Movies Essay Examples and Topics

Media Violence Study

Introduction Modern popular culture has embraced violent movies as a key component of entertainment. This is evident in the article, which was written by Grisham, where he explains that Sarah and Ben went to Memphis to watch the Grateful Dead Movie (Grisham, 1996). It is, further, noticeable that they had watched Natural Born Killers. This […]

Steven Spielberg: Behind the Scenes

Biography Steven Spielberg is an award winning filmmaker whose career as a Hollywood heavyweight spans over a period of more than four decades. In the course of his career, Spielberg has produced commercially successful Hollywood blockbusters. Some sources consider Spielberg to be the most commercially successful film director of all time. Spielberg is also known […]

The movie “Hancock”

Movies have become an inseparable part of the human culture, and the themes illustrated are extremely numerous. Morality plays an important role in portrayal of actors and ideas, as it stays central to human culture and everything that takes place. It is important to keep in mind that the action of movies is greatly connected […]

“Taken” a Film by Pierre Morel

This essay is aimed at discussing the film Taken directed by Pierre Morel. In particular, it is necessary to analyze the content of this movie and its theme. On the whole, one can speak about the desperation of a father who must rescue his daughter. Much attention should also be paid to the role of […]

Biography of Peter Jackson

Introduction Peter Robert Jackson is one of the most famous, successful, and highly influential people in the global film industry. He works as a film producer, director, and screenwriter, who came to global recognition through his films The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (Sibley, 2013). Peter Jackson was born in 1961, in a […]

Memory by analogy: Hiroshima mon amour

Introduction The purpose of this report is to critically review the article, “Memory by analogy: Hiroshima mon amour” by Nancy Wood. The article revolves around the memorable events that took place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a result of the atomic bombing. Article critique The article is influential in that it uses images to revisit […]

Memory by Analogy

Critical Summary The article discusses Alain Renais’ classical European film titled “Memory by Analogy: Hiroshima, mon amour.” The protagonists in the film, Elle and Lui, are obsessed with memories of traumatic incidences they have respectively undergone during the course of the lifetime (Wood 185). However, upon critical analysis, the author notes that the major focus […]

Endorsement and Advertising in “Sex And The City”

Any cosmopolitan woman, or at least one who likes fashion and beautiful things will be entranced in watching both Sex and the City movies. Women with a wide range of tastes will be educated on the latest pieces from designer labels, but most of all, will be entertained while subliminally brainwashed by the indirect marketing […]

Movie Review: Reflection of the 2005 Documentary “Just for Kicks”

Introduction Sneakers were first propelled out of the play grounds of New York in the 1970s by the B-boys and since then it has realized a metamorphosis from being considered as a means of boosting performance in athletics and sports to a level where it has been considered as a collector’s object of obsession. This […]

Impact of the introduction of sound and style in classical Hollywood cinema

A good number of inventions noted that a sequence of individual immobile pictures set into movement created the delusion of motion. This concept came to be known as the persistence of vision. A British physician named Peter Mark Roget in the early years of the 1800s first noted the phenomenon1. It was the revolutionary step […]

Music in the Movie “On the Beach” by Stanley Kramer

Introduction Music in a film is one of the principal elements that can reveal the theme, mood, and inner feelings of the characters in the movie. As a model of communication, music in films underscores the characters’ intuitive feelings, their mechanism action and the density of the film. In the film, on the beach, Stanley […]

The Role of Music in the Sea Hawk

Music that is accompanied by sound effects plays several roles when it comes to production of any given movie. Historically, film producers have been able to apply sound and music to create emotions in those who are watching the films among other applications. This is evident in the kind of sound and action combination in […]

Media Interpretation of Harry Potter and Sexuality

Media interpretation of Harry Potter fantasy novels differs greatly from Joanne Rowling’s books. One of the most noticeable issues is sexuality. Those people, who have read these novels, know that this topic is not at the main focus, while the movie producers as well as actors clearly explore sexuality to appeal to the viewers. In […]

