Analytical Essay Examples

GCGDA’s Project Management

Introduction Project management plays a foreground role in the utilization of organizational resources and achievement of the organizational goals. Project management inculcates processes, activities, systems, structures and people in the organization. It determines how the interplay between the mentioned factors contributes to the success of this organization (O’Connell 1994). This study highlights the various issues […]

Facebook Company

Introduction Facebook Corporation was established by the current chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. In its inception days, the Facebook Corporation membership was limited to Harvard students though it was later expanded to other institutions in the city of Boston (Veer, 2011, p.271). The company operates as a social networking site connecting users with […]

The Rise of the Papacy

The church in Rome was just one of the many churches that were all over the Roman Empire. In 70 AD, however, the destruction of Jerusalem by the army of Titus meant that Rome was the new political as well as cultural capital of the empire. Since many roads led to Rome and many people […]

Business Ousourcing Strategy

Executive Summary Business enterprises, both profit, and non-profit organisation have adopted outsourcing as a viable way of increasing effectiveness and efficiency. To assess the factors leading to outsourcing, this study delves into the outsourcing strategy used by the University of Wisconsin (UW), as well as the challenges they face in the implementation process. As such, […]

Regional Trade Agreement

Concept of Regional Integration The term “regional integration” is not easy to define, but attempts to understand it have been made for years. In general terms, regional integration refers to the ‘unification of nation states into a larger whole’ (Viner 1). It has been commonly described as a process that entails a country’s will to […]

Value of Eclectic Paradigm in Relation to International Business

Introduction Eclectic paradigm is a theory used in the field of business economics. It is also referred to as OLI-Framework or OLI-Model, and has been related to international business through the advantages it possesses, which benefit multinational corporations. It is describes an improvement of Dunning theory of internalization that was based on transaction cost theory. […]

Analysis of UK Economy

Introduction England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland all make up the United Kingdom (UK).The UK has a long and rich history in international affairs (Office for National Statistics 2011). In addition, it plays a vital role in the UN, NATO, and the EU. The Stonehenge people are believed to have been the earliest occupants of […]

Saudi Dairy & Foodstuff Company Supply Chain Management

Introduction The purpose of this report is to recommend a selected company “Saudi Dairy & Foodstuff Company (SADAFCO)” to develop supply chain considering collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment (CPFR), green supply chain, vendor managed inventory (VMI), free zones in the UAE, disaster management using supply chain, cold chain logistics, third party logistics, cloud computing applications […]

Ford Automobile Strategic Business Model

Introduction A business model refers to a company’s plan in respect of how it projects to profit from its operations currently and in the future. Therefore, a business model entails a unique procedure of determining the fundamental elements necessary for achieving the strategic business goals (Chesbrough, 2007). In essence, a business model encompasses all the […]

Heineken: A Company and a Brand

Introduction Marketing involves many areas that include selling, advertising, packaging, transporting, marketing research and much more. A business organization must sell products to survive and to grow. The marketing concept states that an organization should try to provide products that satisfy customers’ needs through a coordinated set of activities. The major aim of the marketing […]

Social Media Marketing

Introduction The continued advancements in the information communication technology have opened up new avenues through which marketers can perform their roles. The social media platform, for instance, has been embraced fully by virtually all business entities as they seek to reap maximum benefits from its high interaction potential, and general cost saving. This paper picks […]

Reducing Violent Street Gangs and Delinquent Activity in a Cost-Effective Manner

Introduction The expansion of youth gang and crime problem supports the intention to analyze the phenomenon and to devise the effective and sustainable intervention protocols. The problem of urban gang and gang affair has been documented in various studies, surveys and reports des. A wide range of studies have provided substantial volume of knowledge applicable […]

Motion to Suppress Evidence

Introduction In common law judicial system adopted by the United States of America (USA), the move to suppress evidence is a common practice among legal practitioners. The move takes a number of courses. In most cases, the motion entails the use of a written request before a judge in whose court the case is under […]

The Strategic Management Of Sport Organizations

A sport organization, like any other one, needs efficient management that is based on the latest principles and is aligned with the key theses of a specific theory. In addition, it is essential to keep in mind that, due to the recent technological breakthrough, as well as the new health concerns stemming from environmental, economical […]

