Reflective Essay Examples

Insurance and Negligence

What is negligence According to insurance policy, negligence is defined as any instance that on the part of the policy holder’s that could be blamed for the incidence that occurred, when there is negligent, then the incident was not merely from an accident, but some reluctance, ignorance or anything or such manner can be proved […]

Texas Concealed Weapons

Introduction As of 12 March, 2010, about 48 states in the United States permitted non-law enforcement individuals to carry concealed weapons such as handguns in public. However, no such legal provisions are allowed in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Washington, DC except for active and retired police officers. Accordingly, those supporting the state concealed carry legislations (CCW) […]

Loyalty Questions

Introduction It is a hard thing to pledge loyalty to a country that is not your own; that is, a country that is not your ancestral or original homeland. This becomes evident with a situation whereby one is required to defend a country in which he/she has acquired citizenship either through birth, registration or neutrality […]

A Play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell

Written by Susan Glaspell, Trifles is a play, based on a true occurrence in Iowa. The author focuses on the development of the both the minor and major characters. Through the development of the characters, Glaspell vividly describes their stereotypes. In Glaspell’s play, Minnie Wright exhibits the role of a round character. During her youth […]

The Cultivation Effects on the Watching Television

Introduction Cultivation effect refers to “the negative effects that watching television has on attitudes of both its heavy and light viewers” (Chandler, 1995). People have come up with many theories to explain the implication behind cultivation effects of television. From his article, CultivationTheory, Gerbner argues that viewers of television tend to cultivate attitudes that exhibit […]

The Importance of Action Research

Introduction Professional development and action research are both very significant in the teaching profession. Worthwhile and effective professional developments are always being sought by principles, supervisors and even specialists. In order to improve their service delivery, teachers are usually prompted to attend in-service meetings, conferences and even workshops. Some of these activities are usually frustrating […]

What is Critical Thinking and How is it Important in Our Lives?

Everyone has an inherent ability to think but only a few engage in critical thinking. So then, what is critical thinking in particular and how is it important in our lives. Scholars describe critical thinking as ‘thinking within thinking’ to seek for clarity, accuracy, consistency, good reasons for or against, depth, relevance, and fairness among […]

Insights on Green Automotive Development

Introduction Basing judgment on affordability and availability of the EVs, the tax incentives and exemptions offered by some government agencies to purchasers due to the high initial costs seems to be an unsustainable venture in emerging economies. There are several options available that mitigates the high initial cost. Some government agencies have facilities that offer […]

Moral and Ethical Issues and the Foundation of Special Education

The disability topic has always elicited a lot of debate whenever it is mentioned .Throughout the history of humanity, there have been conflicting viewpoints concerning disability. The difference in perspectives depends entirely on the available policies about people with special needs together with the level of awareness in the society. The term disability is very […]

New York: “The Symbolic City of Symbolic Statements and the Everyday City of Necessities”

“The City and The Pillars” by Adam Gopnik was written after the 11th September terrorist attack on The World Trade Center. It is a description of the New York after the catastrophe. A motionless and descriptive narration about the city and aftermath of the events express fear and anxiety that captured it peoples’ minds and […]

Unethical Organizations

Introduction The nature of business and how companies conduct their business today has created a potential for organizational members to engage in unethical conduct or behavior. Unethical behavior is defined as the harmful effect that one’s behavior has on other people. This harmful effect can be either illegal or morally unacceptable by the organization or […]

Managing Conflict in Organizations

Introduction In an organization, occurrence of conflicts between workers or between workers and the management is inevitable, because of the diverse nature of worker’s personalities, values, needs, aspirations, and opinions. Although most individuals may associate conflicts with negative effects, if well handled conflicts can help to expose and solve the numerous underlying managerial problems within […]

Cultural Diversity: Successful and Failure Experience

Introduction Cultural diversity entails the experiences and characteristics of different people within an organization. It includes the whole spectrum of human beings including ethnicity, race, age, gender, disability, religion and the sexual orientation. Most importantly, the focus of cultural diversity ought to be on individual work style, communication technique, role, level of performance and economic […]

Who is a Latino Woman?

Introduction “Strength of a woman” was earlier on sung by the musician Shaggy, and is one important characteristic of the Latino women that cannot be underestimated. Although the term ‘strength of a woman’ is relative to situations, Latino women are one society that arguably has all the characteristics that is reflective of all aspects of […]

Advocating for Biracial Adoption

Introduction Adoption of children who have biological parents that are of different races should be encouraged and advocated for. The American National census states that almost three percent of the US population states their race as bi-racial and almost two percent of marriages are bi-racial. Biracial children have suffered the identity crisis throughout history as […]

The Rich and the Rest

The issue of poverty is a never ending topic of discussion all over the world. This is even true in a supposedly rich country like the United States of America. This is my observation as I scan the daily newspapers, watch the six o’clock news and listen to my neighbors when they have nothing else […]

Social mobility and status attainment in American society

Introduction Studies pertaining to social mobility have concentrated on movement of individuals from one social class to another. The research is hence embraced in terms of processes in which mobility fluctuates upwards and downwards, thereby incorporating short and long distance mobility throughout the class structure. In addition to this, social mobility incorporates inter-generational mobility, which […]

Tora! Tora! Tora!

