Definition Essay Examples

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills required in making various decisions that pertain to business, management, relationships, and every other aspect of life. Many definitions have been ascribed to critical thinking by various scholars. Generally, critical thinking refers to the capacity to form thoughts clearly and logically. It encompasses the ability to […]

Servant and Ethical Leadership Definition

Introduction Various scholars have studied leadership concept as a means of seeking to understand leadership better and improve on it. Organisations and teams are mainly interested in exploiting this subject matter because it plays a pivotal role in the attainment of goals and success (Marques, 2007). This paper analyses leadership as a subject matter, exploring […]

Definition of Information Systems and Its Types

Define and explain information system as an organizational and management solution Information system is defined as a consistent, coordinated set of mechanisms acting together with the objective of production, distribution and or processing of information. By using this definition, precision for generality is ignored but in doing so, an emphasis is laid on computer information […]

Co-operative Advertising

Co-operative advertising is one of the advertising tools that have received much recognition from many industries in the contemporary society. It involves the sharing of the advertisement costs among different parties. There are two main types of cooperative advertising (Trehan, and Trehan 15): Vertical cooperative advertising: just as the name suggests, different channel members share […]

Gadget Toy Company’s Network

Drawing Network Gadget Toy Company’s Network Purpose of Critical Path A critical path helps the management to identify the most crucial activity in every project. A critical path is the longest time that a project can take to be completed. At the same time, it is the shortest time that a project can take because […]

Paradigm Shift: A Definition and an Analysis of the Phenomenon

Definition A paradigm is a specific pattern, which can be observed within a certain phenomenon and which reoccurs within a specific time period. Example The order, in which I traditionally make decisions (colleting the information from all resources available, sorting the information based on certain criteria, identifying the existing avenues, defining the positive and negative […]

Strategic Management in Handling Turbulence

Introduction Business environments are described or analysed in various ways based on disparate important dimensions. However, the concept of turbulence is ambiguous. This confusion touches on the varying orientations in studying organisational environments and the diverse methods that are used to measure it. This paper will define environmental turbulence and give its three major dimensions. […]

The Definition of Entrepreneurship

Introduction Entrepreneurship is defined from different perspectives depending on the discipline and context where the definition is applied. Here, the general definition of entrepreneurship captures the core elements of “discovery, evaluation, exploitation of opportunities, and the organisation of markets that had not previously existed” (Bruton, Ahlstrom & Li 2010, p.34). Another definition is the “new […]

Concept of Poverty

Introduction Poverty is a widely useful and common concept in many spheres of socioeconomic development. Albeit a universal concept, many people have different conceptions of the term. In fact, Misturelli and Heffernan (2010) say the concept has different clusters of meanings and definitions. Other researchers believe the evolving nature of poverty contributes to its varied […]


Introduction In the field of international relations, constructivism stands for the belief that crucial features of international relations are collectively and historically conditional, rather than predictable effects of human nature and other vital elements of world politics. Nicholas Onuf came up with the term “constructivism” to represent theories that emphasize on the socially constructed nature […]

Collaboration, Cooperation, and Coordination

Collaboration can be defined as the process of sharing ideas. It gives two or more individuals, who possess harmonizing skills, a chance to share their knowledge, skills and experience. This interaction presents the parties involved with a shared understanding, creating a common meaning about an issue that none of the parties possessed individually. Collaboration leads […]

Concept of Cognitive Development in Psychology

Introduction Cognitive development is the process through which an individual constructs the thought process. Specialists in cognitive development examine how growth and intellectual changes affect and influence a person’s behavior. This is achieved by studying the cognitive development of the memory, learning, language, problem solving techniques and intelligence. Memory Memory can be defined as the […]

The Parable Of Cloth

The parable of cloth originated from a certain Buddhist monk called bikkhus, who narrates his encounter with the Blessed One. It states that the Blessed One gave bikkhus the parable saying that if unclean garment is absorbed in any dye regardless of its color, the cloth will still contain initial dirt and stains. The Blessed […]

Sociology: racism, stigma, and sexism

Abstract Sociology is an intriguing study. It explains and examines human life at personal, societal and global level. The main subject of concern in sociology is human interaction with fellow human and institutions. Sociology gives explanation for world’s happenings such religion, politics, environment and peace. Similarly with other area of study, sociology has its strengths […]