Musical Themes in the Film “Conan the Barbarian”

Thesis statement Those who had been introduced to the history of cinematography are well aware of the fact that, even before the beginning of a ‘talkie’ era, musical accompaniment played rather important role in highlighting movies’ semantic significance. As it was pointed out by Gianetti, ‘(prior to 1927) In the large city theaters, full orchestras […]

Youssef Chahine And Egyptian Popular Cinema

In the film Jamila the Algerian, tells the story of Djamila Bouhired a young lady from the nothern African country, who was in 1957 accused of terrorism and sentenced to death by the French. She was however acquited in 1962 following strong media campaigns against her incaceration. In his film, Chahine portrays Jamila as a […]

Movie Theater Ads

Introduction Adverts play a major role in business marketing. Regardless of the size of the firm, every business owner requires a well organized and strategic advertising plan in order to realize set goals and objectives. According to research, adverts create a link between the business and customers via communication. Through different adverts, consumers become aware […]

The film industry

The period before, during and after the Second World War was a time when people in different nations were not particularly familiar with the details of combat and politics in far away parts of the world. The film industry has helped familiarize people with what was really going on and films “Why We Fight” were […]

Video Games and Movies

Games can be considered as toys, but toys do not always involve the principles and rules of game. On the one hand, there are slight differences between the concept of game and toy. On the other hand, they are particularly highlighted in terms of design, freedom of action, and limitations imposed either on game or […]

John Renoir’s Biography

John Renoir, a French filmmaker, was born on 15 September 1894 in Montmartre district, Paris. He contributed immensely in the film industry as a director, producer, author and actor. He produced almost fifty films during the silent epoch as both a director and an actor. Some of the scenes in his films contained the best […]

The Film “Walk the Line” and the Role of Music in It

The “Walk the Line” comprises of Johnny Cash and June Carter as the main characters. Johnny Cash was born in Arkansas to Ray Cash and Carrie Cash and developed musical interest during his childhood (Hockfield, 72). He sang together with his family while working in their cotton fields. This exposure and the hardships he experienced […]

Violence in Movies and Its Effects

Violence in movies has been a topic of a heated debate for many decades. Some people claim that violence in movies negatively affects people (especially adolescents), whereas others argue that violence in movies does not lead to violence in life. However, there is one thing researchers agree upon: movies only reveal trends existing in the […]

Independent Study: Tim Burton

Introduction “A pale, frail-looking, sad-eyed man with hair that expressed much more than last night’s pillow struggle… I remember the first thing I thought was, ‘Get some Sleep,” writes Johnny Depp, a long time associate actor of Tim Burton, in his forward to Burton on Burton (Burton, Salisbury and Depp, Burton on Burton x). The […]

Director’s cinematic vision in films

Zhang Yimou’s celebration of people’s life, exoticism and death in the films is said to be illuminated in his use of red color. For the last 20 years, Zhang used color so that he could effectively tell stories in his films. This quality can be said to have inspired people’s fascination with China at large. […]

How is One Particular Film Similar to, and Different From, Other Films Made by the same Director or Studio?

The director David Wark Griffith was born in Kentucky on January 22, 1875. He came from a middle-income level family. Growing up in the southern part of America, Griffith is thought to have developed strong anti-imperialist sentiments (Schicke, 1984). He began working on the stage at the age of 20. His ambitions of becoming a […]

One aspect of cinema during the silent era

Introduction Despite of the fact that the technology for making movies was discovered as early as 1895 by Frenchman Louis Lumiere, it was only until the late 1920s that the use of sound was introduced (Hunt, 2011). The movies which were released during this era when the simultaneous use of sound in films is commonly […]

A Beautiful Mind: Understanding Schizophrenia and Its Impact on the Individual and the Family

