The Problem of Evil Essay

Introduction The problem of evil has been defined by different scholars. Polkinghorne (14) defines it as the process of reconciliation between evil and good. The problem of evil, therefore, tries to show that there is no logical way in which good and evil can exist in the way they are presented in religion. This paper […]

Relativism Research Paper

Introduction Relativism refers to a school of thought that asserts the relative nature of truth and other realities that characterize human existence in society. According to this sociological viewpoint, truth is usually variable depending on context and recurrent parametrical threshold (Binkley 12). Relativists view truth as being subject to individual perceptions and prevailing circumstances that […]

The Sense of ‘Specialness’ is an Illusion Essay

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among sociologists to discuss the essence of the surrounding social reality, within the conceptual framework of the theory of Social-Constructivism, which denies the objectively predetermined nature of people’s tendency to act in one way or another, while remaining as the society’s integral elements. Nevertheless, the close analysis of the […]

Colchester, M. Indigenous peoples and protected areas: Rights, principles and practice Article

Purpose The article’s main purpose is to give an insight into how conservation of indigenous lands and wilderness was historically executed. The author gives an analysis how land was conserved in America during the civil war. An account on how the Indians were evacuated from the wilderness and establishment of national parks provides insightful information […]

Role of an Integrator Essay

Supply chain is a critical activity for small businesses and multinational corporations (MNCs) today. Supply chain management is essential for large and small businesses. Supply chain activities have led to the formation of the supply chain industry. The industry includes transportation companies involved in logistics and supply chain activities. “The supply chain process entails the […]

Development And Gift-Giving Research Paper

Hope for the Nations is a Canadian charity organization which is aimed at helping children in different parts of the world. The organization’s motto is as follows, “Children at risk becoming children of change” (“Hope for the Nations”). The HFTN helps children in need to get education and such crucial things as nutritious food and […]