Qualitative Research Essay Examples

Evolution of Amazon Business Model

Introduction Important questions when looking at the Amazon business model are: What defines core business? Is it the product, intellectual property, process, business design, or the clientele? Many companies today cannot be said to be in a certain business because they have diversified both in product and every other aspect of business. The traditional view […]

Physical Education Curriculum

Introduction Most schools have often emphasized the significance of other subjects on the school curriculum without necessarily considering physical education. This has contributed to physical education being sidelined. Children at an early age for instance need physical education so as to develop their motor skills hence the need for the subject. It is however unfortunate […]

Cause and Effect of Cell Phone Usage Among High School Students from U.S. and Middle East

Research design The research design for this research study will be the mixed-method research approach (qualitative and quantitative research). According to Mertler & Charles, 2011, qualitative research relies on narrative data while quantitative research relies on numerical data. The survey research design will generate case-specific data that is necessary to investigate the research objective of […]

Impact of employee motivation in performance of an organization

What is the impact of employee motivation in performance of an organization? In leadership management, motivation is important and functions between individual interaction and internal attributes of the involved parties. As a component of motivational functionality, the aspect of perception of an employee is vital towards the environment of leadership, influence and performance of that […]

Epidemiological studies of tuberculosis

Introduction Tuberculosis is a contagious disease, which mainly affects pulmonary system, but can affect kidneys, brain, and bones. The causative agent of tuberculosis is a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is among the leading causes of deaths globally because it is an infectious disease, which spreads through the air. Epidemiological studies have revealed that tuberculosis […]

Jewel Production and Its Purpose

The following essay is research report based on the topic jewel production. Jewel is regarded as a luxury yet its demand and value has always made jewels to be one of the most expensive products. The more expensive jewellery is the more it is demanded. This makes jewel production to be a worthwhile aspect of […]

Training programs for semiliterate and illiterate populations in Swaziland

Introduction Health communication focuses on the solution of health issues through the dissemination of selected messages to communities [1]. Most organisations apply various means to spread health messages, including the use of social media and personal interactions with target audiences. Although communication plays a central role in th the study of health communication as an […]

Air Care Gap Analysis

Abstract Every airline company has its own unique operation and long term strategies. Just like in other industries such as the agricultural, banking and manufacturing sectors, airline industries across the globe have different goals. They get cargo ships, tourists’ small jets, military air crafts and private chattered crafts. Although all of them fall in the […]

The Removal of the Compulsory Retirement Age to Employ People Between the Ages of 65 and 80

Compulsory retirement age, is the age at which employees in particular positions, by law are no longer eligible to continue working. Since this practice is unlawful, many countries have instituted laws to discourage it. However, the truth is that despite these measures, aged workers continue to experience discrimination; for example, they are least preferred for […]

Relationship between Sleep and Depression in Adolescence

Abstract Recent studies suggest a decreasing duration of sleep in different parts of the world. In fact, the number of sleep hours per person has increased since 1960s, with people concentrating on work and reducing the amount of time they spend sleeping. While this pattern has improved household and national economies, it has been associated […]

Washback Effect of School-Based Assessment on Teaching and Learning in Hong Kong

Introduction School-based assessment has brought lots of changes to Hong Kong education systems. It has changed the system from norm referenced to standard-referenced assessment which includes incorporation of school-based summative oral assessment elements into the English language for form four and five. According to SBA Consultancy Team, (2005) fundamental skills as well as knowledge required […]

The Real World of Management

Introduction It is common for people to use the phrase ‘it is just a theory.’ People use this phrase when they are looking for something practical. Real life experiences help in answering difficult questions. On the other hand, most theories consider ideal situations (Trivedi, 2002, p. 31). However, in real life, there are no ideal […]

Effects of Transnational Organized Crime on Foreign Politics

Introduction Literature review refers to the evaluation of previous works of various scholars, including theories and major concepts. In academic research, both theoretical and conceptual review of literature is usually undertaken to establish the views, opinions, thoughts, and believes of various scholars and theorists. Revisiting the works of previous scholars is based on the idea […]

