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Dharma in Hinduism

Therefore, various Hindu translations have defined dharma as "that which sustains or upholds the right or positive order of the world, a person, the family, society, nation and the entire world". In the texts, Dharma [...]

Definition of Art

Therefore, for individuals to be able to create some pieces of art, they have to have such ideas in their mind in form of mental images; hence, visible works of art are just a depiction [...]

Bill of Rights

Through the bill of rights, an individual is assured of a number of personal freedoms, including the right to own property, the right to life, right of protection from the law, freedom of movement, freedom [...]

Motivation Theories

The constituencies of the Maslow's hierarchy of needs include self-actualization, safety and physiological needs, esteem and, of course, social needs. Pros and Cons One of the main pros associated with the theory is that it [...]