Problem Solution Essay Examples

Opportunity Development Through Corporate Venturing

Introduction Firms engage in new ventures to remain competitive. New ventures are endeavors in pursuit of new revenue streams. The firm has to consider internal and external factors that are likely to affect the revenue in the process of identifying new ventures (Armstrong et al. 2004). This paper discusses the introduction of a new mobile […]

Dairy Crest Company

Appendicies Balanced Scorecard The balanced scorecard refers to the strategic planning and management system that is deployed widely in business institutions, as well as governments with the aim of aligning business operations to the vision as well as strategy of the organization, enhance internal and external communications, and examine organization performance in terms of attainment […]

Responsible factors for climate change

By definition, climate change is an average long-term shift in weather patterns that is manifested by altering in the contributing factors including precipitation, temperature and pressure among other indicators. Climate change can be a consequence of a modification in variability typified by extreme weather conditions, for example, erratic rainfalls that cause floods. The earth’s climate […]

Asylum Seekers in Australia

Introduction The increasing inflow of refugees and asylum seekers has become one of the major concerns for Australian policy-makers, journalists, human rights activists, and tax-payers. In particular, it is necessary to reconcile two needs. At first, the Australian government must ensure that people, who are at the risk of torture, persecution, or discrimination, can find […]

The Curriculum and Instruction Specialization

The curriculum and instruction specialization involves a lot of areas which are investigated and discussed by teacher-researchers in order to change instructions and improve learning in the classroom. The teacher-researcher’s main task is to examine the aspects of such processes as teaching and learning and focus on the conditions for improving the situation within the […]

Customer Relationship Management Systems

In executing a business strategy, poor data quality results from two main sources. These include the use of flawed performance indicators and incoherent analysis of business operations and performance metrics. In many businesses, this problem is exacerbated by shifts into business management systems that synchronise business and computer-based systems. This approach increases the risks posed […]

Handling a Depressed Youth

Research indicates that depressed teens are more likely to commit suicide compared to those that do not experience depression (King, Strunk & Sorter, 2011). It also shows that cases of suicide are few during the early stages of an individual’s development, but increase as youths approach adulthood (King, Strunk & Sorter, 2011). According to Erford […]

Fundamentals of Fashion and Design

Abstract This report outlines how Jimmy Choo, which is an emerging firm in the UK fashion industry, can strengthen its competitive advantage. The report focuses on the strategies that the firm’s management team should take into account. Some of the strategies evaluated relate to investment in information communication technology (ICT). The main technologies cited include […]

Solving the issue of crime

The subject of crime is one of the most contentious issues in the society that permeates every aspect of human identity such as age, gender, race or tribe (Anderson, 2009). As a big problem in the society, the concept of its solution calls for adoption of cost effective strategies (Anderson & Taylor, 2010). Therefore, the […]

Ethical Issues in Supervision of Postgraduate Research Students

Introduction High quality postgraduate education is integral to the creation of an even more highly skilled workforce that will enable the country to maintain its competitive edge in an increasingly competitive world. Research is the cornerstone of most postgraduate studies and the supervisory relationship between the doctoral student and supervisor is crucial to the success […]

Customer Service as a Part of Business Strategy

Literature Review Customer service is an essential part of business strategy (Sahaf 2008). Any company that ignores the quality of services that it gives to its customers commits a strategic blunder. This literature review explores the conceptual issues that govern the provision of excellent customer service. The review has four sections. The first section deals […]

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

The Basic Information about the Client Maggie is a young Caucasian woman in her twenties who came from the Bowery neighborhood. Maggie decided to ask for the help of a professional without the impact of the other persons. The purpose for the referral is the feelings of despair and guilt from which the woman suffers. […]

Donaldson Family Foods management

Classical Approach Diagnosis Donaldson Family Foods Company does not have systems that work alongside its staff members to promote healthy communication ethics by recognizing and where necessary, supporting staff members who make steady commitment in practicing accepted and desirable healthy organizational communication ethics in their work departments. This is best achieved through reliable management and […]

