Descriptive Essay Examples

Reintegration of Women Combat Veterans

Introduction Women have never enjoyed their freedoms in society due to barriers put in place by men (Oaxaca 10). Feminist theorists consider ways in which physical differences between men and women are used to show that women should be allocated inferior and degrading activities such as motherhood and secretary. Moreover, women are subjected to stereotypes, […]

Silent reading skills

Introduction A fluent reader has automatic word recognition, which promotes phrasing and intonation. Automatic word recognition enhances smooth, fast and expressive reading. Consequently, a student will develop silent reading skills, which is a fast reading method compared to oral reading. Good reading approach requires comprehensive gradual learning steps. This paper outlines a three- day fluent […]

Math Teaching Methods

Introduction Rounding of mixed decimals is a significant mathematical concept. This concept as presented in the paper targets students who are in the fifth grade. Students at this level ought to be clearly taught how to round off numbers involving decimals to the nearest tenth as a foundation for the concepts in the upper grades […]

“The Cellphone: The History and Technology of the Gadget That Changed the World” by Guy Klemens

The thesis of the book is to instill thorough understanding on how the cell phones developed as well as the technologies that have been used to expand the gadget. The author notes that the content of the book does not aim at offering detailed description of this communication. However, the main goal is to provide […]

B-Cells and Anti Bodies

Introduction B-cells refer to the lymphocytes that contain antigen-indissoluble antibody modicum on the wall, that make up plasma cells, which diffuse antibodies when fully grown (1). B-cells demarcate in mammals in the bone marrow (1). B-cells go by the name B-lymphocytes too (1). Antibody is any of a great number of proteins of great modicum […]

The Performing Stage

Team members develop mechanisms to ensure focus is kept on the project goals. They manage and monitor change. Conflicts and disagreements that arise are resolved without interfering with the project’s progress. The project leader is excused from day-to-day activities (Mcshane, & Steen, 2008). He or she remains to celebrate achievements and serve as a gateway […]

The Miami Beach

One of nature’s most captivating sights is the beach. A sandy landform lying along the shoreline of the ocean, the beach is filled with splendor and it inspires feelings of tranquility and bliss to the person who happens to be on it. The Miami Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world […]

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci is a renaissance era painter. He learnt the art of painting from Verrocchio of Florentine. The portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci depicts the head of a very old man painted with a red color. The old man has long hair while his big beard extends from his wide shoulders up to his […]

Contemporary legends

Introduction In the contemporary literary world, there are stories that can be considered as legends. These are stories that depict several features making them qualify as urban legends. Contemporary legends refer to the stories that are said to be true. These stories are carried on from one individual to another. In most instances, the contemporary […]

Women in the World: Sara Slocum

Many journalists and researchers focus such a question as organizational ethics and ability of a company to act responsibly in order to promote the interests of its stakeholders and bring improvements to families and individuals. This paper is aimed at discussing a short film Women in the World: Sara Slocum presented by the Responsibility Project […]

Sony Corporation and Its SWOT and PESTLE Analyses

Introduction Sony Corporation is an organisation that primarily deals in the manufacture and distribution of electronic appliances. The corporation is the parent organisation of Sony Group, which was founded in 1946; the corporation manages all the business activities of the entire group. For instance, the corporation designs, plans, strategizes and manages the manufacture of Sony […]

Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Women

Introduction Since time in immemorial, humanity has yielded to the temptation of using chemical substances that has caused irreversible damages to otherwise beautiful, and sound human people. This has resulted to a desperate search for the ‘cure’ instead of the more noble cause of prevention. Among all these destructive substances, alcohol is the leading one […]

History of Interior Design

Interior design is a multidimensional profession that entails the application of creative and technical skills in an interior space to create an effective environment that can accommodate a range of human activities (National Council for Interior Design Qualification, 2004). These undertakings are not only meant to be of visual value, but are also meant to […]

Minomoto no Yorimoto

Minamoto Yoritomo was the chieftain warrior in Japan who formed the first military government in Japan. Japan was ruled by imperial courts that were made up of mainly the family members of the Fujirawa Courtier and was based in Kyoto. This family held most of the highest positions at the system of justice. Yoritomo was […]

