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Airline Revenue Management Strategy, Business Model and Implantation: Kuwait Airways

Project details Project title Airline Revenue Management Strategy, Business model and Implantation, a Case Study Analysis of Kuwait Airways Abstract/summery Fierce competition became eminent in the airline industry from the time when this industry became deregulated in the year 1978. In fact, the fierce competition has made each airway to strive towards achieving competitive edge […]

Antitrust Law

This is a civil action brought by the government pursuant to Section 4 of the Sherman Act. The contention of the government in this case was grounded on the reasoning that the appellee had used unlawful means to monopolize interstate commerce. The argument of the government in the case was that the monopoly by Cellophane […]

Should the NCAA Continue to Monitor and Enforce Compliance on the Collegiate Level?

Introduction The National Collegiate Academic Association was established approximately one hundred years ago with the principal objective of monitoring and regulating athletic sports practices at the collegiate level and universities. The main purpose of the organization is to ensure fairness, safety, equitability and sportsmanlike conduct in intercollegiate athletics (NCAA, 2011). NCCA also aims at ensuring […]

The Relationship Between Religion and Politics in Somalia

Religion is a powerful factor that affects the political activity of the nation. The research focuses on the religious influences on the Somalian political activities. The study focuses on Islam as one of the religions that has triggered the country to unstableness. The research includes discussion on Islam as a government benchmark in terms of […]

The Aspects that Influenced the Poetry of Auden and the Question of Existentialism

Introduction The poems of Wystan Hugh Auden in the 1940s covered religious and ethical subjects in a less impressive way than his previous poems. However, the poems merged traditional types and styles with fresh types that were influenced by the existentialism movement as well as Søren Aabye Kierkegaard and his existentialistic ideas. Many of Auden’s […]

Trade and Economic Policy Reform in United Kingdom

Introduction The United Kingdom has been undergoing comprehensive trade and economic reforms that have shaped its economic position in Europe. Trade and economic reforms are central to social, political, and economic progress thus imperative for sustainable development of a nation. Wave of globalization in terms of democracy and economy has compelled the United Kingdom to […]

Emirates Airlines CSR Application

Executive Summary This research paper evaluates the application of CSR by Emirates Airlines. The research is motivated by the need to understand the possible gaps in the company’s CSR strategies, and hence determine the necessary adjustments that the firm should undertake. Emirates Airlines appreciates the importance of operating in a social responsible manner in order […]

Operations Management in Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Introduction Management is an important part of any organization. All successful organizations employ successful management procedures in all their functions. The application of operations management in the areas of quality control, human resource, and supply chain is an important practice in management. According to Mentzer, the control of quality in an organization is influenced by […]

Television in Emirati Culture

Introduction Among the GCC countries, the UAE is the pioneer to safeguard the national interest with forward looking strategy to preserving natural resources for the future generation; their ancestors dealt with great wisdom and invested their early efforts and resources for reorganizing the nation in order to make benefited the Emirati citizens to sharing the […]

Operations Management in Coca Cola Amatil

Introduction This report entails an analysis of various operation management issues. The report evaluates how the operations department in the Coca Cola Amatil executes the various operations management issues. The report will contribute towards the generation of sufficient and practical insight into the various operations management issues identified. The firm has been in operation for […]

Uniqlo marketing analysis

Introduction Uniqlo Company Limited is a Japanese firm that deals with designing, manufacturing, and retailing casual wear fashion products. The firm was founded in 1949 at Ube in Yaamaguchi Prefecture. The firm operates a fully consolidated subsidiary of Fast Retailing Company Limited and its headquarters are located at Tokyo, Japan. Fast Retailing Company Limited adopted […]

Human Trafficking between Africa and Europe: Security Issues

Introduction Human trafficking has become one of the leading global crime statistics that governments of the world are grappling to contain. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs Control and Crime Prevention (UNODCCP, 1999), human trafficking can be described as “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons by means of threat, deceit, […]

What were the implications of Germany’s reunification for France and how did Francois Mitterrand respond to it

Introduction Francois Mitterrand was born in France at a place called Jarnac in the year 1916. He rose to become the 21st president of France and the longest serving president that France has ever had. During his formative years, he was a student at the Paris University where he studied political science and law. During […]

Ethics In American Hospitality Industry

Introduction Ethics is important for the wellbeing of an organization. It determines the effectiveness of an organization and its operations. in the hospitality industry, ethical practices help to avoid issues such as racial conflicts, cultural differences, gender troubles and dishonesty among others. Ethics in the hospitality industries is evolving. Changing values and cultural diversity indicates […]

Public Diplomacy and its Impact on Foreign Policies

Introduction Public diplomacy entails the impact of public attitudes on the compilation and implementation of foreign policies. Public diplomacy includes the execution of public opinion by a government to a foreign country. Public diplomacy can also be viewed as the process of communicating foreign affairs and its influence on policy as well as the system […]

Student Motivation

Introduction Learning is a very difficult task that unless it is accompanied by motivation, the learner may not be able to achieve much from it (Esteves & Whitten, 2011). This statement is a true reflection of what learning is to the student. Many sayings have been developed in regard to the learning process. Eisenberg (2010) […]

The Effect of Terrorism on Human Rights: The Clash between the human rights advocates and victims of terrorism

Abstract Over the recent past, the issue of terrorism has raised a major security concern in the world. This has increased the need to have effective counter terrorism measures. However, the fight against terrorism has led to controversy between the measures taken by the state counter terrorism committee and the views of human right organizations. […]

