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Changes in Media and Technology Affect Relationships Between Brands and Consumers

Introduction In the 21st century, we have witnessed enormous changes in technology and media. Technology has acted as a springboard for the media to interact with the large audience. The media has also changed from the traditional means of relaying information and data to the modern methods like the use of social media and the […]

Impact of employee motivation in performance of an organization

What is the impact of employee motivation in performance of an organization? In leadership management, motivation is important and functions between individual interaction and internal attributes of the involved parties. As a component of motivational functionality, the aspect of perception of an employee is vital towards the environment of leadership, influence and performance of that […]

Culture and Innovations in Organisations

Introduction Organisational culture is a set of rules and priorities which help the company meet its mission and vision, complete tasks, satisfy customers’ needs, and create its image. Depending on the country the company performs into, the principles of the organisational culture may differ. The innovation in organisation change may vary because of the peculiarities […]

Development Plan for MSF and Frank Dale Food Company

Executive Summary This reflective report involves an examination of the experiences encountered in the process of undertaking consultancy projects at MSF Company and Frank Dale Company. The report examines how one can learn from experiences by adopting a structured reflection approach. Subsequently, the report is based on two main models of reflection, which include the […]

JGC: Localizing Design Services in Saudi Arabia as an IK-EPC Company

Introduction Saudi Arabia’s economy continues to attract a lot of attention from foreign investors. “It is one of only a few fast-growing countries in the world with a relatively high per capita income of $24,200 in 2010” (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). In the recent years, the country has recorder a rapid population growth. This, combined […]

Using Smartphones in Learning

Introduction According to Madden (2011), smartphones were introduced into the market in the year 1996, and quickly spread to all parts of the world. This is contrary to other technologies like landline telephones that took longer time before reaching the local and international market. Before the introduction of smartphones into the market, most people including […]

Marketing Plan for Harley Davidson

Introduction Harley-Davidson Inc. is a US-based motorcycle manufacturer established in 1903 by collaboration between William Harley and Arthur Davidson. The company was considered world’s leading designer of motorcycles comprising of heavyweight, touring as well as performance motorcycles. The company also deals with line of motor cycle parts and accessories. The supplies of motorcycles from Harley-Davidson […]

Knowledge Management: Practices as Found in Contemporary American Business and Management

Introduction: Contemporary U.S. Management and Its Specifics The world of entrepreneurship is facing a new era, i.e., the epoch when the informational civilization is being born, with information quickly becoming the main and the most valuable article of trade, the necessity of being able to use this commodity the right way appears. The vast amounts […]

The United States Stance with North Korea and Iran on Nuclear War

Executive Summary The United States does not have the best options for dealing with the North Korean and Iranian nuclear energy disputes. Inducements, pressures, and intimidations have not been successful. A military intervention would provisionally stop the plans to launch a nuclear energy, but human organizations and diplomatic requirements would prevent this strategy. Moreover, military […]

New Employee Onboarding Programs and Person-Organization Fit

Summary The purpose of this research was to answer the question of whether higher intensity onboarding programs that incorporate all six institutionalized approaches to socialization more effective than lower intensity onboarding programs at creating better employee fit. Organizations often face challenges with newly recruited employees, particularly when determining their organizational fit within the first few […]

City Branding of Dubai

Introduction Different scholars seek to determine why governments and private investors engage in a complete overhaul of a city. Breitenoder (2009, p. 104) argues that like a product, a city requires branding, rebranding, and marketing. It requires a strategic plan, and an effective communications plan to achieve the city objectives. Prior to the development of […]

SABIC Practitioner Corporate Award

Objectives This paper seeks to achieve the following objectives: Appreciate the notion of working capital and evaluate issues that are associated with the monetary feasibility of a company Appraise the risks that SABIC/B&W may encounter in the present position Recommend answers to problems that relate to: Supplier associations Power and management Cost management Working capital […]

China’s Media Regulations and Its Political Right to Enforce: Conflict with Foreign Correspondents

Abstract In China, foreign journalists are never given sufficient freedom to cover issues related to the state and government. Foreign journalists have always demanded for freedom but the government of China has been reluctant to grant them the right to freedom of the press. In China, the government has the right to enforce laws barring […]

Culture and Innovation in the Palladium Group

Abstract The concept of organisational culture is a subject of interest for many researchers in the field of organisational behaviour. There is an agreement among various researchers that organisational culture comprises of norms, beliefs, values and symbols of an organisation. Organisational culture is directly related to innovation in organisations. Organisations with strong organisational culture are […]

Human Resource Management in Bidco manufacturing Limited

Strategic Plan Brief History of the Organization Since the inception of Bidco manufacturing Limited, four managers (founders) have run the company. However, three of them decided to sell their shares to a new foreign investor who now holds majority shares. The change in ownership has necessitated a change in management. However, the company experiences several […]

Politeness Strategies Between Native and Non-native Speakers inthe Context of Brown & Levinson Politeness Theory

Introduction This essay focuses on Brown and Levinson’s theory of politeness. Brown and Levinson developed this theory in 1987.The theory focuses on politeness strategies between native and non-native speakers in the context of Brown and Levinson politeness theory. In this essay, I will apply this framework to one data one part of the dataset collected. […]

Start up business in Saudi Arabia: challenges of finding finance.

Background overview Entrepreneurs share similar problems in terms of access to sufficient capital to start their business, ability to attract customers, developing a sufficient cash flow to sustain their venture and a variety of other issues that are involved in the process of developing a business (Zahra & Wright 2011, pp. 67-83). In this section […]

Internationalization and Cultural Implication for Joint Ventures in Saudi Arabia

International business text has paid particular interest to the study of internationalization and entry mode approaches of companies in various segments. However, very little studies that consider cultural implications in internalization have been accomplished. This paper shall review different literatures on internalization and cultural implications for joint ventures in Saudi Arabia. First, a general explanation […]

Transformation Of The Canadian North (Arctic)’S Natural And Social Environment By The Extraction Industry

Introduction Northern Canada, which is also referred to as the North, is the extensive northernmost region of Canada, which is distinct from other parts of the world by its topography and administrative structure. When the term northern Canada is used within a political context, it refers to three northern territories in Canada. These, according to […]

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Analysis. Customer Retention and Business Sustainability

Executive Summary The report explores the detailed atmosphere under which the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank functions. The analysis is centered on the view of identifying specific sectors or areas that of great significance to the management and the executive needs to come up with measures and initiatives that are capable of augmenting the expansion and […]

The History of the British rule, the British and the Dutch East India Companies.

The state in which the entire countries in the world are at present is completely incomparable to how they were some times back. Most changes being encountered in companies today are attributable to the advancement in technology. All these changes were experienced at or after stages of colonialism. This was a period that entailed the […]

Managing Human Resource

Introduction Currently, Human Resource Management is taken to be a contemporary development that has reshaped employment relationship. This perspective has come out to replace the traditional approaches like industrial relations and personnel management in order to better the practices of employment. Nonetheless, Human Resource Management remains a modern science that is constantly evolving in complex […]

Shoppers’ Online shop

The world is developing fast in technology and communication; the advancements have been adopted for numerous business purposes improvement. In the 21st century, the invention of electronic Medias and the Internet has changed the way businesses and other institutions are managed. As businesses use these technologies to improve their efficiency, resource allocation, communication and marketing, […]