Giraffes Adaptation

Adaption is any alteration in the structure or performance of a creature that makes it more appropriate to its immediate environment (Keller et al., 2009). Every creature is adapted to an environment in its own unique way. It is through adaptation that living things can live in diverse environments. By means of natural selection, animals […]

Total Quality Management: Pioneers, Elements and Trends

Total Quality Pioneers The connotation of quality differs from person to person depending on individual considerations and interest. Organizations also have distinct internal measures or features of goods or services that they consider to be of adequate standard. Nonetheless, quality can be defined a feature or aspect of something or observable fact that can be […]

Nairobi National Park

Introduction This is a descriptive essay on a national park. I chose a national park situated in a country which is well known for its fauna and flora to make the whole descriptive process great and beautiful. Nairobi National Park receives thousands of tourists from Europe and America; they flock into this country to admire […]

Approaches of Response to Intervention

Response to intervention (RTI) is a number of procedures, which can be used in determining why and how students respond to change in specific instructions (Muoneke, 2007). RTI approach provides advanced procedures for school in designing, implementing, and assessing educational interventions; it helps students who are having difficulties in learning (Muoneke, 2007). This paper will […]

Organizational Behavior: Human Behavior at Work

Organizational behavior refers to the study and appliance of information in relation on how people or else how groups operate in associations. Organizational behavior takes classification approach to construes people-association affiliations in requisites of the entire person, whole group, whole party as well as the as the whole societal scheme. The principle aim of organizational […]

Weber’s bureaucracy

Max Weber, who was a German scholar, was a known fanatic in the world of classic management theories. He was primarily interested in the reasons that orchestrated the actions of the employees, and the reasons behind the people of an organization accepting the roles accorded by their seniors and complying by them. This research paper […]

Outsourcing Intrusion Detection System for Health Organization

Information technology outsourcing has over the last several decades experienced substantial growth to become a basic strategy employed by many organizations across the world, with academics and industry suggesting that this growth is bound to be prolonged and maintained in the near future (Abu-Musa, 2011). These authors further posit that IT related activities, which were […]

Sustainable Development: Conventional versus Emergent Alternative Wisdom

Sustainable development is a discussion that has become an icon for many discussions in our world today due to the fact that there are a lot of issues mushrooming in this generation which have never been thought about. It has hence become important for everyone involved in decision-making, leadership and protection of citizenly interests to […]

Superannuation and Tax

Introduction This is a detailed report on superannuation and tax implications on SMSF (self managed super fund).Superannuation is a project or rather a system that is used in Australia with the aim of securing the old people and their plans in terms of investments. This is where a regular or a repetitive payment is made […]

Ecotourism resort at the Amazon: Amazon Eco-tourist Resort

Introduction As focus shifts to environmental friendly businesses, its important that everyone adopts the technologies and practices that have minimal negative impact on the environment. The tourism industry has been cited as one of those where environmental degradation is high (Fennell, 2007). Given that a lot of tourism has to do with direct contact with […]

Trends and Issues in Nursing

The nursing role is shifting from good cooperation with other medical professionals to managed care. This is because the most valued education and training are those that focus more on clinical experience in nonhospital settings. The training, other qualifications, and advancement statistics indicate that the higher levels in nursing education emphasize on furnishing the nurses […]

The Great Wall of China

Introduction The Great Wall of China is a long continuous wall which was erected with the sole intention of securing the Chinese border in the northern border against intruders (Man 103). The Great Wall consists of several walls which were built over a lengthy period of time. The construction is claimed to have began during […]

Science with ICT

Introduction Literacy is one of the key aspects in career and personal development of almost every individual. It also determines the degree of success achieved by individuals. Literacy can be defined as the ability to read, write, understand or use different types of information. This term has been expanded to refer to a range of […]

Consequences of the New Age of the Image on Writing and Reading

Images could be termed as representation or artifact that represents actual objects in reality or thoughts as represented by the mental images in the individual’s mind. Images generally in the modern world are represented in two dimensions and recently three dimensional images, which has become very famous. Writing and reading has been in existence since […]