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Constituting a New Sales Team Reflective Essay

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Updated: Jul 9th, 2019

As InterClean merged with EnviroTech, we identified various criteria that served our efforts to formulate the best team to carry the firm forward in the areas identified as priorities by CEO David Spencer. Among these we used Competency Profiling, Critical Incident Technique, Threshold Traits Analysis, Position Analysis Questionnaire and the Common Metric Questionnaire (Job Ananlysis Methods).

In using these methods with the assistance of Janet Durham and Carol Stanley, our aim was to come up with the most dynamic team that is able to propel InterClean into a prosperous future. The evaluation yielded some interesting results that brought out the best of both companies.

We have now shortlisted three candidates from each firm who both showed great aptitude in the areas under consideration. The hard skills we considered were; sales history, client retention and conformity with previous sales objectives. The soft skills we considered were; readiness to embrace the new sales requirements, professional attitude in handling clients and understanding of the sales scenario in the expanded firm (Frost).

As such, we sought two team leaders/co-ordinators that will spearhead the team assimilation process. These two were identified as the older sales reps that have considerable experience and readiness to adapt to the new strategic requirements as stated by CEO David Spencer. We also sought three dynamic individuals who will handle demonstrations of new products that are the result of the merger.

They will take the responsibility of keeping a watch on their team-mates and helping them understand the demands of the new roles while educating them on the new products. Lastly, we sought one multi-faceted individual who is ready to take on the role of a dynamic moderator ready to link the sales team with new external clients who are now part of the customers we will be seeking.

In this way we will be able to cover all fronts with an internally strong and externally dynamic sales team. This brings to a total of 6 the number of sales reps we will require. Consequently, we came up with a score-card compendium of the above factors that enabled the following individuals to secure a place in the new dispensation. Employee 1 had the best score, ranking high in the areas of sales returns, experience and client handling.

Employee 2 scored as much as Employee 1 but has to improve his understanding of the transition. Employee 3 impressed us by her deep understanding of the new business situation and readiness to take up the role of moderator. Employees 4, 5 and 6 all displayed a deep product knowledge that extends into both InterClean and EnviroTech.

The new sales department will handle both the old functions and some new one; these include prospecting for new clients within assigned sectors, seeking prospects and conducting follow-ups to pursue sales opportunities, Maintaining close association with previous clients and visiting clients to conduct demonstrations and after sales services since we now have this in our product mix.

Our workforce planning system that is to be disseminated to the new sales reps covers the following areas; a detailed description of where the department should be in the next 3 to 5 years, broken down into quarterly targets and a list of objectives for individual members to assimilate once they take up their posts. This workforce plan was submitted to the HR department for review and was accepted.

Thanks to them we already have a seamless plan that will facilitate the combination of several functions. Our intention is to proceed with the post-selection phase in the coming week as soon as this report is approved. We plan to induct the team-leaders into their new roles.

Then we will target sensitize the moderator on her job requirements and lastly, we will settle the product specialists, who will then proceed with the product knowledge work immediately. The whole process should take no more than a week. Eric Borden, Ving Hsu, and Terry Garcia will be handling the training details. All team-members will be brought up to speed with their roles and expectations.

They shall then take up their duties immediately since they already have an inkling of what their jobs involve. We suggest that the best among them be placed on a clear and progressive career path that may result in them becoming sales managers or executives in other departments if their qualifications suffice.

To develop them, regular training workshops will be conducted under the guidance of Carol Stanley who is quite experienced in transition management. Since the new sales reps will be handling a much wider mandate, we came to the conclusion that their payments must be commensurately improved. A 33% increase in basic salary and a 15% commission on sales will be realistic.

The goals for the new team will include; informing old clients of the new goods and services that InterClean has to offer so as to deepen business opportunities with them; meeting the departmental sales target as defined by the new product opportunities and applying their previous knowledge to push the company forward.

We therefore call upon all of you to actively intervene and assist us in completing this process as soon as possible. As pointed out by Tom Jennings we need to be very sensitive with this information. All current sales reps have an equal opportunity to get a place in a future expanded sales team and there is no cause for alarm, please pass this message on, thank you.

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