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A Dystopian State: Astutopia Reflective Essay

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Updated: Jun 8th, 2019

Astutopia is the name of the aspired New World Order. This world aims to end global warming marked by overpopulation, which has gradually depleted the environment and associated resources. The guiding symbol is shown below; this symbol represents the land envisioned by the ruling government. This land can only be attained if everyone works hard to support the cause.


The New World Order aims at reducing the current population by half, and thereafter, it ensures balance is maintained by conducting IQ tests once in every 10 years to get rid of less smart people. The IQ tests evaluate the smartness of individuals using transmitters that are connected to the brain, and smartness is assessed based on three strikes: economic, logic and efficiency. Failure in either one of the strikes is an indicator of stupidity.

The number of newborns each year is closely monitored by the government. This New World Order ensures that the little resources left can be salvaged and used to restore the environment. It also dictates that members of one district should not interact with members of another district to prevent a revolution.

Ministry of Plenty

The have-nots (not smart people) work tirelessly in accordance with the objectives of the haves (very smart). Upon completion of assigned work to the satisfaction of the haves, the have-nots are given some money, just enough to meet their basic need for food and hoping for a better future.

This hope is enough to keep them working for the good of the aristocrats. Education and hospital needs are received by only those people who show their identification cards that are issued by the smart. The parent of any child spotted without the card is thrown into the dungeons of death.

The dungeons of death are mining valleys where anyone violating the law works for the rest of his or her life until he or she dies. People in the dungeons are provided with water, and the heavy work here is intended to slowly suck all the energy from their bodies until they die. There is no communication with one another, and any slight sluggishness is met with several lashes.

Ministry of truth

The dungeon of death acts as a consistent reminder of the consequences of violating any one of the teachings approved by the Ministry. The Ministry develops teachings and doctrines in favor of the ruling government, and all institutions act as propagation media. The education system reinforces the essence of the dungeons, and the aim is to instill fear within the children so they can adhere to laid down teachings and doctrines. Teachers help in the selection of very smart persons, and the birth of smart people is controlled using tubes and the IQ tests. Individuals who pass the IQ tests are allowed to give birth while those who fail work in the mines or other menial jobs like farming and cleaning.

Ministry of Love

Anyone who tries to disagree with the objectives of the ruling class will be instantly killed while his or her relatives will be thrown into the dungeons of death.


Stability of governance will be reinforced using surveillance cameras that will be installed in all prohibited areas, for example, at the boundaries of districts. In addition, each district will be fitted with security lights having these surveillance cameras to monitor the conduct of people (NightWatcher).

These people will be warned of the existing cameras to make them aware that they are being watched; thus, avoid doing wrong. The government will also explain that it does not intend to punish anyone; hence, the reason for creating awareness. Aerial surveillance teams will also survey each district at predetermined times to monitor ongoing activities. Aircrafts will be installed with cameras capable of capturing an area of 36 square miles (Timberg). This technology is meant to caution citizens so they can avoid trouble.


Astutopia was born in 2050 after the land fell into a state of deprivation; there was no water, food, fuel and land due to overpopulation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. It was important to salvage the little left; hence, the testing began. Screening was done in all districts by the elite group.

People were ranked in the order of most productive to least productive. All the people falling in the lower quarters of the list were thrown into the dungeons of death until the desired number of people remained. All departments of internal security worked collectively to ensure that no endorsed law was violated.

Using the surveillance system explained above, it will be easier to note the slightest of violations, thus ensure prompt action. The registry of persons continues to ensure that the balance in population numbers is well maintained to avoid overpopulation. The divide and rule method is used to confine people in their particular districts and avoid assembling of persons that could lead to the downfall of this Astutopia.

Own Position

This is a very daunting task because it does not line with my humane character. I was earnestly and fervidly involved in developing the concept of Astutopia, and I even played a greater part coming up with the consequences of aversion. Initially, it seemed a very interesting challenge, but upon narrowing down to the actual details of Astutopia, I felt the humanity in me being threatened. Every person played a role based on ability, but generally, everyone played an essential role to finishing the entire project.

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