Exploratory Essay Examples

Reflective Thinking – Globalization

Introduction Hospitality industry is considered as one of the fastest expanding sectors globally. This is largely due to globalization. Most companies were traditionally fixed to national boundaries until recently when advancement in among others, infrastructure and technology enabled further expansion. This has brought about several changes in organizational structure of the industry. Moreover, the industry […]

Globalization and Gay Tourism: Learning to Be Tolerant

According to the existing evidence, globalization has triggered a number of changes in the modern world, convincing people to be tolerant towards the representatives of the other nations, races, political ideas, religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Comprising the experience of different nations and creating a peculiar fusion of traditions and customs, globalization has touched upon […]

The Camper Showroom in Shanghai

Introduction Nowadays there are a plenty of materials and technologies allowing making design a masterpiece of art. However, modern design goes beyond the frameworks of the art value. It is also aimed at making the premises useful and appropriate for the modern activities. The Camper Showroom in Shanghai is one of the best examples of […]

Socialism in China

Introduction Socialism, also known as communism, is an economic system that involves collective wealth. This simply means that there is social ownership of everything present. This differs from capitalism, which is an economic system that encourages the accumulation of individual wealth. Many countries today practice capitalism. China is one of the countries that are associated […]

Purchase and Product Involvement when Buying

Introduction Consumer involvement refers to that “state of mind that motivates a consumer to identify with a product or service offerings, their consumption patterns and consumption behavior”. Involvement enables consumers to develop the urge to search for or think about the available product categories before selecting a preferred brand and purchasing a product. Involvement reflects […]

Love in Different Cultures of the World

Analysis of the Word In most cultures of the world, love is something that is highly cherished. As Anker (2004) notes, most of the world’s cultures lay a lot of emphasis on love. The culture from which this word was taken is not different. Swahili culture is found along the coast of Kenya and Tanzania, […]

Globalization and Its Effects on Businesses

Introduction Due to easy availability of substitutes for most commodities and the increasing number of firms, competition has stiffened as firms try to outdo each other. It is, therefore, the aim of each firm to try and enhance its market share as well as increasing the demand for its goods, so as to increase the […]

Napoleon Bonaparte: His Successes and Failures

This paper is aimed at discussing Napoleon Bonaparte who can be regarded as one of the most significant figures in the history of the nineteenth century. He was the military and political leader of France during the period between 1799 and 1815. His rule produced many long-term effects inside and outside France. In particular, one […]

Securing Wireless Networks

This shift from paper based on electronic record keeping is very well informed. Adopting wireless and mobile technology will improve the doctors and nurses’ efficiency and lessen their workload. However, this technology comes with a number of challenges and risks (Kim, 2010). Some of these risks affect the patients’ wellbeing. This makes mitigation of these […]

The Dangers and Risks of Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Gases

Introduction The dangers and risks involved in handling flammable and combustible liquids and gases call for extra vigilance in the processes of packaging and transporting. Since harmful effects associated with careless handling are irreversible and long-term in nature, safety precautions must be considered. As such, firms and governments have put standards and measures to ensure […]

Innovation in Brazil

Innovation is increasingly becoming a fundamental aspect in the development of the modern world. Apart from development of services and products for purposes of improving quality, innovation also involves new business systems, processes and methods of management, all of which present a very significant impact on business productivity and development. As it would be observed, […]

Theory Integration in Intelligence

Methodology The understanding research approach is essential in determining the level of accuracy that can be attained in gathering information on intelligence. Any research methodology should reflect the objectives of a study. Grounded theory is a research methodology which begins with a question that guides a researcher, especially when collecting data. In intelligence studies, this […]

Critical Thinking

Introduction Critical thinking develops the writer’s reflection techniques. Critical thinking is a skill we build towards perfection. The assessment of an original idea or theory is called critical thinking. Similarly, the idea cannot be paraphrased and it must be backed by evidence and research. The most significant element of critical thinking involves evaluating, interpreting, analyzing, […]

Totemism and Structuralism

Totemism and structuralism are some of the key topics that place Levi-Strauss in the limelight. The two elements are not only important in the analysis of system composition, but also in determining the relationships between systems. In structuralism, classification and systems play a foreground role in determining what makes a structure (Tilley 1990). This study […]

Gender Politics in Early Modern Russia

Introduction Much has been written about Europe’s political past, however a reader would be surprised to note that there is little literature coverage of women’s political roles during the period. This situation can be attributed to the cultures of this period. During this time, women were used to being ignored in political roles. Women never […]

