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Personal Essay Examples

Cultural Linguistic Autobiography

Some of the courses that I took included curriculum development and assessment, language reading acquisition and research, teaching in a pluralistic society, and the English linguistic. In these classes, I gathered methods and tactics to [...]

Observation and Analysis Paper

In this paper, I would like to discuss how non-verbal communication manifests itself in my relationship with my boyfriend. In moments of intense concentration, my boyfriend tends to frown, and this non-verbal behavior is not [...]

Life in the Kenya Refugee Camp

The onset of the politically instigated violence in my country meant that circumstances had taken a turn for the worst. Life in the refugee camp is so challenging with so little to smile about as [...]

Suffering is Optional

As if that was not irresponsible enough, she at some point surprised her family and friends when she cut herself on the wrist, making us wonder about how much she had gotten used to the [...]