Strategic Business Plan: Small Size Dog Boarding Business

Introduction The conceptualization of a successful small dog boarding business demands a broad strategic blue print. The strategic plan should internalize the aspects of business vision, mission, values, communication plan and a balanced scorecard. Thus, this reflective paper develops a strategic plan for the proposed small dog boarding business called Dog Nest Centre to compete […]

Service Management: CNN

Introduction Services providing firms, just like the goods manufacturing companies, need to establish sound strategies and operations in order to develop their overall businesses. Such strategies may involve determining new services, identifying a perfect competitive strategy, and defining target markets to serve the market effectively. This paper seeks to discuss in detail the aspect of […]

Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal

Ethics in organizations is an important ingredient of organizational success. Both the employers and employees ought to act ethically to ensure that the goals and objectives of the organization are achieved (Mello, 2006). However, given the different personalities and thinking of human beings, ethical problems in organizations are inevitable. As such, it is important that […]

Project Management: Green Fashion Store

Purpose of the project management plan Environmental pollution is one of the major challenges facing the society today. Despite this, firms are adopting various production and operational strategies in a bid to maximise their level of profitability. Some of the strategies implemented have a negative impact on the environment. The fashion industry contributes to various […]

Road Traffic Accidents: Epidemiology of an Injury

Introduction: Epidemiology, Statistics and Other Related Issues Road accidents will always happen (Bartley, 2008). No matter how well people might learn the basic principles of road regulations and the rules of pedestrian safety, due to the notorious human factor, accidents are practically unavoidable (Cacciabue, 2004). As a result, road injuries will never cease to occur, […]

Nicos Canine Hotel – Financial Plan

Sources of Financing Business financing has become a challenge for those aspiring to expand an existing business or start up a business. Among the most viable external funding sources available for the Nicos Canine Hotelbusinessinclude loan capital in the form of bank overdraft or bank loan, engaging external investors and convincing business angels to be […]

Aquatic Life in Indiana

Problem Statement Due to the increase of motor boating in public freshwater lakes of Indiana, environmental degradation has risen in the area. There seems to be no substantive laws and regulations to curb the rise of engine propelled boats. The following goals (targets) are important in order to fix the apparent problem. Indiana ought to […]

Strategic Planning: Starbucks

One of the most important steps in the process of an organization’s strategic planning is the mission statement. The latter refers to the reason behind the existence of an organization. The mission statement of Starbucks is largely concerned with community involvement and safeguarding the interests of individuals who reside within the locality of the business […]

Nursing Shortage Problem

Introduction Nursing shortage is a problem that is encountered by most of the healthcare providing institutions in many nations. It refers to a state where nursing professionals’ demand is higher than the number that is supplied to an institution. The role of nurses in health institutions is vital and cannot be assumed. This is because […]

The Coca Cola Case Study: Dasani’s Fiasco

Coca Cola is one of the most famous and successful global brands specializing in the soft drinks production. Consumers in the USA and Europe have strong associations in relation to Coca Cola products and their high quality. The company has the significant international promotional experience and takes the highest positions regarding the sales and brand […]

Performance Appraisal Systems

StopNShopToday Inc has to adopt a performance appraisal system which will objectively evaluate and allow continuous interaction between its employees and managers. The Employee Performance Appraisal System should enable the managers provide objective descriptions and evaluations of the employees’ performance standards. There are several types of performance appraisal systems which can be adopted by StopNShopToday […]

Change in BITEME

Several factors may necessitate change in an organization. However, the employees or staffs whom the change affects either directly or indirectly by the respective change introduced or initiated may resist change. This requires facilitation to ensure appropriate and successful implementation of the change, and the expected results achieved. Several methods can facilitate change. However, the […]

