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Who Does She Think She Is? Reflective Essay

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Updated: Jun 2nd, 2019

The documentary, “Who Does She Think She Is?” depicts the lives of three mother-artists. Female artists often lack the time and do not engage in making art for long periods. This phenomenon has a tendency to exist, as they are scared of losing their partners by not meeting the perceptions of an ideal wife due to the high commitment to the artistic talent. They do work, as they do not want to do to stay afloat financially.

I believe, the only reason for the men’s success in art is their ability to devote time to their hobbies and career development. In turn, women let them progress in their work by providing men with favorable conditions, as, otherwise, men will need to set a priority between art and regular routines. This film has made me look back at my life from the vision of an artist and mother.

Along with the experience, I gained through my painting and drawing education at XXXXX University in Korea, I have maintained a high interest and engagement in the fine arts. As a student, I won three prestigious national art competitions. After my graduation, I worked as a professional artist, curator and art teacher.

Art helped me in the healing process of life. It is a secret between the canvas and me, and no one else will never know about its existence. I spent time only with people, who were supportive of my art career. They were able to make me more productive as an artist and a better person.

Furthermore, I got married and came to the United States to support my husband’s studies at Cornell University in 1999. Three years later, I became a mother. I had two jobs at chemical companies, which were providing me with real life experience, in order to settle down financially, raise my son, and support my husband here.

This aspect made me realize that I need to surround myself with people with a similar vision as mine. My life credo became ‘I love being a mother since it gives me confidence and strength. Being a mother requires more responsibility and care than a full-time job, it’s more than a career.’ Consequently, I had to switch to working part-time to pursue my art career and combine my mother’s ‘responsibilities’.

To be honest, I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for the past several years. These diseases slowed my progress and made me rethink my whole situation as an artist. It has given me time to realize what I really want to do in my life, what I want to achieve, and what I want to give back. In turn, I think, it is critical that my family knows that I value something, which makes me more than just a mother and a wife.

The fundamental goal is not only for them to realize that I am a human being, but also to prove that the only way to reach one’s dreams is to follow them. Nonetheless, it consists out of hard work and commitment while slowly walking towards the goal.

Sending my thirteen-years-old son to the boarding high school next year and my husband’s strong support allow me to consider M.F.A. degree from XXXXX University’s creative painting program. It is my next step toward achieving my ultimate goal – becoming a professor in the art school. I believe that studying and teaching will offer an environment, which will give me the time, space, and resources to paint, inspire, and create.

In a graduate program in painting, I look forward to reinvigorating my passions for painting and further developing of the areas, in which I have had experience previously. In addition to building these strengths, I am eager to cross borders and discover other facets of painting that I did not have a chance to explore in my professional life. As a graduate student, I intend to build upon these principals and interests and explore myself further as an artist and individual.

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