Environmental reporting guideline

Introduction An environmental reporting guideline is an episodic publication of environmental reporting involving organizational activities as well as the status of their environmental effects and the environmental contemplation. The guidelines are prepared for organizations preparing for their first environmental reporting publication as well as organizations which have already published one. The guidelines also provide organizations […]

Concept of Environmental Reporting

Introduction Our involvement on the environment is considerably becoming more significant in all walks of life, including business. According to the nature of business it utilizes resources, pollute the environment and produce waste products. This is why business attracts substantial attention from individuals and groups of environmentalists who are more concerned about the prospect natural […]

Dharma in Hinduism

Although it is also found in other religions and cultures, Dharma is an important pillar in Hinduism as a religion and culture. In Hinduism, Dharma means a duty, righteousness or the right way of life. Nevertheless, a single translation of this term in the western languages does not exist (Clothey 11). It describes the Hindu […]

International Product Life Cycle Theory

Apple and Microsoft are the major computer companies in the world. Apple has dominated the industry by making hardware devices and software programs. Microsoft has dominated the software sector. This case study looks at the two companies in reference to international product life cycle theory. The theory describes how a product or service evolves from […]

Marketing and Its Importance for Modern Organizations

Modern companies make substantial investments in marketing; in fact, this set of activities is usually essential for their sustainability. This is why it is necessary to define marketing and explain its importance for modern organizations. In my opinion, this term can be understood as every activity that is aimed at creating an extra value for […]

Second language acquisition and identity

Introduction It is difficult to predict or generalize second language acquisition because it is not an isolated activity; this is a culture-specific and identity-bound concept. A second language user is often introduced into a fresh world that may be radically different from what he or she was accustomed to. One must therefore reconstruct or renegotiate […]

Role of Women in Society

A woman is opposite sex of a man. Women have been of great importance for many generations. Women play the role of wives and mothers in any society. Some religious principals such as the Christians do believe that a woman was created out of man and was given the mandate of giving companionship to the […]

NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000

Abstract The NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2000 provides guidelines for ensuring health, safety as well as welfare in workplaces in New South Wales. Employers, employees, manufacturers, designers, suppliers, suppliers, as well as, non-employees are supposed to adhere to occupational health and safety. The report presents the roles of different groups involved in […]

Communication Theories

Social Exchange Theory Social Exchange Theory explains social stability as a negotiated exchange process between two parties. The theory majorly addresses how people perceive cost and reward of interaction with the others. Costs are negative values that a person sees in a relationship for example the negative sides of a partner and the amount of […]

Garbological Studies

Garbology Archaeology can be defined as the study of ancient remains in order to understand past human activities and lifestyles. This gives archaeology a close connection to history. Garbology on the other hand is a study that aims to give insight into people after studying their trash or refuse. Through garbology, one can be able […]

What is Politics?

The real meaning of politics may seem difficult to unravel because of the difference in systems of government, applications and functions or attributes of the politicians in different countries. A Canadian definition of politics would significantly vary from that of an American since the Canadian sees politics as natural and a growth in human behavior. […]

What is the Family?

Introduction In the human perspective, a family is a group of persons connected by kinship, compassion, or sharing of residence. In a number of societies, the family is the basic unit for the socialization of children. A basic family unit is made up of a father, mother, and children, and is known as a nuclear […]

Gender inequality in Canada

Do you think gender inequality exists in Canada? Why or why not? The term gender describes the physical difference between people. Gender gives an individual personal a trait that the societies commonly attach to as being either of male or female gender. Gender inequality on the other hand is unequal distribution of privileges between men […]

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Schizophrenia

Introduction Cognitive psychotherapy, a therapeutic method that is normally used in conjunction with behavioural approaches, has been proven to be an effective method in the treatment of a variety of psychological conditions. These conditions include panic attacks, schizophrenia, or even a problem like depression. Sometimes the two approaches intrinsic in this kind of treatment are […]

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Introduction The terms “cognitive behavioral therapy” are used diversely to capture a number of therapy based either on cognitive therapy, behavior therapy or on a combination of both. The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for bipolar disorder was started in the late 1990s. This paper addresses the issues related to the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for […]

Definition of Art

The practice of creating artistic works is something that is as old as the human species. Historically, different societies had their own ways of defining art, because of the significance that societies placed on artistic works. Although such traditional definitions are still appreciated in some contemporary societies, the birth of modernism has revolutionized most historical […]

