Synthesis Essay Examples

The Complexity of Management

Introduction All sectors in the economy are continually growing; from hospitals to businesses (Wolff, Starfield and Anderson 2002). This is because the customer needs are changing and technology and business structures are also evolving steadily. This means that there is always a new part of a business aimed at expanding customer bases and differentiation of […]

Victor Lipman, a Forbes Magazine contributor talks about the management practices

Victor Lipman, a Forbes Magazine contributor talks about the management practices that help enhance productivity in organizations. The article outlines the activities that managers can engage in to improve productivity in an organization. This review will compare, synthesize, and evaluate the effects of these practices. The article states that all managers expect their employees to […]

American Colonies Summary

Introduction The book “American Colonies” by Alan Taylor offers an opposing view to the Anglo-centric focal point through explicit review of the numerous cultural influences that created the American colony. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to present explicit summary of the thoughts of Alan Taylor from chapter one to chapter seven in the book “American […]

Metacognition and Neuropsychology

In medical psychology, metacognition has become an important area of research. In particular, the relationship between metacognition and some mental disorders is an important field. For instance, Önena, Uğurlub, and Çayköylüb (2013) attempted to determine the relationship between metacognition and insight within the context of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Using a sample of 100 patients with compulsive […]

Do All Languages Have Word Accent?

Introduction Larry Hyman who is the author of the report on the universality of word accent is a linguistics professor at the University of California where he specializes in phonology. He has a keen interest in languages of the African people. Larry Hyman has conducted several award winning researches and is credited for numerous quality […]

“Nelson Mandela, Autobiography” Book

Introduction The book titled ‘Mandela: The Authorized bibliography’ was written by Sampson Anthony. The book was published by Knopf Doubleday Publishing group and was copyrighted in 2012, and the exclusive copyright belongs to the writer of the book who is Sampson Anthony. In his book, the writer talks about Nelson Mandela early childhood life, and […]

Significance of Shifts Fostering Lifelong Learning and Human Capital Formation

Literature Review Importance of education in human capital formation is subject to debate in formulating education policies. The influence of globalization, impact of conflict on education, performance measurements for the various stages in education and knowledge transfer with the aim of creating a knowledge economy form the basis of discussion in instilling lifelong learning and […]

The Review of John Lewis Gaddis’s Book Surprise, Security and the American

The Americans are inclined to discuss their country as the safest place in the world because their rights and freedoms are protected, and the necessary security is provided and guaranteed, and moreover, security is free. This idea is reflected in the book Surprise, Security, and the American Experience written by John Lewis Gaddis who discusses […]

Corporate Sustainability by Jonathan Atwood

Corporate sustainability by Jonathan Atwood (Drivers of change) Corporate sustainability aims at ensuring a long-term corporate growth coupled with meeting the needs of the stakeholders while considering social issues and protection of natural resources, which are critical for the future generations. Social and environmental issues are essential in the growth of business and many companies […]

Hegemony Theories

Leaders apply different forms of ruling all over the world. Some of the methods are still in use in the modern form of governance. Cultural structure affects the framing of leadership. Some leaders use their power to dominate every action needed to be taken in line with leadership responsibilities. The article ‘torture’ has related the […]

The Legal Issues of the Traditional Workplace

Introduction Occupational health and safety laws coupled with human resources laws ensure that the workplace is ideal for the modern-day worker. Such laws guarantee a safe environment that is devoid of any discrimination, which is a shift from the traditional workplace where labour laws did not consider the plight of employees. In this essay, five […]

Foundational Values Report

Who are we as Americans? Defining the Americans is an issue that has attracted a massive attention of various scholars across the globe. People have been trying to define whom the Americans are, and what makes them special among the rest. According to McKay (2013), the American nation has been given various definitions by scholars […]

Workplace Issues in the Tourism Industry

Introduction Many researchers say the hospitality industry experiences high employee turnovers than most sectors of the economy (Davidson & Wany 2011). Albeit this fact is widely undisputed, it is important to understand what researchers mean by “employee turnover.” Davidson & Wany (2011) say employee turnover denotes the rate at which a company gains and loses […]

Culture as a Means of Managing Employees

Introduction Business administrators often rely on culture as a means of managing employees. This argument is particularly relevant to post-bureaucratic organizations which have the following characteristics: vertical workplace hierarchy; increased information-sharing; ability of employees to take initiatives; the adoption of rules and statutes that are supposed to safeguard a company against possible pitfalls (Josserand, Teo, […]

