Descriptive Essay Examples

Political Globalization in India

Introduction Globalization is defined as the process through which trade and investment barriers are gradually eliminated. It is aimed at achieving efficiency in economic activities by initiating competitiveness while attempting to improve social and economic development. However, there are many misconceptions about the concept. The concept has been in existence for a long period of […]

Online Education

Trends in Online Education Online education is defined as globalization of human ideas and acts through technology (Tompkins, 2011). It involves the use of personal computers and the internet to connect the world in matters of education. Distance learning is propagated through a wide range of technologies that aim at reaching out to many students […]

Direct and Indirect Costs

Costs are incurred in the process of producing goods and services. The costs incurred can be classified into direct and indirect costs. This essay briefly discusses direct and indirect costs in regard to the process of production. Direct costs are the expenses which can be attributed directly to a specific project. For instance, the cost […]

American Renaissance

Introduction The American renaissance refers to the American literature in the 17th century era from 1840s through the Civil War period. The renaissance was characterized by efforts by American writers to develop literary works that reflect native issues such as American history, local dialect and geography. As such, the themes revolved around scientific progress, abolitionism, […]

The Public Library

Introduction Rapid development of information technologies, especially Internet and various social changes contributed to the decline of public library usage in the United States and many other countries (Goulding 2006, p. 112). This trend urges these organizations to improve their practices and find new ways of attracting visitors. This paper is aimed at describing an […]

Nestlé’s Outsourcing Issues

Contemporary global markets obligate companies seek the best available services to enable them retain and have competitive advantages through effective customer service. Organizations are nowadays forced to compete internationally with the severe competition in interlinked markets, which have resulted in a convergence of customer demands. Consequently, Nestle SA, a Swiss based intercontinental corporation, has managed […]

Transformation and Change in Australia

There is a certain nationwide pride in the recreational potentials of the Australian environment than any other environment in the world. Australia presents itself to the world as a country with perfect cultures of leisure and struggle. Cultural historians assert that the current Australian cultures resulted from a set of different colonies, cultures, and inhabitants […]

Research Methods in Linguistics

The field of research methods in linguistics is a dynamic and fast evolving field of study Researchers continuously endeavor to unearth fundamental facts underlying this line of study, the modes and codes of its operation, and its central contribution to research in linguistics. The major issues around the English Language Teaching research are discourse. This […]

Rules of Experimental Designs

An experimental design is a control mechanism accomplished by using a controlled variable. Experimental designs are carried out randomly among a group of subjects chosen for the purpose of the study (Hergenhahn, 2005). In experiments, there should be two groups of subjects namely, the experimental group within which the scientist controls the variables, and a […]

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Introduction During this millennium, SARS has been identified as the first novel infectious disease. The disease came from Southern China in the late 2002. It is worth noting that the disease has an exceptionally high morbidity and mortality rate. After originating, the disease affected close to eight thousand people within a period of six months. […]

Mission and Vision Statements

Introduction A vision statement outlines the market position that an organization anticipates to acquire in the future. It is often short, concise and offers directions that should be followed by the organization. However, it does not give details of how organizational goals should be achieved. It helps employees to be focused and also motivates them. […]

Public Policy Rulings

The US amended its constitution in 1965 to include everybody in national voting process. The law outlawed discriminations based on ethnic and racial qualities that had been practiced since independence. In this regard, Africans had been disenfranchised because they could not elect leaders of their choice. The Act followed the 15th amendment, which prohibited states […]

Modern Science and the Creation Story

Introduction Since time immemorial, the world has been in war for varied reasons, differences in ideological beliefs, aggression from other states, scramble for resources, and territorial violations. However, the longest lasting and most contested battle, pitting the world’s largest groups, Christians and Scientists, against each other, is of the origin of man and the universe. […]

Qualitative Research Methods

While the key steps of content analysis may vary among scholars, Hansen and Cottle have proposed a six-step process consisting of definition of research problem, selection of media and sample, defining analytical categories, construction coding schedule, piloting the coding schedule and checking reliability, as well as data preparation and analysis. This paper looks at the […]

