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Rhetorical Essay Examples

Rhetoric Situation in Articles

The effect of the rhetorical question on the audience is examined. In the article, there is a prediction that games are going to be models of our own activity in the future.

Show Boat: Encouraging Tolerance

In the beginning of the musical play, the fight between the characters and the disagreements that seize by the end illustrates a sense of acceptance as well as tolerance amongst the different groups by all [...]

Omnivore’s dilemma

It is almost impossible to trace the source of all the ingredients used in the typical McDonald's package as the preservatives used in the soda pop may come from various laboratories and factories around the [...]

Slasher Movies Genre

The main argument of the author in the essay "Her Body, Himself" is that slasher/stalker films have a far deeper meaning that goes beyond mere gore and fright and actually connects to the concepts of [...]

Rhetorical Analysis of the Communist Manifesto

A famous philologist and linguist Bakhtin described the use of language in its relation to the particular circumstances and he emphasized the process of subject formation: "pre-empts the phenomenological theory of the subject by producing [...]