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Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategies

Introduction Wahaha is a famous soup company in Chinese soup market. The company is in the process of launching a new healthy, nutritional soup for children that contains some medicinal herbs. These ingredients will not only have the nutritional value but also prevent occurrence of certain common childhood diseases. In ensuring that the product is […]

Analysis of Businesses Effort to Respond To Achieve Sustainability by Being Carbon Neutral in Their Operation

Introduction Background to t he study Over the recent past, there has been an increment in the degree of sensitivity with regard to corporate social responsibility amongst the large and small enterprise operating in various economic sectors. According to Epstein (2008, p.288), management teams of firms in different economic sectors are becoming more concerned with […]

Does the adoption and implementation of strategy guarantee an organization’s success?

Thesis Statement The following paper intends to take an objective look into how the formulation, implementation of marketing strategies and planning have contributed to better performing multinational corporations. Given today’s competitive business environment, commercial success in the corporate world can only be achieved through proper coordination between the top and middle management, and the subordinates […]

Strategic Marketing Plan for a New Energy Drink

Executive Summary Carpe Diem Beverage Co. is a small limited liability company that has been established to manufacture and distribute healthy energy drinks in the US market. The Mission of the company is to be a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of healthy, nutritious beverages in the USA and to satisfy consumers’ needs while […]

Supply chain management process

Introduction Supply Chain management is an integral part of every organization that deals with manufacturing with an aim of supplying finished products to a specific group of customers. Supply chain management ensures that organizations are able to accurately and efficiently acquire raw materials, manage work In progress and also deliver finished goods to where they […]

Marketing Principles

Introduction Marketing principles refer to those principles that govern marketing. To be successful in marketing, a business organization should identify its customers’ needs and fulfill them (Bose 2000). The companies that will be discussed in this paper are McDonalds and the Bloomingdales. Discussion 1a) Numerous marketing definitions have been put forward with each definition straining […]

The Wonders of the Universe

Introduction The universe is a phenomenon that human beings want to understand. There are various explanation, some are religious others are scientific. The religious books explain the universe as accretion of a Supreme Being while science studies the universe by engaging in research and documenting the results. The pioneering scientist like Newton and Einstein coined […]

“Thinking in Systems” by Dana Meadows

The central message of the book Systems analysis may not be a distinct discipline, but it provides a different perspective on global issues and ways of addressing the complex challenges that people face globally. Nevertheless, the complex nature of the concept presents a challenge when presenting it, particularly to new audiences. “Thinking in Systems” by […]

Fire from Heaven

Alexander and the Palace Setup Chapter one of the book Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault introduces the reader to the main characters of the book. It introduces life in the palace by giving the reader a description of how the palace was organized as well as governed in terms of security of the royalty. […]

The Bombing of Dresden in 1945

Abstract The purpose of this easy was to determine the extent to which the bombing of Dresden in 1945 qualifies to be a war crime. In this regard, the paper focused on evaluating the justification for the attack. The evaluation was done with the aid of the just war theory. The question that was answered […]

Hospitality Industry in UAE E-Business Plan

Mission statement: To be a market leader in bringing customers and buyers into the online e-market place, provide consultancy services targeting the needs of travelling customers, and provide concierge services on an e-commerce platform, provide efficient and cost effective services, increase company productivity, reduce wastes, and provide a platform for quick access to information by […]

Technological Change in the Industrial Revolution

Introduction Technological change has been an important element of the global economy and much of it has been characterized by the development of microprocessors, microcomputers, and automated production processes. Technological revolution specifically started during the industrial revolution, through the transformation of the traditional workplaces, leading to the creation of new types of work environments. The […]

Resistance to Change in Organizations: Reasons and Strategies

Introduction Psychologists refer to resistance to change as a natural reaction to uncertainty and/or the unknown. Organizations have human capital thus in times of change resistance is dominant. A change is likely to revolutionize the status quo in an organization; the nature of human beings is that they rather stay under the current prevailing condition […]

