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The Islamic Finance

Objectives Examine the effects of Shariah principles to the performance of Islamic institutions in non-Islamic world To compare the growth rate of Islamic and conventional financial institutions To establish the quality and effectiveness of Islamic [...]

Concept of Documentary Photography

The purpose of composition in this case is to bring out a distinction between the different elements of a work that is being portrayed in such a manner that the elements of the work that [...]

Internet Communication and Graphic Design

To get a definition of graphic design and an understanding of the pieces of work that is produced by graphic designers To understand the extent to which the internet can help graphic designers in training [...]

Strategy as a Practice and Leadership

Strategies in an organization helps the manufacturer to understand how to work effectively with the suppliers and in return have effective supply chain for the goods and services to reach the consumers at the right [...]

Business Plan of ABC Fitness Center

In the content of advertise, the ABC center will highlight the positive sites, emphasis on the importance of fitness center in public health, environment of this center, and the advantages of the membership.

Uniqlo marketing analysis

The commitment of the UK government to enhance the country's economic recovery is likely to improve the consumer's purchasing power and this trend is likely to lead to improvement in Uniqlos' sales volume in the [...]

Operations Management in Coca Cola Amatil

In a bid to achieve the desired quality, the Coca Cola Company ensures that the firm is consistent in its operation, complies with the formulated operational procedures, and attains speed and perfection in the delivery [...]

Television in Emirati Culture

The UAE is the gateway of the Far East and western hemisphere throw a dynamic maritime linkage in ambition to welcome people all over the world to enjoy the cultural heritage of this region along [...]

Antitrust Law

The trial court in the case held that the market to be observed in the determination of the flexibility of packaging materials had to be observed in regard to the competition dynamics.

Evaluation of Silver Spa

The mission of the business is to improve the wellness of its clients consistently by offering unparalleled spa services. Price is an important determinant of success in the industry due to high competition.

What Is a Cartel?

It is a group of producers, jointly and formally developed to regulate production and the price of commodities or services. Contribution of firms to the product and service market.

Joint Ventures and Alliances in Business

Major international companies that have been in the market for a relatively long period have created goodwill with their customers and other companies will create alliances and joint ventures to benefit from the goodwill.

Business Review in Vietnam

The status of the economy of Vietnam is characterized by: Baseline at a low level Alteration to market economy Limited dependence of local enterprises on the global economy because the local economy is open and [...]