Comparative Analysis of Macroeconomic Indicators of USA and Brazil

Introduction The global population continues to increase. By the end of 2011, it had surpassed seven billion people. Astonishingly, over 20% of the population lives in poverty. Majority of the poor are living in abject poverty implying that they survive with less than a dollar per day. In developed countries, most citizens are affluent and […]

Identity Belonging and Difference

The modern society recognizes the importance of reconsidering race issues that influence of the concept of identity belonging and equality among culturally diverse groups. However, the principles of identity and belonging are not confined to ethnic affiliation only, but also to new social constructs that are affected by such famous trend as McDonald’s. In fact, […]

Gone with the Wind (1939) and Dr. Zhivago (2002)

Introduction Conventionally, movies underscore common issues that touch on the society and thus they share common themes because they present issues that affect people in society. For instance, romance movies integrate several other themes into the romantic scenes, which allow them to focus on other pertinent societal issues such as wealth, violence, and politics among […]

Leasing Computers at Persistent Learning

The current case study entails leasing computers at Persistent Learning, an educational software company. Leasing Computers is in the midst of making a financial decision on the most appropriate way of acquiring assets (computers and related hardware) for purposes of expansion. Owing to its financial position, the company has two options of financing its expansion […]

History of Immigration

Cultural diversity in the United States is a direct result of immigration. In fact, almost all ethnic groups in the country are products of immigration. For instance, the white majority in the United States are descendants of migrants from Europe. Likewise, most minority ethnic groups are descendants of migrants from other parts of the world […]

Immigration History

The history of immigration is important in understanding how the different ethnic groups in America relate. However, immigration has been a controversial topic throughout history. This controversy has resulted from the failure to control the number and type of immigration. Additionally, it is worth noting that America was a colony of Britain. Therefore, America received […]