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Adverts play a major role in business marketing. Regardless of the size of the firm, every business owner requires a well organized and strategic advertising plan in order to realize set goals and objectives. According to research, adverts create a link between the business and customers via communication.

Through different adverts, consumers become aware of the business and the products being produced. It can therefore be argued as the main communication tool in business (Sass 1). Although there are several modes of advertising, this research found out that movie theater is one of the best modes of advertising. The report illustrates major advantages of movie advertising.


First, it is important to note that movie theater has the ability to reach out to 75% of all moviegoers in the United States with its advertising recalls beating other ads made on television. According to this research, movie theater reaches most customers in an innovative and effective manner. Notably, successful movie theater advertising may involve partnerships, promotions and partnering with events for the purpose of winning new customers and maintaining existing ones.

As documented by the Cinema Advertising Council, the growth rate for revenues generated by movie theater adverts has continued to increase annually since 2002. CAC officials argued that movie theater ads recorded the increment despite the fact that media economy was going through a difficult financial period (Fuchs 1). This signifies the effectives of movie theaters during a financial crisis. The table below gives a summary of revenue generated by movie ads from 2002 to 2008:

U.S. Cinema Advertising Revenue

Year CAC Member Revenue % Growth
2002 $185,800,000
2003 $273,000,000 47%
2004 $367,456,000 35%
2005 $394,830,000 7%
2006 $455,661,000 15%
2007 $539,946,000 18.5%
2008 $571,421,000 5.8%

Retrieved from: Film Journal International

Apart from delivering the intended message in a captivating manner, movie theater advertising makes use of motion, light and sound which increase the chances off viewers to recall the message communicated (Billboard Connection 1).

This implies that moviegoers are able to remember the advert for a longer time as compared to print or television adverts which lack important features that promote memory. With this, it is possible for consumers to be influenced by the adverts after a longer period of time. Though repetitive viewing, moviegoers see and remember the ad thus developing product awareness within the public domain.

Location of movie theaters also favors this mode of advertising as compared to others. During this research, it was found that most theaters are located near shopping centers in most cities. As such, moviegoers get easily convinced as they are exposed to advertised products before their memory is distorted. Many end up buying products which appeared on big screen while watching movies.

Moreover, it was found that 28% of all moviegoers are “ad avoiders”, indicating that up to 157% of moviegoers have a higher likelihood of seeing an advert on movies than on TV. Another benefit of using movie ads is that they have 64% likelihood of reaching people who prefer watching television on their mobile phones and 25% chance of influencing consumers who watch TV online (Sass 1).


It is evident that movie theater advertising has numerous advantages which outweigh other modes of advertising. From cost effectiveness to a wider coverage, these ads market products in a manner that allows customers to recall and make informed purchases. This report recommends the use of movie theater ads based on countless merits.

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