Propaganda Movement in Mass Media

Introduction Through the perspective of Chomsky and Herman, it can be seen that the propaganda model helps to create an explanation behind the power of mass media within the current capitalist economy of the United States. The propaganda model presents the notion that the content produced by mass media outlets is invariably aligned with the […]

Role of the Woman during the Spanish Civil War

Introduction In many wars, women have played hidden roles. They have not engaged in wars directly. Therefore, engagement through direct confrontation in the battlefield has always been preconceived as an affair of men since time immemorial. However, this notion was not the case for the Spanish war. During the Spanish war that happened from 1936 […]

An Analysis of Music Theory

The theory of Music analysis starts in two major dimensions- the “five levels” and across the “three main domains”. According to Hanninen (7), sonic, contextual and structural are the three domains in musical theory. A domain, as used in music theory and analysis, is an area of musical discourse, experience or activity about a certain […]

Value and need as organizing factors in perception

Throughout the entire history of contemporary psychology, perception has not been given a fair definition. This has persisted until today. Throughout this period, it has always been assumed that the perceiver is a passive recording device. Moreover, the perceiver has an extremely complicated design. Such type of vitro psychology has been deficient for failing to […]

Book Review: Black City Makers

Introduction The book reveals how Blacks in Philadelphia have impacted positively on urban renewal in the country. It focuses on different issues Blacks have faced in the city, and how these issues affected their socio-economic status in the country. It looks at settlement patterns in the city and how they were affected by racist policies […]

Ethics and clinical trials

One of the main questions discussed by scholars is related to the ethical and safety standards established for clinical trials. The main task is to ensure the safety of patients and obtain scientifically rigorous findings. In some cases, these priorities cannot be easily reconciled. This paper is aimed at discussing two articles written by Marcia […]

Role of Wealthy Countries in International Development

Wealthy countries contribute greatly towards international development through giving financial aid to least-industrialized states. Underdeveloped and developing countries use financial aid from wealthy countries to build infrastructures that grow their economies through development of important sectors such as education and health (Chatrna 1). In addition, international aid helps alleviate poverty, improve social cohesion and international […]

The Construction of Brazilian Identity in Japan

The book ‘No One Home’ by Linger (2001) is a study that mainly focuses on the fieldwork data collected through interviewing a large number of people on the identity of Nikkei living and working in Japan. The Nikkei are as a result of the Japanese government allowing the Japanese immigrants a bonafide existence in japan. […]

Gluttony in the Merchant of Four Seasons

According to Francine Prose, gluttony often disguises itself in different forms, like the need to get a little more, the desire to have something more delicious, or the temptation to have a snack between the meals. In the film, ‘The Merchant of Four Seasons,’ Hans, a fruit vender, is invited by an attractive married woman […]

The French Wars of Religion, 1562-1598

During the period of 1562-1598, France experienced wars of religion based on the significant religious division among the public, including nobles. The religious division depended on the opposition between the French Catholics and French followers of Calvinism as the form of Protestantism. The French Protestants became known as Huguenots. As a result, the religious wars […]

Amusing Ourselves to Death Thesis

The author talks about the effects of the media on the population, particularly political and economic life. People are fed with varying information regarding what happens in government. Before the advent of the television, people relied on the newspapers and articles for information, but this changed with time when people were forced to depend on […]

Role of the Press in Civil Rights

Two veteran journalists come together to investigate the role played by the media during the Civil Rights era. Hank Klibanoff and Gene Roberts are both seasoned award winning journalists whose familiarity with south side journalism proves valuable in “The Race Beat”. The two journalists have done a tremendous job in arranging the history of the […]

The Prime Objective of Marketing Strategies or Techniques

Marketing plays a major role in satisfying the needs and wants of customers. In addition, the prime objective of marketing strategies or techniques is to influence the purchasing behaviour of customers through the creation of favourable feelings and thoughts in regard to brands, services, and products. This is aimed at ensuring repeat purchases. Organisations always […]

Modern Marketing Strategy

Marketing enables potential customers to know about products and services available in a certain company and thus make them gain interest in those products. The needs of consumers have risen because they now have access to information through the media and other sources Perner (2010, p.2). Therefore, it is important that a company have marketing […]

