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Green Computing in Botswana Qualitative Research Essay

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Updated: Dec 22nd, 2019


Green Computing refers to eco-friendly utilization of computers. Green computing is quickly gaining popularity in various organizations and it should not only be seen as an environmental issue, but as a way of making good use of electronic gadgets.

The primary goal of green computing is to mitigate the use of harmful resources. Second, it is concerned with efficient utilization of energy in the entire lifetime of electronic equipment. Third, it focuses on encouraging reprocessing of obsolete products and industrial spin-offs. Specifically, green computing ensures that utilization of Information Technology does not harm the environment.

Aim of the Research

Majority of students and other individuals that have embraced computer technology in Botswana are aware of its benefits, but they are oblivious of its negative consequences. It is against this background this research endeavors to find out the extent to which Botho College community has integrated green strategy into their activities.

Research Methodology

In conducting this research, a questionnaire was prepared and circulated to both the learners and tutors at Botho Institute. The learners who participated in the survey answered the questions during lecturers.

The respondents pursued various disciplines that ranged from IT to accounts. 110 respondents completed the questionnaires. Sampling methodology was applied in assessing the respondents at Botho College. The participants had varied computer competency and experiences.

The feedback form was divided into section A and B. Section A had vocabulary quiz that was meant to gauge the extent to which computer users understood green computing. The respondents were asked ten questions that focused on the basic components of eco-friendly computing. Section B of the questionnaire focused on assessing how the respondents handle computers.

Questions in this section were scenario-based. For instance, the respondents were asked to explain what they do immediately after accomplishing their computer tasks. Section B was simply examining the energy saving skills of the respondents, especially, when they use electronic appliances.

Study Outcome

In general, the survey at Botho College revealed that most participants had little or no information regarding green computing. 40.8 percent of the participants responded to section A properly; 59.2 percent of them failed. In section B, only 35.4 percent of students made the right choices. This implies that serious induction on green computing should be carried out at Botho College.

The study also demonstrated that most learners and academic staff were ignorant of energy saving skills. Energy saving guidelines was strategically pinned in various class doors. The college does not have energy efficient computers, and they do not monitor their energy saving trends. Thus, it can be concluded that this institution lacks proper strategies on environmental protection.


These recommendations are drawn from secondary sources such as books and journals that describe the concept of implementing green computing. In order to ameliorate its energy utilization, Botho College should develop a comprehensive policy on environmental protection which should be implemented through eco-friendly computing.

Computer procurement should be undertaken with proper consideration of the energy efficiency of the computers to be purchased. Moreover, the school should invest in the latest computer equipment since it is efficient. Lastly, the school should come up with a better strategy of disposing its junk computers. For instance, the college can donate its used computers to charitable trusts and remote communities in Botswana.

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