Human rights violations in Chile

It is crucial to begin by exploring actions that have been taken by Chile in response to the human rights violations that took place between 1973 and 1990. In order to confront past abuses and human rights violations, both civilian collaborators and the past military officers who took part in the violations have been taken […]

Developing and learning new information

An individual’s personal skills are based on their determination to develop and learn new information. The close connection between the amount of knowledge and the way it is used brings about positive results. There are several work habits that must be adapted and they relate to the personality type someone has. The technology has made […]

The effect of science on climate change

According to Naomie Oreskes, policy-makers and the media have constantly emphasized that climate change is uncertain. A number of the policy-makers have used this allegation to oppose the implementation of strong measures aimed at lessening the amount of gas emitted from the greenhouses. Statements made by various organizations, about the effect of science on climate […]

Social Media Marketing and Consumer Transactions

Introduction Social media is one of the most used mediums of advertising today. Social media is not only easy to use, but it also enables the company involved to create a strong relationship with the consumers. This is possible through interacting with the consumers on the social media sites. Many loyal consumers have agreed to […]

Water Quality

Coagulation and Flocculation These are the initial procedures during treatment of water. Chemical substances possessing a positive charge are added to water in this compartment. The positive charge neutralizes the negative charge from dirt leading to the formation of huge fragments known as floc. Sedimentation Floc is heavier than other particles present in water. Therefore, […]

Water Quality & Drinking Water Treatment

This reflective report analyses New York City’s drinking water quality and the treatment process. The paper identifies the contaminants in New York City water and analyzes these contaminants through a broad spectrum approach. The New York City Water Report The fluoride contaminant violated the maximum requirement level in the New York drinking water. The fluoride […]

Modern Architecture In China

Introduction Nowadays the level of technology and the achievements in the design practice allows creating the real masterpieces both in the design of the exterior and interior. It goes without saying that the modern techniques facilitate the realization of even the most bold and creative ideas which seemed to be impossible in the past. The […]

Destination attributes and motivations between first-time and repeat travellers in the international and interstate tourism: Melbourne

Introduction Tourism has undergone significant growth over the past few decades as illustrated by the emergence of various forms of tourism across the world. Examples of the new forms of tourism include sports and volunteer tourism. Both local and international tourists are becoming more interested in urban tourism, which comprises the aforementioned forms of emerging […]

Religious and Cultural Conflicts in Syria

Before the ongoing Syrian uprising that has surprised the whole world due to the government’s brutality and interests from various world powers, the country’s administrative system was suppressive and indifferent to the sufferings of the majority. The country declared its independence in 1946 and held elections, but the overthrow of the government in 1949 brought […]

Electricity Production and Consumption in the US

Electricity production in the US consumes over 40% of the total energy produced within the continent. Given the high percentage of energy consumption in electricity, the concept forms a significant segment of consumers’ environmental footprint. Fossils fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil are the key generators of electricity in the US. According to […]

Skype: All you Need to Know

What is Skype? The word “Skype” underscores a computer service and software application that permits its users to create videos as well as voice calls to someone else at no cost, by means of the Skype network. Nonetheless, some of its features come at a cost (Hanna, 2012, p.241). A number of features of Skype […]

The Features of African-American Christianity

The African-Americans in the U.S. society of the nineteenth century played the significant and rather specific role, basing on the peculiarities of relations between masters and slaves, on the details of the Civil War, and on the features of the abolitionist movement. The principles of slavery depended on the ideology of racism and the masters’ […]

The Importance of Marketing in Organizational Success

Marketing is the social practice to acquire what is required through generating and exchanging value with other organizations or individuals. Vos (2007) defines marketing as management process that addresses the issue of identification, expectation and satisfaction of customer needs to achieve company’s profitability. This definition describes marketing focus on end-users, including the need to connect […]

Measurement and Early Geometry

Measurement concepts have some distinct goals. The first is to help young children understand the description of measurement and how to solve the issues related to mathematics. This includes an understanding of the features that need to be measured, the way units are applied, and understanding of the way measuring devices operate. The second goal […]

Tunnel Design and Cunstruction

Introduction Tunnels refer to any enclosed passageway. Usually, tunnels pass underground to bypass natural barriers and to reduce the cost and impact of aboveground construction. This paper looks at various aspects concerning tunnel construction. The main issues of interest include the construction of underwater tunnels, construction of tunnels in soft soils, and the examination of […]

Identifying Potential Malicious Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

