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Interactive Marketing Exploratory Essay

Interactive marketing is a relatively new marketing concept that aims at making changes based on the reactions from customers. The overall goal of interactive marketing in the film industry is to make changes that could result in more attraction with regard to films.

Interactive marketing is essential because it makes marketing personnel react to prospects of customers. High levels of competition characterize the film industry and it could be important to utilize the views of customers about films before they could be released into the market.

Efforts should be focused on understanding customer requirements so that films are produced to meet customer needs. This is particularly important because film production requires huge investments. In fact, it is argued that interactive marketing produces better results than the normal marketing by about 10 times.

In order to achieve interactive marketing of a dramatic film, it is important to do the following:

  1. Use a database to capture customer behavior, which would be analyzed to improve the quality of films.
  2. Utilize the best approaches to decide what to do so that customer needs could be met.
  3. Use software that supports email conversations between a marketer and customers.
  4. Use software that supports promotions of films so that the intended audience could have the knowledge about films and react appropriately.

Thus, timely responses are critical when implementing interactive-based marketing approaches in the film industry. However, five essential processes should be carried out so that marketing executives in charge of promoting films could help to produce market-driven films.

First, market triggers should be identified through the use of various market analysis tools. Triggers could come from many sources such as customer feedback and data analysis.

If the right film triggers are identified, then strategic marketing teams involved in marketing a film could know about the best approach to use in marketing and the changes that could be proposed to the film production team.

Second, the creation of responses is essential in the process of using interactive marketing of films. Responses are created based on the identified triggers. This could be the hardest part of interactive marketing, but it could make a film increase its marketability and appeal to the targeted audience.

Third, it could be important to evaluate the success of interactive marketing based on the outcomes. The outcomes should be quantifiable so that the returns of investments could be evaluated.

For example, the number of people interested in watching a film could be determined. Also, the number of films sold could be assessed and sales analyzed to determine the monetary rewards of conducting interactive marketing.

Fourth, operationalization is important in interactive marketing so that the number of campaigns could be increased. In order to run a significant number of campaigns in a day, it could be essential to automate the process. Automation helps in reaching more potential customers.

Fifth, marketing personnel need to optimize interactive marketing so that a customer could not be targeted in more than one campaign. The main idea in optimization is to reach as many different customers as possible. It could be pointless to target a limited segment of customers.

In conclusion, interactive marketing of a film could significantly increase the chances of a dramatic film positioning itself in the marketplace. It has better chances of resulting in improved performances than the traditional marketing.

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