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Expository Essay Examples

Business Ethics Concepts

The main idea of business ethics is that it closely correlates with the laws of a society and the kindness of people who make it up and in order for the companies and organizations to [...]

Meaning in Life

Schnell and Steger, Frazier, Oishi and Kaler observed that one critical aspect of the well-being of people in the society, which comes out in the humanistic theories that are utilized in counselling psychology, is people's [...]

Employee work-life balance

The study recommended the improvement of satisfaction of employees in the SME sector in the effort to increase their retention. The existence of scholarly evidence on the value of WLB in enhancing job satisfaction and [...]

Stock Market Investments

These factors include management of the company, the products offered by the company, the competitive position of the market, the asset base, the company's liquidity, the volatility of the stock, and the strength of the [...]

Contextual Urban Design

The Prince has stressed his views of neo-traditional urbanism, the need to account for humanity in designs, and the restoration of historic structures.

The Human Resource Development Program

Human resource management is the sphere in which effective managers contact with employees directly, and they can be discussed as responsible for organizing the work effectively from the start because human resource managers' duties include [...]

Importance Negotiation in Our Life

Development of proper relationships between people and groups of people is one of the most important reasons why negotiation is important. Thus, negotiation is the process that leads to continuous development of the society.

Coca-Cola and Dasani in UK.

One of the most important features that Coca-Cola Company possesses is the ability to market to the right population and the product must be aligned with the people.

IT Management Concepts

Accounting, sales and marketing operations in the firm are automated, which makes it easy for managers to monitor the firm's performance in the market.

Management and Leadership Effectiveness

The results of the prime minister's actions are what many individuals and leaders dread, and which also happens to be the second face of the honesty coin. The affiliative leadership style is where the leader [...]

Social Media and NPO’s

The advent of internet and social media has however disrupted this direct engagement and offered NPO's and public sector an opportunity to interact with consumers in a more complex yet influential way.

Social Theories of Technology

As such it has been viewed by many as the core impetus of transformation and development in society and it has resulted into emergence of the philosophical and scholarly belief referred to as technological determinism [...]

Guantanamo Bay & Jihad Issues

In the light of the growing interest over whether the United States Administration is faulting with the rights and freedom of several hundred unlawful combatants still detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, it is imperative to [...]

Private Art, Public Exposure

The more diverse the art exhibitions are, the more attracted the public is and eventually development of lucrative relationship that will see the collectors and artists benefit greatly from the sale of artistic works in [...]

Evidence Based Management

Both physicians and business personnel tend to follow trends in the market and try to emulate or copy business strategies of the leading firms in the market.

Therapists Vicarious Trauma

Experts at the same time continue to participate in a continuous process of collecting evidence about the role and importance of recognizing the impacts of vicarious trauma that is of developing healthy personal solutions, and [...]

Leadership and Learning

In the event that failure occurs, the organization or individual should not succumb to the failure, but instead, should establish means to come out of the failure.

Consumerization in Healthcare

This would be due to the fact that the management teams of various organizations in the sector would use a central platform to store data that would be accessed by patients to make critical decisions [...]

Autonomous Robots

Since they are self sufficient, the autonomous robots have the capacity to work in the absence of human beings. In the future, humanoid robots might have the intelligence and emotions similar to those of human [...]

Researchers’ Ethical Failures

Soutphommasane gives an example of a research that aimed to evaluate the teachings of empathy in a medical school. One ethical obligation of researchers is to publish their findings so that participants are aware of [...]

Security Issues Analysis

In other words, effectiveness of the analysis process is governed by the quality of input. Better still, both the mid-career and lateral entry levels into the intelligence community should be encouraged in order to minimize [...]

Study Abroad Issues

A closer look at the information provided by the majority of the companies specializing in student transfer and the related services will reveal that a range of essential data, especially the information concerning the financial [...]

Benefits of Action Research

Giving teachers the power to design and implement their research work improves the overall performance of the students. The author will highlight some of the benefits of action research, in addition to the barriers encountered [...]

ELLs in Today Schools

Seeing how motivation remains the key to students' success and efficient performance, it is reasonable to suggest that the task of the one, who has to teach an ELL, is to find a unique niche, [...]

Integrating Poetry into a Learning Process

According to Glazer and Williams, authors argue that their compositions are built of strong materials, and the likes and silikes of children cannot be used as a basis for determingn the quality of the literatur. [...]

Relational Database Management Systems

Relational database management systems improve productivity, speed and flexibility of data management in an organization through a design that encourages a clear boundary between the logical and physical aspect of database management system.

Organisational Behaviour Tools

In spite of the fact employees are individuals and require the individual approach, the organisational behaviour tools can be effective to control any group of employees to achieve the definite goals and stimulate the company's [...]

Organizational Behavior – HR Practices

In the article "The value of human resource management for organizational performance", the authors dwell on performance of an organization as greatly influenced by the organization of its human resources department.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

The following are the main goals for the Abbott Pharmaceutical Company: To enhance continuous expansion of the company to regional level and thus enable individuals to access quality, affordable, and reliable health care services easily [...]

Critical Marketing

In terms of marketing processes, critical theory covers the ideology and assumptions underlying the fundamental marketing theories, the methods and models of doing marketing, and the relevance of various marketing ideas and concepts.

Professionalism in the Workplace

As team players, the leaders to various groups in the teams at the place of work should take the initiatives to recognize the efforts of other members of the team especially regarding the success of [...]