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Why the Lottery is Useful to Society? Persuasive Essay

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Updated: May 19th, 2022

The lottery has various functions to perform. It can be used as a means to earn wealth. It is a medium of entertainment. Thesis statement: Lottery is a good idea to contribute to society.

By the sale of the lottery, the government can accumulate considerable financial resources, and the same can be used to pay for the children who need financial support. A lottery can support the children who cannot afford to pay for the tuition. This suggestion is proved by the statement, “Like many charter schools in New York City, the Promise Academy has an extended school day and year, with coordinated after-school tutoring and additional classes on Saturdays for children who need remediation in mathematics and English Language Arts skills” (Dobbie and Frier 162). The lottery money is useful because “… schools provide free medical, dental, and mental health services … student incentives for achievement …” (Dobbie and Frier 162).

The above statements have shown that a few students need financial support. The lottery system, found in charter schools, assists students to obtain free tuition in academic and non-academic activities. It assists students in achieving overall progress. A few students are particularly weak in the subjects such as mathematics and the English language. The lottery money is also used to improve the physical and mental health of students. In this way, communities ensure that their children obtain appropriate guidance to improve their academic achievement.

School administration needs liberal funding from either the government or a non-governmental source to improve the quality of education. Schools need to invest in infrastructure including new buildings. The lottery can help schools to improve their teaching condition. By providing facilities to teachers, it is possible to encourage them to stay with the organization for a longer period. In this way, it is possible to obtain long-term commitments from teachers.

New technologies cost a considerable amount of money. It is possible to encourage teachers to adopt new teaching methods. School funding has emerged as a major topic of discussion. It is revealed that: “About 35 percent of the lottery revenue is intended to flow into schools statewide. Of that 35 percent, about 40 percent is meant to go toward construction projects. The remaining change goes toward class size reduction in kindergarten through third-grade classrooms; the state’s pre-kindergarten program; and need-based college scholarships” (Baird 1). The authorities can utilize the craze for the lottery to provide funding to schools. It is found that “Record sales from the recent Mega Millions madness … About $25 million more than predicted will go to schools because of those sales … “(Baird 1).

The government obtains a huge amount of money through lottery sales. The money can be used to provide educational tools to schoolteachers. The latter can improve their teaching quality by using new technology. For example, the Internet, computers, and mobile technology provide appropriate information to students. The statements demonstrate that the authorities are willing to allocate a part of the lottery revenue for school education. By constructing large classrooms, school authorities can improve teaching conditions.

Homelessness is a major problem affecting large numbers of people in the country. The lottery money is useful for the government to build communities for the homeless. In Gloucestershire, “Around 20 former homeless youngsters have been recruited by charity Shelter to deliver sessions to teenagers in secondary schools, colleges, youth clubs, pupil referral units and youth offending teams” It is also suggested that, “Shelter has a Housing Aid Center in Gloucester … the project would also give formerly homeless young people chance to turn negative experiences into a positive tool to help others” (Skelton 20).

The statements have shown that large numbers of people are homeless, and they need considerable community support to face challenges such as lack of education and unemployment. Lottery-based funding is used to create a platform for the homeless to interact with each other. On the one hand, they can achieve self-progress, and on the other, they can cooperate with other homeless people who face similar difficulties. The statements also demonstrate that many homeless youngsters participate in criminal activities. They need the support of governmental and non-governmental organizations in improving their life. Through appropriate rehabilitation programs, it is possible to reform them. As a part of the community, the homeless can improve their behavior. Indirectly, it can benefit society in the long term.

Most of the homeless suffer from problems such as lack of education and unemployment. They lack education because they are compelled to move from place to place as they lack permanent accommodation. The homeless are not able to establish a relationship with the community. They also experience a few behavioral issues. The lottery-based fund is useful for the homeless to start a new life. The lottery allows homeless people to deal with such problems.

For instance, “Emmanuel House is a drop-in centre for people aged over 18 who are vulnerable or homeless. Many of the visitors have substance or alcohol misuse issues, or are going through a difficult time” (Evening Post 14). Lottery funding has been used to provide new facilities to the homeless. For example, “…it was wonderful to attend the opening of the newly-refurbished library in The Meadows. Funded by BIG … Improved services inside include more computer equipment, a meeting place for community groups and a homework club three nights a week” (Evening Post 14).

The homeless can deal with problems such as substance abuse, including addiction to alcohol and drugs. They need sympathetic support from other members of the community. By creating facilities such as libraries, it is possible to encourage the homeless to spend a major part of their life in academic activities. The homeless, in this way, can comprehend opportunities that are available to start a new life.

It is possible to identify people who are willing to donate money in the form of charity. People indulge in charity by purchasing lottery tickets. A notable advantage of the lottery is that society can obtain the money that is needed to help the people in need. Money obtained through the sale of lottery tickets can be used to create facilities for the poor who lack appropriate funds for maintaining their family.

For example, it is suggested, Urban schools in high-poverty neighborhoods have high rates of violence and school dropout and struggle to retain effective teachers” (Deming 2064). Lottery money can be used to create appropriate teaching and learning environment. Consequently, communities obtain an appropriate academic atmosphere. It is also suggested, “Across various schools and for both middle and high school students … winning the lottery reduces adult crime” (Deming 2065). The community can reform adults who tend to indulge in criminal activities.

I realize that the big prize of the lottery can make people addicted to gambling. The lottery can be a harmful thing for people to lose their money and make them lazy. Evidence is available to suggest that gambling has become popular with Americans. It is suggested, “One of the most recent comprehensive studies of gambling in the United States found that 68 percent of Americans reported having gambled at least once in the past year, and gambling is particularly popular among younger Americans” (Ferraiolo 218). People, who buy lottery tickets, do so to earn quick money. Many persons may earn money by investing in the lottery.

Instead of solving routine problems, this system may complicate the life of the people. The lottery is considered as one type of gambling. The issue of gambling has emerged as a major moral issue in the country. It is suggested that “Gambling is often viewed as a morality policy issue … opponents cite concerns about the regressive nature of lotteries, lotteries’ poor odds of winning” (Ferraiolo 218). The statement indicates that the government is compelled to take appropriate action against gamblers, and they may comprise people who buy lottery. In many cases, lotteries can cause pain to individuals.

The government needs to take action against gamblers, as the government is responsible to society. The question of morality can compel people to demand its ban. Those who oppose lottery can suggest that it may affect the younger generation, as it lacks an appropriate role model to improve its behavior. Large numbers of people who buy lottery may not obtain prize money. Those who win the lottery may not benefit, as it may make them indolent.

Lottery contributes to the overall development of society. The money gained from the lottery is helpful and meaningful to society. Lottery money can be used to pay for the tuition fees of students belonging to low-income families. Students can be offered help not only for academic activities but also for non-academic ones such as dance and music. In this way, students can achieve their long-term objectives.

Society can provide appropriate assistance to the needy with the support of the lottery system. The government can achieve the welfare of the people by using a part of the lottery revenue to provide education to the needy at a concessional rate. Lottery-based school funding is useful in improving the quality of teaching. Teachers, for instance, can be given teaching aids, which are essential for them to excel in their profession.

The lottery system enables people to donate money for noble purposes. The lottery can be considered an indirect form of charity. By donating money in the form of a lottery, it is possible to improve facilities in educational institutions. Homelessness is a major problem affecting a major part of society. A part of lottery money can be sanctioned to provide community services to people without homes. It is possible to deal with problems such as substance abuse, lack of education, and unemployment. It is important to encourage the homeless to improve their social life by interacting with other members of society.

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