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View of the Audience on the Written Profile

Stafford is an appropriate county for living and doing business. According to Chamber of Commerce, Stafford is a community with diverse business environment (Virginia, 2013). It is necessary to note that the profile provides extensive information on major spheres of people’s life.

It is mentioned that the community has a developed infrastructure and all groups of people can be happy there. Thus, business people can find lots of business opportunities in such spheres as industry, farming, real estate, health care, entertainment and so on. It is stressed that the community is famous for its highly professional workforce.

The profile also sheds light on numerous educational opportunities for young people and children. Apart from this, there is information on a variety of recreational facilities available in the community as well as certain non-profit organisations which focus on numerous issues.

There is little information on cultural diversity in the region, though. It is possible to assume that the community stakeholders are people of all ages and pertaining to middle-class.

Community Stakeholders Analysis

To understand whether the profile provided corresponds to the real data, it is necessary to implement a brief analysis of the community stakeholders involving demographics, geographics, psychographics, sociographics, usergraphics, and webographics. The county’s population is not large, almost 137,000 (Stafford County, 2014).

It is necessary to note that almost 65% of the population are between 18 and 65 years old, almost 75% are white and more than 90% have high school or higher education (Stafford County, 2014). Therefore, it is possible to conclude that the population is not culturally diverse. It is clear that the vast majority of population are employed adults with high income.

The community has a favourable location for business as it is situated near one of main transportation arteries and is near such cities as Washington and Richmond (Virginia, 2013).

The number of recreational facilities (including parks, sport centres, art centres, and theatres and so on) shows that people in the county have active lifestyles and invest their time in their physical as well as cultural development. They also value education as the county is famous for its educational establishments and a huge number of people having high school or higher education.

There are loads of non-profit organizations in Stafford and this fact suggests that another important value of people living in the county is being responsible and helping the community to develop (Stafford, VA volunteering opportunities, 2014).

This value can also be traced with the help of webographics as there are a variety of blogs on social issues (Fredericksburg blogs, 2014). Notably, users reveal their concern about others and try to come up with solutions to a wide range of issues which are apparent in the county as well as more distance areas.

It is also possible to note that a brief analysis of Facebook pages of people living in the county will draw a picture of an active educated person who participates in the community’s life. People often have numerous friends in their Facebook accounts (or other social networks). This fact may also suggest that there are quite close ties within the community.

Recommendations to Improve the Profile

It is possible to consider two recommendations which could improve the existing profile. First of all, it is possible to pay more attention to volunteering and activities aimed at development of communities. The profile includes this information but it does not reflect the real situation in the county.

The second improvement should address the way to promote educational establishments. One of community’s values is education and this can be transferred to other areas. The profile should have more detailed information on educational establishments and a variety of training opportunities for different groups of people.


The new profile will provide more precise information about the community and, hence, will be more helpful for its readers. People reading the profile will be able to make up their minds whether they will benefit from living, doing business or training in the county. More so, the profile is a way to attract new people and the two improvements suggested can fit this purpose.

Admittedly, the US society is now paying more attention to education and the government as well as each American invest time and money into this sphere. More and more young people decide to continue their studies, which is a favourable trend for the development of the US society. The community can be regarded as an illustration of this success.

Finally, close ties in community can help people feel at home right after their moving in. Close ties are always good for business as they contribute to promotion of services and products.

Besides, being responsible and active is a nationwide trend and young people are ready to become a part of a larger movement. Clearly, people should know about these two facets of life in the county in order to make the right decision and start their life or business in Stafford, Virginia.

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