Movie Review: Reflection of the 2005 Documentary “Just for Kicks” Essay (Movie Review)


Sneakers were first propelled out of the play grounds of New York in the 1970s by the B-boys and since then it has realized a metamorphosis from being considered as a means of boosting performance in athletics and sports to a level where it has been considered as a collector’s object of obsession.

This phenomenon was first analyzed by the production of the film ‘just for kicks’ that was released back in 2005. This paper will review the documentary film and give a reflection that reveals the relationship between sneaker revolution and the hip-hop culture.


The movie is unique in that brings to light the principles underlying between players as well as divers who are deemed to be behind the booming business of sneakers. The business is worth 60 billion.

The film is praised for its vivid attempt to give a colorful and quite comical history of what is considered as the most treasured fashion item in the hip hop culture. The film was directed by Thibaut De Longeville and released in 2005 by Egami studio, those staring included Grandmaster Caz and Garcia Bobbito.

‘Just for kicks’ is a documentary film that digs deep into the hip-hop culture and the relationship it has with revolution of sneakers as a fashion item. The film documents the sneaker movement using interview of big figures in the culture and they include individuals like Hatfield Tinker who is considered as one of the greatest designer of all time, Scoop Jackson as well as Bobitto Garcia.

The film is a detailed examination that looks in great detail at the personalities and culture that drove the fashion and culture of creation of sneaker into becoming the cornerstone of the hip hop fashion. From the film, it is evident that sneaker as a fashion started and still remains linked to the hip hop community whose personalities and beats are dominant.

The film has great graphics, in-depth personality interviews as well as a breakneck pace that not only makes it a novelty item that fits broadcast, but also useful for collectors. Those interviewed in the film display massive personal collections, pop culture analysis, marketers and designers whose contribution is complemented by dynamic editing with musicvid-like sequences that serve to highlight the sharp package.

Currently, the nature of the sales of sneakers has flip-flopped from its traditional breakdown making its sales as an athletic tool stand at twenty percent whereas for lifestyle use at eighty percent. The idea of using sneakers as a fashion statement started during the earlier days of hip-hop.


According to the film ‘just for kicks’, it is clear that the phenomenon of break dancing is responsible for making the footwear an essential tool while at the same time facilitating the trend of wearing them as sans laces that mimicked prison convicts with limited choice in the issue.

Also, the increased flamboyant runs of the sneakers limited edition and customized shoes is attributed to endorsement by star athletes including Michael Jordan as well as by rappers in the likes of Run-DMC’s hit “My Adidas”.

This film plays a significant role as an historic recording of a culture that can be of benefit to those who intend to venture into such hobby especially those who can be described as nostalgic collectors fond of looking back at the images in the film and reflect on the past events.

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