The impact of studying abroad on graduate employability

Introduction The United Kingdom’s government policies promote the development of higher education. The government advocates for the increment of the catchment population for higher education and growth of proportions of labour market entrants with degrees. Government policies may lead to the increase in the supply of graduate labour. The media and society in the UK […]

Plato’s thoughts about education

The modern governing system is a complex network of political parties, and the work of such parties involves moving towards the administration and order in the country. Very often, there are inequalities in the rulings of the governments and social divisions. The battle between different classes in society, democracy, human rights and the type of […]

Sexism in the English Language

The gender inequality is one of the most discussed topics in the sociological discourse, but this idea is also related to the linguistic discourse because the gender relations are reflected in languages. Thus, Piercey states that the gender relations in the English language are based on the “masculine-feminine dichotomy that arises in the vocabulary” (Piercey, […]

Methamphetamine Abuse and Foster Placement

Abuse of methamphetamine by pregnant women is a significant cause of concern among health practitioners due to the effects of prenatal and postnatal exposure of children to the drug. Scientific research on the impact of prenatal methamphetamine exposure illustrates the adverse effects of the drug on the gestational age and birth weight. Children of methamphetamine […]

Planning Law and Governance

Why Do We Plan There are myriad range of reasons why planning should be exercised in the society. The reasons can range from protection of public interest, regulation of private development to facilitation of public and private development in the society. There is a general agreement that planning is the best tool that a society […]

Australian Education Policy

As it would be observed, the Australian education policy has witnessed robust reforms over the last few decades. Australian school leaders and policymakers in the sector have not been lucky to escape the impacts of social and economic globalization which has continued to pose new opportunities as well as challenges in almost all segments of […]

International Financial Reporting Standards in Kazakhstan

Introduction Global literature on accounting supplies evidence of the economic implications of accounting quality such as costs of capital (Leuz & Verrecchia 2000) as well as international capital mobility (Guenther & Young 2002). According to Land and Lang, the quality of accounting systems has improved significantly throughout the world since the 1990’s (2002). This improvement […]

TNT Company’s Marketing Management and Strategy

Marketing strategy TNT, which is a global market leader in providing business-to-business express delivery services through air or road, serves more than 200 countries globally (The time 100, (a) 2011). To fulfil the company’s mission, there needs to be marketing management and strategy where marketing strategy is well planned and managed. This proposal therefore seeks […]

Buyer Behavior and Integrated Marketing Communications

Introduction Buyer behavior refers to characteristics exhibited by consumers when making the decision to purchase an item. It examines the reasons behind decision making on the side of customers on when and where to buy a product. It puts into consideration, factors such as demographic and psychological factors that affect the decision of the buyer […]

Organizations and Economic Environment

Introduction The continuous increase in real gross domestic product is what is called real economic growth. Economic growth can originate from efficient production levels or from inefficient production levels. Economic growth can happen with decrease, increase or without any change in the price level. There are various factors that are associated with economic growth and […]

Labour Regulation in The Clean Air Act

Introduction A law regarding labor finds its approval from the state legislature or congress. At the local level, this law is usually termed as an ordinance. Such laws are either based on the chronological facts relating to period passed or according to topic. This paper serves to explain the more on the Clean Air Act […]

Multinational Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Introduction Multinational enterprises (MNEs) from the TRIAD have dominated business on the international stage for decades with roughly 70% of world trade conducted by MNEs and their affiliates (The economy: Economic structure, 2006: 29 – 31). MNEs from the TRIAD have had to come up with innovative ways of working with companies from emerging economies […]

Organizational Behaviour Concepts

Introduction The main or major purpose of this research is to help students determine various concepts relating to organizational behavior in the leadership field. In addition, it will help them develop and extend their ability to critically apply the concepts gained so far in real-life situations, especially when they work in different work places. It […]

Germany Economic Situation

Introduction Introduction to Germany Overview Germany is located in Europe and it is considered one of the most prosperous nations in this part of the world. It is a federal parliamentary republic that is made up of 16 semi- autonomous states (Fulbrook 23). The capital city of the nation which also serves as the political, […]

London Airports Operations

Introduction London is one of the most significant cities in the world. Very few cities can boast of a rich heritage such as London. The city is centuries old and has been the seat of the monarchy. London is a very important city, not just in Europe, but also in the world. It provides vital […]

