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Problem Solution Essay Examples

Dairy Crest Company

Balanced Scorecard The balanced scorecard refers to the strategic planning and management system that is deployed widely in business institutions, as well as governments with the aim of aligning business operations to the vision as [...]

Solving the issue of crime

As the director of the county juvenile court, the research question related to the problem at hand should state as follows: What are cost effective methods of solving the proliferation of violent street gangs in [...]

Donaldson Family Foods Management

Specifically, the non discursive approach employees of the Donaldson Family Foods Company have adopted in explaining and exploring shared and coordinated actions on roles does not functions in the exchange of information in a professional [...]

Service Management: CNN

While the US is a single national market, CNN seeks to achieve more competition in the delivery of its news by giving all the country's regions special attention.

Project Management: Green Fashion Store

However, the project manager will ensure that the various sub-components of the project contribute towards completion of the entire project. In a bid to determine the cost of the project effectively, the entrepreneur will use [...]

Aquatic Life in Indiana

While it is imperative to underscore the role of technology in social and economic development, it is agreeable that the effects of motor boating in shallow lakes of Indiana are apparent and detrimental.

Strategic Planning: Starbucks

It is vital for Starbucks to persist with the process of implementing the historic mission and vision statements that have been key towards the growth and development of the company since the 1970s.

Performance Appraisal Systems

The Employee Performance Appraisal System should enable the managers provide objective descriptions and evaluations of the employees' performance standards. By implementing this appraisal system, each departmental manager will set objective goals with his or her [...]

Change in BITEME

Moreover, it enables an organization to determine the ability and possibility of achieving the goals and objectives of individual projects within the company.

Change Management in Recruitment

Sometimes, a change occurs due to challenges or forces from within or outside the business, which make it necessary for the organization to adjust to be at a better position to face the challenges, or [...]

Cybercrime – Pentagon

It is the lack of effective controls that accounts for most hacking incidences, as depicted by the case of Gary McKinnon who was able to gain unauthorized access to NASA and pentagon systems, deleting crucial [...]

Addressing the Nurse Shortage

Focusing on the developed economies, the situation of recruitment and retention of healthcare workers, especially the nurses who are core to caring services in the healthcare, remains a contention in leading economies of the world.

Red Bull Company Marketing Strategy

The three main reasons for the success of Red Bull's market strategy is its representation of a subculture, concentration in a niche market and the perceived social benefits of consuming the drink.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

The view of Tammy about her parents' irresponsibility in her life is one of the irrational thoughts. In this regard, the client would be able to identify the thoughts and behaviors that affect her life.

Managing Contemporary Warehouses

Warehouse managing is the skill of moving and storing items in a warehouse. Before the introduction of WMS in supplies and operations management, warehouse managers and employees depended on paper and clipboards inventories.

Environment of Kuwait

Obviously, the given problem might seem not that important if to observe the general environmental situation of the country, which is extremely close to that of the environmental catastrophe, but as an ordinary citizen, who [...]

Tesco Strategic Decisions

The computer and internet system seems to be one of the thorns that the company should be looking at; the failures that the company is getting are coming from adopting technology that is outdated or [...]

Organizational Behavior Issues

Ancol Pty ltd had an issue managing the human capital time management and the time they served their employer; the removal of time clock has the following consequences: Deterioration of the spirit of team work [...]

Leadership Decisions and Globalization

With globalization, a problem should be looked from the global perspective; that is how it has affected the current business in the domestic country and how it is likely to affect the company in other [...]

Fighting Cyber Bullying

Resources Role of the resource/input Statement forms To facilitate information transfer to the staff Counseling Personnel To arm students against the problem Bullying report system To create efficient internet enhance report system Regulation implementation documents [...]

Stories of Change

In order to create a clear picture of the above description, there is a need to create systematic change initiatives that address the needs through prioritization of different change instruments to ensure that the outcome [...]

Planning Financial Strategies

In this regard, the presented solutions, particularly their focus on spreading the markets with low utilization of medical services and increasing the number of plan participants, will lead to the increase of the premiums.

Technology Failure in Business

The choice of the technology framework was direct, with scaling in size and functionality being the key determinants that led to the purchase and installation of the Infosys' solution called 'Finacle'.

Change Management Plan

Proposed change In the 12-month program, the proposed change is to introduce total quality management principles and tools in the management of Saudi Arabian education institutions taking place under the Ministry of Education.

Failure in Business

In addition, the view of failure as a good thing is backed by the fact that a business can set up a team to investigate the factors that were responsible for the failure and offer [...]

Arabtec Operation Management Project

The first stage of inventory management is sourcing for the raw materials needed for manufacturing of the products, while the last stage is the process of delivering finished products to the customers in the market.

Union National Bank

This report will discuss the strategies that can be used to develop Union National Bank's information system to exploit the potential of big data. This will help in identifying the type of software that will [...]

New Ideas for Improving the Company

Benchmarking of the mapping, executing and managing processes Benchmarking of the channels for planning and execution of production and distribution goals has the effect of reducing costs of supply chain management since the company will [...]

Waste Disposal of Victoria City

Since the quality of wastes is above the amount which is allowed for disposal through the council, the company should begin by getting waste disposal certificate and observe the rules of disposing the hazardous wastes.

Concept of Route-to-market

With these considerations, it is important to examine the available options for the MS Technologies Limited and determine the RTM options that will fit the company's products, size and industry in the target markets.

Performance Feedback Skills

The ultimate aim of the performance feedback process is to tune the employees to act in a given desirable manner. It is very critical that the management ensures that their process of assessing the employees' [...]

The Standards of Risk Management

These are some of the benefits that can be identified and students should not overlook them. In other words, the management should consider the opinions of various stakeholders in order to identify the threats to [...]

Project Plan – The Hiring Process

The scope of the project will be on the premises of the main objective that it will the management will aim at achieving, which will be improving the efficiency with regard to hiring new workers.

Sustainability and Slums

Under each aspect of sustainability, the discussion will touch the expectation of sustainability, the policies that focus on the issues, the problems experienced in comparison to those policies, and the solutions to those afflictions.

Anglo American PLC in South Africa

The directors, employees, the government, suppliers, the community, and the customers are some of the stakeholders of the company. The number of employees and contractors that the company has in South Africa are infinite, and [...]

Walmart in the South

The implementation of NAFTA helped to solve most of the problems that Walmart was facing. As a result of the new manufacturing companies, Walmart does not need to import some of the products.

Let’s Go Kids Camp

These innovative interventions aim at encouraging the children to make appropriate decisions and appreciate the merits of their preference in living a healthy life.

Counseling an Addict

In addition, the treatise offers a comparison between the behavior of 'a child of an addict' and 'an adult child of an addict' in order to establish appropriate approaches for offering counseling for each of [...]