Different ways to approach the definition of art

Nearly everything in this world has a meaning; the same applies to art. Art being a sensitive term, several individuals have come up with different techniques of defining art. Each of these individuals has had his own perception and explanations concerning the definition of art. With regard to this, there isn’t a universally accepted definition […]

Friendship Type – Companionship Relationship

This term is used to refer to a type of companionship relationship that one person may have towards another individual one living thing towards another. This is a relationship of care, devotion and honesty. In friendship, the parties involved show utmost concern for one another despite the circumstances. Ideally it is not because of the […]

Social Psychology Study and Its Contributions

Psychology is the study of human mind. Psychology is divided into two parts, namely research and practice. Research aims at improving knowledge on the subject by identifying the source of the problem while practice applies the knowledge that has been earned in solving real world problems. There are various methods of carrying out research in […]

The History of Architecture

Concrete is a composite material consisting of a binder, gravel, and aggregate, mixed with water (Li 3). The history of concrete dates back to ancient Egypt, where builders used straw and clay make building blocks. Their goal was to produce a durable construction material as the basis for building larger structures. Currently, concrete is the […]

Global Human Resource Management

Abstract Performance evaluation enables the human resource department to assess the effectiveness of its workforce. The Sheldon Freighters relies on management by objectives as the performance evaluation technique of choice. This technique has enabled line managers and employees at the organization to become more effective in their work. On the other hand, the technique also […]

Cultural Relations

Introduction Culture is defined as “a system of values and norms that are shared among a group of people and that, taken together, constitute a design for living” (Vance & Paik 2006, p.39). In the past century, scholars have directed commendable efforts towards understanding various cultures and their impact on global human relations. As a […]

The Criminal Justice System

The ability of a country to uphold social control, prevent, and extenuate crime depends on the organization of its criminal justice system. For a criminal justice system to achieve its mandate, it must have specific components, which must coordinate to achieve the overall role of reducing crime. Further, for a criminal justice system to be […]

Introduction to Negotiations

Introduction A negotiation is a dialogue which is aimed at settling a dispute so that a conclusion is reached which is agreeable between the parties involved. A negotiation is also a bargain which results to an individual advantage. There are many styles of negotiations which are currently in use. A particular style in use will […]

Kitsch- under the title of taste and ethics

Introduction Kitsch is defined as form of art that is considered to be inferior or tasteless when compared to other forms of art in the same category. Kitsch is also a worthless imitation of a piece of art that has a more recognizable value than the poor imitation. It refers to the forms of art […]

British Capitalism Develpment

Introduction/Thesis statement In order for us to be able to define and to explain the most distinctive features of British capitalism, ever since the time of Industrial Revolution until comparatively times, we will need to refer to the discussed subject matter from not solely economic but also geopolitical and socio-cultural perspective. If put in a […]

The Hunger Problem in the Modern World

Analysis of Hunger Hunger is one issue that falls under food insecurity. In fact, it is the biggest problem facing any people in modern society. Failure to get enough amount of energy in a day as recommended by world organizations such as Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is defined as hunger. An individual could be […]

Perceptions of self

People manifest their attitudes through their behavior when going through different experiences. When a person feels weak or confused, the people who observe him or her know that there is a problem. The feelings of people change when they are not comfortable with what they are doing, which manifest in the behavior. Individuals tend to […]

Air Pollution Sources, Effects and Ways of Minimizing

Introduction Generally, pollution is the process of introducing new materials, contaminants, into the natural environment leading to adverse effects. There are different types of pollution. These include air pollution, sound pollution, light pollution, littering, and soil contamination. From the above definition of pollution, it is clear that pollutants are foreign substances and particles that contaminate […]

Bill of Rights

In the United States, the Bill of Rights refers to the first ten constitutional amendments. The constitution was amended to safeguard the natural rights of liberty and material goods. Through the bill of rights, an individual is assured of a number of personal freedoms, including the right to own property, the right to life, right […]

Fraud as a Threat to Financial Systems

Introduction Every person deserves to earn in an attempt to meet their various needs and wants in life. To this effect, people seek employment and secure appointments to various positions in organisations. Some are not lucky or opt to engage in self-employment and thus engage in their own funded businesses. Such efforts grant them the […]

Global Health Priorities

Every year the World Health Organization (WHO) collects health information from all member states. The health information is used to formulate both short term and long term goals. This information is then shared with all stakeholders. Based on this information, priority areas are selected and appropriate interventions formulated. Health priorities vary from region to region […]