Adolescent Sexuality and Sexual Health

Introduction Pregnancies among the adolescent is a norm among many societies in the world. According to a Neelofur-Khan (2007) approximately 14 million teenagers, aged 15-19 get pregnant each year. In the sub-Saharan Africa, more than half of the populations of women give birth before they attained the age of 20. The regional birth rate among […]

Culture and Innovations in Organisations

Introduction Organisational culture is a set of rules and priorities which help the company meet its mission and vision, complete tasks, satisfy customers’ needs, and create its image. Depending on the country the company performs into, the principles of the organisational culture may differ. The innovation in organisation change may vary because of the peculiarities […]

The 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Introduction The stay of mankind on planet earth has often witnessed moments of helplessness when natural disasters have stuck; thus, destroying many lives and disorienting mankind in the process. From our earliest ancestors to the modern man, we have not been safe from the anger of natural disasters. Ranging from volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and the […]

Trauma of Sexually Abused Children

Abstract Sexual abuse at an early age instills immense fear in children. In case of child sexual molestation, victims are normally extremely young to have the capacity to express themselves concerning the experience of sexual abuse. This explains why help in the form of medical and therapeutic interventions is delivered after the incident has taken […]

Environmental Issues for Managers: UK’s Current Strategy on Renewable Energy/Technologies

Current Strategy of the UK on Renewable Energy and Technologies The renewable energy strategy of the UK entails escalating the utilization of micro-generation and lessening energy wastage (The Stationery Office 2009). At present, strategy seeks to facilitate dissemination of renewable energy and heat technologies into the whole nation. This is an element to comply with […]

Impact of Learner-Centered Approach on the Teaching of Language for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Learning language for specific purposes implies active participation of learners in various learning stages. Language as a tool of expressing different meanings should act a direct means of communication among individuals. In this respect, the role of a teacher can be confined to several dimensions with regard to the purposes and approaches used while delivering […]

The Influence of Consumerism on 7-11 Years Children

The contemporary business environment is becoming very competitive, thanks to globalization and technological advancement. The increased competition is now forcing organizations to adopt powerful strategies in order to gain competitive advantage. It is for this reason that consumerism has gained popularity, with business enterprises investing heavily in promotion of their products in order to influence […]

Technologies, E-business and Virtual Organizations

Information Technology remains the key agent of change in the business world. IT has not only enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses but has also led to the creation of new business models and forms. E-business has emerged due to the impacts of IT on the business sector. The electronic economy has been marked […]

Impact of Technology on Healthcare Services

Introduction This is a position paper based on the given topic. It contains the author’s opinion on the impact of technology on healthcare services. The paper also discusses how technology has changed the education and labor requirements for the healthcare sector. Health care is among the sectors that lack sufficiency pertaining to adoption of technology […]

Ethical Decision Making Models in Guerrilla Government

This paper gives an account of various ethical issues that are affecting decision-making models by taking the case of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Seattle Regional Office. Ethical challenges emerge when workers face certain dilemmas when determining the proper action to pursue at an individual or organizational level. In this case, when EPA’s staff members […]

The Importance of Organisational Culture

There are three levels of organisational culture and these are listed as follows: artefacts; espoused beliefs and values; basic underlying assumptions (Schein, 2010, p.24). The term artefact referred to the visible aspect of culture such as the behaviour of the employees as well as the business process within the firm. Espoused beliefs and values on […]

General Motor Corporation in China

Executive Summary In modern changing business environment, companies need to have strategic policies to enable them remain competitive and profitable; they are affected by external and internal operating environments. Globalization and international trade has opened massive opportunities that companies can venture into; when operating in the global scenes, decisions and policies developed should be responsive […]

Family Therapy

The Bowenian therapy At first, it is possible to speak about the application of the Bowenian approach. This model is based on the assumption that a counselor should increase a client’s differentiation. In other words, this individual should be able to distinguish his/her own identity from the identities other family members (Ziegler, 20005, p. 80). […]

Organisational Sustainability

Introduction The past two decades have been characterised by an unprecedented rate of globalisation, technological developments, and competition, which have led to a remarkable revolution within and across organisations. Despite the changes arising from the macro environment, businesses have to maximise their level of profitability. This assertion highlights the need for organisations to develop sustainability, […]