The three fundamental concepts of security are availability, integrity, and confidentiality. These concepts are commonly referred to as CIA or AIC triad which form the main role of any security program. Confidentiality prevents unauthorized disclosure of company’s data and ensures secrecy of the company’s data and information. Confidentiality should be maintained at all times while […]

Emerging IT-Related Technology’s Ethical Issues

The 21st century is marked by the development of information technology (IT) and the emergence of IT-related technologies. The growth of the internet as a platform for development, coupled with advances in technology has resulted in a slew of ethical dilemmas from individual and organizational levels. Subsequently, organizations have been compelled to ensure a balance […]

Teachings of Jesus and Kant

The process of making moral judgment is guided by rational principles, which are based on teachings of Jesus and Kant. According to Jesus, people should not judge others lest they be judged too. The principle is usually misinterpreted to mean that it is wrong to make any moral judgment. Jesus urged people to do to […]

Autism: Health Disorder

Introduction Autism is a health disorder which has gained much publicity in healthcare. Autism affects the neural development of a person. It is characterized by weakened communication, increases recurring behavior and undermines social interaction. Autism primarily affects the flow of information processing in the brain (Heidgerken et al., 2005). It achieves this by altering the […]

Significance of Chinese revolution led by Mao Zedong in term of the search for modern China

According to Zhou (1996), Cultural Revolution was introduced in China by Communist Party in the 1960s. The cultural aspect was incorporated into policies of the New Democracy, which was responsible for claims of a new state for legitimacy. However, there were various anomalies identified within the New Democracy. A good example is undertaking land reforms […]

Natural Capitalism in Economic

Businesses are among other economic units that ensure sustainability goals are achieved. Scholars define natural capital as “the natural resources and ecosystem services that make all economic activities possible.” Businesses are the major cause of environmental, social and economic problems in the society. Most people perceive businesses to be units that strive to achieve maximum […]

Statistics as Evidence

“Big Data” is a large amount of data involving billions of people gathered over social network sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google by using digital sensors. Example of digital sensors used for collecting both structured and unstructured data that measure behavior of people and their patterns include mobile phones, automobiles, tablets, shipping crates and […]

Topics in ethical dilemma: when the choice becomes too complicated

Employer Breach of Employee’s Privacy Though technically being very hard to prove, the breach of employees’ privacy is definitely a punishable offence that must result in taking proper measures and penalizing the wrong-doer in an adequate manner (Duff, Smielauskas & Yvos 2001, p. 14; Dossey 2003, p. 12). As Shaw explains, “privacy is widely acknowledged […]

Computer Security – Information Assurance

Introduction The present epoch of computer technology has come with a number of challenges. One of the challenges is in safeguarding information stored in computer systems. To make sure that only authorised persons have access to the stored information, organizations come up with authentication and authorization procedures, which assign unique login details to each person […]

Growth strategies and key fundamentals

Growth strategy is a tactical plan devised and executed for the purpose of business expansion. Growth strategies should be part and parcel of every business whether small or big. Expansion strategies are specifically essential for small business ventures which get easily influenced even by the slightest alterations in the market. Changes in the customers, price […]

Explaining Survey Research from a Personal Perspective

Introduction Survey research is one of the most commonly used research techniques in political science studies. The researcher, in a survey study, is supposed to select a sample of participants from a target population and provide them with questionnaires, designed with the relevant questions. Apart from the questionnaires that are issued as written documents, researchers […]

Research of China’s economy

What would be the impact of China’s economy on the world’s trading system? Among the recent economies that the world has witnessed, growing through the ranks of the middle income earners, defying the odds to compete among the world’s largest income earners is China. This state boasts the world’s populous nation, accounting for 20% of […]

Photography and beauty

Introduction Walt Whitman in his works rejected the distinction between beautiful and ugly as he sought to have a world that was united in perception. His resistance stemmed from the fact that in the early decades of photography, photographs were meant to idealize images and for a picture to be considered beautiful, its subject had […]

Business Growth Beyond the First Year of Operation

The most difficult time for businesses is the first six months (Rumelt, 1974). However, this period may extend to two years or more depending on the type of business. There are many things a business requires during its initial stages. If the requirements are not met, a business may lose momentum or even collapse. To […]

Liberty! The American Revolution

By what specific steps did the American Revolution transform from a revolt of thirteen British colonies meant to secure the colonists’ traditional English rights under Crown rule in a war meant to establish an independent nation in which the people are sovereign and equal rights before the law? Explanation The American revolt started as a […]

