Revenue, cost concepts, and market structure proposal

The main aim of most businesses is to generate maximum profits at minimum cost. However, many organizations face challenges in their operation. Reducing material, labor and other costs become essential if any profits need be achieved. To achieve ideal production levels, the production manager should be very careful while making decisions. Revenues increment recommendation Revenue […]

Creative Thinking

The metaphorical approach to thinking, denoted as creative thinking is an approach that elicits action in an individual at the advent of a powerful idea. It is a critical component that influences the critical thinking style. Creative thinking gives birth to the knowledge required for critical thinking. The basis of critical thinking is creative thinking. […]

The Fortune 100-Best companies list and its significance to our employment agency

Abstract At present, placement agencies play a critical role in assisting those seeking for employment opportunities either for the first time or for those who want to advance their career. The Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list came out at the beginning of the year. It is important for our placement firm to […]


Touching upon the issues of the Unconscious and contemporary theory of dreams, Inception, a recently released film by Christopher Nolan, can be considered a flow of fresh air into the sci-fi genre. It was a long time since I enjoyed a movie which was truly original in its concept and at the same time was […]

Analysis of the history of biological psychology and its relationship with other psychology branches

Introduction Biological psychology is a major branch in psychology that has been prominent since its beginning and remains a key area of research and training in most parts of the world. This paper will attempt to analyze biological psychology by defining it, examining its historical development and identifying associated important theorists. It will further depict […]

China’s Investment Environment

Introduction Over the past century, the human race has dedicated a vast proportion of the available resources to the efforts of self-actualization in terms of development politically, socially, economically and technologically. To provide a means for measuring the progress made, means have been developed through which progress in these sectors can be analyzed and monitored […]