Creative Essay Examples

Women and Family in Chinese History

Historical Biography Meihui Huian was a woman born in the Ming and Qing period. Her first name Meihui meant beautiful wisdom while her last name Huian meant obliging and quiet. In the context of her family background, she was born in a humble family of four children. She had two brothers and one sister. She […]

Culture before the Influence by Technology

Various ethnic groups around the world had their unique cultural practices that they identified with. This particular community had unique cultural practices that defined every activity they undertook. Historically this community’s environment was symbolized by natural forests with several indigenous trees that grew naturally on the land. The community highly respected nature so much that […]

Personal and social changes

Abstract The paper will focus on personal and social changes in the lives of two characters, Hem and Haw, and how the changes that take place depend on morality and ethics. Very often, people are afraid of change and do everything to keep the same order of things as before. The time, however, is moving […]

The prodigal daughter

There is a saying that posits that we never know the value of what we have until we lose it. People abandon their families and friends to pursue material pleasure, which plunge them into major problems. I happened to witness this claim through one of my neighbor’s daughters. In our village, there lived a husband […]

A Time Capsule from The 1960s

This time capsule was unearthed successfully and all the artifacts from the ancient time were still inside the rustproof metal casing. The casing was sealed and the numbers ‘1964’ were written on top of it. Thereafter, the casing was taken to the laboratory for analysis. It was later discovered that it had been buried in […]

London: History of a Business City

There is hardly anything as enticing as taking a time travel. At times it seems that there is nothing left of the old-time England in the present-day London; however, when looking closer at what it looked like a couple of centuries ago, one can possibly see the track of London progress. However, embracing the entire […]

Reorganize the school system in Indianapolis

You have been hired to reorganize the school system in Indianapolis. You are highly regarded as innovative and also able to get grant funds to improve school systems. What is your diagnosis of the IPS school system? What are your recommendations for improving the system? Indianapolis public school system (IPS) has been in existence since […]

Why Was De Bry that Inaccurate?

John White and Thomas Harriot as well as many other Europeans traveled to the New World to learn more about that distant land. White documented his trip with quite precise watercolors of native people. These watercolors became a basis for Theodore De Bry’s engravings which were included in Harriot’s book on the voyage. Notably, De […]

Being a Leader

An autobiography about leadership It is common for people to assume that some people are born leaders while others believe that leadership can be learned. However, I strongly believe that everyone has some leadership potential with the exception that some people are more of leaders than others. Accordingly, we all have a starting point in […]

Socrates: Moral Obligation To Civil Law

The following is the hypothetical conversation on the subject of one’s moral obligation to a civil law, which could have had taken place between Socrates and Protagoras (sophist philosopher). During the course of this conversation, Socrates was able to prove to Protagoras that the notion of one’s moral obligation to a civil law is indeed […]

Student survival guide

An individual’s personal skills are based on their determination to develop and learn new information. The close connection between the amount of knowledge and the way it is used brings about positive results. There are several work habits that must be adapted and they relate to the personality type someone has. The technology has made […]

Richard Koboyashi: farmer with Cabbages

The photograph titled Richard Koboyashi: farmer with Cabbages, by world-renowned photographer Ansel Adams, depicts a Japanese farmer holding two cabbages (Adams 1). The creative response below is a result of a keen interaction with the photograph. Creative Response The year was 1943; two years after the Japanese invasion on the Pearl Harbor. Richard Koboyashi, one […]

Free Will of a Heroin Addict

Free will is one of the most controversial issues in the history of humanity; as such, human beings feel the need to act freely. In the pursuit of freedom, many theories have come up raging from Absolute Freedom, to Determinism and a more relative and realistic view of Freedom. This paper seeks to present the […]

Curtailing Free Speech in Campus is more Costly than it is Beneficial

Introduction In early 2011, the Provost’s Office in Oregon State University was under fire following the way it was handling the invitation of a controversial public figure in the institution. The controversy revolved around Tristan Taormino, who according to Corvallis (1) is a “…..self- described feminist pornographer” (p. 1). This woman was invited to be […]