Subway Restaurant Service Marketing

Theory Service marketing substantially differs from goods marketing because the former entails involvement of the consumer in the production process. In other words, the processes utilised in service marketing are less mysterious to the consumer since he can view or contribute to them. The reverse is true for goods marketing because it only starts after […]

Mansfield Parkyn’s View of Africa

Introduction Prior to examining the actual writings of this extra ordinary British explorer, it is essential to acknowledge that travelers are not journalists; they do not simply observe and record. Instead, they write against the backdrop of their preconceived ideas. Most of them will judge a native country based on values that they already possess. […]

Role of Alternative Energy Resources in Reshaping Global Transportation Infrastructure

Abstract Transport infrastructure is one of the most important and ancient developments in human history. Since the invention of wheel in ancient world, improvement of transport sector has dominated human activities. Over the years, infrastructure has improved in virtually every country. Recent developments have seen production of several PHEVs. This is mainly attributed to economic […]

Strategic human resource in the hospitality industry; A case of United States of America hotels

Introduction The report is a critical evaluation of the United States of America hotel industry. To accomplish this, there will be need to critically evaluate the extent to which strategic HRM can help organisations face the challenges of the future; under this section both external and internal environment of the industry will be evaluated. The […]

Factors behind The economic and social development of UAE

Introduction Four decades ago, the economy of the Trucial States or United Arab Emirates (UAE) was a simple subsistence economy dependant on agriculture, nomadic animal husbandry, fishing, seafaring and extraction and trade in pearls and ranked among the least developed countries of the world (Library of Congress 18). This reflected the limited natural resources the […]

Nationalization of Mexico’s Oil and Gas Industry

Introduction The Mexican revolution that began in 1910 and continued for ten more years had far reaching impacts on all aspects of life of the Mexicans. Several bloody revolutions took place between 1910 and 1920. The peak of these revolutions was in 1917 when Mexican constitution was drafted. Several sections of this constitution shaped a […]

Gender and Art: Female Role in Visual Art

The females have played an important role in the artistic field and yet for a long period this significant contribution has been assumed. Females have contributed equally to the males in the development and enrichment of the field of art. However, the poor position of the women in the society led to less recognition of […]

Identifying of Hazardous Waste and How to Manage It

Introduction A hazardous waste refers to a material that possesses potential or substantial threat to the environment or public health. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) is the body charged with the responsibility of managing hazardous waste in the United States. In this respect, RCRA is involved in the regulation of the treatment, storage, […]

Fire sprinkler system

Background The theatre Royal initiated the use of the fire sprinkler system in 1812. Sir Congreve invented the apparatus. The apparatus used were perforated pipes instead of the later designed sprinkler heads. The system was used in textile mills in New England for fire protection. These systems did not use an automatic mechanism. They had […]

Structure of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro

The history of these two cities is rich in civilization matters, religion, economic empowerment and development of the east. The history surrounding the land between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris known as Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt is one that can be closely related to the Indus valley cities. This paper is going to discuss the […]

Flirtation devices

In the ancient times, seduction was perceived to be a devils strategy in the disguise of love (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 98). Over the years, the art of seduction has transformed immensely. Seduction was mainly associated with the feminine principle to attract the opposite sex (Baudrillard 1). The process of emancipation, flirting and seduction is as […]

Marketing Plan for Apple

Executive Summary Apple Incorporation is preparing to market its Smartphone product line named the iPhone Xi model in the maturing market. The Indian market is promising due to the continued economic growth despite the dominance of Samsung, Nokia and HTC Corporation. The company can compete because the product offers unique features at an acceptable price. […]

Swisher Mower and Machine Company

Executive Summary There are two or more alternatives that managers normally confront in various organizations. It is better to pursue an alternative that maximizes value and profit of the organization. This paper is set to discuss a problem that CEO and President of Swisher Mower and Machine Company face. The company is being approached by […]