Behavior Matters in Our Life

Behavior is an imperative attribute that defines how a person relates to others in the society. This is apparent since behavior is an action or reaction that individuals exhibit in response to external and internal stimuli. In most instances, negative or positive behavior can be instilled in a person through diverse actions of friends and […]

The Role of Leadership in Business and Its Advantages

Introduction Leadership is a critical ability that enables one to influence others in accomplishing an objective. In business, leadership entails strategic thinking in fulfilling a task to attain the objective of the organisation. Leadership skills play a crucial role in determining the performance as organisations operate in the market and compete against each other. Successful […]

Why Migration cannot be a Basic Human Right

Introduction Migration has always been a part of human culture and since prehistoric times, people have relocated from one geographical region to the other. This movement is often encouraged by the desire to seek better opportunities or to escape from undesirable conditions in one’s native region. Migration has gained significant importance in the 21st century […]

The Effects of the American Correctional Policy

Evidence-Based Correction: Definition and Significance Before going any further, it is necessary to introduce the phenomenon of evidence-based correction. Evidence-based correction is defined as a system in which “data, not mere opinions […] play the central role in guiding allegiance to any given correctional theory” (MacKenzie, 2012, p. 1). In a nutshell, the phenomenon of […]

Trends in the Workplace

HR Functions that will be Affected by the MRP System From a critical point of view, there are several human resource (HR) functions that will be affected by the incorporation and the implementation of this system. First, I predict that this system will affect the transactional functions of the HR department. Transactional activities include the […]

Epistemological Nature of the Knowledge and Skills Needed for Real Estate Management

Real estate management involves the operational control and responsibility bestowed in an organization or an individual person over some given assets. A real estate manager needs to apply science, pseudoscience and ideology of the day to day operations so as to achieve their desired goals. Successful real estate managers require epistemological knowledge relevant to the […]

The ethical issues of Genetic Engineering

Introduction Genetic engineering is a scientific achievement that has led to the development of new ethical issues. Genetic engineering has been a subject of controversy because a lot of people are not comfortable with the technology. The ethical issues are more evident when it comes to cases of genetic engineering on the human tissue. Historically, […]

Management of human resources

Introduction Sound recruitment and selection systems are more important than reward systems. The presence of qualified staff in business enterprises has a lot of benefits, with regard to increasing market share and growth, as well as maximizing on profits by organizations. Innovation is a key factor to success for any businesses. It is essential that […]

Importance of Gifted Education

Gifted education has helped educators to improve learning in their schools, especially among the gifted students. Students in regular classes have also benefited from gifted education. The success of gifted education is attributed to the use of modern teaching methods that have been developed in the last few years. Some of the teaching methods used […]

The Libor Scandal

Abstract London Interbank Offered rate (‘Libor’) scandal occurred when banks were fraudulently increasing or lowering the interest rates so that they gain from trade or give an impression that their entities are performing better and are credit worthy (Miller-Jones, 2012). ‘Libor’ is calculated on a daily basis by the British Bankers’ Association. ‘Libor’ was introduced […]

Separation between girls and boys in the classroom

Introduction Sex separation is becoming a common practice in most learning institutions globally. The practice is widespread generally in high schools as compared to primary schools. Indeed, separation of boys and girls is considered vital especially among teenagers since it holds the capacity of fostering moral values, sanity, and development of basic human principles. It […]

What is Social class and how does it contribute to our understanding of the social determinants of health?

Introduction Social class can be defined as a manifestation of structural inequality in the present day social system which creates different “classes” of individuals based on their economic status. This is commonly manifests as the following social classes: Upper Class This class within society is normally associated with individuals who have accumulated considerable amounts of […]

Piaget’s Quote in Relation to Adult Learning

Introduction This paper analyzes Piaget’s Theory of Learning in the context that the main purpose of learning is to produce persons with the ability to invent and not simply re-create what others have done. The paper also discusses the need for learning objectives and the controversy surrounding the same. Finally, it explores the usefulness of […]

Tanzania and the local communities

Even though the modern world has many advances and developments, there are still places that require help in social and personal lives of people. One of such places is Tanzania and the local communities. Implementation of social order has seen some positive results, but the vicious cycle of negativity still continues. The community that is […]