The film A Beautiful Mind is a film revealing the life of outstanding mathematician and Noble Prize winner John Nash. The movie starts with early years of the scientist when the first signs of paranoid schizophrenia were revealed. Despite incredible skills and abilities, his psychological disorders somehow contribute to his perception of the reality. Moreover, […]

Summary of “We Were Soldiers” movie

Steered by Randall Wallace, We Were Soldiers is a must-watch informative piece that tables the story of the Americans involvement in the Vietnam War of 1965. The movie acted by Mel Gibson as the starring, takes the audience into the vast Ia Drang valley based in southern Vietnam’s central highlands. In the movie, American soldiers […]

Bonnie and Clyde

Introduction Believe it or not the plot of the 1967 movie of Bonnie and Clyde has actually had several modern day incarnations starring Jim Carry and Steve Martin yet each of these movies have all been comedies and lacking in the dramatic quality that the original Bonnie and Clyde movie had. While the plot of […]

A Beautiful Mind

Introduction Directed by Ron Howard, A Beautiful Mind is an inspiring American movie, which explores the story of a successful young Mathematician, John Nash. In the story, Nash tries to find an original idea while in a graduate school where he interacts with many people most of whom he does not like. He later gets […]

Tora! Tora! Tora!

In 1939 Hitler and the Nazis decided to conquer the whole of Europe. A short while later they secured an alliance with Japan. The Japanese Imperial army were aware that the significant U.S. military presence in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii is something that gave them a great deal of insecurity and they had to eliminate this […]

Feminism in Roger and Dodger Film

Introduction This essay evaluates feminism as depicted in the film ‘Roger Dodger’ by Dylan. In his film, Dylan Kidd presents the two genders in a scintillating and amusing way. The theme of gender is captured in scenes in a plot that invoke drama, comedy, romance and sex. Throughout the film, the actors, both the men […]

The Business of Being Born

Introduction The movie called the “Business of Being Born” explores the debate about “midwives, home births, and hospital births in America” (Tracy, 2008). The movie generally favor the argument that in cases of normal births without complications, midwives can conduct home deliveries and this is seen to be better as compared to hospital births that […]

How the Movie, “Trading Places” has Influenced Me

One of the movies that have had a significant effect on my outlook towards life is the 1983 movie “Trading Places”, directed by John Landis. Its main actors are Eddie Murphy acting as Billy Ray Valentine and Dan Arkroyd, starring as Louis Winthorpe III. Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche play Randolph and Mortimer Duke, respectively. […]

Aging in Society and Community

In our current youth-obsessed society, stories about the lives of the old individuals are not very common; thus, when movies on old age are released, they are fraught with social meaning. The 1993 American comedy movie, the Grumpy Old Men, is one of these (Burr, 1994). The movie is a complete interdisciplinary content in social […]

Fight Club – Analysis of Consumerism

Thesis statement Ever since David Fincher’s 1999 film Fight Club was released to the theaters, it had almost instantly attained the status of a cult movie. And, there are many objective reasons to believe that the actual explanation, as to this film’s popularity with movie-goers, has to do with its clearly defined anti-consumerist spirit. As […]

Sidney Lumet and His Concerns

Each person who creates a piece of art has certain concerns that are usually presented with the help of interesting and thought-provoking themes, strong charismatic characters, and an appealing and attention-grabbing story. In this respect, it is necessary to analyze the movies created by an outstanding director Sydney Lumet who managed to provoke thoughts in […]

Como Agua para Chocolate: Like Water for Chocolate

One of the best ways and most pleasant ways to learn more about culture of a particular country is to watch the movie depicting its culture and directed by a director originated from this country. One of such films is Como Agua para Chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate). It is a film that gives a […]

Exploring autism in the drama film Rain Man

Directed by Barry Levinson, Rain Man is a chef-d’oeuvre comedy that functions as a drama film, exploring autism – a mental disorder that sets in mostly during childhood. The main character is Raymond Babbitt – an autistic man, a condition that has forced him to spend his days in a mental institution since his childhood. […]

