Deductive Essay Examples

The role of management in business

Introduction Management is an important part of business for both commercial and non commercial organizations. Management can be described as an act that brings together all resources belonging to an organization including people with the aim of achieving and utilizing them optimally to achieve overall corporate goals (Watson 2006, 34-40). Organizations are governed by missions, […]

Skeptical and Layman Competence

Critical thinking is an interesting and important branch of knowledge. The ability to think critically equips one with the knowledge to evaluate and make informed decisions out of situations. Being skeptical, optimistic and confident are all elements of critical thinking that are crucial in decision making. Battersby is a university lecturer who teaches critical thinking. […]

Social Network in Sports

Introduction One of the best ways to understand how people, groups of people or a social entity relates to one another is through social network analysis. This concept has been used for many times in analyzing the relationships between individuals or a group with the aim of either improving the performance of such groups or […]

Demographic Trends in US Economy

The article contends increase in American population will make it difficult to use one marketing strategy to reach the target market. This will be due to the segmentation of the market by different nationality and spending behaviors. In the future, alternative communities are likely to share common values and passions. The projected increase in the […]

The Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Introduction Leadership embraces a process that involves direction of behaviors of other people geared towards achievement of some preset goals and objectives. According to Spence (1983), Leadership is “influencing others to get things done to standard and quality above their norm” (p.105). A leader must play his/ her roles in the most willing and pragmatic […]

The Relationship between ‘Extraversion’ and ‘Need for Achievement’

A class survey of 170 BBA111 students on their extraversion and ‘need for achievement’ scores, a correlation analysis was conducted to try and establish the relationship of the two variables. It was identified that there was a statistically significant correlation of r = 0.39 between ‘extraversion’ and ‘need for achievement’. The correlation is not only […]

Business Law Elements

Four elements of a valid contract A contract is a legally enforceable agreement where one party agrees to undertake some actions to the other party for a consideration; for a contract to be valid, there are four elements it has to have they are; Legal capacity, a contracting party must have the legal capacity to […]