The Protracted Sri Lankan Refugee Situation in India: Challenges and Possible Solutions

There is a lot of talk about refugees and what to do with them until they actually show up and upset the social harmony that existed before they arrived. There are a lot of people, government agencies perhaps and international organizations that speak well of the need to help refugees, but at the heart of […]

Importance of dreams in the Epic of Gilgamesh

In the Gilgamesh story, dreams have been given great prominence especially since they play a critical part in explaining the unfolding of events. The two main characters Gilgamesh and Enkidu constantly dream about things and events which contribute positively to their lives as well as help give meaning to the story. In the period of […]

How the Information and System Assurance Theory and Methodology Impacted an Actual Company in the Last 10 Years

Abstract Any business entity requires proper management to avoid situations that would lead to its imminent collapse and eventually, loss of investment. For this reason, business owners should be very cautious when decided on the auditing firms to examine their books of accounts. A lot of business enterprises have collapsed due to poor management, inexperienced […]

Representations of Global Femininity/Masculinity in Contemporary Media

Introduction The change in time and events from a conventional world to one that is sophisticated and modern has been accompanied by changes in representation of masculinity and femininity. This is with regard to how the contemporary media represents both man and woman and its position on this. Contrary to the conventional style of representation […]

Prenatal and Post Natal Motherhood

The Report The report was based on the study of the impact of depression screening on prenatal and post natal motherhood and effects of early interventions. A rigorous selection criterion was applied in collecting relevant data for analysis to answer key question (KQ) on the impact of early interventions. The study was assessed against predetermined […]

Bottled Water Environmental Impact

Abstract An entrenched belief in people‚Äôs minds that bottled water is superior to tap water has triggered a chain of environmental and cultural challenges to policy makers and environmentalists in conserving the environment and while ensuring quality water for consumers. The problem of disposing water bottles by enforcing policies for responsible waste bottle disposal, alternative […]