Expository Essay Examples

Organizational Diagnosis: Business Self-Assessment Model

Long-term business performance is significant for business survival as well as sustainability. Organizations always strive to adopt the best strategies to improve their management standards to enable them to achieve their core objectives better. Best practices and organizational diagnosis have often been used to maintain quality in organizations, and as an alternative to rigid legislated […]

Impacts of Culture on Formulation of International Marketing Strategies

Culture affects businesses and human behavior. Most problems between nations come up from deep misunderstandings between the people of these nations, and most of these misunderstandings are rooted in cultural differences. When we understand the behaviors of people from different nations and the reasons why they behave in a certain way, we are less likely […]

Patient Classification System

Applying to Patient Classification System in a Practical Setting Managing and controlling costs is indispensible to regulating profits and expenses at the healthcare organization. Therefore, it is crucial to select an appropriate model for handling input and output operations within the hospital. Having a rich experience in monitoring the flow of patients, along with the […]

Activities of an Organization: Management Code of Ethics

Introduction Corporate social responsibility, which is also referred to as sustainable responsible business or corporate conscience, is a self-regulation mechanism incorporated into the central part of a business. It concerns itself with monitoring and assurance of active obedience with: ethical standards, the general law and the international customs that govern business and non-business activities within […]

Theory Integration in Intelligence

Rational Choice theory George Homas is a sociologist who developed the rational choice theory by assuming that people make economic decisions by considering the greatest benefits and wants that will cost less for more returns. The theory is common amongst economists in cases where the majority of people want to balance less cost for greater […]

Technological Advancement: Intellectual Neutral Element

Introduction Thinking process is a vital element in driving performance in institutions especially in the current environment where change is paramount. The process is driven by diverse factors that hold legal, social, economic and technological implications. These elements influence individuals thinking process and contribute in the formulation of credible course of action. Indeed, individuals thinking […]

Advertising Concept and Campaign

Advertising agencies are varied from small organizations to large and well established firms that employ hundreds of workers. Hence, it is important to note that the structure of such agencies also range from simple to complex systems depending on the size and activities of the business enterprise. Advertising agencies have six key departments namely production, […]

Snowboarding in the United States

Snowboarding has seemingly become one of the most popular sports in the United States, especially after the launch of the Winter Dew Tour at Colorado’s Breckenridge Ski Resort five years ago. Since then, snowboarding sport has undergone a series of evolution. For instance, new snowboarding tricks have been developed to replace or improve the old […]

Compensation, Benefits and Information Systems

The reasons for employee benefits Most modern organizations are recognizing the employees’ compensation as one of the significant organization practices. Studies indicate that not only the employees that benefit from such practices but also the organizations (Shields, 2009). Most organizations perceive employees’ compensations as being costly. However, the benefits surpass the costs involved. In essence, […]

Business Ethics Concepts

Business ethics is a concept taking its base primarily in general human ethics and applying those rules and guidelines in a business environment. Ethics is a set of moral principles and laws that govern a just and civilized society (Bradburn, 2001). Business ethic refers to how people’s morals and fairness are used in agreements and […]

The complexity of relationships between americans and the representatives of other nationalities through the prism of literature

In the “melting pot” of the United States, intercultural relationships have always been complicated (Bayor 98). Despite the fact that the numerous attempts at restoring the balance between the American culture and the culture of the minorities have failed so far, which can be traced in the regular instances of injustice and violence among the […]

Influence of Media on political advertising

Introduction Present American campaigns and elections depend highly on political advertising through the media. In the recent past, there have not been campaigns and elections without political ads on television. Political ads are now a main tool and vehicle in elections. This does not however mean that all political campaigns have to use media. This […]

Meaning in Life

Introduction People are expecting a lot from young people in the current world. Young people are often challenged to take up responsibilities and be critical influencers of political, social, and economic causes in the contemporary society. It is apparent that young people are faced with a lot of challenges because the contemporary society poses innumerable […]

The Right Moral Choice for the US in Response to Chemical Weapons attack in Syria

Introduction Some of the questions that have dominated the popular media and debates worldwide concern the situation in Syria and the question of the United States’ involvement in the ongoing events in Syria. The humanitarian situation in Syria has worsened in the past few months due to increase in the scale of violence resulting from […]