Article for Non Experts: Artificial Intelligence

Introduction Calculators cannot be regarded as intelligent machines since they are not capable of working in the absence of human beings and cannot be taught. They are basically made to solve problems that people can readily solve. Regardless of speed and the complexity of mathematical problems that they can solve, all that they do is […]

Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel

Introduction Every hotel has a different guest demographic that they are targeting, with some catering to guests seeking affordability while others cater to guests seeking luxury. The main difference lies in what the hotel in question is actually capable of doing, in terms of available resources, operational capacity and type of services available. Hotel chains […]

Performance Measurement

Introduction The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model is a mechanism that is mainly used by organizations to enhance their efficiency, particularly when it comes to the issue of strategy management and achievement. Often, organizations rely on several indicators to determine whether their performances are well in track to achieve organizational objectives. Such indicators, including the financial […]

The political affairs and strategies of immigration laws in the State of North Carolina

Introduction The idea behind this research paper is to draw public attention concerning a current and rising phenomenon especially in the State of North Carolina, viz. the regional enactment of immigration laws. The aforementioned immigration laws are contained in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) part 287(g). This research paper seeks to generate substantive concerns […]

Planning and Recruitment

Introduction The contemporary business environment that enterprises operate has become more and more competitive. This growth has been brought about by globalization whereby each company seeks to operate in the international market. As such, companies seek to gain competitive advantage over their competitors to ensure that they remain in existence as well as achieve their […]

NUCOR’s History and Development

Introduction NUCOR is one of the largest steel companies in America. It has been in existence since 1955 when after a merger, the REO Motor Company changed to Nuclear Corporation of America. NUCOR’s founding father is Ransom Olds. The company has evolved a lot over its existence. It has been through tough times and survived. […]

The role of US Government on Abortions

Abortion has been a contentious issue in the American society. The society has been controlling fertility using abortion irrespective of its legality. The United States legalised this practice before 1880; afterwards, it was banned in most states but only allowed when a woman’s life was to be saved or in case a woman’s life was […]

Musicals’ Review

Introduction Movies have entertained us for over a hundred years now. Making us laugh or cry with every film that we see. Movies break the monotony of our everyday lives and serve as our escape for a little over 2 hours each time. With all its genres ranging from the silent films all the way […]

Critical Analysis of the Movie Gandhi

Executive Summary A leader can create milestones, transforms people, or change history. What motivates a leader to do one of these, or all of them, can be examined in the internal and external environment of the leader, the characteristics of the people, events that are happening, and the characteristic traits of the leader. The leader […]

Strategic Management: The Case of Nike, Inc.

Introduction Nike Inc. is an international company based in the United States, which deals with sportswear and other apparels. The company is ranked as the top seller of sports shoe and clothing. Nike was started in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, but was later changed to Nike in 1978. […]

Facing the problem of market positioning for Qatar Airways bran

Introduction Statement of the problem The current research addresses the problem of positioning of corporate brand of Qatar Airways through strategies for improving customer satisfaction. This problem is significant since brand development and brand management encompass one of the important aspects for making an organization gain global competitive advantage Purpose of the study and delimitations […]

Business Ethics: Utilitarianism, Rights, Justice, Caring, and Virtue theories

Introduction The study of ethics focuses on human relationships and what is considered morally correct in human behaviors. Following ethical dilemmas and ethical lapses in business practices that became eminent in the 1970s, the concept of business ethics emerged to expound business ethical principles (Arnold et al., 2010). As the need for mutual understanding between […]

Wolof Language in Africa

Introduction Over seven million people spreading across three West African states including Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania is currently speaking Wolof. In fact, Wolof is deemed one of the most significant languages originating from Niger-Kordofan group of dialects set up by Greenberg. In Senegal, Wolof is widely spoken and perceived as the national language besides French. […]

Concept of Organizational Behavior

Organizational ethics as a product of societal, professional and individual moral values The examination and appraisal of business choices concerning moral aspects range from the societal to individual perspectives. In essence, ethical conflicts arise in organizations due to divergent opinions and interests emanating from the firm’s management, personnel and society. In principle, in the operations […]

