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Autobiography Essay Examples

Lt. Col. Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch

In recent decades in spite of the rhetoric on equal opportunity for all Americans numerous studies show that minorities are in a disadvantage.[1] Two major ethnic groups, the African Americans and Hispanics are finding it [...]

Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth is credited for various reforms that she advocated and pushed for while she was still active and in various positions she was able to secure in the course of her life.

Thomas Jefferson

In 1776, he was preferred to outline the Declaration of Independence owing to his pose in the Continental Congress, which has been unanimously considered as a bond of the US and international autonomies.

Concepts of Personality Profile

This piece of work looks at a practical personal profile and the positive and negative aspects associated with the use of a personal profile as a tool in the selection and retaining of employees in [...]

Customer Service Coordination

Self-management on the other hand is the key factor because the coordinator must be self-aware all the time in relation to the environment and the needs of the customers.

Memoirs of a Border Ranger

One of the significant aspects of this northern region of our country is that the American border towns have a significantly greater population of Mexicans and Americans of Mexican origin that the Anglo-American population.