War on Poverty in US

The term war on poverty officially came into being in 1964 and referred to concerted government efforts to eradicate assiduous poverty in the United States of America (University of Virginia). The main intention of declaring war on poverty was to empower less fortunate members in United States of America both materially and intellectually so that […]

Definition of Integrity, Its Norms and Unity

Integrity is a virtue as explored by different scholars in different disciplines. When applied in ethics the term implies honesty and accuracy that is sometimes called truthfulness. Integrity represents consistency in one’s conscience. Issues that may be consistent include personal actions, attributes, principles, values, and patterns of behavior. In these issues, accountability becomes the benchmark […]

Knowledge Management (KM)

1. Karl Wiig is a very important figure in the terrain of knowledge management (KM) as he developed one of the central KM cycles and models. This researcher claimed that knowledge is essential in making thoughtful and intellectual decisions. Moreover, Wiig noted that knowledge management is important in all spheres of human life. Wiig’s KM […]

Marketing Mix and Price as Tools for Enhancing Product Adoption Among the Consumers

Introduction Over the recent past, marketing has evolved from the traditionally perceived business support function to a significant functional area of an organization. This is a result of several factors such as increased competition, consumer needs volatility, and the ever changing consumer environment. This has in effect compelled companies to adopt product mix and other […]

Racial and ethnic inequalities as a social problem

There has been a raging debate about the definitions of a social condition and a social problem. Some researchers have also likened these two concepts despite the distinction between the two concepts. A social condition is a condition regarded by some people as bad while a social problem is a condition viewed by everyone as […]

Modern, Modernism, and Modernization

Modern, modernism, and modernization are the notions which may be easily defined in human mind, it means that one can understand what modern, modernism, and modernization mean, however, when it comes to formulation of the definition of the notions, people are unable to cover those with words. There are a lot of different ideas presented […]

Sociology of Healthcare

The Healthcare industry comprises of institutions that offer health services to the citizens. Such institutions include nursing homes, hospitals and healthcare facilities found in homes among other institutions. The operation of the institutions is either facilitated by the government or by the private sector. They are served by individuals who specialize in various areas of […]

Architecture as a Career Field

It is almost impossible to count all the professions and various occupations which help people earn money. Professions differ in their nature and the character of the results provided. Architecture is one of the most popular occupations in the sphere of those careers which depend on the successful combination of creativity and developed practical skills […]

Marketing’s Definition and Developmnt

Definitions of marketing Since marketing is always evolving, its definition changes from time to time. My definition of marketing is that it is the process by which goods and services are advertised to the customers through various ways including the media and by word of mouth. This is done with the aim of creating awareness […]

Cultural Relativism and Cultural Values

Introduction Cultural relativism is the study of the part that values play in shaping cultures in different societies.The idea behind cultural relativism is that our judgment of morality is squarely founded upon our exposure to certain norms which uphold specific values in preference to others. The truth is that these cultures develop their value system […]

Change Management and Strategic Planning, the Impact of Change on Individuals and Organizations, and how Change Management and Strategic Planning are Inter-related

Introduction With the ever changing business environment, change management and strategic planning activities are increasingly becoming issues of focus in the modern business environment. This is because of the significant role they play in helping organizations adapt to the turbulence of change. In this paper, I explore change management and strategic planning in terms of […]

Supply and Demand

Economics lessons include both demand and supply analysis. The research focuses on the analysis of demand. The research centers on supply analysis. Price influences both supply and demand. Demand. Demand is the economic term for the quantity needed, wanted, or desired by the buyers or customers. Different persons have different supply type demands. Each individual […]

The Problem of Homeless Veterans in US

Introduction There are several veterans who are homeless in the United States of America and are estimated to range between 130, 000 and 200,000 at a given one night. Homeless veterans represent a fifth of all homeless people in America. There are also those veterans who struggle to meet the excessive rent burdens and this […]

Motivation Theories

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and real business firm example Abraham Maslow was one of the humanistic psychologists who were instrumental in delivering management and educational fields through useful descriptions of human needs. Such needs became known during revolutionary time of hierarchy of needs (Buchanan and Huczynski 2010, p.10). He believed that people couldn’t be healthy and well […]

