Critical Essay Examples

Dehumanization in Auschwitz

Introduction The Nazi rule in Germany is considered to be the most oppressive and discriminative rule in modern times. During this rule, which lasted until the end of the Second World War, the Nazi engaged in widespread discrimination against European Jews. This deep anti-Semitism resulted in a master plan created by the Nazi to exterminate […]

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman is one of the world’s most renowned thinkers. He won a Nobel Peace Prize in E.S for his work as a psychologist (Kahneman 3). The book is very long and hence not attractive for readers who prefer short-written books. However, it creates awareness, informs, and educates readers on very important matters related to […]

The effect of methamphetamines on prenatal and postnatal development

Biophysical Information: Biophysical Strengths and Hazards The case study on Kim gives a clear information on the effect of methamphetamines on prenatal and postnatal development. The case study shows that the use of Methamphetamines (Meth) by mothers during the prenatal stage may have serious physical effects during the process of giving birth. Although there is […]

The World Bank and the Poverty of Reform

Introduction The World Bank is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that there is sustainable development in almost all nations of the world. It has acted as the world’s leading development agency for the past six years. However, during this time, the bank has received both criticism and praise from the various member states across […]

Antwone Fisher’s Problem from the Cognitive Behavioral Theory Perspective

Translating the life stories of real people into feature films is one of the most challenging tasks. However, when directed the right way, such movies can reveal a treasure trove of psychological insight. By basing the psychological twists of the movie on the principles of the Cognitive Behavioral Theory, the director and the cast managed […]

The Coming of the Third Reich

The book The Coming of the Third Reich written Richard Evans is aimed at examining the factors that could have contributed to the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany. The author presents a chronological account of the events that shaped the cultural and political landscape of this country in the first half of the […]

“Aliens” Movie

“Aliens” is an upshot of the movie Alien that was produced and released in 1986. This outstanding work of Cameron has been faced with critical comments since its release. A very high status had already been set by the precedent movie Alien produced and directed by Scott. The status attached to this series has broken […]

The Entrepreneurial State by Mariana Mazzucato

Introduction The book titled The Entrepreneurial State is a recent publication, having been published in 2013. The book was published by Anthem Press. It is authored by Mariana Mazzucato, one of the key figures in the debate surrounding various economic issues in contemporary society. In the book, Mazzucato seeks to unravel the disparities between the […]

Ethics in Computing

In any given setup, an acceptable code of conduct is always emphasized. Many people and entities have become victims of unethical computer use; this thread comes fro people with ill motives. This vice has lately exposed the internet users to unprecedented mischievous tricks of cyber criminals. The act has created various problems, controversies and is […]

Ordinary Men by Christopher R. Browning

Throughout history, several injustices have been committed by various people and groups. History scholars often evaluate the perpetrators of such injustices. Perpetrators are often thought to be brutal sadists without any conscience or morals but they are never thought to be ordinary human beings. The reasons why most people often avoid looking at perpetrators from […]

Online and Face-to-face Counselling

This paper dwells upon the attitude towards online counselling services compared to face-to-face services. Rochlen, Beretvas and Zack (2004) note that the use of the Internet for various healthcare purposes (including counselling) have been a matter of wide-scale discussion. More so, numerous online resources are being created and the market of online counselling services is […]

Low-income African-American Caregivers

The article in question dwells upon attitudes of African-American caregivers whose children and grandchildren were diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders towards school counselors. It is necessary to note that this matter has not received sufficient attention from researchers. The aim of the research is to reveal attitudes of African-American caregivers with low income whose […]

Documentary Review: Kony 2012

The film Kony 2012 dwells upon the struggle of young people against a man who committed horrible crimes in Uganda. This is also a story about the power of technology and communication that can help people unite and solve really difficult issues. Jason Russell tells a story about their struggle against Kony, a leader of […]

Data Collection in Intelligence

Intelligence in the United States is considered as a specialized product of information. Its sources emanate from an effective collection, assimilation, analysis and interpretation of data. The ability of the intelligence community to generate requisite information depends on the capacity to collect relevant and precise data. Therefore, the adopted methodology is critical in developing acceptable […]

Charles Spurgeon’s Lectures

Summary Charles Spurgeon was an inspiring religious leader whose sermons helped many people to answer the most difficult questions concerning religion, life, death and their place in the world. The preacher was wise and thoughtful, kind and understanding. All his care is revealed in his sermons. It is necessary to note that his guidance have […]