Employee work-life balance

Introduction Human resource (HR) department has noble obligations to reduce employee turnover in an organisation. A decline of employee turnover requires HR to deploy appropriate strategies to enhance employee retention. High retention of employees means a reduction of recruitment together with training costs (Beechler & Woodward, 2009: 273). This has the effect of reducing the […]

Health Sector Challenges

Introduction The health sector has faced one problem after another. However, this sector has proven resilient in solving most of the challenges that it faces on its own. Currently, there are very many challenges that the sector faces. This paper discusses two challenges that affect health care in relation to health economics. These are the […]

Evidence for the Safety and Efficacy of Metal-on-Metal Hip Prosthesis: Sufficient or Insufficient?

Introduction The development of joint replacement surgery was a major milestone in orthopedic surgery. Hip replacement is often the only viable solution for patients with advanced joint deterioration. Total hip arthroplasty is usually the last recourse for patients whose condition cannot be resolved clinically. Successful hip replacement usually leads to a better quality of life […]

Stock Market Investments

Introduction The stock market is one in which shares are traded. This trading may either be through exchanges or sometimes it might be carried out through over-the-counter markets. The stock market is also referred to as the equity market and it serves as one of the most important areas of a country’s economy (Bogle, 2010). […]

Contextual Urban Design

Introduction Various urban theorists have expressed diverse opinions regarding new urban developments. For instance, Leon Krier and other theorists show the importance of capturing new development within its context. On the other hand, Rem Koolhaas, the controversial Dutch urbanist asserts that the focus should be on discovering a new form of urbanism, which does not […]

Effects of Rubber Modifier on the Epoxy Bond Strength for Carbon Fiber Composite – Concrete

CFRC (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites) The research done by Chawla (2010, p. 118) demonstrates the fact that carbon fiber reinforced composite has been very useful in the construction industry. This is because of its two most important characteristics. The first characteristic is the strength it offers to structures. Mallick (2008, p. 87) says that carbon […]

Environmental Hazards and Human Health

This paper is aimed at examining the disposal of waste and the environmental hazards that are associated with this process. In particular, it is necessary to examine the evolution of the techniques that are used by people in order to utilize unwanted materials or goods. For instance, one can compare open dumps with modern landfills. […]

The Human Resource Development Program

Introduction Human resource management is based on certain principles and skills which can be developed and improved with the help of activities trained in the classroom or during the work. From this point, to determine knowledge and skills necessary for training effective human resource managers, it is significant to focus on management principles and characteristics […]

The Human Population, Demographic Transition: Phase IV

Defining Demographic transition A demographic transition is a process that shows how a country’s population changes due to high and low birth and death rates (Soares & Bruno, 2008). Developed countries experienced demographic transitions in the 18th century and the process is still in progress (Soares & Bruno, 2008). On the other hand, developing countries […]

Importance Negotiation in Our Life

Negotiation is a part of people’s life. Notably, people start negotiating at a very early age when they first ask their parents to let them watch more TV. Admittedly, business world is based on the principles of mutual interest. Politics is also the world of constant negotiation. Organizations have to negotiate to remain competitive. In […]

Balance of Payment and Deficit

There is no country in the world that has achieved self-sufficiency. The only way to acquire things that a country does not produce is to trade with other countries. Interactions between countries involve trade of goods and services as well as investments that generate income. A country receives payment for the services it renders and […]

Pursuit of Efficiency and Effectiveness

Introduction The world is increasingly becoming competitive due to the emergence of new firms in various industries. According to Phipps (2011, p. 275), firms are finding themselves under increased pressure to deliver products of very high quality, but at subsidized prices to attract customers. Delivering products of high quality at reduced prices is not an […]

How a Student Should Study For a Test

Students face a lot of challenges when they are studying for tests. These difficulties bar them from attaining good grades in tests they do. Therefore, students need to be guided on how they should study for tests to ensure they achieve positive outcomes. This paper will discuss how students should study for tests to help […]

Coca-Cola and Dasani in UK.