Entrepreneurs and Opportunity Recognition

Introduction Entrepreneurs are individuals who hold immense ability to utilize and coordinate scarce factors of production at their disposal to satisfy the needs of society members. They continuously focus their potentials in organizing and operating business entities to promote economic performance in various settings. Notably, entrepreneurship is a concept that holds requisite capacity to revolutionize […]

Asian American Study

Both Choy in ‘Empire of care: nursing and migration in Filipino American history’ and Yano in ‘Airborne dreams: “Nisei” Stewardesses and Pan American World Airways’ present the Filipino nurses and Japanese American flight attendants in the late twentieth century as victims of racism in their respective careers. The Filipino nurses in America were subjected to […]

International trade and global politics

Economic negotiations and institutions are vital to international politics. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the predecessor to the World Trade Organization (WTO), was formed after World War II, to arbitrate on international trade issues. GATT was formed to enable countries to lower their tariffs and other trade barriers, which impacted negatively on […]

Student Debt Crisis

Quality education is one of the major factors that guarantee future economic prosperity of various countries. Education improves the knowledge of people in the society. Higher education is one of the most important educational levels. Heavy investments in education after the Second World War is one of the major factors that has made the U.S. […]

Ethical Practices of Technology Usage

The focus on ethical practices and principles is essential to using technologies during the teaching-learning process because it is essential to avoid any violation of ethical principles associated not only with the traditional classroom environment but also with the online classes. According to Lin, the typical ethical concerns associated with the technology use in relation […]

Management Practices in the Navy

The Navy is one of the arms of the armed forces charged with protecting national interests against external aggression. Militaries worldwide are known for their rigid and strict management structures. This purpose of the strictness is to ensure that all members of the forces observe discipline. This paper reviews how the Navy handles planning, leading, […]

The Danger of Intelligence Politicization

National Intelligence Council (NIC) remains the America’s most important agency in charge of the country’s security. It is charged with the responsibility of enhancing the depth and accuracy of intelligence investigation and integration of domestic and foreign dimensions of the country’s intelligence. This is done to ensure that the threats to United States’ national security […]

A Dream Job: Human Resource Management

Introduction A dream job can be defined as the desired occupation which responds to the requirements regarding the person’s career expectations. Those persons who change their jobs frequently are inclined to focus on finding the dream job where conditions and responsibilities can satisfy the person’s expectations in relation to the ideal or dream job. There […]

Obesity and fast food

What is so intriguing about fast food? Studies show that American men and women have realized significant gains in body weight over the years. In fact, a larger proportion of the gains in the body mass arise from the escalating promotional activities carried out by the fast-food producing companies such as McDonalds. In addition, the […]

Promotional Strategy for Best Clothing

Introduction The aim of this report is to investigate and provide the Best Clothing Company with the most effective promotional strategy for introducing female leather jackets/coats, which is a new product, into the market. Best Clothing is a small business located in Nottingham, United Kingdom, which mainly manufactures and sells women clothes. Best Clothing currently […]

Administration for Executive Assistants

Executive assistants perform various roles in their organisations as outlined by their job descriptions. An effective executive assistant should have all necessary skills to perform his responsibilities at work effectively. He also needs to be aware of all functions that are performed at his place of work to coordinate them effectively. He needs to provide […]

Hurricane Sandy on Long Island, New York

Hurricane Sandy set record as the largest Atlantic hurricane experienced in the history of the United Sates. It badly devastated communities that lived on coastal regions of New Jersey and New York. One of the severely affected areas was Long Island, New York. The hurricane caused damages worth millions and displaced many people from their […]

The North American City on the Ground

The North American continent is located within the Northern, and Western Hemisphere and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the East, South America to the South-east, Arctic Ocean to the North, and Pacific Ocean to the West. North America precedes Africa and Asia in largeness and accommodates twenty three states with diverse population and cultures. […]

Energy and Society Carbon Footprint

Introduction Energy is indispensable in modern society because people use it when performing various activities that are critical for human survival. Although energy is indispensable in human existence, different forms of energy have different impacts on the environment due to their pollution. Since fossil fuel is the most common form of energy that people use […]

Success in Interpersonal communication

Introduction The world is changing dramatically and its changes are constantly affecting the socio-economic structure of nationalists in both developing and developed nations. Central to globalisation and internationalisation, numerous issues are emerging as nations are always witnessing a massive influx of immigration and migration trends that have influenced lifestyles in almost all big cities and […]

