Creative Essay Examples

The Algerian Wool Company

Comparative advantage Algeria has a gross domestic product of about $205.5 billion according to the statistics of the year 2012. The country’s gross domestic product growth rate is about 2.7%. Its GDP per capita stands at about $7,601 PPP. Before independence, the French developed a close relationship with the country’s economic growth, social development and […]

People’s Mind Work

It is possible to concentrate on the idea that the people’s mind is responsible for the human’s attitude to the reality and to his or her perception of time, space, and the form of being because these categories are the results of the mind’s work. Thus, people’s relations with the world depend on the peculiarities […]

World War 2 Consequences

Causes of World War 2 The World War 2 began in 1939. This is when France and Britain declared war on Germany. This occurred when Germany invaded Poland and therefore, this is what triggered the outbreak of war. However, the causes of the war are more complex. The major causes of this Great War were […]

Handling of Bio-terrorist Threats

Introduction Bio-terrorism as the division of world-spreading huge intrusion of international terrorism becomes not just the innovation of stories written but real risk for human beings. Problems on the Sept 11 when the World Trade Center was bombed has increased community anxiety and concern about scientific providers. The need of security from bio-terrorism was verified […]

Greco-Roman World

Introduction The Greco-Roman world can be defined as the geographical area around the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. It is referred to as Greco-Roman because of the language, culture, religion and government influence of the Greeks and Romans. Sexual attraction between people, erotic experiences, and responses are all forms of human sexuality. Human sexuality […]

Garbological Studies

Garbology Archaeology can be defined as the study of ancient remains in order to understand past human activities and lifestyles. This gives archaeology a close connection to history. Garbology on the other hand is a study that aims to give insight into people after studying their trash or refuse. Through garbology, one can be able […]

Façade Constructions

Introduction Façade constructions are parts of a building that provides protection of the people inside against extreme weather and enemies. Buildings either for commercial, institutional or residential purposes must fulfill fundamental needs of human beings. In most cases, these fundamental needs relates to the dictates of weather and climate for instance adequate sunlight, cold, wind […]

Why Was De Bry that Inaccurate?

John White and Thomas Harriot as well as many other Europeans traveled to the New World to learn more about that distant land. White documented his trip with quite precise watercolors of native people. These watercolors became a basis for Theodore De Bry’s engravings which were included in Harriot’s book on the voyage. Notably, De […]

Being a Leader

An autobiography about leadership It is common for people to assume that some people are born leaders while others believe that leadership can be learned. However, I strongly believe that everyone has some leadership potential with the exception that some people are more of leaders than others. Accordingly, we all have a starting point in […]

What is the Family?

Introduction In the human perspective, a family is a group of persons connected by kinship, compassion, or sharing of residence. In a number of societies, the family is the basic unit for the socialization of children. A basic family unit is made up of a father, mother, and children, and is known as a nuclear […]

Iraqi invasion to Kuwait

Introduction The attack of Kuwait by Iraq can also be referred to as “the Iraq –Kuwait War”. This was a serious war that involved Iraq and its neighbor Kuwait, which eventually culminated to a long stalemate of approximately seven to eight months. During the period of conflict, Kuwait was controlled by Iraq. This conflict drew […]

She Stoops to Conquer

Introduction The 18th Century consisted of proud people who declared it a period when people could think and reason both critically and creatively. They therefore called it the age of reasoning and enlightened people. However, the writers of then published stuffs, plays and articles, which were full of satire addressing how the real case was […]

Student survival guide

An individual’s personal skills are based on their determination to develop and learn new information. The close connection between the amount of knowledge and the way it is used brings about positive results. There are several work habits that must be adapted and they relate to the personality type someone has. The technology has made […]

«Starring Night»

Introduction The painting captures similar themes when analyzed at surface level as well as in relation to the artist’s life. Van Gogh was schizophrenic, yet he managed to make beautiful art. Starring Night is a painting that epitomizes restlessness or turbulence; this was a reflection of the artist’s state of mind. Description of the painting […]

History of Body Modifications

Introduction Body alteration or otherwise body modification involves the deliberate changing of one’s natural composition. There are many reasons to carry out body modification among them being aesthetics, marking a rite of passage among some cultures, portrayal of certain sexual enhancements, displaying body arts, and depicting affiliation to certain membership groups among others. Body modifications […]

The psychology of images

Visual images are important tools that shape culture in the society. One needs to understand visual rhetoric which is defined as the mode in which images relate to their messages in order to comprehend and appreciate the important role that images play in persuading the public. Visual communication is an influential form of communication because […]

Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was an influential figure in the United State due to her great contribution to political life as the First Lady of the United States, as well as her active work in social and cultural fields. Despite the hardships she experienced, including her husband John Kennedy’s assassination and challenges in her personal life, […]

Through a Computer Display and What People See There: Communication Technologies and the Quality of Social Interactions

Introduction: Communication Technologies Come to the Rescue It is hard to deny that communication technologies play a great role in the lives of billions of people all over the world. With the rise of technology and the surge of innovations that have opened new possibilities for communication between the people in different parts of the […]

Entrepreneur Management in Canada

Introduction In the past, there has been no extensive study of entrepreneurs, and thus a general shortage of knowledge concerning what propelled entrepreneurs to success. Nevertheless, the recent concern in reviving an otherwise dormant field has changed the norms and the majority of business universities across the world currently offer entrepreneurship courses (Elyasi, Ghafourian, & […]

The Form of Narcissism Emanating From Cynicism

Narcissism is a very interesting phenomenon in contemporary society. Present day cynicism and its associated narcissism are observed by analyzing dynamics in the community of interest. In this case, the two phenomena are examined by examining dynamics in the American and European society. Take, for example, the available social and economic data in the society. […]

Peer Pressure: Facing Challenges

Introducing Initiative and Addressing Necessary Support The problem of peer pressure in community stands out when it comes to the welfare of teenagers. In particular, youth have difficulties in developing skills that will help them resist peer pressure from teenagers who are still abusing drugs. Therefore, the question of peer pressure needs to be addressed […]

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment is an interactive process that provides teachers, parents or guardians and the students themselves with valid information about progress and attainment of expected curriculum teaching. It focuses on teaching, learning and outcomes. The main goal of assessment is to improve student learning in the subject under study. Assessments are based on achievement goals and […]

Plan of Assessing Learner Performances

Introduction The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the comprehension of concepts which were presented during classes by ensuring the development of a plan aimed at assessing learner performances. A plan is put together in a portfolio blog elaborating on learning outcomes and purpose- wherefore the purpose of the plan is stated. The context […]

Project Management; computer charting

Abstract Since modern business management requires efficient information management, healthcare providers require enhancing the management of patient information. Thus the concept of computer charting emerges. This paper identifies Charting by Exception, popularly referred to as CBE, as one of the most useful modern computer charting systems. Implementation of CBE is a complicated process, but can […]