“Towards a More Effective Enterprise” by Robert Katz

Introduction This study is a critical analysis and reflection of the article, Towards a more effective enterprise, by Robert Katz. Katz (80) argues that the conventional way of organizing and operating an enterprise is outdated. Katz demonstrates how the usual way of doing business leads to uninformed decisions coupled with loss of motivation and inefficiency. […]

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research Designs

Introduction The word research is made up of two syllables; re and search, Re implies doing again while search means carefully. The term research can therefore be used to imply the systematic study of a particular topic with the aim of establishing certain facts or principles (Hunter, Laura & Erin 2008). The practice uses scientific […]

Pop Culture and Music

Introduction The modern world has brought about many changes in the way popular music is created and interpreted. It is also significant how the culture of a certain place is reflected in the music. Recently, gender roles and the way they are manifested in music are critically observed by the society. The media has a […]

Critical Review of the ‘Invisible War’

The documentary film largely addresses how the US military has been marred with the issue of rape. It is apparent that women soldiers are the worst victims of human rights violation presented in this movie. The documentary highlights intensive research that has been carried out in the US military especially in regards to female victims […]

‘Guidelines for Resolving Conflict as a Counselor’

Awareness and understanding of how to deal with conflicts of responsibilities and other ethical concerns are of paramount importance for counseling practitioners, particularly in light of the fact that consensus value sets in the form of ethical standards guide and govern the professional behavior and actions of counselors, counseling psychologists, and other individuals in related […]

Effects of the U.S. Government Shutdown on the African-American Communities

Introduction The U.S. government shutdown that occurred between October 1 and October 16, 2013 had a significant effect on many populations. The shutdown affected African-Americans significantly as it shutdown led to deprivation of a number of services offered by the federal government. In many cases, Blacks comprise a huge population that depends on government support. […]

Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication

The influence of the Western culture on the development of the modern society is difficult to overestimate. The western world has had a great impact on development of all countries on the globe. This impact has become a talking point and the discourse touches upon a variety of aspects of this trend. Thus, researchers, educators, […]

Problems of Unpaid Internship

The article in question deals with the issues related to unpaid internship. Hananel (2013) notes that many companies abuse internship and get free labor rather than providing coaching to the interns. The article highlights flaws in the system of internship. The author also provides arguments of both sides. The major issue related to the internship […]

Efficiency of Supply chain Management

Executive Summary The effectiveness and efficiency of a supply chain leads to satisfied clientele. Achieving an efficient Supply chain is critical. The article by Lichocik & Sadowski (2013), studies this concept. Strategic management strategy encapsulates Supply chain Management. To achieve the desired efficiency, the authors propose a number of factors use of IT control systems, […]

Japan and Imperialism 1853-1945 by James Huffman

Introduction James Huffman is the author of the book, Japan and Imperialism 1853-1945. The author uses a dazzling and interactive sequence of events to tell how Japan dealt with the challenge of foreign policy and victimization from colonizers. The author engages the reader by explaining how Japan responded to these challenges. Adoption and promotion of […]

The Story of Viet Nam: From Prehistory to the Present written by Shelton Woods

The history of Vietnam is one of the most controversial subjects for historians and researchers interested in the Asian Studies because of a lot of associated political and social events, religious and cultural aspects which are interdependent. The historians’ task is to provide a comprehensive narrative about the history of the country in order to […]

Migrant workers in Canada

The situation of foreign temporary workers in Canada is increasingly troublesome. Canadian law requires employers to provide most of the same rights to foreign workers as to resident workers . However, not every employer apparently implements these laws and regulations consistently, according to an article from the Vancouver webpage, Carlito Pablo points out that […]

Ecocriticism Concepts: Interaction Between Man and the Natural Habitat

Introduction Debates on the interaction between man and the natural habitat imply that there are different philosophical arguments by different researchers concerning culture/binary. The natural environment is central to the sustainability of life and the well-being of man. In this sense, man is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the natural environment is well […]

Media Industry Structural Changes

Introduction The subject of media is quite broad and interesting. Therefore, it is critical to picture the main topics that were covered to provide a solid foundation for the other topics in the subject. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to explore three of the main topics that were covered in the subject. These […]

Western Movie: Stagecoach and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Introduction Western movies are a genre of the film production in America. They mostly capture the unrefined America between its civilization and traditions. They are filmed on basis of war, discovery, personal journeys and romance. They are the oldest and most flexible genre of films (Howard, 1996). Evolution of the western movies over time The […]

