Rhetorical Essay Examples

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven is a narrative styled poem by popular poet Poe. It is a brilliant expression of loss and the musings of the narrator about his loss are simply enchanting. The simple musicality and a sense of the supernatural theme contained in the narration are engulfing. The flow of the poem is vividly described step […]

Rhetoric Situation in Articles

Lloyd Bitzer explores the concept of ethics. His article examines the dilemma that is associated with ethics. It is in this dilemma that the rhetorical question arises. The effect of the rhetorical question on the audience is examined. In this case, the rhetorical question is examined in the realm of art and literature. Bitzer suggests […]

Behaviors, Actions and Communications of L’oreal

The global cosmetics market is on the verge of growth given that the planet will always call for beauty. Owing to the effects of urbanization, growth in GDP, and population growth, the populace with access to modern-day beauty cosmetics is augmenting immensely. L’Oreal is the leading international business vending beauty products1. For many decades, the […]

Show Boat: Encouraging Tolerance

Introduction Show Boat refers to the 1927 musical with basically two acts. There is music with Jerome Kern, book as well as lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein.1 Indeed, Oscar Hammerstein’s satirical applications within the musical play Show Boat remains a historical landmark in the entertainment industry. It equally depicts and promotes the aspects of tolerance. Drawn […]

The Role of Flexibility in the Australian Context

Introduction The following essay is on the need for flexibility of labour in the Australian context. This essay will discuss the role of flexibility in the Australian context. There will be evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of flexible work arrangements from the perspective of the employer as well as employee. The essay will look […]

Omnivore’s dilemma

Introduction The conventional American meal lacks visibility and transparency; not only does its price contain other hidden costs; it has a highly twisted and complicated food chain. It is almost impossible to trace the source of all the ingredients used in the typical McDonald’s package as the preservatives used in the soda pop may come […]

The Industrial Revolution and Beyond: Culture, Work, and Social Change

Overview The Industrial Revolution is the era of massive enormous technological advancements and social changes, which affected people to the extent which is often contrasted to the change from hunter and gathering to agriculture. Development of machines increased production and enhanced the economy that had initially relied on skilled labor. The exact dates are an […]

Suppression of Flammable/Combustible Liquids in Storage Tanks

Introduction The use, storage, and handling of flammable liquids or chemicals require appropriate measures to protect people from fires or explosions. Experience has proven that poor safety practices when handling combustible or flammable liquids can be a major cause of explosions or fires that can cause injuries and at times death (Hildebrand and Gregory 21). […]

Information technology in people’s lives

The 20th century saw the emergence of the Information Age. Beginning in the late 1980s information technology (IT) began to dominate the lives of people, especially those in the Western world. This was made possible by two major technological breakthroughs: the invention of the personal computer and the creation of the Internet or World-Wide-Web. These […]

“Echoes of the Silent Language of Project Management” by Dragan Z. Milosevic

Article overview The present article is written by Milosevic who is engineering management associate professor at Portland State University and director of training for Pinnell&Busch, Inc. The main concern of the article under discussion is effective paradigm which serves to remove cross-cultural issues project managers usually face. The major goal of the article is to […]

Process Description: 3D Printing

The work of a 3D printer is based on the principle of additive manufacturing. This is a technique by which objects are made by adding layer after layer until the final product takes shape (Petronzio 2013). The use of this device involves three stages; modeling, printing, and finishing. It is important to note that a […]

My Struggle for Literacy in America

The main purpose of this presentation is to convince the audience that literacy is one of the skills that a person can and should develop. Moreover, an individual should not become despondent, if he/she has to confront some difficulties. This is the main message that is conveyed to the audience. Moreover, it is aimed at […]

Optus Company Business Communication

In every organization communication plays a significant role in determining the level of efficiency in organization’s operations. Communication can be viewed as the process in which one person disseminates or receives message from another. Communication plays a significant role in enhancing an organization to meet its goals. Effective communication facilitates the coordination of various activities […]

Why I Want a Wife

In the article “I need a wife”, Judy Brady employs impersonation to present her main themes. She pauses as a male speaker and elaborates the societal expectations of being a wife. She highlights the various challenges faced by women in their marital relations. As a wife and a mother, she uses her finer understanding of […]

Michelle Obama’ Speech at the Democratic National Convention

Introduction The incumbent President Barrack Obama was seeking re-election as the president of the United States of America for the next four years. He was facing Mitt Romney, a republican candidate, in the November 2012 polls. America’s first lady, Michelle Obama, in her speech at the Democrats National Convention (DNC), told of how her husband […]

Getting Tongue-Tied: When the English Language Starts Dominating

Introduction: The Domination of the English Language There is no surprise that the role of the English language has increased considerably over the past few decades. Being an international means of communication, English has become the tool that bridges cultures. However, when it comes to English and the national minorities inhabiting the USA, the domination […]

Slasher Movies Genre

Introduction One of the most commonly reiterated opinions in regards to Hollywood slasher films is that it is nothing more than a hack and slash film genre meant to scare and thrill audiences rather than incite deep feelings of amazement, wonder, fascination or thoughtful reflection. It is often thought that such films are gory for […]

Rhetorical Analysis of the Communist Manifesto

Communism is one of the most influential utopian social theories that have a great influence on the development of many countries. The first document that presents the detailed outline of the main principles and goals of communism is The Communist Manifest written in 1848 by Engels and Marx. This document is considered to me one […]

Obama on Gun Control

Introduction “Obama on Gun Control” was a speech made by President Barack Obama to address the issue of gun control after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 children and 6 adults dead as a direct result of automatic weapons fire (Paulson, 1). The wording of the speech goes directly towards the […]

Dealing with a social problem

Introduction A community or a society comprises different categories of people with different habits and ways of life. An interesting point that is that, different sets of characteristics or behaviors exhibited by different people in the society are what constitutes the society. In other words, a typical society will comprise individuals with different conflicting behaviors […]

Rhetorical Analysis of the Article

Structure Firstly, we have to mention that the distinction between structural and stylistic peculiarities of persuasive essay writing have to be taken into consideration. It is commonly preferred to analyze the structure of the essay at first, looking for the author’s methods of achieving his/her purpose of persuading the audience. Hence, at the beginning of […]