Toms Shoes Company

Background of the Company Toms Shoes Company is a profit-oriented business enterprise located in Santa Monica, California. The company runs a subsidiary, Friends of Toms. Blake Mycoskie, a business enthusiast from Arlington, Texas, conceptualized Toms in 2006. Toms is a maker and distributor of shoes based on Alpargata design borrowed from Argentinean style and fashion. […]

Prophet Muhammad and his Characteristics

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is the greatest role representation of all humankind. He had exceptional qualities and characteristics. He was an incredible parent, an immense statesperson, moderator, and a religious chief. Prophet Muhammad had a perfect and absolute sound intellect. There is no man who has ever had a sound intellect as Prophet Muhammad. He had […]

Reconciling the surplus labor with the law of value

The law of value of a commodity refers to the total number of person-hours used in order to produce a particular good or service, under the normal working conditions, with the provision of the necessary equipment or machinery. This also takes into account the work force input, the raw materials and the tear and wear […]

The Greenhouse Effect

Introduction The greenhouse effect entails conditions that allow short wavelengths from sunlight to be absorbed through transparent media. However, these media cannot permit the passage of long wavelengths that are re-radiated from animated substances. Therefore, high temperatures that occur due to overheating are usually experienced. This arises because the long wavelengths are tapped and thus […]


Introduction Tsunamis have gained worldwide notoriety following the two devastating tsunamis that have occurred in the course of the last ten years. These natural catastrophes have demonstrated that tsunamis are high-impact disasters that can cause massive destruction and death within a few minutes of their occurrence. The impact of tsunamis is especially considerable since the […]

Species Extinction

Population growth among the humans is leading to over exploitation of the eco system in trying to provide food, shelter and clothing. Santa in her publication World Is Undergoing Mass Extinction shows how over exploitation of the environment is causing imbalance in the eco system. The imbalance in ecosystem is eventually leading to extinction of […]