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Reading efficiency and proper comprehension. Reflective Essay

Fluency is a capability of reading swiftly, precisely, and with expression. I believe fluency in reading is a needed improvement, particularly for students who encounter difficulties. The use of mentor texts, maps of development for the reading technique and proper understanding of grammar are all points that must be recognized and considered in heightening a personal reading level.

Poor readers tend to read in an outdated manner making comprehension of the work given troublesome to them. I think it is possible that the reader with fluency problem is unlikely to capture the meaning of the words and concepts, and he or she might misinterpret the message. A fluent reader usually has the ability to read accurately and grasp the content quickly (Tompkins, Campbell, & Green, 2012).

I have noted that mentor texts are an important tool, as they provide a reference point that could help to see how they are progressing. I have learned that these are also a starting point in reading comprehension, which will be facilitated through narrating stories (Dorfman, & Cappelli, 2007). The reading of texts must be structured and organized, so that student can rely on the strong base.

The return to previous texts is a simple and effective means to learn, as it provides a base which can be built on. I recommend that students are randomly selected and given a passage to read because it will help them interact in a social setting and the selection will be without a bias. Some of the major goals are aimed at decreasing the error made earlier on or increasing the speed of reading (Wilson, & Scanlon, 2011).

Students must also understand how to define reading. The meaning recognized from words is sometimes confusing and it might be necessary to look past mere words.

The involvement of role play connects the child to the content and focuses attention. Here, experimentation becomes a part of the learning process. The division between reading and retention creates a proper environment for both teachers and students (Annandale et al, 2005).

Grammar is the basic structure of language and reading, so it cannot be excluded from the teaching process. In order to differentiate the techniques, the definition must have many examples and be applied in various concepts. I believe that real life or imaginary situations would provide an illustration of the rule.

This is the starting point of learning to read, but also there must be a vocabulary rich enough to recognize words without focusing too much on the separate phrases but the content in general (Wilson, & Scanlon, 2011).

Reading is a complex skill that entails several stages, from learning the proper grammar, to the ability to place oneself into the context. Reading is an important skill that students should familiarize themselves with, as it plays a foundation of learning in their lives. This means that the teacher should always ensure the student catches up with what is taught in class, as well as adjusts to the needs of individual students.


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