Application Essay Examples

Company Profile and Cover Letter: Fisher Investments

Summary of the Company Fisher Investments, from its inception in 1979, has grown and developed under the direction of founder and CEO Kenneth L. Fisher, to become one of the most promising privately-held firms concerned with the management of high-net-worth investment portfolios in the United States. Headquartered in Woodside, California, Fisher Investments has been able […]

Mental health counseling

Mental health counseling is a diverse profession with national standards for proficiency in education, preparation and clinical practice. The profession offers help to the ever-increasing number of Americans requiring mental therapy. Clinical mental health practitioners are highly-skilled professionals who provide malleable, consumer-inspired therapy. Mental health counselors provide a variety of services such as; evaluation and […]

Lifelong Learning Plan

Introduction Renowned German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein once said that “wisdom is not a product of schooling, but the lifelong attempt to acquire it” (Hager, 2004 p. 23). Today, more than ever before, I hold these words in very high esteem as I chart my way forward and design my strategies to acquire the ‘wisdom’ […]

Fallacy Summary and Application Paper

Introduction There are many concepts in human life which help to define the importance of existence and enjoy the possibilities which are offered. Fallacy is one of such concepts. Paul and Elder (2006) help to understand the essence of fallacy as “a deceptive or misleading argument, a sophism” (p. 295). There are many types of […]

Impacts of Overpopulation on the Environment

Introduction Overpopulation may be described as a situation where a habitat holds a larger number of organisms than it should. The human population has been increasing at extreme rates in last few decades with an estimated three births every day (Connor 2006). Overpopulation has continued affecting the environment negatively over these years. Many human activities […]

Achievement gap in k-12 education

In academic institutions the level of learners’ performance varies, with some learners being average, others above average, and others falling below the average level. The variation in the performance of the pupils could occur in some class or category like gender, race, disabilities, religion, and culture. Moreover, the difference in the academic performance of students […]

Promoting Behavior Change among Teenagers

Introduction Substance abuse among teenagers is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon in the community. Substance abuse involves the use of drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. Research on the use of drugs among teenagers indicates that majority begin using the drugs as early as the age of 9 years (Fisher and Harrison 43). The […]

Concepts of Effective Leadership

Meaning of leadership; the characteristics and qualities of effective leaders The success of any corporate body or organisation depends on its leader’s ability to coordinate and manage the utilisation of its resources, for achievement of common organisational goals. Therefore, an effective leader should be able to coordinate and manage all affairs of an organisation, through […]