Three names of Nelson Mandela

Some people say that the name reveals personality. Some argue that the name affects the individual’s life. However, it is clear that the name reveals existing conventions and peculiarities of the society. One of the most famous leaders, Nelson Mandela, had three names. These names can help trace the development of the society of South […]

Human Defence Mechanism

Introduction People improve their self-defense through behaving or thinking in certain ways. People enhance their self-defense through strategies, which help them distance themselves from a complete comprehension of horrible feelings, way of thinking, and behaviors (Freud 8). Anna Freud formulated human defense mechanisms based on anxiety and ego. According to Anna Freud, people minimize feelings […]

Water Pollution and its Challenges

Introduction Water pollution refers to a situation where impurities find way into water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and ground water. Pollution manifests when impurities enter water bodies through various direct or indirect processes (Beard, 2012). Contamination of water affects survival of plants and other living organisms within its ecological context. Pollution affects ecological balance […]

Warfare and Violence in Ancient Times

Introduction Political economy is vital to existence and expansion of any country. This is evident in ancient empires, which used political economy to strengthen their grip on colonies. For instance, Imperialism, which is currently utilized in United States, was developed by Assyrians. Moreover, use of electric batteries, flush toilets, paved roads and locks were used […]

Electronic Cigarettes: Could they Help University Students Give Smoking Up?

The Habit of Smoking Reasons why University Students Smoke University students use smoking to alleviate stress from constant studying and the constant pressures in their social lives. Others start smoking due to the peer pressure from their friends. Students, especially those who suffer from low self esteem, are the most likely to start smoking in […]

Forms of Technical Communication

Introduction There are different forms of technical communication channels that may be sued in an organization. These include business letters, memos, reports and notices among others. Reports and memos are critical because they target a larger audience. A report acts like an advisory paper for the management on what needs to be done in an […]

American Government and Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is an organization that is composed of non-elected officials in a government who play an important role in the implementing of proposed policies. Bureaucracy is one of the major ways that has helped many governments to implement their policies effectively. In bureaucracy, an organisation is structured hierarchically where particular functions are conducted in a […]

Business Strategies Analysis

Multi Country Strategy Compared to Global Strategy Any business entity requires expanding its territory and especially venturing into international markets to increase its market share. In entering new markets, a firm has to choose the best strategy to use in order to win the confidence of customers. In this regard, a firm can choose to […]

Major Shifts in the Politics of Republican and Democratic Parties

The history of the Democratic Party has seen significant policy shifts since the end of the Civil War. Today, the party boasts as the sole supporter of the interests of middles class Americans, farmers, and workers. Throughout its 19 and 20th century history, the party held socially conservative ideologies hence drawing substantial backing from working-class […]

Characteristics of the Order Primate

Primate is a mammal that belongs to the Order Primates. They ascended from predecessors that lived on trees in the tropical forests. This is evident in the characters of many primates. Order Primates are traditionally divided into two groups namely anthropoids/ simians and prosimians. Prosimians are more similar to earliest primates; they include lemurs of […]

Movement against the British Rule in India

Between 1920 and 1922 there was a non-cooperation movement that was organized by the Indians against the British rule. These were the Indians trying to struggle for their freedom; Mahatma Gandhi was led this movement that was supported by the Indian National Congress. The movement was focused on resisting the British from occupying India (Partha […]

Personality Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is an individual who sets up and administers a business for the main purpose of making profit. In the present world, entrepreneurship is paramount in fueling the growth of the economy and providing employment opportunities. Anyone can become an entrepreneur but not everyone is suited for successful entrepreneurship. Most successful entrepreneurs share certain […]

Globalization is not a peaceful process

Introduction Globalization is perceived to mean different things to different people. With a wide-ranging level of success, academicians and practitioners are gradually becoming conversant with globalization. Researchers of peace and conflict resolution in recent decades joined the bandwagon by attempting to investigate what globalization meant to them and the global peace. The subject of globalization […]

The Cold War

The end of World War II has opened a new era in human relations and particularly, how Russians and Americans viewed the new world and each other. The book by John Lewis Gaddis titled “The Cold War” gives accounts, different perspectives and analysis, as to what has happened after Hitler and Germany were defeated and […]

Power and Change in Louisiana

Introducing the Individuals, Entity, and Events Wielding Power That Generated or Stymied Historical Change While tracking the events in 20th century’s Louisiana, some influential individuals, entities and events come to the forth as the contributing elements to either generating or stymieing historical change through wielding power. The activities and reforms introduced by Citizens Relief Committee […]

