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A Film Analysis on Titanic Critical Essay

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Updated: Jul 8th, 2019

The film “Titanic” represents the ship that was deemed unsinkable and occurrences on her 1912 maiden journey from Southampton, in the United Kingdom, to New York City, in the United States.

On the ship was a girl (Rose DeWitt Bukater, acted by Kate Winslet) engaged to a rich man (Caledon) that she never loved. Despite the engagement, Rose comes across a poor young man (Jack, acted by Leonardo DiCarprio) and they fall in love.

As they fight with class and Caledon’s opposition, the Titanic hits an iceberg and begins to sink gradually. The striking of the iceberg by the ship leaves the stars of the film (Rose and Jack) struggling for their lives as well as their love.

It was with some surprise that Stephen Rowley wrote the review on this movie (Rowley para. 1). Doing his review in September 1998, 8 months after the release of the movie Titanic, it was disorientating for Stephen Rowley to note that he enjoyed it.

This is owing to the reason that at some point in that era, the unrelenting cruelty that surrounds James Cameron’s movie “Titanic” has resulted in Stephen Rowley disliking the movie and all about it. Rowley dislikes Jack for falling in love with Rose, who was already engaged to Caledon.

James Cameron is an action director who is little known as director of romances. The beauty of the Titanic film is that Cameron came up with practical, yet distressing, sentimental subplots and incorporated them completely into the power of an action narrative.

It is hard to believe that James Cameron envisaged the love narrative involving the two characters (Jack and Rose) and ultimately decided the ideal backdrop would be the sinking of the Titanic (ship).

However, it is easier to believe that James Cameron began with the notion of how exhilarating the submerging scenes could be and afterward grafted the lovers into the events. Titanic shows this vividly, making it an excellent and outstanding antique disaster film (Rowley para. 1-2).

James Cameron has the benefit of making his movie after the wreckage of the ship was found.

This has brought about a great deal of fresh information that cheerfully directs to a series of events significantly more visually exhilarating when judged against the old representation of ship submerging under the effects of the iceberg and waves.

Cameron is inventive at operating his characters into the excellent positions to observe every one of the outstanding achievement.

The imagery in the movie astonishes, from the frightening instances like icy water chases around the hull to the film concluding views like the sinking of the ship undersea.

James Cameron excellently conveys all the peak points such as his tactical craftsmanship; perfect framing, redacting and choreography of activity ought to be carried out as an instance in film production.

These views get approximately an hour to glue a viewer to them, which is roughly the period taken by the ship to sink. James Cameron shows off his command of the medium, his elegant production design and his surprising visual outcomes. In this regard, the movie is a great success.

Nevertheless, Stephen Rowley rapidly rose to resent the movie and the success it bears since individuals appear to enjoy the movie at the instances that it is not good at all. This feature of the movie is just a bare minimum endeavour; it is compliant with the action.

Being a drama in its own capacity, Titanic has notably miniature integrity. Fundamentally, Titanic brings out a common, stale category of conflict romance (Rowley para. 2-3).

James Cameron fails to add any astounding notes to the hackneyed story, and his illustration of class domination is exceptionally schematic.

As a result of this class domination, I tend to think that a director from either Britain or Australia could have initiated the judgment of class with more niceness and positive reception.

The majority of character instances are oafishly awkward and apparent (like the manner in which Rose quickly identifies the lifeboat scarcity).

In Titanic, Caledon seems to be misplaced in the period of time; there is not a single flaw in him that could make an underprivileged character like Jack forcefully get away with his fiancée.

A film as huge as Titanic is effortless for critics to direct shots at, because there is a great chance of hitting the target. Blamed of being overindulgent, historically wrong and poorly written, Titanic has been severally spoofed. (Rowley para. 4-6)

Many people deem the film unpleasant, its striking portrayal of the submerging mocks the individuals that passed on in a disaster that shook the world.

Nevertheless, a film that has generated such a huge sum of money and that has arrested the attention of such a huge fan-base indubitably must have achieved the right thing.

Titanic has turned out to be one of the most triumphant, perdurable and best-cherished movie around the globe owing to three key points. To start with, the movie was anchored in a true historical event where real human beings were entailed.

Secondly, it displayed epic Computer-Generated Imagery of a huge magnitude. Thirdly, it narrated the personal tales of the individuals that had boarded the ship, instead of just a narration of the ship alone.

The submerging of the unsinkable ship has remained theatrically enthralling for more than one century (Rowley para. 5-7).

The impressive and perfect representation of the ship, the iceberg and the submerging accorded the movie the irresistible touch of a historical renewal, although an incongruously impressive one.

Nevertheless, what actually composes the movie is the cast of characters who boarded the ship as everyone is given time on the screen.

The rich girl (Rose) falls in love with the poor young man (Jack) with their short-lived affair being doomed and still rendered undying by the forthcoming disaster. Similar to Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose had a great conviction that they had found true love.

However, they hardly knew each other; they became infatuated and could try anything in their ability to safeguard their relationship.

For viewers, we have to suffer the pain of watching the two youngsters fall for each other, with the notion that their dreams and anticipations are nearly slipping off. As the years pass and Rose grows old, she still treasures the moments she shared with Jack and everything that he did for her.

Whereas the Titanic exhibits a number of flaws, it is not possible to disregard the significance and the esteem of the film.

Though I concur with Rowley that Titanic may not be a flawless movie, it has at least provided evidence that irrespective of how impressive and emotional it could be it is not beyond directing some criticism at itself.

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