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Lessons Learnt from the Artifact Critical Essay

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Updated: Jun 25th, 2019

Education is of great importance and is currently given more value than it was about a hundred years ago. Every parent in this day and age believes that the best lifelong asset that he or she can give to their child is education. Unlike in the old days, education is currently taking place in modernized institutions where the mode of instruction is also modernized.

There is the use of organized syllabus for various subjects. Learning takes place chronologically from one grade to the next. The student has the freedom to choose the subjects that suite their future careers. They also take part in co-curricular activities to exploit their talents.

A school is an institution in which teaching and learning take place concurrently. Teaching is basically known as the art of imparting knowledge and skills to individuals so as to mould a positively minded and goal oriented person that the society can turn to or rely on for the sake of its prosperity and development. Every school setting tries to bring out the best in their students.

Schools make curricular that offer the type of education that meets the communities’ needs. For example, all or most communities and thus nations at large require professionals like teachers, doctors, lawyers actors just to mention but a few. These professionals also need to be people who have values such as high self esteem.

From the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, high esteem is experienced when a person feels valued, accepted, respected and with a sense of belonging whether it is at work, in school or while pursuing a hobby (Kreitner, 2006, p. 12). All school settings should be able to provide all these to their students so that in the end they not only produce a knowledgeable person but also a socially fit person.

This paper bases its discussion on the article known as the artifact. The paper will help its readers to see how schools have come up with their culture and other traditions, as well as its effects on teachers. It also examines the effect of the artifact on the learning of the student and other workers as well as its effects in future development.

The document looks at how the school and its professional and non professional leaders form the basis of professional society. It continues to say that a proficient society is a unique part of the communal asset which is partly achieved by rooting and using certain structural methods of teaching by the schools’ concerned leaders.

In the article we find out that the artifact instilled the feeling of respect and trustworthiness among the students because it allowed the students to take part in many activities that saw them interact with different people in the community. This also enabled them to have a sense of belonging and helped them to become socially fit people. This was achieved by the leaders in the school. Normally the school is made up of two types of leaders.

The first group of leaders includes leaders who affect the life of students indirectly. They make and put into practice the rules, regulations and activities to be done in the school but have no direct contact with the students. This group of leaders includes administrators among others. The second group of leaders includes leaders who have direct influence on the students.

They meet more frequently and often on a daily basis with the students. They give knowledge to the students, instill confidence in them and help them view life from a wider perspective (Halverson, 2004). These are the teachers. The teachers have the duty of exploring new thoughts and dreams, analyze them and share them with the students for the purpose of making them better people in the community.

Thus, teachers enable their students to be responsible overall as they develop common interest for others. This in turn makes the students to be high achievers, goal oriented and people who can make objectives and attain them. This is because teachers take full reasonability for traditions and other learning activities together with class work.

They make sure that students learn by taking part in the activities and socializing with others in different ways and settings (Halverson, 2004). They also make sure that the students are well mentored, highly disciplined, and well mannered in addition to having good self conduct. This results in a professionally developed society as most people in a society tend to live and conform to the practices around them. All this is found in the artifact.

The world is dynamic and nothing in it remains constant. Change takes place from time to time and we all know that change is inevitable. The artifact is bound to go through transformation in future as the education systems and needs keep changing.

In order to make students better persons, the school needs to adapt and use a broad combination of knowledge, ideas, skills, character and principles. All these things are changing due to changes in technology, community needs and the needs of the nations at large.

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