Business Proposal

Executive Summary This paper is a business plan for a small-scale winery that will be located in the Hudson River region of New York. The plan proposes that the business will produce about 1000 bottles of wine in the first year of operation. After five years, this plan projects that the business will produce about […]

Review of songs

The Sugarhill Gang – Rappers Delight The song Rappers Delight is clearly representative of what used to be the discursive essence of themes and motifs, explored by the early affiliates of the Hip-Hop musical genre. In it, the band members expound on the pleasures of enjoying life to its fullest, while implying that it is […]

Current Issues in Human Resource

Introduction British Petroleum (BP), headquartered in St. James’s, City of Westminster, London, is ranked number three among the largest energy companies in the world. Founded in 1909 as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, the company has grown to be a multinational oil company and it is listed in the London Stock Exchange (British Petroleum, 2010, para. […]

Philosophy of language: Speech act theory

Abstract Speech acts are the basis on which day to day communications amongst humans is founded. It was however not until the mid 20th century that proper studies were carried out on this topic (Sosa& Villanueva 2006). Over the years there have been heated debates and discussions on the topic particularly under the influence of […]

Economic Analysis on Thailand

Introduction Thailand is a country located in south East Asia and is commonly referred to as the kingdom of Thailand and has been popular for having had the most reigns in the entire world. Economic analysis entails the study of supply and demand especially where natural resources are concerned due to their scarcity that is […]

A Comparison of the Great Immigrations of both the Jewish and Irish communities to Canada

Introduction People consider the immigrations of both the Irish and the Jewish communities from their mother countries the greatest exodus ever to occur around the world. While the Irish migration occurred in mid 1800s, the Jewish occurred in the early 1900s. The migrations involved a huge number of people, leading to a mixture of cultures […]

Human resource management

Introduction Human resource management involves management of people in the organisation, and such other important functions as recruitment, selection, performance, appraisal, and other personnel functions in the organisation. The objective of HRM is for the success of the organisation through its assets, the working force. HRM maximises human resource potentials, including their talents, skills, and […]

The Most Effective Crime Prevention Strategies in the Past Two Decades

Introduction Crime prevention strategies are diverse and depend on the institution implementing them, the area of their implementation and the social factors they address in their implementation. Crime is a social problem and therefore is influenced by social factors affecting individuals and community. In order to know the effectiveness of the strategy or strategies employed […]

The controversies of defining culture

Scientists, sociologist, writers, linguistics, psychologist and religious authorities have all made several but unsuccessful attempts to arrive at an all-inclusive definition of culture. Despite these attempts, there is still no concrete consensus as to the nature and scope of culture. This is because culture is so diverse, dynamic and complex that it cannot be contained […]

CUERO ltd- Case study

Introduction Business Corporations define objectives that are used to help in reinforcing the position of any business Company; this strengthens their position within the industry and establishes them above existing competitors within the industry. The objectives underline the processes used and the advantages that would improve any Company’s position. The objectives revolve around the company’s […]

Warehouse and distribution

Introduction Supply chain management/logistics management is an important part of business. The flow of goods from the point of origin to the hands of consumers is required to move along smoothly so that both the consumers and supply chain partners experience satisfaction, efficiency and profitability respectively. Warehouse management is a part of supply chain management […]

France Tourist Industry

Geography, Climate and the Socio-Political History of France France is commonly officially known as the French Republic. The country is in the Western Europe with several territories and islands. France is sometimes referred to as the Hexagon because of the Hexagonal shape of its territory. It is bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and […]

What is meant by “wicked problems of design”?

