Issue

Today, many people in the developing countries die of poverty related causes. However, at the same time, there are many and extravagant individuals who spent fortunes on luxuries. The momentous question arising from this is, ‘Are we responsible for other people?’ What should we do when faced with such situations? In reaction to this question, […]

Hollyhock House/The Creative Community

While starting the research, I would like to point out some general information, which is related to the construction in the East Hollywood. Thus, one should take into account that the main architect of the Aline Barnsdall Hollyhock House is an interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright. Now the building is recognized a National Historic Landmark […]

E-Learning and the Science of Instruction

The impacts of globalization and technological development are notable. Generally, different societies and categories of people react uniquely to these technological developments. Presently, it is observable that the high application of contemporary technology has led to various consequences. People within typical societies are able to note that merits and disadvantages brought by the advancement in […]

Gun Violence in USA

Introduction Several debates have been raised on the efficiency of the existing gun control laws in the United States. The Newtown school shooting incident evolved the gun violence debate causing a public uproar to review the gun control laws currently in enforcement in the United States. While it is a personal responsibility to treat human […]

Protecting Innovations in The BlackBerry Company

Introduction The necessity of expanding market share of a business drives innovations. In this light, innovations ensure that a company develops new products that maintain their customer’s preference to the company. In addition, innovations enable the company to produce unique goods that please their clients. Therefore, the company becomes competitive than their competitors. Moreover, companies […]

Theory of Mirror Stage

The idea of psychoanalysis was brought forth to explain the effects of philosophy and how it directly affects cognition. The conception has its origin from France. Psychoanalysis was an idea from human behavior and was triggered by comparative psychology. In comparison, a child is outdone by a Chimpanzee when it comes to instrumental intelligence. A […]

Response: When Followers Become Toxic

Factors that help leaders from being led astray /mislead Leadership is an ongoing process in an organization. It results from the dynamic nature of the environment. Use of efficient leadership change management and leadership principles make change management successful and keep followers from being toxic. First, the leader needs to embrace system thinking in an […]

Pendulum Motion: How History and Philosophy Can Improve Physics Teaching and Learning

The scientific revolution was a period in history that saw the development of intellectual thinking, a period referred to as the age of renaissance. This was accompanied by many scientific discoveries that sought to explain naturally occurring phenomena. Many intellectual thinkers at the time used experiments and methodology to provide a substantial basis for their […]

Curriculum and Instruction Revisited

Demonstrated Learning Mastery The form and content in a curriculum and instructional materials are extremely vital. Teachers who teach technology enjoy the freedom in customizing, and coming up with curriculums and instructions which favor them, students, and community. Designing the curriculum involves developing the content to be used. The process of developing a curriculum, which […]

Legal Gun Ownership

In the US, the increase in cases of gun violence has generated heated debates over legal gun ownership (Krouse 33). Thirty-three states permit its lawful citizens to own firearms. The Right to Carry (RTC) law allows law-abiding citizens to be issued with gun permits. Critics assert that the current increase in the number of gun […]

Gender’s Role in the Outcome of Elections 2008 in the America

In 2008, the media influenced the electorate to reject Hilary Clinton as the presidential candidate. Analysts observe that the media brainwashed the electorate to believe that gender affects the performance of an individual in executing his or her duties as the head of state. Anita assesses how the media influenced the electorate during voting in […]

Freedom of Speech and Expression

It is indeed true that the freedom of individual expression largely emanates from the level of autonomy granted. When our individual autonomies are restricted, the freedom of expression is also affected. This implies that autonomy is the epitome of the freedom of expression in many ways. Nonetheless, a certain level of restriction is usually applied […]

White Privilege in Contemporary society

The modern globalizing world is going through multiple changes. Diversity brought by merge and migration processes making the boundaries between nations, countries, cultures fade away is getting more and more intense every year. Public awareness of social diversity is also a developing phenomenon. It is demonstrated though the reflection of social and cultural diversity and […]

Jews and Christians

Jews and Christians Linda’s point of view may seem quite radical, but is understandable. The Pharisees were hostile to Christ as they even planned for his death. They constantly accused Jesus of breaking the law and committing blasphemous acts. Even after crucifying Christ, mainstream Jews continued to excommunicate early Christians because they branded them as […]

The Council for Exceptional Children

The Council for Exceptional Children and Its Code of Ethics The Council for Exceptional Children or CEC is an international organization that strives to improve the education of children who have disabilities or specific talents (CEC unpaged). CEC promotes the adoption of governmental policies that can benefit such students; moreover, this organization facilitates professional development […]

The Role of Alexander Hamilton in Federal Governments in the United States of America

What is the most significant part of Hamilton’s argument in Federalist 70? Why does Hamilton argue in favour of a single executive? Are the comparisons Hamilton makes to the Roman warranted? Alexander Hamilton is considered as the founder of principles that govern Federal Governments in the United States of America and thus the true architect […]

Positive Effects of Television on the way People Understand Themselves

Television helps in building child cognition. Several studies have assessed children’s programs such as Sesame Street. All these studies find that young children who view Sesame Street often have more developed cognition in identifying shapes, numbers and letter than those who do not view the program (Fisch 2004). Besides, these children do extremely well in […]

Organisational Structure of a Rehabilitation Center

A rehabilitation center is a very sensitive organisation to run in the community. It is a very important organisation in the community and, therefore, tactics must be used in relation to ensuring that every member finally goes through the entire process. The target of the institution is rehabilitating people from their addictive behaviors like drug […]

Diversity and Inclusion in Relation to Music in the Workplace

Executive Summary All organizations endeavor to streamline diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. In most scenarios, diversity and inclusion is a key component of a company’s mission statement. Diversity and inclusion applies to all relationship components in an organization including customer-to-employee and employee-to-employee contacts. This paper addresses a diversity and inclusion issue that involves the […]

Education and society

Education plays a very important role in the development of a society right from the individual level all the way to the national level. Education helps develop a person’s critical thinking, expand their mental horizons and increase their capacity to innovate and think creatively. Education helps develop a person’s ambition, and in the process follow […]

First day of freshman year

The first day of freshman can be the most challenging one. This is obviously because being in a new environment with unfamiliar faces can be very confusing to an individual (Matlock, 2005). However, preparing adequately and gathering enough courage can help a freshman overcome some of the challenges. On the first day, a freshman is […]

Ethics Between Law and Religion

Introduction Ethics refers to moral behavior that is acceptable to a particular society. Seglin defines ethics as a set of moral issues that are regarded to be righteous (4). Given a narrower perspective, ethics can be considered as an act of doing what the society expects at the right time and in the right manner. […]