ABC marketing Company Recruitment and Selection Processes

Introduction People consider recruitment and selection process as part of the most important domains in human resource management. Companies that conduct the process in the right manner as required often succeed when it comes to tapping new talents for enhanced productivity in the companies. According to Huselid (1995: 23), It should however be noted that, […]

The Workforce Merging: Sandstone University and Redbrick Institute

Introduction A merger is the process of a company combining with another company and totally absorbing the infrastructure, facilities and functions (Bontis 1999, p.434). Amalgamation involves merging between commercial companies, and later forming a common name for the merged companies. Two existing companies are unified to form one fully functional company that carries out all […]

Change Management in Recruitment

Executive Summary This paper seeks to expound the changes that take place in an organization undergoing restructuring in its recruitment process and what the human resource manager ought to do pertaining the plans or policies that should be set in place to facilitate change and innovation. These two aspects have become important to consider in […]

TMO Analysis: “Wave and Wind in One”, Emerging Technology by Floating Power Plant

Introduction The study will be focusing on floating power plant (FPP) in respect to technology with wave and wind energy being prioritized. The FPP is considered as the most effective and efficient sources of Kinetic energy. The conversion involves ocean waves. FPP technological manipulation is more pronounced in oceans that have strong currents and waves […]

Cybercrime – Pentagon

Abstract With the progressive advances in technology, incidences of cybercrimes are also on the rise. Preventing these cybercrimes requires organizations to develop knowledge that can help them form psychological profiles of the perpetuators of these crimes. This would subsequently help organizations install appropriate controls in order to effectively deal with cybercrimes. It is the lack […]

Financial Fraud Phenomenon and Its Major Types

Literature Review Financial fraud is a common phenomenon as noted earlier in this paper. Fraud is common in four major types of financial accounts that are the balance sheet that indicates the financial position of an organization at a given period, the statement showing income of an organization, the statement showing the flow of cash […]

Ethical issues in Apple Inc.

Introduction Apple Inc. is an organization that manufactures and markets computer hardware, software and electronics. It was established in 976 and its headquarters are located in California. Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne were the founders of the company. Steve Jobs worked as the president of the company during its early years and left […]

Tourism Contribution to Poverty Reduction

This paper discusses the key issues on how tourism can contribute to the poverty reduction and how the initiatives on poverty reduction can be measured as well as how the indicators can be identified. Conceptual issues have also been discussed to determine current and future challenges facing tourism as a tool in reducing poverty. In […]

Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership

Introduction All organisations in the world exist with the purpose of fulfilling certain objectives. These objectives, however, are challenging to attain because of many environmental factors that cannot be predicted accurately on time. Thus, the organisations determine their direction, as well as the scope for purposes of achieving advantage within the changing environment well in […]

Addressing the Nurse Shortage

Introduction The global healthcare system is gradually receiving substantial international concern, with the need to improve services to meet human healthcare demands augmenting. Despite having great developments in its current healthcare provision, challenges facing the systems have become eminent with the public becoming heavily concerned with issues affecting these systems. Service improvement has always depended […]

Web Presence Creation

Introduction To drive the position about the relevance of a web presence home let us consider purchases of vehicles in the US prior to 1995 (Schneider, 2009). During this era the process of buying a car was often snared by aggressive sales personnel with ‘no haggling’ policies taking the pole position. The result was many […]

Farm Standard Council Case: Cost Allocation

Introduction Fixed/variable cost thinking has no place in today’s cost accounting world; those are words of Hervey (2010, p.1) an all time accounting specialist. This observation is as result of many limitations that accountants and managers have experienced in the past years in their efforts to differentiate between fixed and variable costs. Some costs cannot […]

Red Bull Company Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary This paper identifies Red Bull as a unique company that has demonstrated the ability to achieve success through innovative and unconventional ways. Its unique marketing strategy stands out as the hallmark of the company’s innovation. Through its market innovation, Red Bull has been able to maintain a dominant market position in the global […]