Back In the World

Introduction Back in the world is an expression of a return to an environment which one considers as home and is comfortable with; the person should have been away from home for some time for the phrase to be applicable. It has been used by Wolf in a very figurative way to illustrate the kind […]

Alcoholism: The rough road

Experiences in life can be a painful and wisdom is to learn from our previous mistakes and to avoid them in future. Ken was a kind of guy you would love to hang out with, he was full of life. Suddenly Ken lost interest in life and alcoholism took centre stage, he started taking alcohol […]

Restaurant Project in Boise

After examining the different restaurants present at Boise and scrutinizing the diverse backgrounds of the population residing in the city, it is notable that the largest population emanate from East and Central Africa. I was convinced to augment the quantity of ethnic food produced in such locations. Additionally, I noted that the industry provides insufficient […]

The Concept of Time

Art is one of the means used to communicate certain ideas to the audience. During ages, there were many subject explored in the works of art depending on the problems that bother people at the time. However, there are concepts and themes that are considered to be “eternal” for art. In this paper, we are […]

The Sperm and the Egg

Reproduction of human beings is very important because it ensures that humans do not become extinct. This is because every day some people die and thus we have to multiply to fill in the gap that they have left. The whole process of multiplication involves two elements, that is, Jack the sperm and Alice the […]

Letter by Galileo to a Friend

My Dear Castelli, It is my hope that you are fairing well and progressing favorably with your works on hydrodynamics. As for me, I feel that I have come to the end of my life’s journey and I reckon that I have at the most a couple of days before my life is over. I […]

My father’s black pride

One of the burning issues existing in contemporary society is the multiculturalism and cultural diversity that tends to be more overwhelming and largely spread among individuals of different national identities. When a person realizes the importance of traditions and customs of a certain nation, it seems to be less complicated to understand people who present […]

The Peculiarities of Transition Planning

The period of transition from school to the adult life can be considered as rather challenging for every student. Moreover, those students with learning disabilities can experience much more difficulties while transitioning in comparison with the other students. Suzie is an eighteen-year old high-school student who is currently in the tenth grade. She has a […]

Corporate Event: Ideal Bank Heart Dinner

Ideal Bank Heart Dinner Ideal Bank is one of the leading and successful corporate in the financial services sector. The bank is involved in lending to the micro and small enterprises. It also engages in individual lending and other financial services like overdrafts, saving accounts and current accounts. The vision of the bank is to […]

The Surprises of a Dutch Birthday

There was nothing wrong I could suspect when I was going to my friend’s birthday party one night last August. Indeed, one would ask, what can be so surprising about a birthday party? A big birthday cake with colorful candles, the traditional “Happy Birthday” song, lots of presents wrapped into colorful paper, games, fun, laughter […]

The Problem with Mr. Gunes

Jake was a 14year old boy of average build and height with the most outstanding feature about him being his long curly brown hair. While he was not overly enthusiastic about school and education in general, he showed as much dedication to school as could be hoped for from a 14 year old. For this, […]

My life in Western Europe in 600 AD

The European Middle Ages, popularly referred to as ‘dark ages’ can only be described by one word, ‘barbaric’. This was after the fall of the Roman Empire that had ruled for almost 500 years. Hooligans, Hans, barbarians and Goths came from all directions, East and North, sweeping down Europe. Many buildings and architectural structures that […]

The Magic Ring

Tales are told of how the city of Orleans came to be rescued from the ruthless Hans. However, the role that a humble shepherd boy named Jean and his Magic Ring played remain all but forgotten to the younger population of Orleans; but the older generation will never forget. It all began on a typical […]

Concepts of Diary Account of the Whiskey Rebellion

Introduction I was in my room watching television news when suddenly, a broadcast of protesters appeared on the screen. There were rampant protests everywhere including my locality. This was on March 3, 1791, a time when the United States Congress situated in Philadelphia enacted into law a policy which allowed a seven percent of tax […]

The Oregon Trail

This letter to a friend is written by a farmer’s wife travelling with her husband and children along the Oregon Trail in mid-1840s. Dear Jane, Blessed be the hour when I can see you again, for the way seems endless and the barriers insurmountable. When we lost our farm[1], I was looking to our trip […]