Problem Solution Essay Examples

Geothermal Project in Eden

Introduction The increasing global population has mounted a lot of pressure on natural resources to expand and sustain economic development. The energy sector is a notable industry that has contributed immensely to the growing pressure for natural resources (Bargh, 2012). Consequently, many economies have tried to adopt sustainable ways of maintaining energy production. One such […]

HIV Epidemic in Enrique’s Native Country

Introduction In order to understand the HIV epidemic in Enrique’s native country, it critical to carry out intrinsic background research, establishing current dynamics, and designing the right remedy policy. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly explore on the HIV epidemic on children in Enrique’s native country in prescribing relevant remedial polices for the government. […]

Market Failure: Failure in Competition

Market failure arises in a situation where the outcomes that the market produces are not efficient in meeting the consumers’ needs. Alternatively, it can arise when the market is incapable of meeting the equilibrium. Notably, the market performance depends on the interaction between consumers and produces, government participation, and other externalities. There are different forms […]

Poverty and Gender Violence in Congo

Poverty and issues of women discrimination and violence are some of the greatest problems facing the Democratic Republic of Congo. Poverty has worsened since 1980 following the conflicts associated with the Cold War. The UN report indicates that half the population lives below the poverty line. The report further indicates that the country is struggling […]

Phyto-Riker Pharmaceutical Problem Solution

The case under analysis focuses on the provision of generic drugs to African countries suffering from AIDS pandemic. Despite the fact that the company has acquired the pharmaceutical plant in Ghana and reconstructed the facility to increase its capacity. However, despite the increase in financing the project, it still meets opposition and controversy on the […]

Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Introduction Globalization and advancements in information and communication technology have caused tremendous changes in various sectors of the economy, especially, the hospitality industry. Many businesses in the hospitality industry have joined the global market in the last decade. This move has been informed by high competition in the domestic market, globalization and improvements in the […]


Introduction Self-management is a process that revolves around behavioral intervention or change that teaches students to recognize their behaviors, strengths and set behavioral goals to improve their focus on their studies (Borich, 2007). This plan targets 8th grade students between the age of 13 and 14 years. The strategy aims at helping students manage their […]

Ethical and Legal Duties in Hospitality and Other Recreational Sectors

Managers face “big” tasks in making business decisions that affect the company, the shareholders of the company and other stakeholders in the industry. It is important, therefore, to conduct the business in an “ethical” manner, and this call for the management to consider their ethical duties for legal and business obligations. Nevertheless, understanding the ethical […]

Fire Prevention at Waste Handling and Control

Solid Waste Management Systems Waste management systems cover processes of collection, temporal storage, internal transportation, treating, and finally the goal of garbage disposal or remains generated from garbage management procedures (Douncet & Gilyeat 1). Other common terms related to waste management systems include; waste handling, waste storage, waste processing and waste treatment. Waste handling comprises […]

Air and Water Pollution

Air pollutants Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide are examples of air pollutants, which cause major damages to the environment. These pollutants are associated with many health problems that affect the respiratory organs. They also affect properties contributing to rusting of metal in vehicles and roofing materials. They are classified as air pollutants because they affect […]

Spirit of teamwork

Statement of the Problem Primary Problem After recruitment of new employees in the company, a newly composed team/group to pursue the projects of the company faced difficulties thus making the organizational process impossible. The difficulties resulted from poor personal interaction and lack of teamwork. Satellite Problems The group is unable to function effectively due to […]

Systems Security: A Discussion of the Physical Aspects

Security is a fundamental management responsibility of data protection concerned with determining the access control of genuine entities and also with the protection of computer systems from internal or external threats (Margariti et al, 2007). Today, more than ever before, organizations are increasingly investing more resources in information security with the aim to reduce the […]

Problem of the Planets

This essay explores on a detailed explanation of the problem of the planets. It will identify the philosophical implications that Plato, the character in the book, has on the problem of the planets and explain what the author, Tarnas, says about the problem of the planets. The essay will thereafter explain the thoughts of the […]

External Forces in Peoples Life

The level to which people have controls over their own lives depends on key pillars that define the persons’ locus of control. The ways in which people recognize their self-identity, personality and subsequently construct a substantial formula for structuring and changing their perceived self-identities are essential elements in the determination of the magnitude of control […]

Crisis Intervention Strategies

Prevention and management of crisis in the workplaces or at home is a complex process that requires ethical and legal considerations when addressing various issues. In case study, suffering from depression, Julie is an eighth grade student at South Middle School and she has developed suicidal feelings. At school, Julie is angry and outbursts during […]

Minority Groups Issue in Modern World

Introduction Minority groups have always been part of every society. In any given society, there are those people who are considered weak or lesser by virtue of one aspect or another most of which are natural. Women have for a long time considered as minority groups in many societies; always taking the second place after […]

Women and Unions

The reason why it represents the matter of crucial importance for the unions to seek into organizing the unorganized is that by doing it, unions increase the extent of their own bargaining power – hence, ensuring their continuous existence. Even though that unorganized workers may appear utterly powerless and unprivileged, the fact that they are […]

Ethics of Bernie Madoff

Introduction Ethics training mainly involves well-organized programs that aid attendants of these programs to have a better insight of ethical grounds in decision-making. These programs can be conducted through various methods in seminars, workshops and forums, but the method of presentation does not matter provided the participants grasp the intended information and message perspective. Training […]

