Reflective Essay Examples

Creativities and Boys Involvement

Introduction The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) noted that the creativity among children has to be enhanced by supporting their curiosity, exploration and play. It is also important to provide them with opportunities for exploring and sharing their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. This can be achieved through art, music, movement and dance activities among others. […]

Adoption, childlessness or reproductive technology

Children are considered to be a blessing for couples. Many long lasting relationships are usually characterized by couples having plans of getting children during their relationship. Thus, couples always seek to have children to ensure that they are a complete family in line with what the society expects of them. Children are usually achieved through […]

Strategic Role of Human Resources

Introduction One of the strategic roles of human resource management is to promote effective teamwork at the workplace. Organizations bring together employees with different abilities and behaviors. Consequently, the behavioral strengths, as well as, weaknesses of every employee must be identified in order to promote teamwork. A team refers to “a congregation of individuals, each […]

Instagram as Tool for Social Science Research

In the recent decades, advancements in technologies have dramatically changed the research process across all disciplines. Some of these innovations have revolutionized research with titanic and far-reaching implications. The internet, for instance, has made it easy to access information and communicate across long distances. Some of these innovations are slightly less revolutionary but with tremendous […]

Development Plan for MSF and Frank Dale Food Company

Executive Summary This reflective report involves an examination of the experiences encountered in the process of undertaking consultancy projects at MSF Company and Frank Dale Company. The report examines how one can learn from experiences by adopting a structured reflection approach. Subsequently, the report is based on two main models of reflection, which include the […]

Value of Ethnomethodology

Ethnomethodology is a sociological approach that deals with how people formulate social norms. These are the everyday day affairs that people engage in creating social norms. This phenomenon is a result of a study by Garfinkel in 2002. Ethnomethodologists are able to tell how such norms come into existence by breaking such social norms. Social […]

Elements of Project Management – Workplace Health and Safety, PPE, B2B marketing

Workplace Health and Safety, and PPE Personal Reflection The aspects of management style that have brought the best work out of me are adaptability and critical problem-solving skills (Davis 2008). The aspect of adaptability influenced the adjustments that I had to make in exercising influence over the need to remodel the concrete mixing ratio when […]

Skills and experiences

Introduction Skills and experiences play vital roles during recognition and determination of the best workers. The modern world is competitive and requires people who are motivated when working to facilitate high achievements in life. Consequently, learners must be accurate and precise about the knowledge they possess in regard to various issues. Personal evaluation could exemplify […]

Social Work Practice

Introduction Social work is a professional area of practice which applies knowledge, skills, research techniques and social theory to improve the lives of individuals, communities and groups. Social work is considered as a helping profession because it is majorly concerned with the plight of people who are in difficult situations with an aim of helping […]

Modern Popular Culture

Introduction In the previous assignment concerning positive effects of modern popular culture, I discussed how it affects human behavior in a positive manner. However, the discussion focused on the general influence of modern popular culture. This paper aims at discussing the effects of modern popular culture on personal beliefs and values. Personal Reflections Undoubtedly, modern […]

Constituting a New Sales Team

As InterClean merged with EnviroTech, we identified various criteria that served our efforts to formulate the best team to carry the firm forward in the areas identified as priorities by CEO David Spencer. Among these we used Competency Profiling, Critical Incident Technique, Threshold Traits Analysis, Position Analysis Questionnaire and the Common Metric Questionnaire (Job Ananlysis […]

Education of Australian Aboriginals and the language barrier.

“Four Corners” introduces an important problem for Australia’s Aboriginal children and their difficulties with the English language. The new rule which requires the first four hours of school to be taught in English has proven completely disadvantaging and disastrous to students and their ability to learn (Whitmount, 2009). There are several, such as Aboriginal English, […]

Derewianka and Tompkins Teachings of Grammar

English is an international language and significantly contributes to modern communication. In essence, proficiency in English greatly relies on how learners manage to understand its essential elements well. Grammar is one of the integral elements of English language as it contains major components, which determine individual’s speech. It is imperative to understand reading and writing, […]

How Effective Teachers Support the Youngest Children’s Literacy Development?