Conflicts in the Business Communication

Introduction A conflict is a situation in which there exists a discord between two groups or parties. As a result, quite often prolonged fighting or struggle may be observed between or among the warring parties. Conflicts in the workplace are very common and inevitable. They may be a result of some personal issues of employees. […]

Health Issues: Designing Senior Environments

The needs of seniors are critical as provided by Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA). This is because environment affects people’s behaviours, health, feelings and productivity. Designing senior environments process should consider human-environmental interactions. As such, it involves maintenance, protection and restoration of environments to promote proper behaviours and good health. In addition, the environment should […]

Management Issues: Effective Team Formation

The article demonstrates the processes and procedures that must be put into consideration toward the formation of a team. The first section of the article demonstrates that effective teams are grounded on coherent goals and objectives, and that these goals and objectives must be rational, achievable, and oriented towards improving the status of the organization. […]

Project Management – The Development of Hotel X

Introduction The development of a hotel is a critical initiative. Particularly, this relates to its effect on the tourism sector. Usually, such development projects require a comprehensive analysis. Adequate investigations are necessary in these initiatives. These assist in the processes of decision-making and policy formulation. Therefore, for projects to create the desired effects there is […]

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

REBT Case Conceptualization Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) refers to a detailed psychotherapeutic and philosophical treatment for resolving behavioral and emotional challenges among clients. Through this process, individuals can live happily, and achieve their desired objectives in life. This therapy points out that people develop and formulate opinions, which make them distressed. In this case, […]

Managing Contemporary Warehouses

The dynamics of a globalizing world continue to press operations and supply chain managers to realizing efficiency in moving and receiving goods (Anonymous, 2002). In the Twenty First Century, modern warehouses present many challenges that lead to loss of time and business opportunities or competitive edge (Leinbach & Capineri, 2007). A major challenge presented by […]

Environment of Kuwait

I am writing to you concerning the burning environmental issue, namely the pollution of the desert areas with the domestic waste. I would also like to suggest the possible waste solutions to improve the existing situation. Historically, desert was devastated to a great extent during the Gulf War and certainly, this fact cannot be written […]

Tesco Strategic Decisions

Abstract To attain competitiveness amidst of modern changing business environments, an organization’s leadership team needs to implement operational, project and strategic management strategies that are responsive to the needs of the particular market the company is trading. With effective strategies, a company is able to resolve problems and conflicts that are likely to create a […]

An Exploration of the Application of Environmental Ethical Thought to Animal Rights

Introduction The environment is a very essential element to all living organisms, including animals and human beings. It however requires proper care or handling in terms of conservation to ensure sustainability which in turn makes it conducive for growth as well as prosperity of all organisms that depend on it. Animal rights on the other […]

Customer Satisfaction Management

Introduction Creating customers is an important thing in a business since it is the customers who determine the direction that the business takes. Even though time and effort are important factors in determining the improvements to be made in services and products, customers still remain to be the main determinants of the future success of […]

Marketing Plan for Quikfix Integrated Glucose Meter and Insulin Pump by Medtronic’s Inc. Company

Executive summary The following is a report that presents information on the best marketing plan for the Medtronic’s Inc. company. In addition, it will provide a detailed description of the selected company, Medtronic’s Inc that needs a marketing plan to sell the new product. It is also aimed at presenting details on the new product […]

The Incident Command System: High-Reliability Organizing Tasks

The ICS or incident command system must have the following main aspects: unity of command, common terminology, management by objectives, modular organization span of control. Before anything else is done in a natural disaster rescue operation, the ICS or incident command system requires that there should be a unity of command, where each participating unit, […]

Multicultural Education in the Classroom

Introduction Stereotyping is creating a mental image of a group of people basing on certain opinions with disregard of the differences among individuals. Prejudice, on the other hand, is negatively judging a particular group of people or having views about the group without the knowledge of the facts (Walter, 1999). This is prejudging someone without […]