The Dragon’s Village Response Paper

The “Dragon’s Village” is a book written by Yuan-tsun Chen, which discusses the impact of communism in China. The book is set in the 1950’s when China had just emerged out of World War II. The book focuses on teenage girl, Ling-ling who chooses to stay back in mainland China as her family flees to […]

Cooperative Exporters: The Enhancement of the International Assistance

Among the aspects concerning the sphere of international business, the phenomenon of cooperative exporters is one of the most recent and enticing. The activity that presupposes “a large range of arrangements from simple ones without strong commitment” (654), as Tuusjarvi, E. (2005b) defined it, the issue involves selling both the products of the given company […]

Native American Multicultural Literature

Synopsis Native Americans have been challenged in maintaining their culture since the white man first set foot on the North American continent. However, they have in many, diverse ways continued to maintain their culture and historic, cultural traditions (Kuiper 109). There exist many literatures that support these views. In the Ceremony, Silko reveals that though […]

Globalization and Culture: Possibilities and Anxieties

Introduction Globalization can either enlighten or pacify society. It can also help widen the boundaries and at the same time, narrow perspectives by creating both, losers and winners. While the benefits of globalization to the economy cannot be overestimated, still statistics have proven that the world is at a worse state of inequality than it […]

Employee Motivation

Introduction A substantial number of organizations have embraced strategic human resource management practices in the modern economic times. The reason for embracing strategic human resource management is that it is comprehensive and responsive to all the issues of management that arise in organizations. Most of the literature on organizational management point to the fact that […]

Gathering Current Market Information

Introduction Gathering current market information is one of the factors that organizations should integrate in their strategic management processes. However; the process of gathering market information is complex and costly. Consequently, most organizations do not conduct marketing research but purchase market research reports from established market research companies. However, the growth of information technology has […]

Effective Change Models

The theories of change implementation are of great relevance to various for-profit organizations. This paper is aimed at reviewing some of the models developed by scholars, in particular, Kurt Lewin’s model, Kotter’s approach, and ADDIE framework. Furthermore, it is necessary to give recommendation to a software company Blue Cloud Development that currently attempts to introduce […]

Wireless Technology in Health Monitoring

Introduction The adoption of wireless network technology in medical applications has become one of the major progresses which have been realized in healthcare field, a step that has been considered as cost saving (Jain, 2011). It has also played a crucial role of enhancing access to patient information and medical services. Studies reveal that wireless […]

Equity Investment: Decision Making – Business Valuation

Introduction The acquisition of capital is a challenge faced by businesses. However, business enterprises can obtain startup funds from venture capital firms. Venture capital focuses mainly on high-risk startup businesses. Often, entrepreneurs seek venture capital once their businesses are operational and need expansion. Venture capitalists, however, prefer to finance high-risk businesses that promise high financial […]

Medical Ethics in Treatment of Animals

The use of animals in research has raised concern among organisations that fight for animal rights. In the recent past, there has been an attempt to use alternative methods such as the Ames test which uses a bacterium. The attempt to replace rodents with such bacteria has not been completely successful (Festing & Wilkinson 2007). […]

Law and Constitution

Introduction Social scientists have subjected the conduct of attorneys to theoretical conceptualization in cases of litigation on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A spirited discussion by legal scholars has been advanced to assess the conduct of attorneys in the said litigation. The dominant issue in the said debates has been to establish the role […]

The United States of America Military Experience Through the Eyes of Films

Abstract The American military experience as revealed through film tends to downplay the political and social ramifications of war, choosing instead to focus on the emotional impact of war. Destruction, panic, loss of friends, post-traumatic stress disorder, carnage, and the impact of death on the enlisted men are the topics of choice for the vast […]

“Capital Moves: RCA’s Seventy-Year Quest for Cheap Labor” a Book by Jefferson R. Cowie

Introduction Every business organization has some central region where it carries out most or all of its activities. The location of the places is influenced by various factors that relate to the operations of the organization. Environmental conditions prevailing in some region have significant impact on the location of business capitals in the region. The […]

Review of Research Studies on Cultural Bias in Psychology

The population of minority cultural and ethnic groups in United States has increasing in the last few decades. It is therefore common for a psychological therapist to encounter a client from a different cultural and ethnic background. In such encounters, there is possibility for cultural bias that can affect effectiveness of the psychological intervention. Many […]

