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Advertisement and Networking Sites Exemplification Essay

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Updated: Jul 5th, 2019

Ways of advertising a new business venture in an e-commerce economy

Current business ventures have embraced advertising on the internet since it is the cost-effective way of attracting clients globally (Baron & Shane, 2008). As a result, different ways are used in reaching out to clients online.

Use of blogs

A business can circulate its data in the informational avenues put out in the World Wide Web. Therefore, the business pays the bloggers to advertise their services by provision of affiliate commercials.

In this case, the bloggers select programs providing links to the business products (Close, 2012). Alternatively, the bloggers are able to present the business with the prospect of buying a promotional space on their blogs.

In addition, a firm is able to contact a blogger to inscribe an examination for its products, services as well as its website in the blog.

Online classified ads

The business project is also capable of using short online publications to advertise their services. The classifieds encompass the collection of most business dealings ranging from selling, leases to employment prospects (Close, 2012). Online classifieds are user-friendly.

Further, they enable the users to sort out the services and goods offered by the business in terms of price as well as view the goods hence making the classified ads more convenient.

Through the classified commercials, the consumers are able to access the business listings whenever they need the firm’s services (Close, 2012).

Social media advertising

Just like the other online business ads, the uses of social network promotions are equally vital for business venture in market positioning. I

n this case, the business uses the social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Google+ in promoting its products online (Zarrella, 2009).

In fact, when a business pursues the use of social media in a devoted and a positive way, it is able to interact with its clients individually, put up relations and encourage trademark allegiance among its customers.

Social networking sites any new business should link to

Depending on its objectives and the target clients, a business must explore innovative platforms of promoting its services in order to reach its targeted users (Baron & Shane, 2008).

Social sites have offered new opportunities for business ventures to promote their products and services as well as reach their target users at reduced costs.


Currently, Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. Facebook allows the businesses to target messages using users’ profile information such as different age brackets, and their attention altitudes for example music (Close, 2012).

Studies show that people between the ages 21-24 are the biggest users of facebook at about 17%. In other words, Facebook contains information concentrating on the demographic as well as attention ranks of individuals.

Therefore, this mode of social network advertising is effective mostly for people within the age group of 21-24. In addition, it presents geographical targets which is ideal in cities (Zarrella, 2009).

LinkedIn commercials

Primarily, LinkedIn promotions target people with certain aptitudes and designations (Close, 2012). Therefore, it is considered a complex form of experts social networking since allows communication between professionals such as accountancy and legal services among others.

Due to the proficient information LinkedIn uses in its commercials, it is useful in adverts targeting the professionals (Zarrella, 2009).

Twitter advertising

Twitter is currently developing self-service commercial methods targeting users with interests in music and soccer among others as well as applications and web access on specific devices such as android.

In addition, the twitter ads target enthusiasts of the open and common twitter handlers (Zarrella, 2009). Twitter ads mostly target users within the age bracket of twenty-five and above. Therefore, a business targeting such age groups should embrace the use of twitter in advertising its operations.


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