There are several global companies in the world that have gained acknowledgement and fame as the most prosperous and best organizations. The reputation that these businesses have is known worldwide and need no introduction. Coca-cola Company is one such giant that has spread its influence and products in a great number of countries. One of […]

Obesity in Western Culture

Introduction Western society at the present is experiencing an epidemic of obesity where the poor, for the first time in history, are proportionately the most obese sector of the population. Evidence of this can be seen in the work of Cloake (2013) wherein his study shows that “nearly 33% of adults within the U.S. and […]

Disturbance as a Crucial Process in Shaping the Modern Landscape: When the Pieces of Mosaics Fall into Their Places

Of all the things that surround us, landscape seems by far the most stable of all; when looking beyond the horizon, one might think that years will pass, people will come and leave, but the mountains in the distance will always remain in their places. However, this stability is only an illusion; according to the […]

Internet Usability Importance

Internet usability is a very important activity that helps to improve the internet-user interface mainly by utilizing domain names. Internet usability refers to the design and positioning of a website for ease of interaction with the users. Internet usability entails such activities as web site design, human-computer interaction, Web site usability, online brands, and online […]

Customer Management Systems on Internet Based Book Selling

Bookselling is an activity that has been in existence since time immemorial. It can be described as the business of selling books either by the authors, or other selling agents. Long before globalization, the methods of selling books were inconvenient and unreliable as compared to today. Major developments such as the internet have influenced the […]

IT Management Concepts

Information technology is vital for a company that seeks to grow its revenues in the industry it operates. If a firm allows its employees to learn information technologies that are relevant to their skills and duties, they can achieve positive outcomes at work. This will makes a firm to have a stronger competitive edge in […]

Analysis of Multiplier

Introduction “Multiplier” is a significant economic factor that measures the increase in money supply in response to fiscal changes in diverse settings. It is instrumental in measuring the output propensity or GDP performance levels in an economy. Indeed, any nation that seeks to balance its resources effectively and achieve high returns or meet its obligations […]

Should Canada support Syrian Rebel Forces?

Introduction In February this year, John Kerry was reported saying that Syria was the “legitimate voice of the Syrian people” (Cbsnews Para.1). For this reason, Kerry said that the U.S was willing and ready to supply the rebels with non-lethal support. To Kerry, non-lethal support includes medical supplies and foods coupled with financial aid required […]

Understanding Business Environment

Business environment refers to factors, both internal and external, that affect the operations of a business. These factors may include clients, competitors, owners and suppliers. A part from communication, ethnic background, gender and age, business environment covers the multigenerational workforce for quality performance in the business world. Workforce revolutionizes with age due to the beliefs […]

Management and Leadership Effectiveness

There is a common misconception among many people that a leader is a boss and vice versa. This notion, however, is not true. A leader is defined as a person whom people follow and from whom they seek guidance and direction. A boss, on the other hand, can be anyone who has some sort of […]

Normative Sexuality in Children

Normative sexuality is a terminology that is often employed to mean the normal sexual orientation of an individual implying that sexual and marital relations are to be endorsed if they only take place between a female partner and a male partner. Any other relationship that goes against this relationship is considered abnormal. Various scholars and […]

Social Media and NPO’s

Introduction There has been a rapid growth in utilization of social media applications amongst various groups of internet users in the last five years (Ostrow, 2010). The common applications in the social media platform include Facebook, Blogs, RSS and wikis (Hansen et al., 2011). These platforms have become popular with most internet users, who utilize […]

Internet Communities and Social Networks

Introduction The global technological advancement has led to many changes in the ways of interaction among people. The advancement in information technology, which led to the development of social networking websites, clearly evidences this fact. There has been a gradual yet significant development of social networking sites. The development of these sites started with ‘Friendster’ […]

Relevance of Resource-Based View to Human Resource Management

Introduction In a highly competitive economic environment, typified by such phenomena as the globalization of markets, shifting workforce demographics, changing customer preferences and increasing product-market differentiation, people and the way they are managed as a source of competitive advantage becomes of much significance to the organization, in part due to the fact that many other […]

Social Theories of Technology

Introduction Technology is an important constituent of all human cultures which impacts positively as well as negatively up on people’s lives and which are in turn affected by them. Human activities in all sectors of a society is made easier by general and/or specific collection of implements and tools which has been invented by man […]

Guantanamo Bay & Jihad Issues

In the light of the growing interest over whether the United States Administration is faulting with the rights and freedom of several hundred unlawful combatants still detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, it is imperative to critically evaluate if the notion of “jihad” has been overhyped by policy makers, the media and other stakeholders interested in […]