In his article, Richard Buchanan quotes Rittel as having defined wicked problems as “a class of social system problems which are ill-formulated, where the information is confusing, where there are many clients and decision makers with conflicting values, and where the ramifications in the whole system are thoroughly confusing” (“Wicked Problems In Design Thinking” 15). […]

Drug use and misuse in western society: Effects of chronic marijuana use among young women and girls

Introduction It is certain that drug misuse and addiction is viewed as chronic diseases in western society. However, the views of drug use have taken a variety of forms over the centuries. Initially, the drug use was positively feted but this view changed gradually and drug use became condemned as evil. The reason for the […]

Enterprise Social Networks: A Study of Charity Corporation

Abstract The report discussed social media marketing in the context of a charity organization working with vulnerable groups, regionally or globally. The focus was on the different media platforms such as Twitter Facebook, RSS Feeds, and YouTube integrated in an organization’s homepage. The purpose was to explore ways in which a charity organization can develop […]

The Consumer Behavior in Hospitality Industry

Introduction The business industry has recorded considerable growth in the recent past. Businesses in the local and global scene have expanded, with several investors being attracted to some common line of operations. The increased number of players in the market for a particular product or service has led to the current high level of competition […]

Generation Y: The Demand for Innovative HRM?

Introduction As many companies may have noted, there is a generation that is rapidly expanding in influence and power across all continents- the millennium generation. The millennium generation mainly consists of individuals that have been born from 1982 to around 2001. At the workplace, the talent and capacity of millennium employees cannot be ignored. At […]

Bidding Document: Madrid’s bid to Host the 2020 Summer Olympics Games

Introduction Research demonstrate that major international events, or simply mega-events, are commonly associated with the accrual of economic opportunities, infrastructural development, tourism development, and identity and image building for host countries or cities (Andranovick et al, 2001). Indeed, there is growing recognition these events have incredible reach and global marketing potential (Swart & Bob, 2004). […]

Winchester’s Bid to Host the 7th World Summit on Art & Culture 2017: A Critical Analyses of Strengths & Weaknesses

Introduction Cities are not only increasingly competing to host international cultural events to improve their image and stimulate urban infrastructural development, but also to revitalize their economies and attract more visitors and investment. This phenomenon can be associated with the effects of a globalized world economy (Hede & Kellett, 2011), as well as a general […]

Consumer Decision-Making Process

Background on Consumer Behaviors and Consumer Decision-Making Process The hospitality industry is one of the leading economical sectors of the world. This can be attributed to the fact that this industry has a viable environment for career building and development of individuals, women included. The estimated value of the hospitality industry is $4 trillion in […]

Advanced Consumer Behavior: consumer decision-making process

Abstract The hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive industries. As such, hoteliers and other industry players are to offer products and services true to the consumer tastes. However, to achieve this effectively, they need techniques and tools that can model accurately such important process as a consumer’s choice making process. With […]

Small businesses failure in the UK

Introduction According to the Federation of Small Businesses (2012), “there are 4.5 million small businesses in the UK”. Their significance in the country’s economy is confirmed by statistics from the same organization, revealing that small business account for 99% of all the businesses in the United Kingdom. They account for more than 48% of the […]

Hotels Go Green

Over the years, we have seen the development of the hotel industry worldwide on a scale that has never been witnessed before. This came about as a result of exponential growth in the tourism sector earning all countries that are favorite tourist destinations billions of dollars. The exponential growth in the tourism industry created the […]

Bid for the 2014 World Cup – Brazil

Introduction Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) world cup is an event of a global inclination. This is a major sporting event that has the highest number of spectators in the world. It is a football competition that is contested by national football teams of men (Wong, 2009). The nations that participate in this event are […]

Calderon and the War against the Cartels

Introduction Mexico is the primary producer and supplier of a number of illicit drugs including; heroin, marijuana, and cocaine to the United States which is the world’s largest consumer of illegal drugs. Mexican Drug trafficking organizations are in control of the lucrative drug distribution operations and a report by the US Justice Department reveals that […]