Racism in the “Crash”

Introduction People are all alike despite their slight evident differences. However, their diversity is to a large extend, the root cause of all their conflicts. The fact that people vary in terms of their personalities, race, language, skin color, among others, is a clear implication that their interaction is subject to violence. Paul Haggis’ ‘passion […]

“28 Days” by Betty Thomas

The limo is borrowed by Gwen Cummings and crashes it when she was busy on her cell phone trying to replace he had destroyed due to her drunkenness. She is taken into a rehabilitation centre but very reluctant to undertake offered programs at the start. But latter reexamine her life and decide to change, though […]

My Opinion on the Movie Titanic

The essay is an analysis of the movie Titanic written and directed by James Cameron and was released on 19 December 1997 and runs for 194 minutes. The movie is a flashback an epic romance and tragedy, telling a story of Lovett who hunts for treasure. Together with his squad, he looks for heart of […]

Casablanca the Movie

Introduction The essay is a critical analysis of the movie Casablanca. The movie was directed by Curtiz Michael, produced by Wallis, H., Epstein, P. & Epstein J and was released back in 1942. It stars Bogart Humphrey, Henreid Paul as well as Bergman Ingrid. Those featured in the movie include Rains, Claude, Veidt Conrad, Lorre […]

Film and Culture

Ever since Zack Snyder’s film 300 was released to the movie theaters in 2007, it almost immediately fell under bombardment of strongly negative movie-reviews. For example, in his review of 300, Smith (2007) have gone as far as accusing director of being a Nazi: “It isn’t a stretch to imagine Adolf’s boys at a “300” […]

Film Analysis – “A History of Violence”

“A History of Violence” is a 2005 American thriller movie that is based on a novel bearing the same name and it tells the story of Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen), a restaurant owner in the small town of Millbrook, Indiana, who lives with his lawyer wife Edie (Maria Bello), son Jack (Ashton Holmes), and daughter […]

Compare Two Movies Related With Human Rights

Introduction This essay is going to explore the two movies, which depict violation of human rights in various circumstances and parts of the world and relate their diverse aspects to real life situation. A dry White Season movie is trying to portray violation of human rights in South Africa during the time of apartheid rule […]

Gladiator: Movie Analysis – Film Review & Research Paper

Introduction Gladiator is the greatest popular historic film describing remarkable period of Roman Empire and showing strong emotions and great contradicting feelings of the main character Maximus. His will, strength, energy and cruelty at the same time are depicted to convey patriotic feelings to the audience. Despite the fact that the patriotism adorns Maximus, it […]

Forrest Gump Movie

The movie was about the life and times of Forrest Gump a fictitious character who suffers from a disability known as mental retardation. The movie starts at the very beginning as a child growing up in Alabama and one who was brought up by a single parent. His mother took care of him and never […]

Film Character Analysis

Introduction Engineered by Wes Andreson, the film Rushmore is amongst the most comical movies ever produced. It was published in 1998. Its setting is the Rushmore elite preparatory school. The movie is a clear picture of the kind of life that the director of the movie, Anderson, and his friends went through in their primary […]

Film History as Cultural Myth-Making

As one of the most effective historical films, Gallipoli directed by Peter Weir not only projects on the screen the historical representation of the landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) at Gallipoli on April 25th, 1915, but also represent one of the critical heritage myths of Australian national identity. To begin […]

Guns, Germs and Steel

This paper looks into the movie “guns, germs and steel”. This movie is based on Jared Diamond’s book that sought to explain inequality in the world cultures. In the beginning of the movie, focus is on Francisco Pizarro. Pizarro was a team leader of a Spaniard mercenary group in search of treasure. He had a […]