Organizational Behavior Issues

Introduction In chapter one of the book, “Organizational Behavior” by, MeShane, Olekalns, and Travaglione, the writers give an overview on areas that the book will discuss, according to the author, organization behavior examines how individuals and teams relate with their organization and how the relationship shapes the direction taken by an organization. According to the […]

Enormous Challenge in Agility DGS

The problem Agility DGS is currently facing an enormous challenge; the court has suspended its contract with DLA. Consequently, the firm has reported minimal revenue and even had to layoff seventy percent of its employees. The incident ruined the trust that the company worked so hard to build with DLA. Furthermore, the organization is already […]

Leadership Decisions and Globalization

Background Scientific inventions and innovations have resulted in better transport and communication systems; the improved systems have called for a different approach in decision-making. Globalization is a process of integration of social, economic, and political ideologies into a global network; the term is used to refer to developments that facilitate cooperation among world nations in […]

Fighting Cyber Bullying

Introduction Learning institutions must identify substantive strategies to eradicate cyber bullying. Low school performances are associated to depression resulting from cyber bullying (Hunter 2012). It is necessary to note that the conscience of people work properly when there are no pressures exacted on their mind. However, a stressed mind causes low activity and results to […]

Environmental Friendly Strategy for Quality Computers Limited

Introduction As the need to enhance environmental conservation and sustainability has continued to grasp attention in all regions all over the world, organizations have boldly come out in support of and recognition of their role in protecting as well as sustaining the very environment they operate in. The following is an environmental friendly strategy for […]

Organ and Blood Donation

Introduction Every day many Americans who require organ transplant strive to get the few available organs such as lungs, hearts, kidneys and other vital lifesaving organs, as well as blood. However, ethical and legal issues, and unwillingness of many potential donors to provide consents have slowed down the rate of organ and blood donation in […]

Is Virtue Ethics Dead in Modern Organizations?

Problem Taking part in a multi-dimensional dialog, which working in the global economy presupposes, invites the need to reconsider the ethical principles, which the corporate decision-making processes are based on (Belak & Milferner 2011). As a company enters the environment of the global economy, it becomes open to new opportunities and challenges, as well as […]

Stories of Change

Introduction Change is a dynamic process that organizations have to undergo each day. Sometimes, change initiatives fail simply because of disconnect between the initiative and the implementation process. This may be in the form of miscommunication, excessive complacency, and permanent bottlenecks in organizations. This paper will explore change errors identified by Kotter in order to […]

Organisational Behaviour: Job Satisfaction

An employee’s degree of contentment in a particular task is referred to as job satisfaction. Various facets of a job may be liked or disliked by an employee. Job satisfaction can also be measured using feelings or cognition of the needs of workers. Therefore, employers should put in place strategic employee recognition systems and reasonable […]

Planning Financial Strategies

Executive Summary of the Solutions Identified In order to prevent the defined problems, the major focus should be made on increasing profits through considering high medical services utilization, introducing innovative technology, and spreading out the cost for implementing health care reforms. All these actions should be fulfilled immediately in order to prevent the recession of […]

Technology Failure in Business

Introduction First Atlantic, a bank in Nigeria, was looking for a competitive edge. Technological innovation would allow it to avoid investing in an extensive branch network as a condition for matching competitive advantages of its peers. I am going to take a financial perspective when analyzing the technology failure at First Atlantic. The bank was […]

Change Management Plan

Abstract This 12-month change management plan focuses on introducing total quality management approaches to the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia to affect the management of education in the country. The ministry is an educational organisation. The stakeholders in the ministry that the plan affects include learners, teachers, and state and federal administrators. The changes […]

Innovative Services: Emirates Airline

Description of the Company The targeted company for this assignment is Emirates Airline (EA). The firm’s website is “”. This airline is part of the Emirates Group. The company is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The airline is the largest in the Middle East. The ‘airline operates over 3,300 flights every week’ (Nataraja […]

