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Networking Effect on Children’s Lives Essay

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Updated: Mar 31st, 2022

Technology is a concept that has experienced great revolution over the past years. This has grown to have a positive influence in most parts of the world. Interaction with technology has become the daily order for people across the world. Technology has contributed towards the establishment of various communication links across the globe.Children in contemporary society have adopted technology among their top priorities.

The contemporary world has thus seen the adoption of various technological aspects such as mobile phones, mobile texting software’s and other texting methods (Johanson par. 1). Teenagers have greatly invested their time and resources in these gadgets which they use to communicate with their friends (Stout par. 3). They have developed unique short languages that they use for texting. These languages are difficult to understand for those who are not accustomed.

In her article “Antisocial Networking” Hilary Stout definitely brings into context the various dimensions that networking has taken in children’s lives. She discusses the various ways in which networking has influenced children’s lives, and how they affect relationships with their friends. She compares the various changes that have taken place since the end of technology era of adults to the current era of teenagers. Teenagers greatly rely on networking to stay in touch with each other.

This way, they are able to text and talk with each other on various issues that seem relevant. Research shows that with the upgrade in technology there have been various changes in children’s livelihoods (Stout par. 6). There has been great transformation from the face to face interactions to online communication when children communicated without physical interaction. Play has become a rare concept in the lives of modern-day children, and meetings have become almost unacceptable.

They have become more oriented on sharing things on social media sites. As the negative aspects, Hilary Stout highlights the concepts of cyber bullying, and exchange of sexually oriented messages. This has increasingly influenced the children’s way of thinking, since they get involved in more negative cyber activities (Johanson par. 2). Through texting children have drifted apart from each other, and they thus do not offer emotional support to their friends. The article mainly propagates that children have greatly been affected in various ways due to networking.

Networking has brought up an increased need for emotional and physical connection between children. This affects the relationships that they have as they grow up. Their need to give comfort to their friends has become less effective since they rarely meet their friends face to face. Some researchers have also argued that technology brings teenagers together.

This is because they are in constant communication with each other through texts and social media, while other researchers believe that it greatly affects the reasoning level of teenagers. This is because they get influenced by the current trends in technology and some of them become antisocial (Stout par. 8). They become introverts and do not communicate with their friends in real life but only through social media. Teenagers have a relationship with technology that forms an important part of their lives in the 21st century.

Communication is one such aspect that technology has brought up in the current world society (Johanson par. 4). Most people rely on technology for communication. Teenagers have thus created an emotional link with their communication gadgets in particular mobile phones. This is because it breaks geographical barriers that one may meet when they want to meet with friends. Instead they are able to stay in touch every time no matter the distance.

They can make plans and discuss various issues without any difficulties by using means of communication such as Skype, face book, twitter and making video calls. This way they interact while seeing each other through video recording software. Stout thus presents this fact in her article by providing various concepts of discussion (Stout par. 10).

She brings into context Beth Cafferty’s view, who is a parent to a fifteen year old son. She says that “I actually think they’re closer because they’re more in contact with each other anything that comes to my mind, I’m going to text you right away”. This, according to the thesis, supports the integration of technology into the lives of teenagers.

In conclusion, social networking has greatly developed a sense of reliance on teenagers among themselves. They are within reachable distance since technology has reduced the physical barrier of communication (Stout par. 7). The article thus presents the fact that despite the negative effects that technology may have on teenagers, the positive effects are more applicable.

This has led to the acceptance of technology by modern-day society. Future technology will see improved gadgets used for communication thus making it a more effective area. This will later lead to an increased level of communication among teenagers. Future relationships will be more effective and more interactive because of technological advancements.

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