Employment Relations Issues: Discrimination in New Zealand’s Work Place

Introduction Over the past few centuries, the human civilization has advanced tremendously giving rise to significant social and economic changes. This has resulted most notably in the creation of a large group of working class members of the society and their employers. It is this class that has been primarily responsible for the creation of […]

Comparison between the serpent in the Old Testament and the one in Gilgamesh

From the Old Testament book of Genesis, the serpent is a representation of the devil. God had strictly warned Adam and Eve not to eat from a particular tree in the Garden of Eden but Satan, in his crafty ways, managed to convince them to partake of its fruit promising it would give them unending […]

Business Report: Dell and ASUSTeK Computer Inc

Executive summary Dell Company is an international enterprise dealing with computers and its accessories. It is based in Round Rock, USA and employs over 96,000 employees in its worldwide branches. The name Dell was derived from its founder Michael Dell. Growth of Dell Company is attributed to mergers and acquisitions including the take over of […]

Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock: The Revolutionary Modern Artists

Introduction Art has played a pivotal role in helping to enhance people’s lives from generation to generation. Artists have been instrumental not only in expressing the culture of people but also in transforming it. As a result, art is now regarded a part of our daily lives. Artwork is evident in various aspects of our […]

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bête in French) written by Madame Leprince Beaumont in 1776, is renowned for its reformist and moralistic character, especially for discoursing feminine ideals. The story was written with the aim of educating young ladies of the virtues of femininity (Zipes 31). Beaumont wrote the tale in her […]

Operations Management and Supply Chains

There is a need to systematize the processes in departments constituting the supply network. Organizational supply chain entails synchronizing all of the processes, including fabrication, supply and purchase, in an all-inclusive way (Mentzer, 5). The supply chain entails groups, individuals, assets and expertise, which are necessary in the transfer of products and services from the […]