Autobiography Essay Examples

Women Characters in The 47 Ronin, The American Experience, and in Shane

Some of the women’s characters like being motherly are innate, while others are developed due to a woman’s various roles in society. Different authors and film writers illustrate these roles in literary works and films respectively based on the experiences that the writers. Some writers highlight traits such as heroism, compassion, aggression, and protectiveness while […]

Greek Philosopher Socrates

It is a reality that societies tend to have individuals who question the way things are done. These individuals also known as philosophers feel that their responsibility is to question why things are the way they are. These philosophers usually work in places where they were born. This article will focus on one Greek philosopher […]

Sojourner Truth

Individuals lead different lives and are remembered for what they were able to accomplish during their lifetime. Sojourner Truth is a well renowned individual who is remembered up to date for her contribution towards people’s lives. This paper gives a critical look at the life and contributions associated with Sojourner Truth, the black abolitionist. Sojourner […]

Organizational Development

Introduction Organizational development refers to advancement concerning performance and the quality of output. It entails identifying the current and future barriers so that the organization can progress towards achieving its mission. Organizational development requires the efforts of all employees in an organization regardless of their position because lack of participation can be an obstacle. This […]

Suffering is Optional

Suffering is a worldwide experience of which no human being has the capacity to evade. Nevertheless, suffering can also be optional at times and get to totally depend on how one chooses to look at a tragedy. Every now and then, different unfortunate happenings that could include loosing money and many others related to constant […]

Ann Oakley’s Gender Socialization Theory – Essay

The definition of the discipline According to Longman, Dictionary of Contemporary English, sociology is defined as the scientific study of societies and the behaviour of people in groups. It also can be synonymic to social science. It uses different methods (empirical investigation, exploratory and constructive research, analysis) to develop and improve the knowledge about human […]

Personal Health Change

Introduction Improving the quality of one’s life is imperative in the present century. Education, establishment of more employment opportunities and private health in life are among the objectives which self-gratify an individual. The lifestyles individuals are accustomed to and their environment impact healthy behavior. However, there are several ways of improving personal health, which may […]

Thomas Jefferson

Introduction The logician was born in Shadwell in 1743 (Malone, 11). His father was a triumphant farm owner and surveyor while his mother originated from one of the renowned families in Virginia. His matrimony produced six children, but only two lived to maturity. Jefferson lived in Monticello where he expanded his business while erecting his […]

Summary: James Wertsch’s “The Multivoicedness of Meaning”.

Introduction In this article, Wertsch seeks to give insight into the implications ofBahktin’sunique ideas on Vygotskian approach to mediated action. While Bahktin still recognizes and acknowledges the centrality of meaning to the socio-cultural approach to mediated action, unlike most semiotic analyses that have mainly focused on the nature of formal structure central in most contemporary […]

Concepts of Personality Profile

Introduction A personality profile is simply a description of an individual’s professional qualifications. Personality profiles can also be defined as tests that are used to evaluate a person’s attributes in terms of the personal, educational background as well as professional achievements. There are various personality profiles with some being straightforward while others are complex and […]

Interview with Marketing Manager of Toyota Motor Corporation the United States Branch

The manager interviewed is the head of marketing department to the international company whose head quarters are in Japan, the United States Branch sells automobiles and offers financial services, and rent a car business to customers. The company has 317,734 employees all over the world however, in the United States; the employees are slightly over […]

Memoirs of a Border Ranger

My name is John west and I am an American border guard. I have proudly served my country on the American-Mexican border front since 1905. For the better part of the last decade, the border has been fairly tranquil save for the random illegal migrant and drug trafficking cases. However, the past few years have […]