A Mechanism for Combating Mercantilism and Producing Balanced Trade

Introduction This report discusses whether or not the present form of mercantilism is self-destructive and hence self-correcting strategy. The writer argues mercantilism, under classical theory was seen as a destructive policy. Other forms such as monetary mercantilism self sustaining and beneficial. The report further discusses the mechanism that a trade deficit country could effectively fulfill […]

Critical Analysis of Elizabeth I

Introduction This paper presents a critical analysis of the movie “Elizabeth I “produced by Shekhar Kapur, 1998 in UK (Kapur 2005). The film is also known as “The Virgin Queen”. It is imperative to note that the movie portrays the early years and reign of Queen Elizabeth I (Kapur 2005). The author of this movie […]

The 2020 Summer Olympics Games in Doha City

Introduction Sports mega-events in the world continue to be widely celebrated, admired, and appreciated by many people in different countries (Preuss, 2004). The popular mega-events in the world include Olympic Games, the widely admired Soccer World Cup, UEFA Championship, and all other related mega-events. All these events are adored given their pleasure and entertainment and […]

Fire protection systems for Offshore oil rigs

Introduction In order to meet the challenges that arise due to the production of oil, the oil has to be protected from fire. This procedure requires highly developed systems in order to overcome the challenges in the oil production system. Therefore, this research paper deals with offshore oil rigs and the various fire protection systems […]

High Ethical Standards in Business

Introduction Ethics refers to the “conscious reflection on our moral beliefs and attitudes through the use of normative ethical theories and principles” (Ferrell and Fraedrich, 2011, p. 11). Ethical principles describe the generally accepted human obligations and the normative ethical systems. In the context of business, ethics refers to the accepted code of conduct that […]

The Body Shop Australia

Introduction The Body Shop Australia is a shop that deals in beauty products such as skin care, hair care, lotions, make up, and community trade. Although The Body Shop Australia currently offers online shopping to its consumers, safety and security over the cyberspace has become such an important issue in determining consumer behavior. The consultancy […]

Procedures of the Recruitment Process

Attracting: Recruiting & Selection The impact of increased global competitiveness on human resources is notable. Presently, organizations engage the services of highly skilled and experienced personnel. Consequently, this has immensely impacted on the labor market. Recruitment processes have become more strategic and reformed. The human resources department plays a significant role. Generally, talent, expertise and […]

Industrial Marketing: Saudi Telecommunication Company

Executive Summary This report evaluates the problems experienced by firms in undertaking B2B marketing activities. In an effort to develop a better understanding of the B2B marketing challenges experienced by organizations in the real business environment, the report has taken into account the Saudi Telecommunication Company which is the leading firm within the Saudi Arabian […]

Ethnicity and sport in sport park

Abstract This research focuses on the experiences and participation of different ethnic groups in sports and sport pack. The researcher used fifty participants selected randomly from the park. They consisted of male and female from different ethnic groups. The age group was 16 years and above. The research utilized both observation and interview for data […]

Invention of television

According to Osborne (2010), Paul Nipkow, a German was the first person to transmit pictures over wires. He used the scanning principle developed by a rotating disc technology in 1884. The Nipkow’s scanning floppy thought was developed by John Logie Baird in the 1920’s, which led to development in electronics. He patented the idea of […]

Past Olympic Games and London 2012

Introduction The Olympic Games are hailed as the world’s biggest sporting event and hosting the games bestows great prestige on a nation. During these games, the global spotlight is on the host city that acts as a world stage for the sporting events and the host city endeavours to make a global impression. In the […]

Advanced Consumer Behavior: Consumer Decision-Making Process

Abstract The aim of this paper is to critique the consumer decision-making process (CDP) in the context of the hospitality industry. The analysis is underpinned by the premise that postmodernism, globalization and the fragmented nature of consumer behavior has great influence on the decisions of the postmodern consumer. Thus, the traditional CDP models might not […]

Pesticides Usage on Agricultural Products in California

Introduction In the history of the Americans, agricultural pesticide use has been associated with the farmers that live in the rural areas. The rural community population has exhibited an increasing trend since rural farmlands have also increased throughout the nation. This has contributed significantly to the increased usage of agricultural pesticides that has been recorded […]