The Concept of Product Development

Literature Review Literature review will be conducted for the purposes of providing theoretical knowledge and general insight on the research problem. The general overview from the literature review will help in defining the concept of product development. Additionally, existing arguments on the topic from different authors within existing literature will be considered for the purposes […]

Risk Analysis Process

Executive Summary Risk analysis is a continuous process that requires discipline and effort from the organizations involved. A constant monitoring of both internal and external environment is important to detect the risk factors. Risks lurk in every aspect of the business. They vary from competitor innovations to new technology in the market. These dynamics in […]

Anger Management Educational Model

Abstract The paper below will  explore various health promotion approaches and strategies in the pursuit of high quality mental health care delivery for the participants. In the first chapter, the problem, purpose of study and the research questions will be highlighted. It will be indicated that unresolved anger can cause several body disorders, such as […]

Qualitative Research Method Analysis

An overview of the nature of qualitative research Prior to conducting any research study, it is always important to understand how the information should be collected in order to fulfill the purpose of the research. However, there are only two broad approaches on how this can be accomplished namely qualitative and quantitative research methods. All […]

Mobile Marketing: The Hotelier’s Point of View

Background Mobile marketing is a range of activities that allow the businesses such as the hotel industry to communicate with potential customers through the help of mobile devices, gargets and networks, in a relevant and interactive manner (Aberdeen Group, 2008, p.1). Mobile marketing is the utilization of mobile phones and other wireless gadgets to enable […]

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Abstract Many present organizations have adopted ERP systems due to the need for these organizations to remain relevant in the market and compete globally. This paper explores the significance of ERPS systems in organizations, problems that may be encountered due to lack of these systems, how ERP systems address these problems as well as benefits […]

Virgin Australia Airline Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems ISO 9001: 2008 Quality policy In 2012, Virgin Australia Airline was ranked as the best airline within the Australian airline industry. The firm’s success both in international and domestic markets hinges on its commitment towards provision of high quality services. Virgin Australia has formulated comprehensive quality policies, which has enabled it to […]

Critical Success Factors for the Implementation of System in the State of Qatar

Abstract In this dissertation, the focus will be on the analysis of success factors for implementing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the State of Qatar. For this reason, the study will take form of investigation both primary and secondary sources for obtaining industry views and comparing them with already published information related to critical […]

Multicultural Training of Counselors Increases Competency

Abstract Since the competency of counselors depends on the nature of training that they have received, this study hypothesizes that multicultural training increases professional competence of counselors. Thus, the study investigates the impact of multicultural training on professional competence of counselors. Multicultural training enables counselors to work in diverse populations with different needs. In the […]

Development of Training and Mentoring Program

Introduction Many a times, organizations do not carry out training and mentoring programs in the right format. Training and mentoring should mainly focus on learning and personal development (Wilson 27). The training and mentoring that employees of Interclean will undergo will be necessary for the coverage of essential skills crucial in their success on the […]

Gender and Education

Introduction Contemporary educators and psychologists pay much attention to the relationship between gender and education. For example, they focus on such aspects as academic achievement of male and female students. In addition, they examine the socialization of boys and girls in educational institutions, especially the way in which they perceive gender roles. In this paper, […]

Managing Challenges in Schools

Introduction Al-Andalus School is one of the private schools operating in Saudi Arabia. In its operations, the school is committed to providing quality education to children in Saudi Arabia. The school offers education to children from the 1st to 12th grade. Over the years, the school has undergone significant growth thus motivating its founders to […]

Phenomenology and Hermeneutics Research Methodologies

Thesis Statement Phenomenology and Hermeneutics are concepts that are as ancient and central to Islamic perception of interpretation as they are handy in their explanation of what constitutes understanding of interpretation. In delineating their central meanings therefore it is imperative to have methodologies that are extensive in their content acquisition and thorough in their clarity […]

Operational Management Effectiveness

Introduction Operational Management is defined as an area in business which mainly concentrates on the production of goods and services involving the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are proficient and effectual in terms of meeting the customers’ rations. The manager in charge of operational management is struck with various responsibilities. The main one includes; […]

The High Infant and Perinatal Mortality Rates in Chicago

Purpose of the study The objective of the current study is to describe how the application of qualitative methods and internet-based methods can be used encourage community outreach workers to participate in community-based research in the assessment of public health intervention (Peacock et al, 2011, p. 2275). Research hypothesis Outreach workers are also able t […]