Behavior change theory

Introduction According to the article, behavioral change is very vital in the development of good health and productive outcomes. Application of behavior change theory aids in inducing change of behavior among health workers. Essentially, the application of behavior change theory depends on factors such as changing multiple behaviors and medical adherence of individuals. The implementation […]

Civil Religion in the American Society

Introduction Human beings are extremely subject to beliefs and culture in their way of living. Religious beliefs are highly influential and thus people live in accordance with the religious virtues inherent in their religious isms. In most countries across the world, religious beliefs, historical heroics, and historical events form constitutional backgrounds, which then make the […]

Jonathan Kozol’s Fire in the Ashes

The social inequality experienced by children in the American society is one of the most controversial and problematic themes for the discussion. In his book Fire in the Ashes: Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America, Jonathan Kozol discusses the theme of challenges experienced by children grown in the impoverished community of the South […]

Robert Altman. Global Popular Culture

Throughout the course of recent decades, the rise of a global popular culture and the manner in which it is being reflected by movies have been discussed from a variety of different sociological perspectives. As a rule, the individuals that discuss this particular socio-cultural phenomenon do agree that the emergence of such a culture has […]

Composing with Light and Color

Light and shadow are important elements of any photograph. They are significant elements in photography, especially when present certain parts of a photograph discriminately. Similarly, the use of color is critical in the composition of all the elements of a photograph (Freeman, 2007). This essay will critique the use of light and color in Bravo […]

Technology Research Proposal

Technology is a subtle tool for enhancing the effectiveness of various societal systems. In education systems, integration of ICT technology may incredibly aid in shifting learning from the teacher-centered to the student-focused one. In this context, integrating ICT technology into learning coupled with teaching calls for school leaders to focus their strategic leadership efforts on […]

“Henry’s Freedom Box” Review

Racism and fair treatment of others are topics that are very important, especially in the modern world and people’s rights movement. Children make-up a sensitive part of the population which must be taught how to behave in society with respect and understanding of others. Children’s books are often written to address the issues of the […]

Summary of Parisians

Parisians behave in ways that foreigners find hard to understand. They are aggressive, ill mannered, and hostile. In addition, they are harsh and vulgar. This is evident from an example of a conversation between the writer’s husband and a dog owner. Parisians speak impolitely or in high tones. Their main objective is to get things […]

The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge

François Lyotard is one of the most influential postmodern theorists who explored the concept of knowledge in the twentieth century. Lyotard (1979) analysed different types of information and knowledge and the role knowledge played in the society. His discoveries revealed the major trends which existed at that time. Thus, the theorist exploits the concepts of […]

Nowhere in Africa. Movie Analysis

The movie begins in Germany during the Nazi period when Jews were being persecuted by Hitler regime. Walter, a very successful and established lawyer is forced to flee with his family to a remote area in Kenya a country in East Africa. All Jews were perceived as enemies of Germany thus they were rounded up […]

Love and the girl child in “The King of Masks”

“The King of Masks” directed by Wu Tianming is a kindhearted Chinese melodrama that renders a clear understanding of the theme of love. The film begins with Wang Bian Lian (Zhu Xu), an old street performer frantically searching for a male heir to teach him the face changing techniques according to the Chinese culture. In […]

Usury and Ethics

Historically, usury has been thought of as being unethical. The people who practiced usury were shunned by society as they were seen as greedy. Historical hatred towards usury is also well documented by Shakespeare in his book “The Merchant of Venice” where Shylock, a Jew who practices usury, is loathed by the members of the […]

Book Review: Classical realism and neo-realism

Comparisons and contrasts International relations theorists suggest that realism and neo-realism are both theories that best explain international relations due to their principles which are based on dominance and self- help systems. The book entitled Theory of International Politics by Kenneth Walts defines neo-realism as international relations based on anarchy and capacity distribution. On the […]

Saipo The Project Identity

Mission The mission of Saipo Company is to provide people in developing regions with the products of the soap recycling process because of the observed lack of inexpensive hygiene products in many countries globally. Thus, the practical goal of the company’s work is to cooperate with soap producers round the world to recycle the leftover […]

Collecting the phone data logs of all citizens

Details of the Program The National Security Agency (NSA) has gathered phone data from several cell phone users. Such data could reveal critical details about their owners. Big data are important in identifying individuals and their habits. However, the program does not require the service provider to reveal subscribers’ personal details like names, contact information, […]