Manage Operational Plan

Acquire Physical resources Introduction It is arguably evident that physical resource acquisition is vital in ensuring business growth and expansion. In addition, valuable resources play an integral role in helping the business to establish competitive advantage over its competitors (Alkhafaji, 2003). This implies that businesses should constantly revise their physical resource acquisition methods in accordance […]

The Air Canada Case Analysis

Executive Summary The aim of this paper is to conduct an analysis for the Air Canada Company that was established in 1937. It has been undergoing a rebranding process to improve its competitiveness amid the various evident operational challenges. The corporate governance arm of the company ensures that the interests of the shareholders are observed. […]

Company Analysis: Facebook

Critically evaluate the business strategy of Facebook in relation to its changing external and competitive environments Facebook has grown tremendously in the last few years. Facebook started as a small website for students to share photos. However, the company is now one of the largest social media network with over one billion users. This growth […]

Law in the Information Age 2.0

Introduction Many jurisdictions around the world have different laws regarding defamation. These laws protect people from wrongful representation through the publication of defamatory, slanderous, or harmful information.1 Most civil law jurisdictions around the world treat defamation cases, not as civil cases, but as criminal cases.2 However, some advocates for freedom of speech (including the United […]

Chinese Economy: Issues and Policies

Introduction A country can stimulate its economic growth through different avenues. Some of these avenues include increasing government expenditure, stimulating the level of consumption, and managing its net exports. International trade plays an important role in the growth of a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for example, by increasing the volume of foreign currency (Wilson […]

New Public Management

Introduction According to Schedler and Proeller (2010), one of the most significant areas in the existence of governments and governance structures is public management. Political developments and debates in a substantial number of states today revolve around issues of accountability and the need for proper structures of management. The reason behind this is that there […]

Solar Energy Consultancy

Introduction In the contemporary world, human beings have identified solar power as one of the most essential sources of electricity power. Therefore, they have harnessed the radiant heat, in addition to, light from the sun in a process that uses a wide scope of technologies, which are ever evolving. According to the findings of the […]

Statelessness and Discrimination

Introduction Many decades of uncontrolled migration of Haitians going to reside and work in other countries in the neighborhood have contributed to a noteworthy population in the Dominican Republic. These individuals are susceptible to extensive discrimination in addition to human rights abuse. Consecutive governments by three major political parties have not been successful in the […]

The Reason to Motivation Others in Society

Introduction Motivation is one of the most important character traits. Motivation is used in various contexts both formal and informal in order to facilitate the achievement of certain ends. But, what is the meaning of definition? This question has been answered differently by different people depending on varied perception of what it constitutes. However, the […]

Global Marketing Motorola

Introduction Motorola lost its No.1 position as mobile handset marketer in 2008 . The financial figures for Motorola have not been grim for the company since 2008. The performance of the company has been continually deteriorating. According to analysts, the company faced a loss of 11 cents per share, and its sales figures fell by […]

Treatment Programs for Juvenile Offenders

Introduction Juvenile offenders require a special treatment in order to make them avoid repeating offensive behavior because juvenile crimes have been rated high among the major determinants of the crime rates in society. Unfortunately, most of the people do not directly attribute crimes to children. They assume that children cannot be involved in criminal activities […]

Strategic Planning of Starbucks

Introduction The main objective of this report is to discuss the strategic corporate development history, strategic direction for the future, and the current strategic situation of Starbucks the selected organization. Strategic Development History of Starbucks since 1971 In 1971, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker established the first store of this company in the […]

Evaluation of retail marketing

Introduction Through out their existence, organizations and businesses are considerably pressured to raise their levels of performance and productivity. This is especially so in the modern day business environment which is characterized by aggression and excessive competition thereby constantly forcing businesses to exhibit innovation and enhanced performance so as to remain relevant and profitable in […]