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American Colonies Summary

The author is successful in relating the 1680 and 1696 revolts in Northern America against the Spanish to natives' dissatisfactions of the religions and economic systems of colonizers.

Workplace Issues in the Tourism Industry

Despite the importance of the hospitality industry to the Australian economy, the figure below shows that it posts the highest rate of employee turnover in the economy Figure One: Industry analysis of worker turnover in [...]

The French Wars of Religion, 1562-1598

Although aristocratic factionalism can be discussed as the influential factor for the development of the French civil wars, the religious division plays more significant role in prolonging the wars because of the focus on ideological [...]

Modern Marketing Strategy

The customer knows that he or she is getting a good product and the marketer is able to obviate the uncertainty discount Clemons According to Molesworth, Nixon & Scullion giving the example of a university [...]

Employee Motivation

Therefore, one of the areas that are given a lot of attention in strategic human resource management is the management of the expectations and demands of employees in organizations. Of critical relevance in employee motivation [...]

Gathering Current Market Information

In addition to utilising online services such as social media in gathering market information, emergence of 'big data' is another trend that presents organisations with an opportunity to maximise their level of profit.

Effective Change Models

At this point, it is vital to communicate the benefits of the new models and gain the support of workers. The main strength of this theory is that it shows how organization should modify their [...]

Law and Constitution

Edwards argued that in an event that the attorney general represented the government in the Charter of Rights litigation, he had a constitutional duty to protect the interests of the public.

Leadership Styles in Organisations

The approach enables leaders to be flexible in their leadership and as a result, they are able to treat each situation differently which leads to enhanced success of activities undertaken by employees.

Models and Concepts of Quality

Although the idea of the management taking the lead in ensuring that an organisation achieves quality is critical, Deming seems to have overlooked the contribution of others within the organisation.


This narcissist will have a fragile perception of the self in the helpless state, so they may feel compelled to do something to preserve the integrity of the self.

DDT Target Organs

Based on these findings, the study came to a conclusion that exposure to DDT and DDE during the prenatal period can to lead to delays in the development of infants.

Critical Thinking in Health Care

Compared to Fero et al.'s key CT skills of autonomous interventions, clinical judgment, and analysis and interpretation of problems, Robert and Petersen identify risk estimation, and analysis and evaluation of diagnosis as the key aspects [...]

Cross Culture Management

The studies have focused on the aspects of variations in the manner in which business practices are conducted in China compared to the factors of management in other regions in the world.

Qualitative research design and methods

Unlike quantitative research where an investigator manipulates variables or recreates the natural setting in the lab, qualitative research aims at assessing behaviours in it's undisturbed from. It raises a series of sub questions that are [...]

Regional Strategies for Global Leadership

Companies that have realized the importance of geographical distinctions and the need to combine local strategies and initiative together with global strategies and initiatives have felt the benefits of regional strategies.

Learning in Adulthood

For instance, an immigrant who acquires citizenship to the United States with a view to pursuing a career say, in medicine or law using the qualification that they had acquired in the country of origin, [...]

Geography, its Evolution and Future

Geography is the study of the earth and the natural features that characterize it. The revolution was related in some way, to the methods in which the researchers studied the earth and the processes occurring [...]

Benchmarking Method in Practice

The article is focused on the specific benchmarking techniques used for analysis of the companies. Benchmarking of the PR function in Serbian companies is the focus of discussion in this article.

Dance Education and Culture

The important elements under discussion for all the dance styles analyzed include, the progression, the uniqueness in steps and the relevance of the knowledge gained to the student.

Human Trafficking

In Europe, prevention of human trafficking is interpreted to mean both awareness raising and active prevention activities that ideally look into the primary causes of human trafficking.

Piaget and Vygotsky

Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are one of the most influential scientists in the field of the developmental psychology. In the following paper, the theories of both scholars will be evaluated and compared from the [...]

Organic Food and Healthy Eating

This paper analyses the prevalence of chronic disease like diabetes and obesity in populations that eat junk foods as opposed to the healthy eating population. The studies of Binkley et al.reveal the link that exists [...]

Victorian Art’s Evaluation

Critiquing the approach that Pevsner suggested to evaluate the art of the new epoch, the author touches upon the political context of Pevsner's ideas, thus revealing the correlation with Morris.

Chinese Landscape Painting

The book provides a detailed history of Chinese landscape painting. In addition, the book tries to provide interpretation of various Chinese landscape paintings.