Police subculture

In any organization, cultures factor is heavily on performance. Edgar Schein (1988) famously described organizational culture as “the way we do things around here.” This kind of definition sought to bring to light the natural development of culture amongst any group of people that frequently interact. A sub culture distinguishes itself from its parent culture […]

Islam Religion Fundamental Beliefs

Introduction Islam is derived from an Arabic word ‘aslama’ meaning submission to the will of God. According to the Encyclopedia dictionary, Islam is a monotheistic religion that is characterized by acceptance of the doctrine of total submission to God and obedience to Muhammad who is the last and most significant prophet of God. The foundations […]

How maglev trains work

Introduction Maglev trains or magnetic levitation trains were opened up for commercial transport in 1984 when they operated between Birmingham airport and the main railway. Britain was the first country to develop these trains, although other countries developed their sns and used them to transport mainly people. Maglev trains are based on the principle of […]

Theories of Developmental Psychology

There are numerous theories of developmental psychology. Theses theories have attempted to explain changes in human behaviours as a result of certain conditions or situations. In spite of the fact that a number of studies have focused on children’s development, there is an increasing interest in the behaviour of old people as well (Papalia, Olds […]

Why is society a social construct

Introduction Social construct is concerned with the manner in which people learn knowledge and beliefs through socialization. As people interact, they learn conceptions and expectations which are associated with their gender. These concepts and expectations usually extend to all aspects of social life and society. People develop new political attitudes, feelings and perceptions about others […]

Senior Manager to Create a Training Presentation for her Management Team

It is important to first of all understand what management is before tackling the other aspects of management. Management is a factor of production that involves coordinating and supervising activities in an organizational setup (Drucker, 1999). Any organization or enterprise requires proper management for it to realize its goals and objectives. The task of management […]

Different Sources of Energy

Energy can be transformed to a range of states. Energy in different states can be used for various physical works. Energy can be utilized in natural processes or in supplying services to the community. For instance, an inner combustion engine transfers the latent chemical energy present in petrol and oxygen into heat, which is next […]

Basic Human Rights Violation

Introduction In almost all constitutions of the different countries in the world, there is always a chapter that provides for human rights. Human rights are the benefits that every human being should enjoy as he or she continues to live on earth. However, there are other countries and governments that have continued to violate the […]

Plagiarism Definition and Effects

One definition of plagiarism as offered by one web article quotes “plagiarize means to steal and pass off either ideas or words of another as one’s own. It is the use of another’s production without crediting the source and the committing of literal theft.” (What Is Plagiarism?). Many individuals view the topic of plagiarism as […]

Recruiting a Manager for a New Organization

Introduction When creating interview questions, it is important to be aware of certain important facts. Some people have argued that the best interview questions are those that seek to establish how a candidate has behaved in the past. The candidate’s past performance is then used to predict his or her future actions. This paper discusses […]

What is Applied Management Science?

Decision-making encompasses all aspects of human life. However, the problem is how to ascertain whether one has the required skills and knowledge to make optimal decisions. This led to the emergence of Applied Management Science as an important field in various sectors of learning. Applied refers to making practical application of something that is not […]

Heroes and celebrities

Heroes and celebrities contribute to the development of the society. Additionally, they are active in helping people discover their roles. LaBarge indicates that “If we most of us, as Thoreau said, live lives of quiet desperation, it is because our horizons of possibility are too cramped” (LaBarge, 2010). This is an indicator that heroes are […]

Definition of Marketing

According to American Marketing Association, marketing involves identifying the items and services that customers prefer. After identifying the items and services, an approach is then developed for pursuing customers to make the purchase. For marketing to be successful, it has to quench the customers’ needs (Kotler & Keller, 2009). Alternatively, marketing can be defined as […]

Aristotelian Tragedy Definition

Aristotelian tragedy can be defined as a simulation of such deeds that are complete and severe. An action which has a level and language of its own, it also possesses some accessories in it, which are considered pleasurable and congenial. Incident that is full of grievances and pity is also termed as tragedy. Aristotle stated […]

The Concept of Learning and Its Crucial Tools

The concept of learning is extra-ordinarily fundamental in regard to knowledge acquisition process. Learning entails the process by which knowledge is acquired in all realms of its necessity and by the target individuals. The employment of essential training and impartation tools creates a rationale for enhancement of a learning ground. A variety of approaches are […]