Private Art, Public Exposure

Introduction Works of art are great assets to contemporary society since they reflect identity and values of diverse cultures in the world. Since art is an integral part of the public domain, privatization of art foundations and museums in the recent past, has attracted many criticisms concerning the fate of cultural identity and values. Critics […]

Performance Management Systems: Human Resource

Human resource is one of prestigious departments in the functioning of any organization. Human resource involves issues relating to human capital and employees’ working environment. It is harder for organizations that have invested in their human resources to achieve their objectives. However, for an effective and smooth realization of human resource, it is imperative for […]

Economic Theory: Exploring the Marginal Concept

Circumstances Encouraging Businesses to Open Up Coal Minds and Exploiting These Resources The coal industry in Europe has recently been closed because the revenues received from coal mining did not justify the costs needed to sustain the production. Specific problems are connected with impossibility to meet environmental standards, as well as development of green economy […]

Healthcare System Management: Healthcare Financing

Many governments today have made it their duty to put in place mechanisms that would ensure their citizenry is provided with an effective and affordable healthcare service. Healthcare is an expensive undertaking that needs proper financial planning. However, the sector, as the paper reveals, encounters a terrific deal of issues, which include staff and physician […]

Changes in a Brick-and-Mortar and Virtual Organizations

Introduction The essay is a critical examination of organizational change in a brick-and-mortar and virtual organization. It has been brought forth that change is the only constant thing on earth; for that matter in the world of business, organizations that do not change will be forced out of business since they will loss competitive advantage […]

Education Studies: Learning Style Lessons

Learning refers to the acquisition of skills through a study. The rate of skills perception depends on a person’s sense of the surrounding and likes. Depending on these two factors, a person can prefer to use one or several styles of learning. These styles of learning include aural, visual, verbal, social, logical, solitary and physical. […]

Information Security Management

Introduction Information is critical to the functioning of every organization. It defines its operations and activities. The concept of security management is thus elusive and focuses on organizational security. Organizations have remained active in terms of acquisition of information management systems. These systems are meant to aid organizations in securing their information. This paper discusses […]

Motivational Theory and Generation Y

Motivation theories explain about human nature and human needs. These theories demystify the nature of people and the forces that drive people into action. Motivational theory explains why people take the actions they take at work. These theories can be classified into organismic or mechanistic. Mechanistic theories view the human being as passive and needing […]

Ohio State Organisation

Abstract Budgeting and financial management are important aspects in the smooth running of any entity. The effectiveness of a management body depends on how efficient it is in using the available resources to increase the productivity of the organisation. The state of Ohio has put various mechanisms and strategies in place to enable it continue […]

Manitoba “First Nations’ Home & Community” Care Program

Background The First Nations and Inuit Home and Community Care (FNIHCC) Program was approved by the Federal government in 1999 to provide basic home and community care services to people with disabilities, persistent or acute illnesses and the elderly. The program aims to maintain optimum health, well-being and independence of the target groups, develop and […]

Evaluation of Ethical Responsibilities as Psychologists

This paper attempts to highlight some issues that any psychologist may encounter during his or her practice. Besides, the paper seeks to highlight ethical aspects that psychologists must consider while dealing with clients and the community. There is also a description of other ethical aspects of psychologists such as values, diversity issues, confidentiality, research, multiple […]

Evidence Based Management

Evidence-based management entails the use of scientific facts, experiments, or research works that are relevant and current in the decision making process. It has been used in the medical fields to come up with remedies for various chronic illnesses, but unfortunately very few percentages of doctors and physicians utilize this in their decision-making process which […]

Therapists Vicarious Trauma

Introduction Literature concerning professionals working with traumatized clients or patients is enormous. The interaction between the professional and clients takes place on daily basis where the professional may be affected by the client’s problem through exposure to the problem. Vicarious traumatization (VT) was first identified in early 1990s through an extensive research done by McCann […]

Marketing Strategies for Certain Markets

Sanguine mangers characterized by a keenness of understanding of market forces know quite well what to expect when launching a new product in a new market that is characterized by a multicultural environment. They know that issues such as cultural differences, product branding, norms, values, beliefs, perceptions, distribution channels, communication strategies, market expectations, and satisfied […]