Leadership Styles in Organisations

Introduction This paper is based on the topic of leadership. It explores the topic by looking at various leadership styles and how they relate to each other. It starts with a discussion of the trait leadership approach followed by a comparison of trait leadership with contingency and participative styles of leadership. What follows is a […]

Models and Concepts of Quality

Introduction Quality as an aspect of management and production has been evolving over time. This subject has received valuable contributions from several quality gurus whose ideas have helped in formulating quality principles and policies within organisations. This paper discusses the idea of quality. The paper explores some of the critical quality features identified by the […]

Life Culture in London South Bank University

Executive Summary The report is about utilization of individual spirituality and emotional intelligence within various organizational set-ups. There is tendency in most organizations to neglect spiritual part of individual’s lives leading to aspect of imbalance between emotional, intellectual and spiritual livelihoods. The article discusses various importance obtained from focusing on one’s spirituality hence forming the […]


Introduction An intersubjective view is a perspective in which different parties agree about a certain issue. Narcissism has elicited a lot of interest and research from the psychodynamic school of thought. However, there is surprising agreement about the manifestations, origins, development and treatment of narcissism. One demonstrates intersubjective views on a subject by showing how […]

Innovative Technologies and Modern Communication

Introduction Innovative technologies have been changing modern world gradually since the day of their emergence. The invention of writing, then typing, telephones and telegraphs, cell phones, computers, the Internet, and we cannot even imagine what can be next, all these means of progress development assist people in communication. Using written letters, telephones, faxes, SMS, and […]

Best Interventions for Convicted Sexual Offenders and Integration into Society

The Intervention for convicted sex offenders and integration into the society has become an intensely studied criminal justice and correctional issue over the last two decades. The state has raised the intervention programme from purely correctional issue to a broad public wellbeing issue. Different researchers in different states have revealed very crucial findings about sex […]

Stephen Taylor and Emma Perry on Online Recruitment

Introduction It is necessary to carry out a comprehensive literature review to grasp an overview of existing literature on a subject as a prerequisite for understanding the current research position on the topic. Reflectively, the process is intrinsic of comparative analysis of various works of authors in the same scope of the study. Thus, this […]

Relate Gender, Ethnicity and Identity

Identity can be described as a person’s emotional connection to a certain social category system. The aspect of identity, gender, and ethnicity are closely related, and it can be difficult to draw a separation between the concepts. Nonetheless, there are research studies that have been conducted to elaborate on the three concepts. This paper looks […]

Factors and Mechanisms behind the Collusive Behaviours of Firms in an Oligopolistic Market Structure

One of the major factors behind the collusive behaviour of firms in an oligopolistic market structure, according to the case study on the car industry in the UK, is price leadership. In July 1999, for instance, Volvo admitted to entering secret agreements to keep British car prices high, with available evidence demonstrating that firms in […]

Effects of chemicals

Review of parameters For an article to fit the parameters of primary research toxicology, it must describe the adverse effects of the hazardous substance being studied. The study of adverse effects of the substance could be conducted in vitro with the use of animal models. In addition, the paper should address some gaps in the […]

DDT Target Organs

Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) is an organochlorine insecticide whose introduction led to the control of malaria in many endemic regions in the world. For instance, malaria was eliminated through the use of DDT in Europe and the US. However, DDT has a slow breakdown, thus it persists in the environment for long. It has been classified under […]

Principal Ways of Financing the Welfare State

Introduction In a century faced with significant global financial crises, discussing financing welfare state as an issue of urgency has become inevitable. Obscurity in the way in which welfare states are financed has significantly contributed to uncertainty about which policy alternatives are available. Scholars have expressed diverse opinions about the financing mechanisms of the welfare […]

“Safety, Accidents, and Investigations: Be Prepared for the Unexpected” by Robert Battles

Summary of the article The article written by Robert Battles (2011) is aimed at showing how employers can approach safety problems or accidents and mitigate their impact on the functioning of the organization. In particular, the author lays stress on the development of accident prevention plan. Employees should focus on several important activities. In particular, […]

“The Populist Vision” by Charles Postel

Introduction Charles Postel’s book, The Populist Vision, has provided an exhaustive explanation of the American populism during the late nineteenth century. The Populist Vision still stands out as the most convincing and gripping examination of the populist movement of all the time. After reading the book, one wonders how a writer could have the power […]

