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Dharma in Hinduism

Although it is also found in other religions and cultures, Dharma is an important pillar in Hinduism as a religion and culture. In Hinduism, Dharma means a duty, righteousness or the right way of life. Nevertheless, a single translation of this term in the western languages does not exist (Clothey 11). It describes the Hindu […]

Mysticism in religion

Introduction The tenet of religion dwells on the boundary that exists between mystics and thought in the unstable, tenuous, and difficult to identify human culture. The teachings and lineages define cults, notions, practices that are synergetic within a self contained system. This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly explore the mystical aspects of Judaism, Islam, Christianity, […]

Panopticism in Michael Foucault’s Book “Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison”

Introduction The theory of panopticism is very crucial for social and political development in society. This theory is built around the concept of a panopticon. This is a circular building that has an observation tower at its center and an outer wall surrounding it. The wall of the panopticon has cells for its occupants. It […]

Impact of organisational Development theories on Australian Automobile Industry

Abstract Organisational psychology is vital in understanding psychological principles which form the links between research methods and human behavior in an organisation. Basically, organisational psychology focuses on how individuals think about themselves and activities that affect these thoughts and feelings in an organisational environment especially during selection, perfection, and persuasion procedures. Application of organisational psychology […]

Modeling and Analysis essay

Introduction A feasibility report is an organized presentation in form of a document that describes the economic and operational benefits of carrying out a project to completion against incurred costs (Kuiper & Clippinger). Modeling and analysis displays the logical flow of information and sequence of activities. The Pizza Shop case study Actors: owner/manager, two cooks, […]

Free Enterprise Systems

Free Enterprise Systems Introduction Free enterprise systems have been adopted by many countries as the main form of business model. This model allows people to transact businesses without excessive government control and external influences from third parties (Hayek and Hamowy, 2011). The free ownership of property, rule of law, competition and free pricing are encouraged […]

Rethinking the Quebec Act

The article “No King unless It Be a Constitutional King: Rethinking the Place of the Quebec Act in the Coming of the American Revolution” by Vernon Creviston published in the Fall of 2011 in Historian discusses the implications of the Quebec Act of 1774 for the American colonies and the impact of this legislation upon […]

NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000

Abstract The NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2000 provides guidelines for ensuring health, safety as well as welfare in workplaces in New South Wales. Employers, employees, manufacturers, designers, suppliers, suppliers, as well as, non-employees are supposed to adhere to occupational health and safety. The report presents the roles of different groups involved in […]

Communication Theories

Social Exchange Theory Social Exchange Theory explains social stability as a negotiated exchange process between two parties. The theory majorly addresses how people perceive cost and reward of interaction with the others. Costs are negative values that a person sees in a relationship for example the negative sides of a partner and the amount of […]

Structure and development of Australian Curriculum

Introduction Due to the dynamic changes that characterise the 21st century, Australia has done some progressive changes to its curriculum, all of which aim at making the skills acquired because of deploying the curriculum in teaching more market-demand oriented. The declarations of the goals of education that are vital for Australian young generation, as voiced […]

Gender inequality in Canada

Do you think gender inequality exists in Canada? Why or why not? The term gender describes the physical difference between people. Gender gives an individual personal a trait that the societies commonly attach to as being either of male or female gender. Gender inequality on the other hand is unequal distribution of privileges between men […]

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Schizophrenia

Introduction Cognitive psychotherapy, a therapeutic method that is normally used in conjunction with behavioural approaches, has been proven to be an effective method in the treatment of a variety of psychological conditions. These conditions include panic attacks, schizophrenia, or even a problem like depression. Sometimes the two approaches intrinsic in this kind of treatment are […]

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Introduction The terms “cognitive behavioral therapy” are used diversely to capture a number of therapy based either on cognitive therapy, behavior therapy or on a combination of both. The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for bipolar disorder was started in the late 1990s. This paper addresses the issues related to the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for […]

Definition of Art

The practice of creating artistic works is something that is as old as the human species. Historically, different societies had their own ways of defining art, because of the significance that societies placed on artistic works. Although such traditional definitions are still appreciated in some contemporary societies, the birth of modernism has revolutionized most historical […]

Strengths and limitations of qualitative and quantitative research

Introduction Qualitative researchers tend to be concerned with context more than truth. They believe that truth is relative so what should be sought is an in-depth understanding of a situation. On the contrary, quantitative researchers believe that their work is to establish facts and use research to support those truths. These variable approaches adversely affect […]

Human Nature: “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli

Introduction In the observation of human behaviours examined in Machiavelli book, “The Prince”, he offers advice to the leaders especially politicians regarding how to gain and remain in power. People regard a prince as someone destined to inherit controlled leadership. The prince as illustrated in this text was someone with no secure measures to gain […]

The History of Architecture

Concrete is a composite material consisting of a binder, gravel, and aggregate, mixed with water (Li 3). The history of concrete dates back to ancient Egypt, where builders used straw and clay make building blocks. Their goal was to produce a durable construction material as the basis for building larger structures. Currently, concrete is the […]

Divine Comedy and the Odyssey as Epics

The poems ‘Divine Comedy’ and ‘The Odyssey’ have characteristics of an epic piece of literature. Epic poems have distinct features that separate them from other poems. To start with, they are lengthy and usually in a narrative style. Their themes are grand and the main characters are heroic figures. The protagonists face many challenges in […]

Global Human Resource Management

Abstract Performance evaluation enables the human resource department to assess the effectiveness of its workforce. The Sheldon Freighters relies on management by objectives as the performance evaluation technique of choice. This technique has enabled line managers and employees at the organization to become more effective in their work. On the other hand, the technique also […]

Cultural Relations

Introduction Culture is defined as “a system of values and norms that are shared among a group of people and that, taken together, constitute a design for living” (Vance & Paik 2006, p.39). In the past century, scholars have directed commendable efforts towards understanding various cultures and their impact on global human relations. As a […]

Nickel, Dimed, and the society

Introduction Society encourages people to work hard and maintain good moral values. It also emphasizes on respect as well as sharing of resources. American History has undergone through various turmoil, with periods of slavery and conflict covering most of its past. However, the past two centuries have seen a significant break from internal conflict. They […]

Overthrows in History

Introduction The world is made up of about 194 sovereign states. These states make up the world system and sub-systems in which the US (United States) is part. United States is made up of people from diverse origins from all over the world. It is currently the most powerful economically and in military superiority. The […]

Leadership Concepts That Are Vital Too Successful Quality Management Implementation

The approach to quality management and leadership has taken a new meaning over time. Traditionally, the concept of quality was just a technical subject which viewed quality leadership in terms of controlling the production process only to produce high quality goods. This means that the production process was deliberately controlled by line managers with focus […]

The Criminal Justice System

The ability of a country to uphold social control, prevent, and extenuate crime depends on the organization of its criminal justice system. For a criminal justice system to achieve its mandate, it must have specific components, which must coordinate to achieve the overall role of reducing crime. Further, for a criminal justice system to be […]

Philosophy of Nursing and Caring Practice: Jean Watson’s Caring Model

Introduction Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring was introduced in 1979 and premises on the humanistic perspective of nursing and health care combined with scientific knowledge. The design of the theory focuses on the concept of nursing that is associated with a health profession. According to the theorist, caring should enhance and form the identity […]

Perceptions of self

People manifest their attitudes through their behavior when going through different experiences. When a person feels weak or confused, the people who observe him or her know that there is a problem. The feelings of people change when they are not comfortable with what they are doing, which manifest in the behavior. Individuals tend to […]