Orange Telecommunication Company: Alternative Organizations Ideologies Promotion

Introduction An alternative organization refers to non-governmental organizations which have alleviating and reducing poverty in the developing countries as their main aim. Poverty is a major issue facing developing countries and most developing countries are finding it hard to alleviate poverty. As a result, most developing countries will seek financial aid in the developed countries. […]

European Employment System vs. International Employment System

European Employment System vs. International Employment System The system of employment in Europe emerged in the early 1990s after the collapse of the social system in Europe. There was increased unemployment with many states being under great pressure to improve economic conditions. The pressure was increasing in the field of employment. The social model of […]

Assessment of impact of risk analysis on delivery of e-learning programs in universities of Saudi Arabia: Methodology

Methodology has been described by Collis and Hussey (2007, p.78) as an approach used in research to organize and plan the general approach in which the research goals and questions are addressed. In addition, different tasks are carried to ensure that the research is successful since the findings and analysis depend heavily on the methodology […]

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Japan

Abstract Limited study has been conducted on Japanese culture and its impacts on businesses. Some of the cultural dimensions that influence business activities in Japan include communication, religion, ethics, and social structure, values, attitudes among others. Nuance and subtlety considerably characterize communication in Japan. The manner in which an individual communicate, dress and portray oneself […]

Etihad-Virgin Blue strategic alliance

Abstract The purpose This paper examines the benefits that the domestic and international airlines draw from the formation of strategic alliances with other international carriers. Therefore, the purpose of the paper is to explore the significance of code sharing arrangements that most carriers have with other international carriers. However, the paper will narrow its focus […]

Physical Attractiveness in Modern Social

Abstract It is a commonly held belief that within most communities, being physically attractive puts an individual at a distinct advantage. Attraction is primarily considered an interpersonal occurrence. Thus, physical attraction is a force that creates a natural pull toward or interest in those individuals who are physically attractive. According to our society’s standards, beauty […]

The Hudson’s Bay Company and the Northwest Fur Trade

Introduction: Hudson’s Bay Company Profile The Hudson’s Bay Company presently operates retail stores throughout Canada and although the company is currently American owned, it takes part in a significant portion of Canadian history and has had a paramount role in the establishment of a European presence in North America. The Hudson’s Bay Company was initially […]

Social Science and Elementary Teaching Methods

Introduction The teaching profession has existed since the historical point of view. As the need for better education increases, several teaching techniques have emerged making the teaching profession more complex and interesting. However, teachers training to become experts in the teaching profession, henceforth known as pre-service teachers have consistently faced several challenges, especially while handling […]

How power and politics play their role in context with consumers

Introduction Market-anchored power affairs coupled with all hindrances and facilitating systems that they present to consumers in search of change via consumer balloting are vital elements in comprehending the way power and politics function with respect to consumers. Certainly, power pressures in market arenas influence consumer balloting efficiency through influences on consumer dominance. Therefore, the […]

Top Builders Group and caring about employees

Introduction Background information Every employer assumes the responsibility of ensuring that the work environment is safe for all employees, which means that it should not expose employees to any risks. Creating a safe and healthy workplace is beneficial both to the employee and to the organisation. The organisation benefits through improvement in its public reputation. […]

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Executive Summary Marketing communication is a big contributor to the success of multinational companies, and this is why marketing executives create marketing communication strategies which aim at assisting an organization realize its corporate goals ( Yeshin, 1998, p.13-15). Nike is one of the most successful multinational companies in the world, its path towards market dominance […]

Soft System and Social Technical Approaches

Abstract Scientific research has been evolving at an increasingly alarming rate. This has been triggered by the requirement of research community to provide significant answers to what seems as complex and disorderly world problematic situations. In this effect, scientists feel obligated to conduct an interdisciplinary research project aimed at increasing knowledge in all the disciplines […]

How Infographics make it Easier to Receive Information

Introduction Over the last century, the society has rapidly grown in information creation and sharing with information technology taking the world to the information age. The growth in information sharing has led to the development of one of the most powerful and fastest growing industries in the world with devices such as cell phones, tablets, […]

Influence of Design Element on Brand Experience

Introduction The symbols, names, designs, terms, or other aspects that identify good or service from a seller as unique from those of different sellers denote “a brand”. Brand experience underscores sensations, cognitions, emotions, and behavioural reactions induced by brand-associated stimuli that are components of identity and design of a brand, wrapping, communications, and surroundings (Neumeier, […]

Five Year Peace and Security Action Agenda

Introduction According to Langmore[1], global peace and security remains to be of critical relevance to the existence of humanity. Development cannot be attained without peace. A cross examination of the conflict-torn regions in the world reveals a low rate of socioeconomic development. It is critical to understand what peace really entails in order to craft […]

The Islamic Finance

Research Proposal Focus There have been concerns over the practices of Islamic financial institutions. It has been claimed that Islamic financial markets do not match with conventional financial markets. The practices of Islamic financial institutions remain a challenge to non-Muslim financial markets, as well as non-Muslim investors. This research is set to explore business cultures […]

Analysis of books “Half the Sky How to Change the World”, “Gulliver’s travel” and “1984”

Introduction This paper is based on the books Half the Sky How to Change the World, Gulliver’s travel and 1984. Half the Sky How to Change the World is written by two former New York Times journalists (Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn). Gulliver’s travel and 1984 are written by Jonathan Swift and George Orwell respectively. […]