Social and Criminal Justice Responses to Sex Work

Introduction Prostitution is recognized as one of the oldest professions in the world, and the practice of renting and hiring female bodies for certain monetary compensation has existed in human community for thousands of years. Regardless of the prolonged history of sex industry, it has been ignored until recently because of moral considerations. Blaming sex […]

Bechel Company’s Decisions Modelling

Modelling decisions help companies to judge correctly regarding issues that involve both quick decisions and long term decisions. Bechtel is an electrical company that has several business units including civil infrastructure, communication and transmission, mining, metal, oil, gas, chemical, power, and US Government services. Each of these units has their own responsibilities and production that […]

Meaning of feminism

According to my interviewee who is an activist, feminism is a movement that seeks to empower the female gender. The movement began in late 18th century thus championing against oppression directed towards women. It sought to eliminate rape and gender based cruelty, which are rampant. These evil tendencies have limited the capability of women to […]

Contemporary Issues in Management: Regulation

Summary of the Issue The retail financial sector in the UK is currently facing a lot of challenges which include customer exploitation through risky products, unethical practices such as selling products that do not meet the expectations of customers and inadequate supervision of the industry (Turner 2011). The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is the institution […]

Attention Biases in Anxiety

Introduction In 1987 Oatley and Johnson-Laird (cited in Mogg & Bradley, 1998) supposed the evolutionary source to be the major consideration in the analysis of emotions. For instance the primary role of the mechanism responsible for the fear emotion are to allow the identification of threat in the surrounding and to assist the organism react […]

The relationship between race and gender as delineated in the loons, city lovers, and Ravensong

Introduction The ways of how different writers analyze various themes in their literary works are one of the most captivating and educative for many people. It is not difficult to find a reliable literary source and enjoy the writing style offered by a person from a particular epoch. Each writer has its own opinion and […]

Change Management at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

In today’s work environment, change is inevitable. To maintain a competitive edge, most organizations are currently undergoing dramatic transformation in terms of their strategies, structures, systems, boundaries, and of course their expectations of their workforce and managers. Thus, every modern organization must be prepared to pace up with the relentless business environment. The environment is […]

Cuban model as a solution to economic problems in the third world?

Economic Freedom This is the liberty to produce, engage in trade, and consume goods and services, without any influence from outside parties. These freedoms are devoid of use of force or coercion, deceit, fraud or theft. A major characteristic of this is the classic and libertarian traditional approaches that heap emphasis on free markets and […]

Decisions in Paradise

Introduction Every now and then, business organizations are faced with various issues that it seeks to solve. Venturing in new areas call for business organizations to develop a framework whereby, they analyse the strength and the weaknesses of undertaking a certain business decision. Such a move is coupled with so many problems that need solving. […]

Operations management

Background The Philippines was governed by Spain between 1565 and 1898, before the United States took over until it became independent in 1946. The Islands experienced severe economic turmoil and martial law throughout the 21-year rule by Ferdinand Marcos (1965-86; however, Corazon Aquino (1986-92) restored democracy in the country. Thereafter, democracy was enhanced by other […]

Applying problem solving techniques

Abstract Considering the “Customer Service” situation, it is common for a consumer to engage employees who are never mindful of the customer satisfaction or the loyalty. The food industries suffer strongly from such situations where employees especially the service men/women treat clients negligently as if they were a burden to their work. Sometimes the employees […]

HRM in Multinationals

Introduction This essay explores the relevance of the saying “when in Rome do as the Romans Do” with regard to human resource management in multinational firms. Multinational firms are organizations that operate in more than one nation. Necessarily, cultures differ from nation to nation or country to country. The import of ‘when in Rome do […]

Management and Leadership Across Culture

Introduction Following previous successful business endeavors, Disney Land ambitiously set to establish its business operations in various parts of the world. These establishments were in Japan, France, and Hong Kong, among many other destinations. Disney’s executives counted success upon success when they successfully established their business operations in Japan before moving on to France in […]

Designated Persons Ashore

Introduction Before the advent of the designated person ashore (DPA), the mortality rate of victims, who were seriously injured in accidents, was significantly high due to the lack of trained and efficient personnel to perform certain critical advanced technical and managerial tasks that facilitated the smooth running of operations within vessels like ships and boats […]

Life Expectancy in the Developing World

Introduction Certain factors such as poverty, poor health conditions, rapid industrialization, and lack of food safety measures explain why life expectancy is too low in the developing world. Many people in the developing world do not have access to clean water or “uncontaminated” food. Rapid industrialization explains why many countries have a low life expectancy. […]

What is the negative and positive side for the national broadband network?

National Broadband Network or NBN is a network that is based in Australia. It has been proposed to develop it further with a constant increase of access to the customers (Wong, 2009). There have been some controversies over how NBN will be seen according to political and economic viewpoints, but overall, there are several positive […]

The Ethics Problem in Business

Abstract Just like all other aspects of society, businesses involve the interaction of different people and entities for the sake of exchanging goods and services to which monetary value is attached. This day-to-day interaction calls for acceptable standards that would ensure the existence of rules and regulations to govern the conduct of business among entities. […]