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Qualitative Research Essay Examples

Qualitative research is a method of observation to gather non-numerical data. Rather than collect counts or measures, qualitative research seeks to gain information around meaning, concepts, definitions, symbols and characteristics. Qualitative research is the mode of study used to determine the attitudes and behaviors of participants. For example, rather than determine the age range of a group of people, a qualitative study may inquire about the belief systems of a group of people around aging. In qualitative research, it is important to address bias and ensure the quality and reliability of research outcomes.

Air Care Gap Analysis

Since the quality of service sends more long-term impact to the customers, other tangible products and players in the service industry should ensure they have good strategies to handle their customers.

The Real World of Management

Overlooking the effects of cultural factors on the behaviours of followers limits the effectiveness of various leadership theories. Organisations use various leadership theories to improve the productivity of their employees.

The Concept of Product Development

The main objective will be examination of the effect of new product development processes to the Organization's performance and general attitude towards the use of 'Natures' energy drink within the market environment.

Risk Analysis Process

The study will address Risk identification Risk assessment Risk mitigation Risk responsibilities Evaluation and reporting Risk Management Strategy Overview A risk is the potential of an activity or a process to lead to undesirable outcome.

Qualitative Research Method Analysis

This implies that the objective of qualitative research study is to assist the research correspondents and information users to comprehend the reasons why things are the way they appear to be and understand the milieu.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

This paper explores the significance of ERPS systems in organizations, problems that may be encountered due to lack of these systems, how ERP systems address these problems as well as benefits associated with ERP systems.

Gender and Education

On the whole, the opinions of these thinkers are of great importance for this discussion, because they can explain the differences in socialization and academic achievement between boys and girls.

Managing Challenges in Schools

The paper evaluates the case of Al-Andalus Private School to understand the challenges experienced in Saudi Arabian schools. The objective of the research is to explore the challenges faced by schools in Saudi Arabia.

Operational Management Effectiveness

This will demonstrate reliability of the bank to the customers and prompt them to come again Communication skills These skills are also a crucial requirement for the customer service representatives of the banks to have.

Spirituality in the Workplace

Spirituality and organizational performance The introduction of spirituality and virtuous approaches to business management is largely predetermined by the necessity to increase organizational performance, productivity, and revenues.

Green Energy Brand Strategy

The utility theory assumes that consumers are the ultimate decision-makers on the consumption of certain products, based on the perceptions of their available income resources and the perceived efficiency of the product.

Homeland Security Department

This article will try to respond to the question that, will the DHS combat the security threats it is facing. The research purpose is to identify the underlying challenges that the DHS will continue to [...]

Mobile Systems Uses and Impact on Business

The advancements in the service sector have therefore, occasioned the increased attention on the modern implementation of the mobile social constructs as a better ways for companies to develop and enhance the global marketing trends.

Recovering Energy from Waste

In the past, the Victorian government did not see the relevance of enacting strict policies to help in the management of waste because it never considered it a major issue.

Sentencing For Murder

Due to time constraint and high number of participants involved in the research, the research was vulnerable to counselling where the pollsters made summaries of the responses the participants gave without giving them time to [...]

The HRM Department

Thus, IHRM must provide a comprehensive way of addressing the HRM in response to the multinational status of the company, the stage of the company growth, competitive strategies, the global structure, and the stage of [...]

Carbon Management Accounting

Therefore, the quantity of managers who may require the carbon related information is the major factor that determines the volume and type of the information. The researcher chose the companies on the basis of the [...]

Science in Education

In picking these test questions, it was necessary to ensure the following three benchmarks were met: " the questions adequately cover a selection of the academic content standards assessed on the Grade 5 Science Test; [...]

Microfinance in developing economies

Moreover, due to the fact that there are billions of the poor in the world, the efficiency and availability of these financial services should be approved for longer periods of time to insure their self-reliance.

Isolated Families – Australia

Members of some community could face isolation as a result of living in remote neighborhoods which enjoy fewer benefits as compared to those with sufficient resources for education and employment. Social capital has been defined [...]

Recruiting in Al-Andalus School

The willingness of school administrators to incorporate the input of teachers in the curriculum development process, and the presence of administrative support for teaching activities, also manifest as some of the main attractions for teachers [...]

Migration and National Security

The author has noted that there is a close relationship between immigrants and these issues and this call for the need to evaluate the application of these policies in controlling the activities of immigrants in [...]

The Novelty of Teams

Apart from being shown to relate to group member outcome, group climate has also been shown to be the link between the leadership of the group and the outcome of group members.

Role of Planning Professionals

The new guidelines have to follow the six steps of urban planning which include determining the objective of the urban plan, formulating the strategy, determining the number of inputs and outputs that will be used [...]