Same-Sex Marriage

Introduction One of the most heated debates of our time entails same sex marriage. While many people point out different reasons for opposing such a marriage, others have equally many reasons for supporting it. This paper seeks to support same sex marriage in the limelight of increasing liberalism and human rights across the world. In […]

The Range of Data Needed to Be Collected

Trying to understand which Smartphone brand and model is the most popular among students, and why this specific brand and model is the most popular, it is essential to conduct a research applying to the questionnaire. The questionnaire should contain the questions which are essential for the research and some particular questions which may help […]

Mobile Banking Innovation

Introduction Various innovations are being attained in different fields. Innovation refers to the process of coming up with new ideas or changes that are able to shift or alter the way things are done. In business terms, it is the process of “developing a new customer value by coming up with amicable solutions that are […]

Neorealism and neoliberal institutionalism

The field of International Relation (IR) theory has been dominated by great discourse surrounding neoliberal institutionalism and neorealism. There has been great contention in the ‘neo-neo’ debate especially among most theorists dealing with International Relations. Although some differences have been noted between the two schools of thought, there are those who argue that they are […]

Human health

The conventional meaning of human health is shifting from an emphasis on physical health to a more holistic model that incorporates the psychosocial and emotional well-being of persons as well. This paradigm shift has broadened the reaches of health studies to include environmental health and environmental psychology; disciplines that study how the natural and built […]

Sarah Palin

Governor Sarah Palin was the running mate of Republican Candidate John McCain during the General Elections in the US in 2008. It has been argued that the media coverage she received in the run up to that election was biased and led McCain to lose to President Barack Obama. This paper will discuss whether sexism […]