Getting Back on the Diploma Track

High school dropout has significant socio-economic impact on the United States as it increases the burden on taxpayers of approximately $300,000 throughout the period of their lifetime. According to the Centre for Labour Markets Studies, cost of high school dropout emanate from the fact that the dropouts will rely on welfare, pay lower rates of […]

The Crusaders and the Church

The crusades were religious wars in Europe. The wars began because the people in West Europe wanted to take back Holy lands that hand fallen into the hands of the Muslims. The crusades resulted from religious revivalism in Europe. The religious wars lasted for a period of two hundred years with eight crusades. Historians say […]

Social Cognition Aspects

Social cognition is an aspect in social psychology which explores the interaction of human beings amongst themselves and the environment. Social cognition involves encoding of information, storage by the brain, and retrieval when there is need. Several cognitive processes are involved in the encoding, storage, and retrieval of social information. The important aspects in the […]

Process Involved in Choosing a Measurement Tool for Variables in Research

According to Santayana (2008, p.1), “measurement is at the core of doing research”. Generally, after conducting research, researchers have to reduce their finding to numbers in order for people to understand their study findings. Such measurements are exceptionally essential in the measurement of hypotheses. Researchers therefore must come up with sound measurement tools for both […]

Working Across Boundaries Analysis

Introduction Companies often encounter boundaries when it comes to creating efficient business processes whether in the form of distance or differences in business culture, however, by overcoming such boundaries better business operations can be attained. As indicated by Piercy (2006) in order for any company to continue to be competitive within the present day global […]

Understanding Research Methods in Technology

Introduction This is a study guide on understanding research methods in technology. It shows the logical of scientific processes, problem formulation, research design, type of research design, quantitative and qualitative, data collection, data analysis, data presentation and derives a logical conclusion from the study. Research in technology or industrial engineering differs with research in other […]

Credit Default Swaps

Introduction Credit Default Swaps (CDS) are financial contracts that are similar to insurance policies where the insured parties are required to pay fees to the insurer, and in case of a credit event, the insured is subjected to compensation by the insurer. Some of the credit events where the insured parties are viable for compensation […]

The Common Theories of Leadership

Abstract Leadership is a crucial position that calls for attention not only of the leader but also of those whom he or she leads. Leadership determines the destiny of any country, organisation, or even self. Many studies have been conducted in an attempt to find out the best strategies that can be put in place […]

Total Rewards Program Development

The Baby Boom generation holds most power and control in the United Sates, since it comprises about 44 % of the entire workforce (Delcampo, 2012). This generation is very visionary and it is likely to have much influence for at least the coming two decades. The generation grew up after the World War II. Parents […]

International Business Administration

Retail entry into India India’s retail sector is one of the most robust, and the country’s major economic pillars. This is in terms of the number of retailer outlets, country’s total GDP, and the people working in these outlets (Branch, 2008). However, despite the robustness of this sector, there are various restrictions that have been […]

Nanotechnology in the Food Industry

Introduction The use of nanocarrier systems as a way of stabilizing bioactive agents such that no changes, whether chemical or environmental, occur as well as enhancing the bioavailability of the bioactive materials is called food nanotechnology. The practice of food nanotechnology results in improved uptake and bioavailability of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals. It is also […]

Methods of Education

The success of education is attributed to the use of modern teaching methods that have been developed in the last few years. These methods include project work, providing meaningful choices for students, self-directed learning, literature-based reading, and problem-based curriculum. A well-prepared learning environment facilitates excellent learning outcomes. Consequently, the Montessori education system focuses on proving […]

Cultural Aspects in Different Societies

Do some cultures have more emotions than others? Culture refers to different ways that people in different societies use to describe their experiences and way of life. On the other hand, emotions refer to expressions of feelings that are mainly observed through behavior. Cultures express emotions based on their beliefs, traditions, values, and customs. As […]

Management Roles: Employee Development Program

Throughout history, managers have been charged with the responsibility of guiding and developing employees in order to improve their individual performance and that of the organization in general. As a manager, it is important to ensure that employees are shown the need to acquire desirable qualities such as professionalism, mutual trust and respect for others. […]

Company Bre-x Scandal

Introduction This paper presents the events associated with the scandal that involved the Bre-x mining company. Historically, the seduction of Gold business has always brought bad scenarios as people maneuver in the quest of enriching themselves. A Canadian mining company, Bre-X was incorporated and headed by David Walsh. During the year of its incorporation, it […]