Critical Thinking in Health Care

Critical or reflective thinking has been widely promoted in nursing management and health care education as an effective approach for improving clinical decision-making, analytical and problem-solving skills of health care professionals. Fero, Witsberger, Wesmiller, Zullo and Hoffma (2009) define critical thinking (CT) as a subjective thought process that involves assessment, analysis and interpretation of clinical […]

“The Future of Life” by Edward O. Wilson

Summary The book is organized into seven chapters. The first chapter emphasizes the abundance of life on Earth. The author argues that some organisms manage well in conditions that are unbearable for others. He uses the example of organisms like bacteria which reproduce best at about 221 degrees (Wilson 5). In Chapter two, the author […]

“Eco-Warriors” by Rik Scarce

“Eco-Warriors” is a book that investigates the actions of environmentalists using both historical and philosophical accounts. The author of this book is Rik Scarce a sociologist at Skidmore College and he refers to the several environmental organizations in this book. This paper provides a review of Scarce’s book in the view of the effects that […]

Cross Culture Management

Introduction The globalization that is being witnessed in the contemporary times presents opportunities, as well as challenges to the leadership of organizations. It is argued that the success of leading an organization in the contemporary era depends on the ability of a manager to understand the diverse cultures as embraced in diverse places across the […]

Importance of Early Childhood Education

Introduction Education plays a very important role in the early developmental stages of a child. It equips them with about their environment and various factors that affect their lives. Early childhood education is useful since it shapes the way a child develops. These early years in life of a child entails massive mental development. This […]

The Black Death, the Late Medieval Demographic Crises, and the Standard of Living Controversies

Cohn, Samuel. “The Black Death: End of a Paradigm.” The American Historical Review, vol. 107, no. 3, 2002, pp. 703-738. Samuel Cohn, Jr. opens the article by noting that the ravages of HIV/AIDS and the threat posed by biological weapons have rekindled the interests in the Black Death. However, he argues against most of the literate […]

Collective Invention during Industrial Revolution

According to Alessandro Nuvolari (348), collective invention refers to a situation where a firm shares its technological know-how with its competitors. Firms share information on concept and functioning of new technologies freely with one another. It was first noted in iron industry of Cleveland in the United Kingdom. Iron producers had new innovations in the […]

Predicting Premature Termination from Counseling Using the Butcher Treatment Planning Inventory

This article explores ways of predicting premature counseling termination using scales from BTPI (Butcher Treatment Planning Inventory). The article is jointly authored by two practicing counselors and a university professor. According to the article, managed mental-health care has brought about sweeping changes to mental health assessment modalities. Managed mental-health care (MMHC) mostly affects institutions such […]

Similes Conceptualization in Education

Concept “Similes” pre-teaching conceptualization will combine language and creativity; it will also focus on the definition and nature of similes together with their use as figures of speech for students in grade 6-7. The learning process will ensure the students gain a wide perspective of similes and their meanings together with their use in language. […]

Qualitative research design and methods

How qualitative and qualitative research approaches compare Qualitative research differs from quantitative research because participants exist in their natural setting. Unlike quantitative research where an investigator manipulates variables or recreates the natural setting in the lab, qualitative research aims at assessing behaviours in it’s undisturbed from. The investigator’s role also makes these research strategies quite […]

European consumer policy and regulation in contrast to the United Kingdom

Introduction The consumer protection policy refers to the stipulated mechanism which gives the consumer the freedom to shop and enjoy various products within their establishments. For instance, the European Union (EU) policy and regulation offers freedom to customers or consumers linked to the European Community to operate freely and shop anywhere and to enjoy protection […]

Regional Strategies for Global Leadership

Introduction Regional strategies cannot be overlooked by any organization that seeks to have global leadership. Companies that have realized the importance of geographical distinctions and the need to combine local strategies and initiative together with global strategies and initiatives have felt the benefits of regional strategies. In addition, regions are very important in designing cross […]

‘Belief in Action: The Salvation Army, a Global Not-for-Profit Organization’

Introduction Strategic planning/analysis in management is a continuous process and is used to provide a framework for future organizational growth. The efficiency of an organization is determined by how effective its strategies have been formulated and implemented and how strategic the organization is in realizing its objective of providing and preserving excellent service (Bryson 2002, […]

