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ClubCorp Inc Recommendation

Introduction Problems are inevitable in the process of conducting business. Change has become a part of every industry. Though change comes with its advantages, the major setback that it brings is the urgency to deal with unpredictable phenomenon. Businesses find themselves in the middle of unforeseen competition while others wake up to the reality of […]

Dairy Crest Company

Appendicies Balanced Scorecard The balanced scorecard refers to the strategic planning and management system that is deployed widely in business institutions, as well as governments with the aim of aligning business operations to the vision as well as strategy of the organization, enhance internal and external communications, and examine organization performance in terms of attainment […]

International and Comparative Human Resource Management

Introduction The human resource management is responsible for managing the human resources of an organization. The HRM aims at improving the performance of an organization through effective management of human resource. It is involved in job description in an organization, planning and recruitment of employees. According to Risher (2003), strategic human resource management involves merging […]

Chinese feminism in the early 20th Century

Introduction Ever since the origination of the concept of feminism, it has gradually grown to become a global process. The equality of women was the issue, remaining keen for many nations for a long time. The issue was promoted through circulation of ideologies and practices, which facilitated the discussions of the human rights based on […]

LeBanze Automotive Company

Introduction The company will be called the LeBanze Automotive Company. The mission of the company is to provide customized SUV and pickup trucks that are affordable and very durable. The business strategy will be marke-oriented strategies such as product proliferation, product modification, and product diversification to meet the market demand. The business intends to penetrate […]

Strategic planning analysis: the New Orleans Fire Department and the New York City Fire Department

Introduction Strategic planning is a management tool that serves various purposes in organizations. It provides a framework for developing appropriate courses of action in organizations after an analysis of current organizational operations and outcomes. Strategic planning also helps organizations adapt to changes in the face of complexities and diversification of factors. In order to determine […]

Social Work Practice

Introduction Social work is a professional area of practice which applies knowledge, skills, research techniques and social theory to improve the lives of individuals, communities and groups. Social work is considered as a helping profession because it is majorly concerned with the plight of people who are in difficult situations with an aim of helping […]

Market Selection and Direction: Role of Product Portfolio Planning

Most common product portfolio models and their assumptions Modern companies are seeking strategic ways of dominating market share and increasing profitability. Through product portfolio planning, companies design portfolio to assist them in making decisions regarding market selection and other business decisions. There are different product portfolio models that include: Two Single-Factor Dimensions The Boston Consulting […]

The Concept of Loyalty

Introduction Customer satisfaction, though an important quotient for service or hospitality industry, does not ensure that the customers will return for repurchase . Therefore, the important question that businesses face is what would ensure the customers to return to them. This brings the marketers to the concept of loyalty. One must note that both the […]

Ethical, legal and societal issues of information technology systems

Introduction Most professions practiced in different global locations have stipulated codes of ethics or professional codes of conduct. The codes are essential given that the professionals are provided with advantage over other individuals. Typically, the professionals’ practice in respective fields has the possibility of influencing the rest of the public. The codes offer guidelines for […]

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Introduction This paper focuses on the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It looks at the facility audit and feasibility/design analysis of the stadium. The Melbourne cricket Ground (MCG) is arguably one of the greatest assets in Australia. It is the most fashionable stadium and it is a usually very busy venue. It is used to host international […]

The American Cowboy Meaning

Introduction The American cowboy came from a popular uprising of the vaquero (in North Mexico), which referred to an animal herder who looked after cattle in Northern America with the use of Horses (Pryor 33). Currently, the cowboy movement is a popular and legendary hallmark of American history. In other parts of the world, the […]

The Situated Cognition in Online Education

Introduction Numerous theories try to explain how to integrate pedagogical support in online education to enhance understanding. One of such theories is the situated cognition theory. The theory holds that knowledge and actions are inseparable (Bredo, 2000). It claims that people acquire knowledge by participating in certain activities or by interacting with numerous real life […]

TMO Analysis: “Wave and Wind in One”, Emerging Technology by Floating Power Plant

Introduction The study will be focusing on floating power plant (FPP) in respect to technology with wave and wind energy being prioritized. The FPP is considered as the most effective and efficient sources of Kinetic energy. The conversion involves ocean waves. FPP technological manipulation is more pronounced in oceans that have strong currents and waves […]