Job Analysis Importance

Job analysis refers to the process of gathering all the relevant information pertaining a given job specification. It involves evaluation of data on the overall job content and the required personal attributes necessary for the successful execution of such duties. Three Elements of Job Analysis Job analysis comprises of three major elements; sources of data, […]

Technology and Leadership

Introduction Instructional design is the usage of a methodical style to provide a solution to an instructional challenge. It starts with the identification of the challenges facing learners and then establishes whether an instructional method provides the most efficient solution (Wagner, 2011). Such solutions apply appropriate technology and theoretical approach to learning. This essay undertakes […]

Exegetical Study of Biblical Divorce

Introduction Most exegetical studies offer discussions on divorce, marriage, and other rights of passage. The passage is a complicated topic that contains thoughts and expressions that are hard to comprehend. The topic is a constant problem in real life and has other passages showing similar relationship. In fact, there are personal debates on marriage and […]

Kantian Perspective on Water Privatisation

Introduction In any situation, it is important to make a consideration for implementing the best ethical practices (Desjardins, 2006). This is according to various scholars who have made contributions to the study and discussed ethical issues. However, these literatures have been too general as no ethical theory was discussed in depth and its relevant applicable […]

Integrated Marketing Communication

Abstract The currently integrated marketing communication concepts have been developing over time. They have moved from the historical marketing approaches that focused on the 4Ps to the current interactive market-place IMC. The argument is that marketing itself and marketing communication concepts are developing. The development of the integrated marketing communication is illustrated through structural and […]

HRM Strategies Description

Introduction Human resources managers are continuously encountering heightening challenges in managing people while working as HR practitioners in multinational or transnational companies in the wake of globalisation. Srivastava and Agarwal (2012) assert that HR “managers are facing many changes in the present business scenario like globalisation workforce diversity, technological advances, and changes in political and […]

Is the sweatshop concept adopted by the U.S. manufactures overseas ethical?

Historical perspective Some organizations, especially those in areas exempted from the minimum wage laws and dominated by consistent denial of freedom to unionize workers, employees are often subjected to poor working conditions (risk, overcrowding, and poor ventilation) and low pay. In such organizations, child labor is also high (Blackburn, 2001). Currently, in the US, labor […]

Affirmative Action Policy

In the US, affirmative action is a term used in reference to equal opportunity policy, which national contractors and subcontractors are lawfully required to implement. This policy was put in place to thwart unfairness against workers or candidates for employment based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or nationality. Affirmative action’s immediate goals are to put […]

Assessment and Evaluation Using Technology

Assessment and evaluation of the students’ achievements in relation to learning definite materials and developing certain skills are necessary to demonstrate the changes in the students’ progress to influence their academic performance and motivation to achieve the higher results and to provide instructors with the information about the appropriateness and completion of the set goals […]

Managing values and corporate responsibility in global business operations

Introduction One of the major questions that most international organizations and corporations tend to ask is whether multinational corporations have moral duties to uphold ethical values and global corporate responsibility in their conduct, activities and daily decision-making processes. The recent disaster at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh where over a thousand workers died is an example […]

Employee Attitudes and Work-Related Behaviour: Ongoing Challenge for the Contemporary Manager

Introduction Job satisfaction refers to the general attitude of a worker in liking or disliking his job (Mitchell, 2011, p. 43). Researchers studying the concept of job satisfaction include employee attitude as an important component. It may be difficult to explain what job satisfaction implies without considering employee attitude. As Saari and Judge (2004, p. […]

Impact of Global Warming on Wine Makers

Introduction Global warming is one of the most important issues affecting the world today. Most of the world’s climatologists agree that the planet is warming and will continue to do so as more greenhouse gasses are emitted into the atmosphere. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) declares that while global warming has been happening […]

Google Does No Evil

Introduction There is an overtly politicization of Google and its functions. Google and its search engine have absolutely changed people’s way of thinking. Google’s search engine has enabled efficiency and immediacy of everything. Whether it is a difficult word, a research topic, a difficult subject, a social or emotional issue, Google’s search engine has answers […]