Failure in Business

Most of the times, businesses fail to achieve the set objectives. Such a scenario comes about perhaps because the business does not implement the right strategies or offers customers a product that is not in demand. In addition, a business may fail because it is not located in a suitable environment. However, no matter what […]

The Unequal Distribution of the Ill-health Burden

Introduction Despite nations across the world seeking solutions to the international health care problems to ensure a universal access to health care, the unequal distribution of the ill health burden continues to affect the medical sector. The high cost of medical care, the increasing disease complexities, and the unequal distribution of wealth due to the […]

Host Country Analysis and International HRM Issues

Background of the organisation Brunt Corporation entails a group of hotels incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK), but the management has started investing in foreign countries. The corporation runs a chain of clean and reasonably priced hotels that provide budget accommodation to its clients. The corporation provides hotel services to leisure and business travellers, depending […]

Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation

Background Information The executives at Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation (MCI) are currently planning to merge with Corporate Transfer Services (CTS). The company plans to expand its business into new industries. This move to acquire CTS will ensure the company realizes its potentials. However, CTS is not a successful company. The positive thing is that the […]

Wawa: Supply Change Management

Issues Some competitors such as Tesco and Sheetz are making Wawa’s supply chain system less flexible. The company’s supply chain cannot produce the best goals. The company wanted New Jersey Distribution Center (NJDC) to become the best model for collaboration and learning. The supply chain system is currently unsustainable. Wawa Company is planning to come […]

Waste Management in Australia

Practical Assignment According to EPA Victoria (2014, Par. 2), environment is very delicate and should be treated as such. It supports life for all the living organisms hence a lot of care should be taken when handling wastes to avoid any form of environmental contamination. Waste is something that is not useful in its current […]

The Asian-Pacific Region and Australia

Introduction Australia has many global interests and deals with countries in many regions. These relationships mainly involve states that affect the country’s strategic environment and act as trading and investment partners. Australia has many bilateral ties with the countries within the region, such as Japan, China, and its closest neighbour Indonesia. It also has interests […]

Arabtec Operation Management Project

Current Operation Management System Inventory management is one of the most important operation management activities that define the ability of a firm to achieve success in the market. According to Murthy (45), “Inventory can be visualized as stacks of money sitting on forklifts, on shelves, and in trucks and planes while in transit.” Management of […]

Reform of Education in California

Context and relevance The demographic changes in the United States transform the cultural landscape of the country. America attracts people who may represent different cultural, ethnic, and religious groups. This trend sets new requirements for educational organizations that need to adopt various strategies to support people who struggle to integrate into the society. It should […]

Union National Bank

Introduction Today’s business environment is challenging to technology gatekeepers because they have to develop information systems that can effectively manage irregular flow of large volumes of data (Fox & Do 2013, pp. 739-760). Reducing the cost of managing information and ensuring data security are also significant challenges that technology gatekeepers have to grapple with (Marthandan […]

Creating a Comprehensive Sustainability Practices

Introduction Human sustainability refers to the ability of an organization to align its business goals with direct and indirect interests of the employees. Therefore, sustainable practices are only achievable when human sustainability is aligned with organizational strategies. Through understanding the organizational sustainability, organizations need to comprehend the dynamics that prevail, drive and support essential programs […]

BMW Entry Plan into International Market

Introduction The purpose of this report is to suggest a market entry plan for BMW Group; however, it will propose this company to choose Somalia as a new market to start business operation. This report will discuss the background of the company, strengths, and weaknesses of BMW, market position, global business environment, and economic position […]

New Ideas for Improving the Company

Introduction Inadequate analytical dimensions of supply chain such as business responsibility, customer service quality and cost may compromise the functionality of a supply chain in the company. From a theoretical perspective, the value creation model cannot align cost effectiveness when the logistics of operation are inadequate. For instance, lack of strong control systems and poor […]

