Cartoons Essay Examples and Topics

“Monsters, Inc.” and the War on Terror

The problem of fear in the American society can be discussed as the multidimensional concept which is directly associated with the developed idea of the War on Terror because fear is the main force to make politicians discuss terrorism as the major threat to the American society, and fear makes the public respond to the […]

Mamoru Oshii’s “Ghost in the Shell”

Cyborgs can be discussed as the symbols of the contemporary world in which boundaries between humans and machines are destroyed to respond to the needs of the informational society where technologies play the key role. Furthermore, in this world, the singularity is challenged because cyborgs are not unique as humans, but they are as functional […]

A Bug’s Life

Introduction The film, A Bug’s Life, was produced in 1998 by Darla Anderson and was an animation film. It is based on two movies that were released earlier and one of them is the film, Seven Samurai. The other film was the Ant and the Grasshopper. The aim of this paper is to provide a […]

Movie “Grave of the Fireflies”

Grave of the Fireflies (1988) is the Japanese animated film directed by Isao Takahata, and it is a vivid example of the Japanese anime on the topic of the war. The young boy Seita and his younger sister Setsuko are the main characters who are depicted living in Japan during World War II. The fate […]

Film Review: The Wabbit Came Who Came to Supper

The essay analyses the Warner Brothers classic animated short film The Wabbit Came Who Came to Supper (1942). The movie is a classic animation produced in the post Second World War period. The movie featured two classic cartoon characters Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. This essay analyses the movie in relation to its social discourse […]

“Pocahontas” by Mike Gabriel and Eric Goldberg

The animated film Pocahontas (1995) is based on the topic of miscegenation by Walt Disney Company. The protagonist is an Indian girl who is welcomed and later married to an English settler. Pocahontas is, consequently, assimilated into the English culture, and as the legend goes, she was the first native Indian to become a Christian. […]

Rhetorical Analysis of an Image

The political cartoon drawn by Jim Borgman eloquently illustrates the problems faced by many young American people nowadays. In particular, it shows that they often do not have any employment opportunities, and some may be forced to join the Army hoping that it can create at least some opportunities for them. Apart from that, this […]

“South Park” by Matt Stone and Trey Parker

South Park (97- ) is an American animated television series that was created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker in 1995 (Stratyner 23). The South Park television series made its premier debut in August 1997 (Stratyner 23). The program has enjoyed tremendous success since then. The show is widely known for its crude language and […]

Ratatouille 2007: Animation Accent

Disney animated films attach different accents to different characters. It remains a wonder then whether the use of various accents represents different levels of characters in these films. The question remains as to whether there is a systematic way within which accents are used to come up with different character traits? Given that Disney animated […]

Role of Gender in “Mulan” by Walt Disney

Introduction The movie Mulan is about woman who went to the military to save her father’s life, to make her family happy and make people proud of her, and this woman was called Mulan. Mulan is an animation movie created by Walt Disney in 1998. This movie is a way to learn about the Chinese […]

The Little Mermaid

Adapting an already existing story into a movie, especially when it comes to book classics, is one of the least gratifying jobs ever; no matter how hard the movie director tries, (s)he goes into no-win situation, since the audience will always find the discrepancies in the story, the plot, the characters or whatever needs changing […]

Toy Story 1: An animation legend

Before Toy Story 1, Pixar previously worked on commercials and individual sequences of feature films and produced such short pieces as the 1988 Oscar-winner Tin Toy, which John Lasseter took on behalf of Pixar. When it turned out that he was the one to direct Toy Story, it became a legend and revolutionized an industry. […]

The Trilogy “Toy Story”

Toy Story is a trilogy of animated comedy films directed by John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich, and Ash Brannon and firstly produced by Pixar. The picture focuses on Woody, a cowboy who is involved in various adventures and who should confront various challenges in a lifeless, human-isolated world. Aside from intriguing plot, all the movies are […]

Arguments in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The great cartoon craftsmen – rude fantasists with a taste for the extreme – routinely dismiss the laws of probability, turning tree branches into catapults and a set of dishes into a symphony orchestra (Harris). But a cartoon short, however inventive, can take its toll on our interest. A world which anything can happen is […]

Causes of the Popularity of Tom & Jerry

This paper is aimed at students and elder population to make sure that they understand the reasons of the popularity of the Tom & Jerry cartoon. These reasons are also important for young parents who try to restrict their children in watching TV and are not sure which programs can be allowed for their children. […]

How the Walt Disney movie “Dumbo” is bad for children?

Introduction Walt Disney movies have continued to entertain children throughout the world as most parents try to protect their children from bad influence and at the same time desiring to keep them happy as well as busy. Through these movies, children are able to gain the much needed creativity and critique that enables them to […]

Animation Problems

Introduction Making animation is not a very difficult process, but this it is not quite easy either. Specifically, the main attributes of a successful animation involve imagination, time, and sense of proportions needed to present interesting characters and produce three-dimensional drawings (Johnson n. p.). Shades and colors also play an important role in drawing curves […]

Editorial Cartoon NFL tragedy by Rob Tornoe

Introducing the Event Depicted in the Cartoon The cartoon under consideration provides a picture of the horrible disaster happened to Japanese people who lost everything. The tragedy has taken thousands of lives away and has deprived thousands of people of home. In the cartoon, the artist tries to depict the reaction of other people to […]

Chicken Run and The nightmare Before Christmas

Animation is basically the two or three dimensional rapid display of artwork and model positions with the purpose of creation of false impression of movement. Animation can also be said to be an optical delusion of motion due to a phenomenon that causes persistence of an image which can be showed in different ways commonly […]

Aladdin’s Philosophical Concept

In Disney’s animated film Aladdin, the major theme that Disney wanted to communicate to the audiences is how far human beings can go when in need of something. A strong desire of something may lead one to go beyond the expectations. The major characters of the film are seen fighting for power, freedom, recognition, love […]

The Negative Effect of Tarzan on Children

Movies have a huge influence on the mindset and culture of the people. Disney movies have been accused of negatively affecting children. The contentious views range from violence, sexual inferences or nudity and racism. The Tarzan movie released in 1999 received a certain level of criticism concerning the graphic violent scenes of fights between the […]

Tarzan’s Decision in Film “Tarzan” by Walt Disney

Tarzan is a fictional character who was adopted and raised in an African jungle by a group of apes after his parents died while being marooned in the jungle. When he is a young adult, Tarzan meets and falls in love with a woman known as Jane Porter after she and her father together with […]