The Main problems of Handling Sexual Harassment Cases

Introduction Sexual harassment cases in the workplace are encountered across the world. Sexual harassment reduces quality of work, morale and performance of the workers. Many organizations have enacted workplace policies in order to combat the issue (McCann, 2005). However, the sexual harassment continues to be a major issue in workplaces. The main problem that the […]

World Government and Environmental Conservation

The current environmental matters feature a variety of players including governments, private lobbyists, and international organizations. Various countries are experiencing conflicts in their policy formulation where national environmental policies appear to be on a collision course with international standards. The national interests of industrial countries such as Japan, China, and the United States have always […]

The Politics of International Human Rights Law

Australia’s compulsory incarceration of asylum seekers started in the early 1990s (Chan 2006). The Keating Government pioneered the immigration policy. To uphold the reliability of the country’s immigration programs, the policy requires three categories of immigrants to be subjected to compulsory incarceration. The groups are all illegal immigrants, migrants who present intolerable threats to the […]

Leadership and Learning

Failure and fast failures are accompanied by far reaching consequences. These failures require individuals to solicit candid input from others, evaluate their actions, and diagnose their needs for improvement. In the process, individuals may lose their temper at a critical time, feel inadequate and fail to build a team in the organization. It is failure, […]

Public Transport Infrastructure in Australia

Facilitating the communication between different elements of the city infrastructure is a crucial task, and the transportation system is what the success of communication hinges on. With the integration of improved transportation system principles into the infrastructure of Melbourne, the environment for purring the growth of local SMEs has been created. Affecting the PPP (public–private […]

Strategic Communication in Public Relations

Public relations/Advertising history Introduction Public relations have always had an advocacy function and recently the field moved towards a management aspect. The field was purely activitist in nature as it only related to actions seeking to influence relationships in any way, but the managerial orientation of PR has created parameters to follow and narrowed the […]

Consumerization in Healthcare

Introduction From a business perspective, consumerization refers to the approaches that are adopted with regard to the use of private resources that are aimed at improving operations of business establishments. In the healthcare industry, consumerization is the adoption of information technology (IT) devices to improve healthcare operations and responsibilities. Some of the devices used in […]

Bureaucratic Politics Impact on Decision-Making

Bureaucratic politics, as well as organizational dynamics are characterized by a long, categorized, and non-essential political process that involves too many players before a decision is made. As a matter of fact, bureaucratic politics and organizational dynamics’ time consumption are disadvantageous to the political players and the political playing field, as it slows down the […]

Bureaucratic Politics and Organizational Dynamics

The effectiveness of the decision-making process is influenced by external influences that include politics, organization dynamics, and the outcome of the policies. Therefore, bureaucratic politics and organization dynamics have a profound influence on the decision-making process. Collective bargaining by a group of individuals who are guided by available decision-making alternatives has an impact on bureaucratic […]

The Challenge of Globalization 5 Years into the Future

Globalization is seen as a growing interconnection “reflected in the expanded flows of information, technology, capital, goods, services, and people throughout the world – a force so ubiquitous that it will substantially shape all of the other major trends in the world of 2020” (Brown, 2006, p.23 ) Five years from now, corporate leaders are […]

The Role of Effective Communication

One of the factors that lead the company to the success is the effective communication. It is important to note that the business in the globalised economy is based on the strong networks between employees and partners; on the understanding of the goal and strategy; on sharing the mutual vision of the course; on the […]

US Intelligence Community

Various agents of globalization, including the internet, mass media, social networks, and technology, mostly shape intelligence processing in foreign policy making in the current international system. On one hand, the emergence of the internet and social networks are praised for enhancing information analysis among foreign policy makers while on the other hand, it is accused […]

Autonomous Robots

Introduction The future of technology in the changing world is uncertain. Scientists and researchers are coming up with new ideas and new inventions that might affect people in different ways. The development of robots has enabled people to do various things concurrently without necessarily having to be present. In fact, robots and human beings have […]

Researchers’ Ethical Failures

Reflection The importance of ethics in research has caused many professional associations, government agencies, and research dependent institutions to come up with strict standards in fostering an ethical practice among members and affiliates. These are extensions to legal rules governing behavior and ethical norms. Ethical actions can be legal or they can be illegal. When […]

Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS

Introduction HIV/AIDS has become a concern to everybody in the world. Many countries and individuals have found it very hard to deal with it because of the lack of funds. Therefore, organizations have come up to help them handle this problem. Notable organizations that have offered their support include WHO, PEPFAR, the Clinton’s AIDS Initiative, […]

Using Songs to Help Patients

For many years, music has been associated with positive impacts on human beings vis-a-vis reducing stress levels. Specifically, many studies have established that music could be utilised to alleviate anxiety and reduce heart rate in contexts that are exemplified by clinical laboratory events (Brattico et al. 2003; Sokhadze 2007). Nowadays, clinicians use songs to help […]

Capitalism and Colonialism

Austin (2014) considers the correlation between colonialism and capitalism. It was argued that the spread of capitalism was largely caused by colonial gains of major empires. Austin (2014) does not refute this statement but offers particular ways in which capitalism found its way to the colonies and the way it developed in empires. Importantly, the […]

Australia’s Involvement in Pacific War

The Second World War became the period when Australia got to participate in a massive armed conflict for the first time in its post colonial history. It is also important to mention that at that time Australian troops had to take part in two wars. They fought on the Second World War against Germany and […]

Security Issues Analysis

Effective analysis is a crucial process when it comes to issues related to security. Intelligence is also closely tied to the aspect of analysis. The intelligence community will continue to rely heavily on a number of intelligence parameters that can aid their work. Both the past and modern policymakers are keen on analysis owing to […]

Study Abroad Issues

Over the past few years, the number of students willing to receive education abroad has grown impressively (Lee, 2011), mostly because of the globalization process and the options that it opens in terms of high quality education perspectives (Foster 178). However, because of the lack of information, which the companies providing studying abroad provide to […]

Benefits of Action Research

Introduction to Action Research Action research is an additional form of professional development that focuses on methods applied by teachers in efforts to improve learning. It is done through collaboration with the community, teachers, and students. In involves classroom-based inquiries on various topics relevant to the stakeholders. Through action research, teachers are allowed to make […]

Saudi Arabia Commercial Law

The main contradiction between the UPICC and the Saudi Arabia commercial law is based on the fact that the Saudi Arabia law is largely Sharia law. The parties in commercial contracts have the freedom to contract, but the scope of the remedies and other modes of enforcing the contract are regulated by the Islamic law. […]

Intelligence Reforms in the USA

The term “intelligence” in the context of national security refers to analyzed and refined information that is useful in the decision-making process of policymakers. The US government has developed several strategies aimed at bringing reform to intelligence in the verge of improving national security. Such reforms include the creation of the DNI (Directors of National […]

ELLs in Today Schools

Diversity is an important and often integral part of a teacher’s everyday practice. In the era of the globalized XXI century, when communication technologies allowed for transcending the boundaries of space, learning English as a second language seems to have become one of the bare necessities of a modern student (Garcia, n. d., 00:00.35–00:00.40). Therefore, […]

Prevention and Treatment of Tuberculosis

Introduction TB, a contagious chronic disease that primarily affects the lungs is caused by the inhalation of Mycobacterium bacilli (Hanif & Garcia-Contreras, 2012). Today, TB remains a serious public health concern in many parts of the world (Hanif & Garcia-Contreras, 2012). Surveys by WHO indicate TB infections and fatalities were especially high in the 90s […]

The Societal View of Medicine and Treatment

Inquiry into the interaction between culture and medical practice has gained more ground with the passing years. The advancement in certain studies, such as sociology and psychology, has provided impetus for better understanding of the relationships between these fields. The western medicine has been based on scientific inquiry. It relies on research and advancement of […]

Integrating Poetry into a Learning Process

Poetry plays an important role in a learning process, specifically when poems are applied to teaching various disciplines. Although children sometimes prefer narrative verses to the lyrics ones, they can contribute greatly to improving pronunciation and spelling, as well memorizing various terms. It is very important for teachers to introduce poetry in an oral form […]

Internationalization on Developing Countries

According to Van den Cate, the world no longer consists of closed national economies. Accordingly, all countries have opened their borders to international trade. For that reason, the idea of a borderless economy is now real (Van den Cate). Additionally, the need to open economies to foreign investments has resulted into internationalization. Consequently, developing countries’ […]