Aristotle’s Views on Women

Introduction Before the Greek physicians and philosophers of the Classical Age took up the question of the nature of women, the Greeks had serious attitudes toward women as revealed in their literature (Whaley 2003, p. 1). Generally, women were to be kept down, or some disaster would occur. Ancient Greek society was fundamentally patriarchal in […]

Sustainability on Hitachi and Cake Crumbs

Hitachi is a leading global electronic company commonly known as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST). It specializes in the manufacture of hard disc drives, external storage solutions as well as solid state drives. These components are commonly used to handle wide array of data. For instance, data can be generated, stored, processed, retrieved and […]

TRIP Policies and Regulations

The development of businesses and corporations worldwide has created a market that is property and rights oriented. There is a lot of scheming and fraud that governments and private companies have to develop protection for, in a form of copyrights and patents. Not only are there ownership rights for products and physical property but also, […]

Strategies of Approaching Business Ventures

Introduction According to Sarasvathy (2008) there are two distinct strategies of approaching business ventures. Sarasvathy identified that causation is a strategy that is strictly reliant on a plan set initially. She described another strategy referred to as effectuation. Effectuation model describes the situation in which a business changes in accordance to emerging issues. This model […]

Curriculum Development Role in Achieving the Education Goals

The word curriculum comes from a Latin word currere, which means the course of the chariot race or run. According to Smith and Lovat (2003), curriculum is a cultural reproduction that has structures involving independent thinking and social responsibility. McCarthy and McCarthy (2005) defines curriculum as a reconstruction of knowledge and skills that enables one […]

Modern Concepts of Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

Modern concepts of marketing date back to the 18th century. Industrial revolution provided systems and infrastructure that allowed producers to manage the distribution of goods via the expanding mass media. Furthermore, mass production led to separation of goods and consumers. Competition for customers increased in the early 20th century causing greater focus on strategies for […]

Branding’ Process and Advantages

Introduction Branding is the process of creating a unique image of a product or service by cutting a name for it and in the process engraving it in consumers’ minds. A strong brand is a valuable asset to a company used for the purposes of retention of customers. This implies that entities should invest time […]

Project Manager and Deal with Members of the Team

Introduction The fact that people come from diverse cultural backgrounds plays an important role in human interaction. This happens when they exhibit their diversities during normal interaction. People coming from different cultures normally have unique ways of doing certain things. There are conflicting perceptions about time and its management in different cultural societies. The conflict […]

The Views of Freud and Post Freudians on Human Nature

As the accredited founding father of psychology, there is a lot to learn from Freud. His theory of psychoanalysis covers a vast area in psychology including the field of personality psychology. According to Maltby, Day, and Macaskill, Freud’s key concepts include development of levels of consciousness, human nature and their sources of motivation, development of […]

European Exploration and Expansion in the 16th and 17th Centuries in Its Influence on Business London

Sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were marked by the significant shifts in social, religious, and political life. Because the church no longer dominated over society, rapid growth of lay literacy and progressive movement occurred in Europe, particularly, in such powerful states as Spain, Italy, Germany, and England. In political terms, the beginning of the 16th century […]

Changes in NBA History

Introduction Since 1949, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has grown exponentially to accumulate a rich history characterized by remarkable stories and captivating characters. NBA has also over the years grown from a small league in America to a global phenomenon. However, its biggest achievement has been the fact that it has propelled basketball to be […]

Factors Influencing Corporate Cultures

Introduction Corporate culture underscores the way things are done within an organization. Corporate culture involves a set of behaviors that occurs naturally amongst all participants in an organization. It includes the mode of communication within the organization, management of performance, the set-up of hierarchy levels, and the coordination of projects coupled with how meetings are […]

The National Crime Victims Right Movement Media Strategy

Introduction The National Crime Victims Right Movement is one of the non-profit making organisations that address human rights worldwide. The programme focuses on formulating solutions to challenges facing various victims of crime in Australia. Besides, it seeks to create and intensify the awareness of various issues that affect the victims of criminal activities. The movement […]