Scaring Us Senseless

Nassim Nicholas Taleb article, Scaring Us Senseless reflects how humans have failed to use relevant statistics to perceive danger. Instead, people react to emotions and perceptions, which lead to immediate overreacting and later under reacting. Shock and fading memory control these reactions. He acknowledges that people cannot respond rationally to instances of terrorism. Therefore, terrorism […]

Media Violence Study

Introduction Modern popular culture has embraced violent movies as a key component of entertainment. This is evident in the article, which was written by Grisham, where he explains that Sarah and Ben went to Memphis to watch the Grateful Dead Movie (Grisham, 1996). It is, further, noticeable that they had watched Natural Born Killers. This […]

Morneau Shepell acquires Collage Pediatric Therapy

Summary The article analyses the merger between two firms in Canada that operate in different sectors Morneau Shepell is an HR consulting firm. It also offers outsourcing services to other firms (Gibson Para. 2) The company provides assistance programs for employees and families as well as pension plans and retirement plans for employees Collage Pediatric […]

In Pursuit of Excellence

Terry Orlick’s book In Pursuit of Excellence is primarily intended for professional athletes who strive to attain the best results. However, it can also be of great interest to people who want to achieve success in a certain professional area that may not be related to sports. Furthermore, this book can benefit to people who […]

Article Reflection: “Educating All Students: Creating Culturally Responsive Teachers, Classrooms, and Schools” by Monica Brown

Introduction The education system in the United States continues to experience monumental shifts with regard to demographic parameters. Current student population comprises individuals from diverse social, cultural, racial, and linguistic backgrounds. Despite numerous and recurrent reservations, such parametrical inclinations continually stir discourse among educationists (Brown, 2007). Teachers and education stakeholders should devise and propagate policies […]

Feminism and Modern Friendship

It is argued that feminists have become the major opponents of liberalism. Feminism critics assert that this move exhibit an intrinsic gender prejudice, which emphasizes on the works of Sandel and Macintyre. In the article Feminism and Modern Friendship: Dislocating the Community, Friedman Marilyn explores these allegations (Weiss & Marilyn 108). Marilyn seconded the communitarian […]

A Film Analysis on Titanic

The film “Titanic” represents the ship that was deemed unsinkable and occurrences on her 1912 maiden journey from Southampton, in the United Kingdom, to New York City, in the United States. On the ship was a girl (Rose DeWitt Bukater, acted by Kate Winslet) engaged to a rich man (Caledon) that she never loved. Despite […]

Islamic Banking Principles

Summary of the article Islamic banking principles are developed and operated within the guidelines of Sharia principles. The main source of Sharia law is the al Quran, which prohibits any money that is far above the principle amount in the lending business by terming it haram and hence illegal. However, a debate has arisen in […]

‘The Great Gatsby’: Tom and Blanche

Loyalty refers to a state of being faithful and devoted to an individual or an institution. For one to be considered loyal, there should be a clear demonstration of the need to obey all the set rules. Different people attach their loyalty to various people and faiths among other things. Loyalty requires one to have […]

All Are Equal In Death

Introduction Death refers to the lasting termination of all life’s tasks in a human being. When individuals become distressed, they may find death as the only thing to alleviate them of those feelings. Other people may get peaceful owing to how they spend their lives; thus, they approach death with a clear conscience. Equal opportunities […]

Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Art

Background information of the artist Michelangelo Buonarroti Simoni was an Italian sculptor, an architect, a poet, a painter, and an engineer who had a massive impact on Western arts developments in the 16th century. He was born in 1475 in Caprese, but both parents were from Florence where he was raised as a child (Müntz, […]

Cimabue’s “Madonna Enthroned”

Introduction The artwork in question is entitled Madonna Enthroned. It was created between 1280 and 1290 by Cimabue of Florence (Davies et al. 283). It is tempera on panel and the dimensions of the artwork are 3.9 x 2.2 m (Davies et al. 283). It is also necessary to note that the artist used gold […]

School Leadership in the Twenty-First Century

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the article School leadership in the twenty-first century written by Tony Townsend (2011). In particular, it is necessary to summarize the main issues examined by the author. Additionally, one should critique the validity of the ideas expressed by the scholar. This discussion can be useful since it can […]

Comparative Mythology. Ugaritic myths of Anat and Baal

Introduction Ugaritic myths of Anat and Baal have been discussed in a number of texts, one of them being Ras Sharma, which is considered a vibrant and dynamic prehistoric Semitic divinity. In particularly, goddess Anat is of interest to many scholars wishing to explore the relationship between humanity and the supernatural world in the ancient […]

