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Critical Essay Examples

“Sicko” Documentary

Basically, it compares universal health care system in other countries to that of United States. This reached its peak during the warm up to 2008 elections in which major components of health care reforms were [...]

“Blood Diamond” Movie Analysis

Since the De Beers is a private organization, it can be seen that the film itself attempts to show that the only way to truly ensure that wards funded through diamonds can be ended is [...]


This is one of the challenges that business administrators should be aware of. The main strength of this article is that the author gives readers deep insights into the behavior of managers.

Limitations of Research

In this regard, the research will have to use their responses even when a number of them are simply demonstrating their response biases. In this regard, some of the participants did not want to participate [...]

The Scientific Method Isn’t What it Used to Be

According to the case study, the site describes science concerns in the following issues: Science aims at explaining the natural world It uses testable ideas It depends on evidence It involves the scientific community It [...]

“Lola” Movie

It is the second in the said trilogy with The Marriage of Maria Braun being the first and Veronika Voss the last.

Apology and Euthyphro

He claimed that his wisdom was greater than that of other humans which means that the judges and the accusers did not possess any of it for he believed that they were invented people who [...]

Boeing’s e-Enabled Advantage

Here, the author presents arguments that flow from the beginning to the end by discussing the background of the company through major changes the company has undertaken to the conditions that lead to the company's [...]

The Effect of Retail Store on Students

Champion et al.highlight that, in a situation of high involvement in the decision making process, there is a high correlation of store image and perspective of the consumer on the quality of the product.

Trodden Weed

The lighting of the painting, which appears to have been well thought-out, indicates that the walk was happening in the afternoon.

Emotional Intelligence in Groups

In their article, "Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups", Druskat and Wolff set out to discuss the concept of emotional intelligence and the role it plays in today's organizational settings.

Garan Reflection

Limited data amount and research administration The small number of studies used added to the many flaws on the results of the research, 38 in number according to the writer and the NPR terming it [...]

Boundaries in Marriage

The model proposed by Cloud and Townsend is practically applicable to the development and preservation of healthy affiliations. The establishment of healthy boundaries has proved to be a rather difficult task because the authors assume [...]

University Students’ Emotions in Lectures

In their article "University Students' Emotions in Lectures: The Effect of Competence Beliefs, Value Beliefs and Perceived Task-Difficulty, and the Impact on Academic Performance", Greek researchers Georgia Stephanou, Petros Kariotoglou, and Konstantinos Dinas present the [...]

Movie Erin Brockovich

According to memos written back in 1966, the senior management of the company knew about the carcinogenic effects of chromium 6 that the company was using, but the management did nothing to correct the situation.

Lessons Learnt from the Artifact

In the article we find out that the artifact instilled the feeling of respect and trustworthiness among the students because it allowed the students to take part in many activities that saw them interact with [...]

Human Resource

Whatever the terms used to explain the concept, however, Chandrakumara argues that the concept refers to an organization's capabilities to match the skills and competencies of the workforce to the needs and characteristics of an [...]

Solution Focused Therapy

This paper includes the discussion of a video that exemplifies the main techniques included in solution focused therapy. This approach highlighted the idea that it would be easy to overcome a certain problem.

Occupation as Ends and Means

While the article under analysis represents the necessary information in a cohesive and understandable manner, the fact that the article is quite old, as well as that the author puts a relatively small emphasis on [...]

“Quiet Talks on Prayer” Book

What disturbs the readers most in the idea of the association between the Holy Spirit and the prayer is the manner in which Gordon describes the battle between the spirits during the praying period.

“The Bondage Breaker” Book

Anderson, the founder of the Emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries, authored a masterpiece book, viz."The bondage breaker: overcoming negative thoughts, irrational feelings, and habitual sins", in a bid to make valid contributions to the [...]

Anne Bradstreet’s Works

In addition, the application of humility in her poetry serves as a justification of her career as a female writer, considering that women were not thought as capable of be successful in poetry. As such, [...]

Germany’s Secret Gamble

The "interception of the German arms shipment by the Royal Navy" led to the quick suppression of the Eastern uprising and execution of key leaders of the Irish Republicans.
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