How Organizational Changes Affect Employees Within An Organization

Introduction Research Background An organizational change can be described as a systematic approach to transitioning organizations, team members and individuals from the prevailing state to a desired future state (Lewis, 2011). It is a process within an organization that aims at assisting stakeholders to accept changes in their organizations or individuals affiliated with the organizations. […]

CEO’s Coaching & Mentoring Program

Introduction A number of successful organizations have relied on coaches and mentors in order to develop both current and future leaders and facilitate the realization of organizational goals. Given such importance of coaching and mentoring, professionals in the field have urged CEOs to incorporate coaching and mentoring programs in their leadership styles and develop positive […]

A Critical Examination of the Link between Nicotine Dependence and Schizophrenia

Introduction Schizophrenia is as a severe mental illness that is estimated to occur in about 1% of the population (American Psychiatric Association 2000). Schizophrenia is considered a heterogeneous illness because its symptoms, level of impairment and course of illness manifest themselves in different forms. Primarily, schizophrenia impairs neurocognitive functioning resulting in problems of perception, interpretation, […]

Russia Joins the World Trade Organization

Introduction Russia took 18 years to join the World Trade Organization, yet it had the largest economy outside the institution’s membership. It is imperative to understand why this process took so long in order to clarify whether those obstacles will resurface again among other bidding countries. Additionally, it is necessary to demystify why Russia wanted […]

The Establishment of an Immersion Program at a Prep Elementary School in Saudi Arabia

The rationale for the choice of the model The rationale for the establishment of the partial immersion program at an elementary school in Saudi Arabia is based upon the benefits of this model for the students’ cognitive abilities and proficiency in general and political and educational advantages of this model of bilingual education within a […]

Policy Setting in Job Training Programs

Introduction Employment and Job training program is a valuable tool for ensuring organizations, and even nations at large, gain in terms of increased workers’ productivity. From the dimension of the workers, employment and the on-job training programs are beneficial in the sense that, they result to investment in workers’ abilities and careers, often improving them […]

NATO-CSDP International Relations

Overview The paper presents comprehensive study on the frameworks of NATO-CSDP community as well as the challenges the alliance poses to the former EU-NATO cooperation. The discussion is basically based on the concept of community applied within the NATO-EU alliance. Various conflicts have been faced by the alliance, some of which include incomplete overlap, fallout […]

International Marketing: Market Entry Plan

Introduction As domestic markets mature and competitive activity intensifies, foreign business expansion is becoming an increasingly important component of most business enterprises across the world (Miller, 1998). Future growth in international market activity is apparently expected to accelerate because of unprecedented opportunities that are presented by emerging markets. As observed by Miller (1998), emerging economies […]

Personal Skills Development in the Teamwork

Introduction In the modern world, organizations are increasingly becoming active and uneven (Barthe 2010, p. 94). Instabilities force organizations to form groups and teams that are expected to work together in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives. An organization relies on teams and groups in delivering services to clients. There is increased complexity regarding […]

Multiculturalism in Norway

Introduction Multiculturalism ideology is usually used as a way of enhancing integration of all ethnic groups within the society. It is an imperative concept that is quite controversial. Scholars continue to debate on this issue. Professionals and individuals are mostly interested in analysing the pros and cons of multiculturalism. It can be defined as a […]

Leading in Healthcare

Introduction Leadership especially in the field of nursing has become an important topic today as healthcare researchers place a lot of emphasis in leadership training (Canadian Nursing Association, 2010). Most researchers (Daly, Speedy and Jackson, 2004) views leadership as integral in the creation of new health care systems around the world because it ensures there […]

Human Resource Management at Microsoft

Introduction People who work in an organization or in a company make the human resource of that company. Thus, human resource management is concerned with how people are managed in an organization in order to increase their productivity and profitability (Smith, 2006). Different companies employ different employment strategies since the goods and services companies deal […]

Societies’ Concern about Sensationalism, Media Ethics, and Practices

Abstract In the contemporary world, people handle things differently because of their desire to earn massive profits. The media executives aspire to generate huge profits, and therefore, they have taken a different approach in handling the junior journalists. Journalists, who ought to exercise an authoritative role in giving reliable information, are acting under the influence […]

Financial Performance of Covidien PLC

Introduction This report presents the financial performance analysis of Covidien PLC (COV) for Financial Years (FY) 2008-09. The analysis is carried out by employing top-down approach which presents economy and industry analysis before evaluating the financial ratios performance of the company. The economy and industry analysis helps indentify external factors which are beyond the influence […]