Review of the film Eat a bowl of teiasa

Introduction Eat a Bowl of Tea is a 1989 film directed by Wayne Wang in a Chinese America setting. It was crafted from a novel by Louis Chu, the novel was by the same name and had been published in 1961. The work is a depiction of the clashes between Chinese culture and way of […]

The Film One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest

One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest film was released in the wake of 1975. Directed by the celebrated director Czech Milos Forman, the film remains one of the greatest movies of all time. Unlike the common conventional films One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) carries an allegorical subject which is developed in the world of […]

Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis

Introduction Forrest Gump is a motivating movie about the struggles that we go through in life and it gives hope that there is always a way out of every quagmire. Directed by Robert Zemeckis with Tom Hanks playing the role of Forrest; this is a classical must-watch movie of all the times. The main theme […]

Film Studies: “Babel” by Alejandro Gonzalez Innarritu

Introduction Babel is a movie that was directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Innarritu. It is a story covering diverse issues taking place in the United States of America, Morocco, Japan, and Mexico. These are four interlacing stories in the four aforementioned countries. One gun connects these four stories and as the movie nears the end, there […]

“Ocean’s Eleven” (2001 film)

“Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) is a captivating movie which the stylish director, Steven Soderbergh, remade from the 1960 Rat Pack film that starred Frank Sinatra and other actors. The earlier version of “Ocean’s Eleven” did not register much success as the 2001 version. The movie runs for one hundred and sixteen minutes and is rated PG-13 […]

A Comparison of the Movies “Madagascar” and “Dark Knight”

Films are a popular form of entertainment and since their invention a large number of them have been produced and screened. Movies exist in various genres so as to satisfy the different tastes that varied people have. In the recent past, I have had the privilege of watching a number of movies, most of which […]

Wall Street and Boiler Room: Compare and Contrast

Lots of movies help people comprehend this life better, learn a couple of lessons, and make everything possible to improve this life and enjoy it. There are so many topics, which directors are eager to disclose in their works, and one of them is human desire to earn more money without taking into consideration possible […]

Advertising and the End of the World by Sut Jhally: A Review of the Movie

Advertising and the End of the World is one of the most exciting works about advertising and its influence on people and people’s future, created by Sut Jhally, a university professor of Communication and a scholar of cultural studies within advertising and media. This work touches upon numerous commercial images in order to find out […]

Philadelphia: Prejudice about Homosexuality

Philadelphia is one of those movies that can change human attitude to a certain situation, other people, and even the essence of this life. The problems, people with AIDS face in their every day life, prejudice against homosexuals and their style of life, and injustice that is so inherent to current political, economical, and social […]

A Beautiful Mind

Directed by Ron Howard in the year 2001, A Beautiful Mind is a chef-d’oeuvre film based on the life of Nobel Laureate in Economics, John Nash. The film brings out the struggles that Nash encounters with his mental health. In the year 1948, Nash enrolls at Princeton University as a graduate student and immediately stands […]

Fried Green Tomatoes Movie

The movie is founded on Fannie Flagg’s work of fiction dubbed as ‘Fried Green Tomatoes which was acted at the Whistle Stop Café’. It is an influential story of four different aged women who existed at different epochs that is, in the 1930s and 1980s.This feature makes it suitable for different age groups to identify […]

Bicycle thieves movie

Human beings continually struggle to make a living. However in most cases our efforts are in vain. It is not always a guarantee that we will have what we seek or if we find it, holding on to it may be a challenge. This may happen not because of our own doing but as a […]

Does the idea of national cinema still have relevance in the age of globalization?

