Critical Essay Examples

Critical Response

There has been a constant rise in the number of crimes committed in everyday life. With little or no attention paid to the possible causes of such crimes, the majority of people including those within the law enforcement authorities have become more careful in devising serious penalties. Provoked by the penalties set against different crimes, […]

Modern, Modernism, and Modernization

Modern, modernism, and modernization are the notions which may be easily defined in human mind, it means that one can understand what modern, modernism, and modernization mean, however, when it comes to formulation of the definition of the notions, people are unable to cover those with words. There are a lot of different ideas presented […]

Sourcing Sound and Image

Sound and image are the elements that often complete each other. When there is not enough of imagery, the acoustic elements add the atmosphere, and vice versa Sourcing Sound and Image is the project that perfected it. Making the visuals blend with the sounds in the background, it creates a fantastic cadence of imagery and […]

Managerial Skills

Introduction In a continuously changing organizational setting, it is no shock that the roles of top management have evolved. Per se this paper will cover three major elements. Firstly, the essay will determine the role played by the top manager as described by Katz and their importance and finally, whether an additional skill is appropriate […]

Argument Analysis on Barbara Jordan’s Watergate Speech

Argument Analysis The argument that is being analyzed is Barbara Jordan’s Watergate impeachment speech. Barbara Jordan grew up in Houston. She attended Boston University and obtained a degree in 1959. Just a short year after graduating, Barbara started working on presidential candidate John F. Kennedy’s campaign. Williams stated that this gave Jordan “a strong interest […]

Intercultural Communication in Context

Description and analysis of a nonverbal communication Martin and Nakayama define nonverbal communication as a type of communication that goes beyond speech (267). In their book, the authors reveal to the readers that there are two types of nonverbal communication. The first type consists of facial expressions (such as smiles and frowns among others), gestures […]

Renaissance Conflict in “Hamlet” – Reflection on Culture Essay

Introduction Shakespeare has been credited for being a renaissance writer and has continuously been referred to as an Elizabethan playwright. In most of his work, Shakespeare has included the act of Renaissance with ‘Hamlet’ being no exception. In ‘Hamlet’, Shakespeare has introduced renaissance to the readers mainly through the way Hamlet contemplates about death. Hamlet’s […]

Aviation Fire Risks and Safety

Introduction Aviation is an operation that entails travelling in space. Largely, aviation involves planes and either cargo or passenger planes. It is important to have a high level of safety in aviation because the occurrence of accidents could be highly disastrous as witnessed in several plane accidents. When looking at aviation risks, we find that, […]

Pay Motivating Employees

There are many ways to motivate employees to perform highly. Amongst the common approaches used to motivate employees perform well is financial incentive. It is the common belief of employers that high salaries and commissions motivate employees to perform highly. This theory has worked in some cases since pay increases have generated desirable outcomes such […]

Division of Labor and Capital Accumulation as Sources of the Wealth of Nations

Adam Smith believed that the wealth of nations was derived from their division of labor and accumulation of capital goods for the production of necessities. However, his arguments may not be congruent with the conditions and circumstances, which are in the twenty first century. Division of labor is the sub division of work into smaller […]

American History X

Films as any pieces of art always require their proper evaluation and interpretation according to definite principles of the critical analysis of works. To cope with the task effectively, it is necessary to concentrate on the difference between the main peculiarities of evaluation and interpretation. Moreover, it is also significant to determine the elements which […]

Reading the American Past, Volume II: From 1865: Selected Historical Document

The introduction: the fundamentals of the postwar period While analyzing the Lessons of World War II by Marshall, there is a need to highlight the fundamentals of the period. So, one is to keep in mind that the postwar period was characterized by successful reconstruction of the economies. It seems that representative institutions appearance was […]

August Wilson’s Fences

Discussion August Wilson’s Fences displays the struggle of African Americans to attain their ambitions. Wilson explained clearly how men in African-American struggled to be victorious in achieving their dreams. Literary scripts can contribute greatly as historical articles which express social actualities that are creatively displayed by the Wilson. Hence, literature may not be disconnected from […]

Marx’s Theory on Exploitation-Critical Analysis

Thesis Statement Many scholarly observations have been made by various scholars regarding macroeconomic exploitation and capitalism with regards to labor. Among such scholars is Karl Marx who, in spite of many criticisms, has been able to have an enormous impact on the world of economic with his theoretical assertions on various issues. However, in this […]

Twelve – Imam Shīʿism

Introduction Twelve – Imam Shīʿism is rated second among Muslim denominations, the followers are inspired by Prophet Mohammed who was among the twelve Imams in Shīʿism. Needless to say, Imams are considered the only authoritative interpreters of the Quran and Sunnah, (Jafri p161). In addition, it is believed that religious guidance is derived from the […]