Verser Company Overview

Background Verser is an Australian based information technology service delivery company. It was established in 2003, under the name Macquarie Technology services. During its early years of operation in the IT industry, Verser provided IT services to the Macquarie Group exclusively. After a series of transformations in its business processes, Macquarie Technology Services changed into […]

Multiculturalism in America

Immigrants from all around the world have been coming to America ever since the continent was discovered. The reasons that made people travel across the ocean were different, but all of them pursued the same desire for better life and happiness. Someone escaped the oppression in their motherland, someone ran from poverty and starvation, someone […]

Kenya’s Maternal Shelters

The video highlights the life of Shagaa, a woman living in North Eastern Kenya. She is one of the women accommodated in a maternal shelter in the region. These shelters have been set up so that women who have previously experienced problems in relation to childbirth can be accommodated near a clinic. This is meant […]

The Day of the Dead

The festivity of the “Day of the Dead is a concept that demonstrates strong respect for ancestors, the continued love for the departed ones, the strength of family relationships, and humor in death” (Kaplan and Norton 5). It was started by the early inhabitants of Central Mexico, who believed in life after death (Kaplan and […]

The Recommendations of the American Welding Association

Confined Spaces Confined spaces has been defined by Mahmoudi (2009) as a working environment with only one or limited points of entry and exit. Confined spaces have also been defined by other scholars as working environments which are poorly ventilated. There are recommendations on how such confined spaces should be designed, and the safety measures […]

Self Esteem

Self-esteem has been a topic of heated debate throughout decades. It has been acknowledged that it affects people’s lives. It is also known that numerous factors contribute to development of low or high self-esteem towards self-image. One of the major factors is biological as people are born with certain traits of character which help them […]

The Four Noble Truths and Si Shu

Every religion has doctrines that act as its foundation. These doctrines govern the daily activities of believers. Religious foundation plays a significant role in bringing together all believers. It establishes rules that all believers observe, thus creating the feeling of oneness amongst followers of a given religion. The foundation gives meaning to believers and works […]

Descriptive Painting «The Creation of Adam»

Introduction The Creation of Adam is a painting that belongs to the renaissance era. This work is Michelangelo’s fresco Sistine chapel ceiling, which is circa done in the year1508-1512. The work was done in the Sistine Chapel of Vatican in Rome (Hartt 56). This painting was selected because of the way it expresses the relationship […]

Corporate Training in American Express

American Express is an organization with international operations that provides products and services that aim at improving the wellbeing of people worldwide. It strives to attain customer satisfaction in all its business processes. Hence, the company is committed to improvement of the capacities of all its workers. The company developed a knowledge and control program […]

George Washington School

George Washington is one of the schools belonging to Elizabeth Public schools. The school has a vision that guides its employees and students. In 2011, the school adopted some of the strategies that would help it perform well in the education sector. The vision of the school is that it will one day become a […]

Philadelphia Art Museum

Issue Background and History The first evidence expansion of the Philadelphia Art Museum occurred in 1893, when Anna Wilstach bequeathed the large collection of paintings that included the works of American artists. Due to such growth, the museum managers had to consider the extra space because more and more visitors wished to see the collection. […]

Jack Dykinga Works

The works of Jack Dykinga have longed appealed to because this photographer is always able to emphasize the beauty of nature by paying attention to color patterns and space. His pictures show that the choice of lighting, angle, and equipment is extremely important for every photographer. Moreover, this person should be able to find the […]

Materials and Resources for Instruction

Introduction In defining special educational needs, we shall look at varying concepts that refer to language learning and which are embodied in special learning disabilities. This is because learning disabilities vary among individuals depending on the severity of the problem, and therefore, it is important to seek a definition in the context of special needs. […]

View of Boston Bombing

The world got astonished by the attack during the Boston marathons last week. A huge number of people had turned up looking forward to a great day in the world of sports, fans had dressed in various colors and gamblers had already put bets on who was to win. No one was prepared for a […]