Spirituality in the Workplace

Introduction General Overview The interest in organizational spirituality partially derives from the necessity to balance organizational performance and to improve the codes of ethics within an organization. Specifically, a growing attention to the workplace spirituality allows people to construct and sustain fundamental values at work and facilitate various management operations and practices. Appeared in the […]

Social Media and Older Australians

Abstract This paper investigates the subject of social media consumption among the older Australians. However, the phrase ‘older Australians’ will be confined to people who have attained 65 years and above. Social media is a recent development that is most popular with younger people, yet recent trends show that older people are joining these platforms […]

Conflict in Syria: Opportunity for Future Democratisation?

Literature Review The literature review seeks to analyse democracy in a conceptual framework that explores the politics of the Arab world against that happening in the rest of the world. In so doing, it seeks to demonstrate the meaning of democracy, explore democracy in the Middle East, while tackling political science’s view on democracy, and […]

Green Energy Brand Strategy

Literature review The global move towards changing the global automotive industry through the incorporation of the Electric Vehicles (EVs) has forced China to embrace new ways of advancing its automotive technology (Neve 2014). China is seeing the chance of developing the electric vehicles as a technological advancement that will place the nation on the global […]

Homeland Security Department

Introduction Homeland Security Department (DHS) continues to face security threats even after the egregious attacks of September 11. Following these attacks, the traditional security measures changed dramatically, security enforcement systems and roles changed significantly in a bid to close all identified loopholes (Clark 2007, 33). However, this research develops the hypothesis that the security challenges […]

Cultural and Diversity Management Interview

Introduction Cultural and diversity management is paramount to the success of modern organizations. The world comprises many regions and people who have varying linguistic abilities, religious affiliations, and races among other aspects. These factors give rise to diversity. Therefore, it is vital to assess the importance of cultural and diversity management in the accomplishment of […]

Conflicts in Syria Present No Opportunity for Future Democratisation

Introduction Syria is situated in the Western Asia. Its neighbouring countries are Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel. The country is home to diverse cultural and religious communities. Currently, the country is experiencing conflicts between the government soldiers and the rebels (Habeeb 2012). The conflicts began in the year 2011. It is alleged that the […]

Mobile Systems Uses and Impact on Business

Introduction With increased technology, computational proficiency guarantees businesses with a rare capacity to redesign and offer an insight into principles of integration and control especially with mobile systems (Abbass & Akram, 2010). The knowledge of mobile systems seeks to give businesses more corporate ambience of technological intelligence somewhat reminiscent to human resource computation. Mobile systems […]

IT Solutions for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises

Introduction The Internet of Things (Internet of Things) will grow over the next years in application and adoption. As it grows, its associated technologies will also have to undergo major advancements to accommodate customization and scaling needs of the Internet of Things. For example, privacy, security and semantic interoperability are all features that need further […]

Recovering Energy from Waste

Background Waste management is one of the fundamental issues that are raising concern among the policy makers within the Victorian State in Australia. According to Parkinson (2007, p. 85), the amount of waste materials produced by households and companies in Australia has been consistently on the rise over the past few decades due to the […]

Cross Cultural Management and International Business

Introduction The technological advances and achievements have brought people from different parts of the world and diverse cultural backgrounds very close. People having different cultural identities are communicating are working together (Lauring, 2011). It is good to be close to one another and know about different cultures, however having cultural diversity at workplaces may also […]

How We Can Attract Higher Quality Volunteers

Introduction For organisations like EW (Event Workforce), being able to attract volunteers is an integral aspect of the company’s success. The reason behind this is connected to the concept of “quality staffing” which is defined by having volunteers that have the capacity to take the initiative to resolve issues, are able to follow instructions promptly, […]

The Importance of Education during Early Childhood

Introduction In pre-school children life, parents play an integral role in influencing children’s learning experiences and knowledge grasps. This arises from interactive segments among parents and children. For this reason, many parents opt to participate in mothers and toddlers groups, childcare arrangements, babysitting activities, and other events that increase interactive sessions between toddlers and parents. […]