The emergence of a discourse of class disgust and neoliberal citizenship

Neoliberal citizenship, political and social abjection The artistic control and manipulation of media have contributed immensely to continued discrimination of the undervalued in society (Hindess, 2010). Throughout the considered neoliberal states, resistances at all times emerge at the levels of social abjections. Considering the radical potentials of the abject together with limitations, there should be […]

Effective Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation in relation to receiving the information about students’ academic performance and successes in completing the learning goals and objectives are important to provide the instructor’s with the information and students with opportunities for reflection. As a result, more effective methods for assessing and evaluating students’ performance are discussed with references to the […]

Content Analysis of Gender Roles in Media

Gender roles change from one generation to another as society gradually realizes the essence of the roles that men and women play in various aspects of life. While men access unlimited privileges in society, women grapple with limited privileges, which have defined their roles in the society. The disparity in the roles of men and […]

Studying Abroad as a Chance to Employed

Abstract Study abroad graduates have twice the chance of getting employed. About 97% of them gain employment in their first year of graduation. Their initial salary figure is 25% more than study home graduates. Employers prefer study abroad graduates because of their perceived high interactivity developed from their interaction abroad. It prepares them adequately for […]

Education, Knowledge, and Social Change

According to Ball and Youdell (2009), there is a hidden privatisation in public education. The authors say that “international agencies and national governments have hidden education agendas to privatise public education”. In some cases, privatisation is quite explicit in educational policies while in other cases, it is hidden. Privatisation is pursued as a solution to […]

Challenges of Millenial Generation

Introduction In an organization, employees experience a number of challenges that relate to their level of motivation and performance. These challenges include poor working relationships between junior and senior staff, deprived working conditions, meager salaries and wages, as well as different needs of employees. These challenges result in poor performance as employees fail to meet […]

Project management case study

In modern organizations, operations that are project-based have become key pillars in achieving specific organizational goals. The need to understand and differentiate the meaning of a project based on either education or business has led to several scholars coming up with diverse definitions. Mahaney and Lederer (2011) define the term project as a scheme, program […]

The Key to Understanding Political Development

Introduction The phrase ‘political development’ lacks a universal form of definition due to its versatility in terms of the elements that it encompasses. In essence, political development comprises institutional changes in a society’s system of governance, society’s attitude towards such changes, and the political culture of a country or state. Other elements that aid in […]

Causes of Gasoline Price Fluctuations

Introduction Over the past decade, there have been continued fluctuations in oil and gasoline prices globally. These price fluctuations have been facilitated by the increase or decrease of crude oil prices in the international market. The price fluctuations of oil and gasoline have had profound effects on many economies and businesses across the world. It […]

The 2008 Financial Crisis

The housing and monetary policies are the key causes of the 2008 economic crisis. Two main mortgage firms, the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Corporation eased the credit requirements on loans it purchased from lending institutions. In September 2008, the two giant mortgage companies faced the danger of bankruptcy as they had guaranteed close to […]

Fashion of Lebanon

Introduction In the contemporary world, fashion and design has become a major aspect of global culture. Particularly, fashion has flourished in many parts of the world. This reflects change in terms of perspectives and perceptions that fashion in the previous decades elicited. Of particular interest is fashion industry in Middle East and other parts of […]

Domestic and Global Expansion

In many cases, businesses have to determine whether they should expand domestically or globally. This question is extremely relevant to growing companies that want to improve their financial performance and increase their share in new markets. This paper is aimed at discussing the advantages and disadvantages of global and domestic expansion. In this case, one […]

The Shift from Global to International Strategy

Introduction The change taking place in the world in terms of business processes makes firms transform towards universal mindset. This is because of the increase in the need for worldwide business. The demands caused by global operations, global customers, global resources, global products, and global cooperation. Transnational strategy demands for the reliance of contemporary technologies […]

Preparing a Case Analysis: SWOT

The firm will use a SWOT matrix to help it analyze its future growth plans in the industry. The SWOT matrix involves an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which a firm faces in the industry. It will help the firm identify all advantages and threats it faces in the industry. The first column […]

Analyzing the Findings of Falcons

Findings from the Physical Store Questionnaire Analysis Falcons can meet the time differences for both the public and the private sectors. However, it is imperative that Falcons should adjust the stores opening time and the closing time. Given that the public will arrive as early as 7.30 a.m., it would be prudent for the company […]