In 1939 Hitler and the Nazis decided to conquer the whole of Europe. A short while later they secured an alliance with Japan. The Japanese Imperial army were aware that the significant U.S. military presence in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii is something that gave them a great deal of insecurity and they had to eliminate this […]

Action Reading CDs

Introduction Learning a new language is arguably one of the most difficult tasks and different aids are usually developed to enable people to learn languages in an interesting and easier way as compared to the traditional conventional methods (Baby Centre, 2011). Action reading is one of the applications that are interesting and easy to use […]

Religious Organizations in US

The federal government in the United States like many other governments in the world separates the state and religion as well as secular organizations. However, these organizations opinions are usually put in to consideration when the government or the state is settling down on some sensitive issues. In most cases, the secular organizations opinions differ […]

The Business of Being Born

Introduction The movie called the “Business of Being Born” explores the debate about “midwives, home births, and hospital births in America” (Tracy, 2008). The movie generally favor the argument that in cases of normal births without complications, midwives can conduct home deliveries and this is seen to be better as compared to hospital births that […]

Virgin Brand as Example of Total Customer Experience

Customer experience is a business term that refers to the way companies, organizations or any business entity offers their services to their clients aiming at maintaining customer loyalty to their brands. Businesses go an extra mile beyond their sale of services to make sure that the customers feel cared for, appreciated and important. They give […]

Rhetorical situations in the Experiences and Goals Letter

Communication skills are one of the most important skills in the work place since it defines a person’s character more than anything else does. Any form of communication especially the written one should be clear enough to be understood by any relevant person irrespective of their level of education. It is important for an individual […]

Television Advancements

Introduction Television is currently one of the most popularly used modes of electronic form of communication. It entails the transmission of both sound and light, enabling visualization of the information being communicated. This technology has developed over time to currently offer both life and recorded transmissions. Television is currently used for purposes like information as […]

Change of death attitude from traditional to modern way

Death is part of life; it is inevitable. The perception held by modern societies differs from traditional one. Attitude toward death differs among cultures. Culture is dynamic; people’s views, attitude and belief change with time. People’s culture determines their attitude towards social and natural occurrences. Traditionally, death was seen as end of life of the […]

Shaping Your Identity

Thesis There can be very little doubt as to the fact that experiences do play rather important role in defying the essence of one’s identity and also in how a particular individual perceives such an identity. Nevertheless, the application of strictly environmentalist approach to dealing with identity-related discourses cannot be considered fully appropriate. In this […]

Ethnography Reflection

Since Ethnography is a broad area of study, a lot of data collection is involved. The various ways of data collection in ethnography are through interviews, observation and questionnaires. Ethnography mainly aims at describing, in written form, those things being studied (Heider 20). In the book ‘Mad Dogs, Englishmen, and the Errant Anthropologist (fieldwork in […]

Stone Butch Blues

Introduction Issues of gender and sexuality have become such debated topics over the generations. In the book Stone Butch Blues, Leslie Feinberg engages in the discussion about gays, lesbians, transgenders, and heterosexuals. Leslie examines the challenges facing them such as harassment from the police, religious discrimination of lesbians and gays, harassment at workplaces which at […]

Psychoactive Drug Testing on Animals

Theories have been suggested towards the psychotic like traits in animals that have been subjected to psychoactive drugs. The proposed theories were accompanied by research experiments to evaluate the effects of psychoactive drug testing in animals. Psycho active drugs refers to drugs that have a significant effect on the behavioral characteristics of animals; both human […]

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Introduction For along time now, drug and alcohol abuse in the society has been a problem that affects the youth and the society at large. The youth in the society get engaged in abusing substances that they feel all help them forget their problems. This paper highlights the problems of drug abuse and alcohol drinking […]

Betting on God’s Existence

Many people have been trying to establish the possibility of God’s existence. Theism argues that God is indeed there in our lives, while atheism claims that the concept of God’s existence is false. Belief in God depends on rational argument or a balanced idea supported by knowledgeable discussion. However, placing money on theism is not […]

Creating a Theoretical Framework for the Teacher’s Philosophy of Education

The philosophical doctrines have always had a significant impact on educators’ views of their mission and the methods for achieving their goals. The debates concerning the primary purpose and content of education programs resulted in emergence of diverse educational philosophies. The blend of various historical educational philosophies and the compromise between the teacher-centered and student-centered […]

Stone Butch Blues (1993)

Stone Butch Blues is a novel authored by Leslie Feinberg that presents the day-to-day struggles of a transgendered individual by bringing to light the practices through which sexual and gendered identities are culturally generated and imposed in an orderly manner. At first glance, the novel appears to be a fictitious narrative about a lesbian by […]

Personal High School Experience

Education plays an important role in every individual’s life and the whole nation’s destiny. For this reason, the emphasis should be put on the content of the national education programs, having a significant impact on the consciousness of the growing generation. However, there is much space for improvement in contemporary education systems inducing students to […]

Infantile sexuality

Thumb-sucking (sensual sucking) in children as a sexual expression Freud’s second presumption on sexuality provides exhaustive information on why human beings must consider sexuality during the upbringing stage. I have realized the essence of educating children about their sexuality during their tender years. This circumstance is possible when the child begins to attend school. It […]

Oedipus the King

Introduction Over the years, there has been a raging debate on who really caused the downfall and subsequent destruction of King Oedipus. Some scholars believe that Oedipus’ pride and arrogance brought his destruction while on the other hand others claim that Jocasta was responsible for destroying everyone and everything. Despite the different approaches taken by […]