Single Black Custodian Fathers: Revealing the True Nature of Stressors and the Basic Obstacles

Introduction: About the Chosen Article Prejudice has always stood in the way of efficient communication and developing trustworthy relationships (Chin, 2004). The communication issues between Africa American population and the American population are, unfortunately, no exception to this rule. The current state of affairs is hardly tolerable already; however, when it comes to prejudice standing […]

Chimera of Arezzo

Vital Statistics The Chimera is a bronze statue created in the late 5th or early 6th century BC (Davies 120). The height of the bronze is 80 cm and it is now a part of the collection of Museo Archeologico in Florence (Davies 120). There is no information about the author of the piece, but […]

James Bond. Cultural Analysis

Introduction James Bond refers to a fictional character that was created in 1953 by one of the renowned writers Ian Fleming. James Bond featured in twelve novels and an additional two short stories. Since the original author died in 1964, other writers have taken over the authorship of James Bond novels, including Christopher Wood and […]

A View Worth a Million Words: “A Story of Canadian Art as Told by the Hart House Art Collection”

Introduction: Taking a Time Travel A true appreciation of art comes only when one is left eye-to-eye with the author’s work. Offering the Canadian audience a chance to have a “personal conversation” with some of the renowned artists of the Modernist era, the organizers of “A Story of Canadian Art as Told by the Hart […]

The Art of Being Lonely: a Portrayal of the Lives of Chinese Women of the Post-wwii Generation. Wang Anyi’s ‘the Song of Everlasting Sorrow’ Analysis

Because of their being not ready for the shift from a WWII to the post-WWII environment and the change in values, Chinese women were highly susceptible and extremely vulnerable to the lures of the “New Shanghai,” which led the main character of Wang’s novel The Song of Everlasting Sorrow: A novel of Shanghai, Wang Qiyao, […]

Influence of Modern Management

Introduction Managing a business is a complex process. The complexity can only be broken down by the virtue of adopting several strategic practices. Strategies can help in simplifying the sub-processes of management in order to attain an accomplished organization of the business. Starting a business is a strategic move that should not be greatly based […]

Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics

The Author’s Background The book Feminism is for Everybody was written by bell hooks1. She is a famous American feminist and social activist who examines about such issues as gender, race, and capitalism in the modern society. It should be noted that bell hooks was born in Hopkinsville, a city located in Kentucky. She lived […]

Psychological Disorders in the Films

There are many movies that show psychological disorders characterized by obsessive behavior and unstable mental states. “What About Bob” is a film that does a great job in presenting and illustrating disorders that an individual has. The character’s name is Bob Wiley and he is suffering from many disorders. The viewer first encounters Bob in […]

“Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits”

The essay “Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits” is non-fiction and it as an autobiography written by Suki Kim. Suki Kim tells her story about how she and her family went from living a wealthy life to being bankrupt and having to start over in America after her father lost everything he had in […]

The Grand Inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky and Constance Garnett are two prominent authors who narrate a great deal of ideas in their work The Grand Inquisitor. Like many authors of their time, the authors explore ideological and religious ideas. Dostoevsky and Garnet belong to the age of Dante, who in his work tried to illuminate and express ideologies that […]

Immigrant Experience in “Brooklyn” and “Instructions to All Persons” Books

People have differing reasons as to what may make them relocate from one place to another. Majority of the immigrants arrive at decisions to move to foreign lands in search of better opportunities, in terms of education and better employment terms amongst other reasons. During this process of movement, people have the capacity to transfer […]

This Is How It Goes. Show Analysis

Introduction Generally, it is evident that This Is How It Goes is a well elaborated piece of work that can be termed as deceptive piece of work. It has been directed by Tom Ross and written by Neil Labute as a representation of the real world. Although, the plot of the show is fairly insignificant […]

Use of Multi-Genres Characteristics in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

A famous American contemporary writer, Barbara Kingsolver with an assist of her husband Steven Hopp and daughter Camille Kingsolver published the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle that touches upon the problems of living a sustainable life. Kingsolver family decided to hold a life of the locavores producing their own healthy organic food. The book Animal, Vegetable, […]

Araki Nobuyoshi and Photography

Introduction Araki was born in Japan on May 1940.He picked interest in photography hence pursuing photography in college. Araki is a renowned photographer in Japan and his work has been of extensive influence in the world of art. Araki’s work was not strictly confined to photography but he was a writer and by 2005, he […]