Exemplification Essay Examples

Fallacies—definitions and examples

Even though logic and reasoning can be relied on for clarity and truth, sometimes there are cases when they can be used in vein or to the advantage of someone’s interests. It is important to consider all possibilities, conditions and outcomes in order to reach a correct conclusion and recognize fallacies. One of the examples […]

Characteristics that Make a Successful Negotiator

Negotiation remains a critical element in leadership and management. The concept of negotiation has occupied the realms of leadership because it is the core for a formidable and plausible leader (Burt, Petcavage & Pinkerton, 2010). However, questions have arisen as to what constitutes a good negotiator. Therefore, the paper examines some of the basic features […]

Time Value of Money

Introduction According to Kuhlemeyer (2004), time value of money means that money at hand today is worth more than the same amount at a future date. It is the amount by which money will grow to in the future. In simpler terms, it is the net increase or decrease in the amount of money. He […]

Negative Health Impacts

There are myriads of negative health impacts that millions of people will continue to face as a consequence of climate change. The ill effects of global warming should be addressed with urgency. The earth’s climate is being affected by the disruptive human activities. It is indeed true that the emission of greenhouse gases has immensely […]

Vegetarianism and Health

Vegetarian diets have become a trend in the 21ST century. People from all over the world follow the lead of organic eating movement since no-meat nutrition is beneficial for human health. One should, however, note that this type of diet poses some substantial risks as well. First, the health problem in vegetarians often starts with […]

Target Behavior Discussion

The identification of practical and ethical considerations related to using a reversal design with a chosen target behavior is an important step that has to be taken. The design of a target behavior is necessary in order to comprehend how something is done for being eliminated or added in regards to a number of ordinary […]

English Language Learners

English language learners have a diverse range of needs that should be met by educators. This paper is aimed at examining the way in which my school supports these students as well as their parents. In particular, it is necessary to compare the current strategies against the best practices recommended by researchers. Overall, it is […]

Is Renewable Energy a Viable Option?

One of the most critical questions that majorities ask and the main hurdle to renewable energy is whether renewable energy can ever efficiently become a viable energy option relative to the traditional, ready available sources of energy. This question has become relevant as the world continues to face an ever-growing energy and environmental crises due […]

Choosing a Supplier/Contractor

Executive summary Many business organizations now prefer outsourcing most of their operations to contractors. This is normally done through the procurement department in what is known as supplier selection process (Monczka, handfield & Guinipero, 2010 p. 163). This decision making process involves choosing a supplier or a contractor who best suits to offer the underlying […]

Personal Development Plan: Effective Acculturation

Introduction Personal development entails diverse activities that aim at improving one’s awareness, talent, potential, identity, health, self-knowledge, and building one’s human capital. Additionally, personal development also contributes towards the realisation of an individual’s dreams and aspirations. Chambers, Schwartz, and Boath (2003) emphasise the importance of incorporating a personal development plan in one’s quest to continue […]

Virtual learning environment: Concord Consortium

While designing virtual learning environment, educators usually pay much attention to such a task as community building. In other words, they want to make students feel involved and connected to lesson activities. It is possible to adopt several strategies that can help teachers attain this goal. First of all, they can set certain behavior norms […]

Globalization and business IT: ECommerce models

Ecommerce models are integral when creating ecommerce solutions for various types of business that rely on online portals. The following models can be used to classify ecommerce Business – to – Consumer (B2C) Consumer – to – Business (C2B) Business – to – Business (B2B) Consumer – to- Consumer (C2C) However, this paper will explore […]

Understanding Race and Racism

The term homophobia refers to a set of negative feelings towards people who engage in same sex relationships (homosexuals and lesbians). In most cases, homophobic people are usually heterosexuals. Homophobia is expressed in various forms including hatred, prejudice and discrimination among others. The worst forms of homophobia are the stigmatization and isolation or exclusion of […]

Personality Formation

Introduction The process of personality development has been of interest to both psychologist and sociologist. Numerous theories have been suggested on the process and the manner in which personality is acquired. The traditional theorists argue that people are born with specific personality traits. As such, personality is inherent. This implies that people are born with […]

Feminist Movement: The National Organization for Women

There are many definitions for such phenomenon as a social movement. Many scholars define it differently. However, all of them agree that social movements lead to changes in societies. For instance, Chesters and Welsh (2010) point out that the social movement is always aimed at certain social changes. Johnston (2010) also shares this opinion. However, […]

Racial Profiling: Discrimination the People of Color

Racial profiling is a disproportionate law enforcement exercises targeting a given racial group for investigation (Parker par. 1). The entire process involves discriminating the people of color using private security practices in various sectors, such as government departments, police, and airline. Racial profiling occurs due to unconscious perceptions that the perpetrators hold towards the blacks. […]