Introduction A national cinema entails films that are produced within a nation state, and have always been used to portray the culture of the particular nation. The understanding of most films, always have one or more protagonist, and this protagonist seek adventure, redemption or escape (Klinger 1997, p. 2). Most nation cinemas are associated with […]

The Movie Exhibition Industry

Deliverable 1 The Motion Picture Industry Value Chain Could the motion picture industry add value to their productions if they concentrated on only one venture? Most of the distribution in the market is done by the divisions of major studios. The studio’s investments span across various major fields and this makes the management of the […]

“Metropolis” by Fritz Lang

The movie metropolis by Fritz Lang is a story of a city grappling with the introduction of machines to replace the work done by man. The city is divided into two regions comprised of a group of educated people controlling another group of slaves living in the subterranean region. The role of the slaves living […]

Children of Heaven

Introduction Society ordinarily has a divide of two; the rich and the poor; the less privileged and the opportune; the wasted and the significant. Most times, this divide starts at the least units of society that adore the rich and gets disgusted with the poor. This strong imagery of society is effectively captured in the […]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part2 is the final release of the eight Harry Potter series. This second part completes the much anticipated adventurous two full length motion film picture. The final epic “shows a battle between the good and the evil forces of using magic in the wizard world” (Schilling np). This […]

“Gone Baby Gone” Movie

Introduction In the film, Gone Baby Gone, various aspects of the community have been highlighted. Corruption and conspiracy are some of the negative aspects of the community that the film has used as one of its main themes. Corruption is the act of conducting a transaction or an action in a manner that is not […]

Comparing and Contrasting the Followership and Mentorship in Wall Street and The Matrix

Wall Street is a film about two stockbrokers who are corrupted by greed and an insatiable lust for power. The film stars Michael Douglas as Gordon Gecko, an ambitious stockbroker who uses clandestine means to feed his avarice. The film also stars Charlie Sheen as Bud Fox, a young and equally ambitious stockbroker. Gecko takes […]

Sophie’s Choice: Analysis of a Movie and Definitions – Essay

Directed by Alan J. Pakula, Sophie’s Choice is a romantic masterpiece set in 1947 but released in 1982. Sophie’s Choice would easily pass for another Holocaust film; actually, looking at it superficially, one gets this impression. However, this film is more than just another Holocaust movie as it goes beyond that to cover life before, […]

Maria Full of Grace and De Nadie: Immigration in Terms of Shots and Angles

Maria Full of Grace is directed by Joshua Marston with Catalina Sandino Moreno and John Alex Toro starring. In the movie Maria Full of Grace, the director represents a variety of shots to describe how various and terrible the processes of immigration for people can be: a full shot when the biker is moving along […]

Fireproof the movie

From the producers of Facing the Giants, Fireproof is a Christian drama film about a firefighter and his wife, married for seven years and on the brink of a divorce. They are engaged in a blame game on whose fault is it that their marriage is falling apart. Caleb’s father, Harris Malcolm, comes to their […]

“The Visitor” by Thomas McCarthy

The Visitor, directed by Thomas McCarthy, is a film with a thematic bias on immigration. The movie integrates humor, realism and social relations to make it very captivating and interesting. These features of the movie are developed as the protagonist, Walter, tries to mourn and recover from the death of his wife. The movie has […]

Juvenile Justice System in “Sleepers” Film by Barry Levinson

Sleepers directed by Barry Levinson is a dramatic film addressing juvenile justice system at length. It also gives insight of how New York City was in 1960s. Levinson bases Sleepers on a 1995 novel by Lorenzo Carcaterra going by the same title. According to this film, the juvenile justice system is inconsequential in the realms […]

Wall Street (1987): Ethics analysis

Introduction Wall Street film is a well-crafted story giving insights to the kind of morality found in the Wall Street. Oliver Stone sheds light on greed and corruption that dominated the Wall Street. Coincidentally, this masterpiece hit the markets exactly 60 days after the famous stock market crash of 1987. The movie revolves around Bud, […]

Father and Son Relations: Analysis of the Movies

The relations between parents and children, fathers and sons in particular, deserve much attention: they are always so different and similar at the same time. This time, I am going to analyze three movies by different directors, which made a wonderful attempt to introduce their own visions concerning the relations between fathers and sons in […]