The Culture of the Early Civilizations

Forces That Impacted the Culture of Early Civilizations In the early civilizations, geography played a big role in the way that people lived. Comparing the culture of Mesopotamia and Egypt, it is evident that the geographical location of the two areas played a big role. The Egyptians had great access to the Nile River which […]

The Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Introduction Leadership embraces a process that involves direction of behaviors of other people geared towards achievement of some preset goals and objectives. According to Spence (1983), Leadership is “influencing others to get things done to standard and quality above their norm” (p.105). A leader must play his/ her roles in the most willing and pragmatic […]

The Concept of True Love

Introduction The concept of true love is based on the belief that to truly love someone you have to accept them for who they are (including their shortcoming and faults), put their happiness above your own (even if your heart is broken in the process) and that you will always love them even if they […]

The Influence of Demand and Supply on an Economy

The term macroeconomics is mostly confused with microeconomics and so there is need to first put up a clear distinction of the two. The online Business dictionary site, by the Walden University, defines macroeconomics as the “Study of the behavior of the whole (aggregate) economies or economic systems instead of the behavior of individuals, individual […]

The death of the American dream

America is the land of opportunity. This was the message and the intention of the American declaration of independence, which exhorted the virtues of truth, and that all men (people) are equal regardless of race, age, gender, association, religion or any other matter that may create disharmony in the society. The declaration also states that […]

Emotion as a Performance of the Brain

Over the past few years, scientists have been carrying out research in an aim to explain the various functions of the brain. Nevertheless, this has not been an easy task. Perhaps in an attempt to explore the various functions of the brain, these scientists have limited their research into two performances of the brain: cognitive […]

Leadership Test

Introduction Leadership traits are the qualities and the features that characterize an effective leader making him/her outstanding from other leaders (Aurelius 1). They are the features that enable a leader practice strategic leadership in an organization and act as a role model for his sub-ordinates. The issue of leadership traits came to existence in the […]

Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Introduction Spirituality refers to religious attitudes, experimental dimensions, existential well-being, mystical beliefs and other practices of religious inclination. This definition seems to be based on the physical phenomena as opposed to the metaphysical one. This is largely due to the use of scientific methods in trying to pursue the goal of the study. More often […]

The basis of Civil Liberties

Introduction Civil liberties in the United States revolve around religious freedom and freedom of speech among other liberties that feature prominently in the Bill of Rights. Religious freedom for instance allows Americans to subscribe to a faith of their choice. The state has no right to impose any religion on its citizens (Bardes et al., […]

Green Funerals

Definition The current concept of ‘green’ funerals began in the U.K. in the early 1990s and it gained popularity across the world. Often, green funeral is tantamount with eco burials, woodland burials, and meadow funerals. The fact that there are numerous woodland burial sites accessible for green funerals in the United Kingdom relative to only […]

Intellectual Property

Discussion Board The information article Intellectual Property, written by a group of authors under direction of Evan Davies, aims to define the concept of intellectual property (IP) and identify its key characteristics. Secondly, the authors give a brief overview of legal means that help to protect the right for IP. According to the scholars, intellectual […]

The Problem of Workplace Stress

Introduction Employees have always been faced by several challenges at work place ranging from poor salaries to job layoffs. Stress at work is also affecting many employees today and it is important for them to know how to deal with it. Stress at work can be defined as “the harmful physical and emotional responses that […]

Border Collie Dogs

The Border collie is an animal of the dog family that characterize with a well-balanced and athletic body. In addition, the Border collie exhibit style and dexterity in identical gauge with soundness and potency. History asserts that the Border collie originated from a border country separating Scotland and England. In this border country, breeding was […]

Femininity and Masculinity

Introduction Feminity and masculinity refers to the identity of an individual’s gender. Both feminity and masculinity derive their source from an individual’s gender as opposed to sex. Gender in this case refers to social while sex is a biological aspect. The society defines the meaning of being a male or a female. Males consider themselves […]

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence is a document that is most treasured in United State since it announced independence to American colonies which were at war with Great Britain. It was drafted by Thomas Jefferson back in July 1776 and contained formal explanation of the reason why the Congress had declared independence from Great Britain. Therefore, the […]

Definition Essay of Terrorism

Terrorism has been a continuous topic of discussion despite the fact that there is no universal definition of the same. However, although it is a common occurrence especially in the current society; the word conveys different meanings to different people. It has been defined by the English dictionary as use of violence or coercion with […]