Learning in Adulthood

Introduction Learning in adulthood is a very stressful path to undertake because it implies additional responsibilities on the already existing domestic duties. Despite the challenges associated with this concept, many persons still take up this alternative with a view to uplifting their standards of living. This paper will try to elucidate the various factors that […]

Geography, its Evolution and Future

Introduction and background Geography is the study of the earth and the natural features that characterize it. It deals on matters of land, inhabitants and the natural processes that shape the earth including atmospheric phenomena. It is through geography that we can get information on land features such as mountains, valleys, faults and many others. […]

Comparing a TQM Implementation in Toyota Motor Company and Emirates Airlines

Introduction Management is the process where activities are coordinated in a business to meet an organization’s goals and objectives. In the changing world with competition, there is need to adopt policies and strategies that facilitate efficiency and effectiveness in all processes. Total quality management is a management tool which aims at ensuring that all processes […]

Benchmarking Method in Practice

Ghoddousi, P., Yavari, H., & Hosseini, M. (2010). Competitive benchmarking of Iranian construction companies management performance. TTEM – Technics Technologies Education Management, 5(3), 621-634. This article presents a benchmarking method in practice. Iranian companies are compared and contrasted with the purpose to understand the differences in performance of the similar issues. The article is focused […]

Dance Education and Culture

Executive Summary In contemporary sociological usage, the term culture refers to the sum total of all knowledge, customs, beliefs, attitudes and values shared by a large group of individuals with other common linkages. Theories formulated by David Carr suggest that culture can also be described from an evaluative point of view as the things that […]

Human Trafficking

Introduction Human trafficking involves recruiting and forcefully transporting individuals to foreign countries with the aim of exposing them to do forced labor. Human trafficking is different from traditional smuggling of people in that the relationship between the victims and he traffickers continues after their transportation. In most cases, they are passed from one trafficker to […]

Piaget and Vygotsky

Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are one of the most influential scientists in the field of the developmental psychology. Piaget and Vygotsky’s approaches to the cognitive development of children are of extreme significance even nowadays. In the following paper, the theories of both scholars will be evaluated and compared from the perspective of their similarities […]

Organic Food and Healthy Eating

Ali, Fredrick. “Prevalence of Diabetes and Obesity – Related Health Risk Factors.” Journal of the American Medical Association, vol. 289, 2003, pp. 76–79. This paper analyses the prevalence of chronic disease like diabetes and obesity in populations that eat junk foods as opposed to the healthy eating population. Binkley, Kenny, et al. “The relation between dietary […]

Influence of the Fashion Attributes on the Social Status and Personal Identity

Introduction The fashion industry is always under high attention and the vehement discussion due to its changing and unpredictable nature and sometimes-scandalous outfits. Moreover, fashion has a high influence on the various aspects of everyday life such as the cities’ development (Pandolfi 2015). Furthermore, fashion is often associated with luxury, underlines one’s social status, and […]

Victorian Art’s Evaluation

Cowling, M. Religion and Public Doctrine in Modern England, Vol. 3, Cambridge, MA, Cambridge University Press, 2001. In the given book, one of the most traditional and conservative ideas concerning the Victorian art is offered. With help of this source, one can see the picture of the Victorian art in its state of stagnation before the […]

Conflict in The Age of Innocence and Manhattan Transfer

Goldsmith, Arnold. The Contemporary American Urban Novel. Wayne State UP, 1991. Goldsmith examines various American novelists and the way these novelists present the American society. Goldsmith notes that these novelists have presented the conflicts that faced people as they encountered new ways. This book makes the reader understand the concerns that are raised in American […]

Chinese Landscape Painting

Ebrey, Patricia Buckley. The Cambridge Illustrated History of China. Cambridge UP, 2010. This provides an illustrated history of China. The book provides traditional myths about the Chinese. The book demarcates several periods in the history of China using dynasties. The author uses illustrations throughout the book to show various activities that took place in various […]

Cross-Media Communication in Advertising: Exploring Multimodal Connections

Article Summary This article initiated by scientists from Aalborg University, Denmark provides the reader with the information on the research of cross-media communication in advertising. The research was inspired by latter studies connected to this area. It focuses on the television commercial and the website as two separate advertisings connected with each other. Three dimensions […]