Motivation For me, the most relevant aspect of teaching is fostering children’s interest. I believe motivating the youngest learners to read is crucial for an effective teacher. Tompkins et al. (2012) stress the importance of motivating children as the learners’ interest in reading is the basis of their further learning. The task with the picture […]

Reflection of photographic arts

Learning the fundamentals of photographic arts improves the success of an artist. The fundamentals of photographic arts combine technical brilliance and creativity. We can add value to a story when we learn the technical and creative aspects of photography. Image technology contributes to the change in photographic dimensions (Barba, 2001). Today, artists edit images using […]

The Korean Shamans Start Their Rituals: Diving into the Specifics of the Ancient Culture

There is hardly anything as weirdly mesmerizing and at the same time ridiculous for a modern person as shaman rituals. However, taking a retrospective into the primitive, one will find out that shaman rituals served a definite purpose and even glued the primitive community together. Despite the rapid economical downfall, which Korea witnessed several times […]

Disadvantaging Families: Diversity, Inequality and Globalization

Through the article and class notes for this course, I leaned how change has brought people from the developed nations into the neighborhoods of the less developed world with dire consequences. I gained an insight into how a disadvantaged family structure increased inequality and discrimination. Those from the less developed countries in trying to survive […]

Criteria for Personal Philosophy

Personal conception of nursing Several nursing theories serve as basics of nursing as a practice to make it a success. Through these theories, there exists fundamental guidance and stipulated directions in structuring the profession coupled with research on nursing and education. Moreover, through these theories, one can easily put a clear cut between nursing and […]

The Program to Fight and Reduce Cyberbullying in School

Introduction The goal of establishing a program to fight and reduce cyber bullying was to improve the performance of the institution. However, the program will lead to other results. The outcomes of initiation and establishment of the program will either be positive or negative. The management of a learning institution must evaluate its activities and […]

Personal Development Plans: Teamwork and Culture Shock

Introduction Personal Development Plans (PDPs) details the various actions that an individual intends to undertake in order to develop his or her competencies (Armstrong 2008). The decision to design a personal development plan is motivated by two main reasons. First, individuals design the plan in an effort to improve performance in their current job. Second, […]

‘Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling’ by Mark McMinn

Summary of the book The book Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by Mark McMinn has been written with the sole purpose of guiding Christian counselors on how they can marry the aspect of psychology in their work with Christian teachings and values that they uphold. McMinn advises that Christian counselors should be up […]

Leadership. Group Analysis

Leadership is the act of guiding people through a certain activity (Werhane, 2011). In the group study, there was a combination of beginners, managers and executives in their professions. The group was made up of four intelligent members with different professional expertise in their working fields. One of the members was a retired military commander, […]

Jewish Identity in America

In his article “Identity and Jewish Education”, Cohen (2008) postulates that sociologists determine Jewish identity according to the three B’s components: “Belief, Behavior, and Belonging” (p.75). I was born in a secular family of four children. However, my father used to attend synagogue only on major holidays, to be part of our Jewish community or […]

Graphic Design Concept

Graphic design is a wide concept that mainly involves creativity. It facilitates the design and production of artwork. Like all businesses in an economy, their growth and development is based on stable clientele base. However, from a close look, graphic design products are a bit different from other commercial products. This is due to the […]

Responsibility Definition

Introduction One of the key factors that lead to success in life is being responsible. From childhood, my parents and the whole society at large have been pushing me to show responsibility through my actions, feelings and utterances. The question that is left begging is: What does responsibility entail? In my opinion, responsibility is making […]

Roles and Funtions of Management in Healthcare Setting

For the health care setting to operate effectively in achieving its goals and objectives, it requires to implement the main management concepts. These include planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. In a setting where nurses, therapists, and other healthcare staffs are located in a central position, management is relatively simpler than where the care of patients […]

Education and Social Justice

The articles have affirmed my understanding about education and social justice. Educational inequality is something associated with social inequality (Smyth, 2010). Any attempt to deal with educational inequality should always examine the complexities of social disparity. The society should also reduce the gap between the poor and the rich. This practice will support every learner […]

Leadership: Contemporary Theories and Approaches

Introduction All organizations and institutes constantly strive to raise their levels of performance and productivity. To reach the set goals of increased productivity in the organization, the contribution made by all members in the organization is crucial. Even so, these contributions can only achieve optimal impact if there is a strong leadership in place to […]

Reflective Journal about Personal Philosophy of Behavior Management

Introduction Learning is a complicated process that requires professional and proper management. In addition to quality management, learning requires cooperation of all stakeholders including general school managers, teachers, students, parents, top education officials as well as the wider society where learning institutions are located. Being a complex process, effective learning can only take place within […]

Destructive Leadership in HRM

Critical Learning Points The article by Birgit Schyns and Jan Schilling (2012) offers an analysis of the phenomenon of destructive leadership along with its possible consequences. The following points from the article appear to be important to me. Destructive leadership is described as “a process in which over a longer period of time the activities, […]