Marketing Strategy for a Multinational Company

Key Approaches Used in Incorporating Branding Activities The Notebook is a new product that is little known in the global market. It is important to find appropriate approaches that can be used to incorporate branding and co-branding opportunities. The first approach that the marketing unit will need to employ is the Social Media Strategy. This […]

Waste Disposal of Victoria City

Consultation on disposing waste oil and cleaning chemicals The city of Victoria has strict rules on hazardous waste disposal and environmental sustainability through the zero waste policy. A company interested in disposing a quantity of waste oil and cleaning chemicals in Victoria should follow the safety measures through the Environment Protection Regulation of the year […]

Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons to Rogue States and International Terrorists

Introduction Proliferation of nuclear weapons poses many threats to the international security. In response to such threats, nations look for ways of protecting their territorial integrity. The most effective mechanism of protecting individual national sovereignty entails adopting proactive response to security threats as opposed to reactive strategies (Nau 2008; Ross & Feng 2008). Deterrence is […]

“Clarke: Transformation for Environmental Sustainability” by Laszlo, McCabe, Aheam and Ghatde

Issues Despite the fact that the tidal wave of environmental concern, which started in 1990s, seems to have died down in 2010s, the recent introduction of the sustainability principle into not only management of various natural environments, but also the field of business and economics, has provided the premises for an innovation approach in the […]

Employee Health and Safety at Goliath Gold Mine

Introduction Mining is an income generating activity that sees many countries scale the heights of power and economic success. Mineral rich countries in the world include West African states, Canada, Australia, and Russia among others. While the list remains endless, some countries continue to discover lead, gold, fluorspar, diamond, and alumina among other minerals (Cam, […]

Concept of Route-to-market

Route to Market According to Sullivan and Sheffrin (2012), the concept of Route-to-market provides a simple but highly powerful and effective methodology for driving and enhancing profitable growth for organizations. Sullivan and Sheffrin (2012) state that the Route-to-Market (RTM) is itself a strategy that determines the distribution channel that an organization must use in delivering […]

Performance Feedback Skills

Introduction Managing the performance of the employees is not a simple task, especially in large multinational organisations. According to Cardy (2011), employees are the most important stakeholders within a firm. They implement the policies developed by the top managers in a real-life situation. The success of a firm relies on their ability to understand and […]

The Standards of Risk Management

There are various risk management standards that can be applied at the local or international levels. Overall, various norms exist because countries may differ in terms of legislative practices, corporate responsibility rules, auditing processes, and reporting standards. Thus, there are different risk management principles that can be adopted at the national level. Additionally, one should […]

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Introduction This paper is based on the topic of globalization of logistics and supply chain management. It explores the topic using Wales as a case study. The paper is divided into two parts namely part one and part two. Part one is an overview of the current rail system in Wales. Part two is a […]

Factors affecting marketing strategy: Nodan Yogurt

Introduction Nodan is a type of off-brand yoghurt manufactured by a local company that sells milk products. The product is available in several stores in the U.S where the company has business partners willing to sell the yoghurt alongside other branded products like Chobani and Cantaloop among many others. According to consumers, Nodan Yogurt is […]

Knowledge Management: Processes and Technologies

Abstract The strategic resource that mainly applies in many organisations is knowledge; however, the potential for knowledge to develop is not fully exploited. There are various events that limit the growth of knowledge, among them is the variety in the management concepts of knowledge. The methods as well as tools used in the company also […]

Primark’s Market Entry

Introduction The decision to invest in a new and foreign market is not easy to make. A number of factors have to be taken into consideration. In spite of this, the decision to expand to foreign markets is not new to Primark. The company has taken these steps a number of times in the past. […]

Project Plan – The Hiring Process

The approach, sources, phases, and scope of the project The new hiring process project will be based on the traditional approach, which has a clear sequence of steps that are important in completion. In order to obtain excellent results, the approach has to be followed closely and any errors detected should be rectified (Kerzner, 2010). […]