“David” by Donatello

Donatello was an Italian sculptor from Florence who lived in the early renaissance period. He is famous for his relief sculpture works. One of such sculptures is “David” a sculpture he created based on the biblical story of David and Goliath. This fifteenth century artistic marvel has some surrounding controversy as to who commissioned it. […]

Philosophy of John Locke

Introduction Philosophy has often been found as the only subject that provides humanity with almost all the questions regarding life. Thousands of philosophical conjectures and theories have been postulated in a bid to shed some light on some of the complicated aspects of human life. Philosophers are among the most respected and celebrated members of […]

The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu

Thesis Statement The theme of multicultural is examined through the analysis of the Tale of Genji as well as the analysis of the theme through elaboration and analysis of four aspects from the tale. These aspects are the composition of the background, the physiological character, value and cultural aesthetic orientation. Background composition The Tale of […]

Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication

Critical Response (Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication) Cultural identity and diversity is a major source of conflicts the world over. Misunderstandings concerning different cultural beliefs and the culturally labeled stereotypes have formed barriers among communities preventing the building of a culturally integrated world community. Many studies have shown widespread cases of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia and homophobia […]

The Relationships of Working Memory, Secondary Memory, and General Fluid Intelligence: Working Memory Is Special

The article discusses the perceived link between working memory and fluid intelligence; according to the writer, both have similar approach of retrieving information from secondary memory. In the article the writer aims are investigating the robustness secondary memory in the ability to predict higher order cognition. To support/research the issue, the writer undertook a survey […]

The Idea of Love in The Great Gatsby and the Parallels or Contrasts that Can Be Drawn with the Presentation of Love in The Catcher in the Rye

Love is the feeling which may be expressed in many different ways. The understanding of love also differs and various people have different considerations about this feeling. The problems of love have been discussed by many authors and each of them tried to show something personal in that love, something unusual and different from what […]

Critical analysis on Does Cultural Capital Structure American Consumption

The work of Douglas B. Holt titled “Does Cultural Capital Structure American Consumption?” in the Journal of Consumer Research, Volume 25 (1), is meant to give an insight into the debate on the sociology of culture in regard to Pierre Bourdieu’s theory, which relates levels of cultural capital to consumption patterns, and its application on […]

An Overview of the Main Challenges Facing the European Union

Introduction Before the dawn of the Second World War, there existed some empires that were forged on compulsion through strong military rule. Such empires can be dated back to Roman and Greek empires. After the Second World War, the world, especially Europe, witnessed one of the greatest horror in human history that brought death, destructions […]

The Accidental Asian

Introduction Eric Liu, through a collection of seven memoirs and essays wrote the Accidental Asian. Having worked for former president, Bill Clinton, as a speechwriter, Liu narrates his personal and cultural identities through the book Accidental Asian. Largely, he criticizes the notion of ethnicity and racial categorizations by implying that these notions are falsified by […]

Police subculture

In any organization, cultures factor is heavily on performance. Edgar Schein (1988) famously described organizational culture as “the way we do things around here.” This kind of definition sought to bring to light the natural development of culture amongst any group of people that frequently interact. A sub culture distinguishes itself from its parent culture […]

Store Cashier Incentive

Introduction Entrepreneurs start businesses with a view to make profit. Profits do not happen by themselves except through a process that executes relevant business functions. The place of the employee or staff is essential towards the achievement of the business goals and objectives. This places the question of staff motivation as key to the fulfillment […]

Dream and Reality

Introduction The concept of dreams has eluded even the most renowned philosophers and psychologists, including Aristotle, Plato, and Sigmund Freud. Plato likened dreams to a presentation that we experience while sleeping (Hamilton, Cairns and Cooper 571). Modern psychology seems to have borrowed the definition of a dream from Plato’s, in that they have defined dreams […]

Thesis of Study Books

Thesis Statement Immigrants and manual laborers are normally forced to work under poor conditions. The laborers are given harsh treatment in that they are not comfortable with the wage rates yet their job involves using a lot of energy. Though they keep reminding the people in control, there is little that is done to improve […]

Racism in Movies

Even in the twenty first century, race continues to dominate social experiences of Americans. Most of us may cringe at being called a racist but at a subconscious level, we are all influenced by racial stereotypes we have grown up with. These racial stereotypes are propagated by Hollywood movies and popular culture and slowly but […]

Women in Sports

Sports and athletics have always been a male domain and female athletes have always struggled to be taken seriously. Women are perceived as frail and delicate beings and they are not supposed to participate in activities that involve any kind of physicality. The traditional female roles require that women be limited to their homes and […]

Thought Response: The Saints and the Roughnecks

Introduction This essay will focus on the article “The Saints and the Roughnecks” by William Chambliss. It will demonstrate relevant sociological theories, perspectives and other critical concepts captured in the study. The theories addressed are social learning theory, social strain theory, and rational choice theory. Theories Sutherland’s theory of social learning addresses the problem of […]