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Innovation in History: How Guns Changed the World

Introduction Our world is changing day by day: lots of scientists try to present numerous innovations, which improve people’s life, make it easier, and finally, help people become more powerful and control other people. Nowadays, the list of innovations, which have changed or are still changing the world and our history, is really long; and […]

Social Security System In The United States

Important issues relating to Social Security United States Social security is arguably the largest employees’ retirement benefit fund as well as the largest government expenditure and investment program in the entire world. The retirement benefits expenditures for the year 2005 was statistically estimated at $822 billion with $299 billion being cover for the medical expenses […]

Professional Issues For Child And Youth Care Practitioners In School Based Settings

Introduction Many questions inquiring on the education system of the youth and children care come by, but one major query is whether the professions are in a poison to meet the education demands today. Beside effectiveness, the credibility of professionals in a school setting is the key factors contributing to child and youth development within […]

Al-JAZEERA “Arabic Television Network”

About Al-jazeera Al-jazeera is probably the most successful news television network, with an Arabic origin, in terms of number of viewers. In fact, it is arguably the most watched news television channel in the Arab world. It has a rising viewer following in the rest of the world especially in the English speaking developing countries. […]

Cyber Pedophiles

Introduction The Internet is increasingly becoming a breeding ground for pedophiles. This research paper is based on literature review and intended to identify the specific challenges facing crime preventers such as law enforcement officers, parents and concerned communities while dealing with cyber pedophiles. The study has a literature review section, where data from other researches […]

Beginner Drawing Lessons

Primarily, this art involves the utilization of lines to depict mostly two-dimensional medium. The art requires the draughtsman to have a number of tools or instruments, which are compulsory for completion of any work of art in this field. This paper will discuss drawing lessons for beginners, with emphasis on the nature of material important […]

EatNGas Performance Appraisal System

Introduction A performance appraisal system can only be effective if both the management team and the employees can relate to it and feel comfortable with the whole process (Fink & Longenecker, 1997). At EatNGas inc. the existing performance appraisal system is ineffective and deeply flawed. The first problem with the system is that it has […]

Management of Information Systems

Eats2Go review Now that Eats2Go is a growing business it needs to incorporate a lot of information systems technology to improve its operations. This will ultimately lead to sound working in the organization (Lindsay, 200, p. 12). The owners have realized that they are falling behind (because of paperwork) and they need to do something […]

Economics Project

Introduction The world has considerably experienced economic growth despite the major challenges that has occurred in the recent past. There has been an accelerated growth in the emerging markets in Europe, China, Middle East and the USA (Mygatt, 2006). The overall experienced growth rate in the world economy increased from 4.9% to 3.1% this was […]

Analysis and Review of the Decisions made in the Simulation of the Lenity Hospital for Advanced Care (LHAC)

Introduction Organizations in the society exist in an environment that requires comparison with other similar organizations for improvement purposes. Depending on the objectives of an organization, performance benchmarking has proved to be an effective way of ensuring that they maintain a competitive advantage in the industry. The health sector is not an exception. Through simulation, […]

Adult Learning and Education

Introduction Adult learning and its evaluation has a long history and has divergent opinions. Adult learners differ from the young children and therefore the pedagogical learning cannot be effective in their learning. The characteristics of adult learners form the basis for the foundation of the principles which govern their teaching and learning process. Unlike the […]

Trends in Consumer Buying Habits

Digitization = Customization Trends in consumer buying habits There are various changing trends in consumer buying habits. This has been seen in recent years as people become more knowledgeable and demanding (Joshi, 2005, p. 12). Consumer trends have changed and become unpredictable because the current consumer is more informed and knows what he is supposed […]

Happiness and Morality

Happiness is acquired after the successful achievement of individual values. It is a conscious state that stems out of morality. It can also be defined as a state of satisfaction with life. It is a joy that is not earned through guilt or which does not clash with ones values. On the other hand, morality […]

Organizing and Leading

Elements that need to be changed Radical innovation (RI) projects are characterized by high levels of uncertainty. Deducing from the case study, management and people need to change to adapt to new strategic approaches of doing things. Management should educate employees on new approaches of doing things and that should be stated in the organization’s […]

Towards the Conceptualization of a Non–Linear ISD Model

Introduction Over the years, a multiplicity of instructional design models have been suggested, and many of these models have been incorporated into mainstream educational institutions for purposes of aiding instruction and directing the learning process. In their study on developing a multimedia package for teaching qualitative research, Colon et al (2000), noted that over 200 […]

Honesty in the workplace

Is Business Bluffing Ethical?: Albert Z. Carr Carr argues that bluffing is business is normal. There is nothing novel to it and there is nothing morally wrong to it. He based his argument on the difference between what we consider as normal morality, such as one has come to understand it from a religious perspective, […]

Concepts of Alzheimer’s disease

Women and Alzheimer’s disease Introduction Alzheimer’s disease, popularly known as AD, is an irremediable, progressive ailment of the brain that destroys brain cells responsible for executing brain roles such as memory and thinking. Alzheimer disease destroys some brain faculties making the person unable to perform even the simplest tasks. To begin with, the disease affects […]

Enhancement Drugs in Sports Should Be Banned: An Argumentative Paper

Introduction The use of enhancement drugs and other performance enhancement substances in sports is not a new phenomenon. However, as Murray (11) notes, the means used by sports persons to achieve this enhancement are increasing. This is especially so given the increasing competitiveness in sports in contemporary society. The prospect of winning a gold medal […]

Disaster Recovery Plan

Background Information Nowadays people understand that preventing disasters is much more effective than trying to cope with the outcome of this or that catastrophe. For instance, Emerson states that “dollars spent in prevention are worth more than dollars spent in recovery” (Kunene, 2002). There are a lot of examples proving such saying. Thus, National Archives […]

Video Games Addict

There have been increased cases of people being addicted on video games. A video game can be defined as the electronic entertainment which involves user interface for the purpose of making visual response on a video appliance. Addiction is associated with the need of substance while in some cases a behaviour which someone finds hard […]

Teenage Smoke Addiction

Cigarette smoking is one of the areas that have been of concern to the society for a long time now. Efforts are always being made to curb cigarettes smoking with emphasis being laid on the health concerns of smoking. The advice seems to be falling on deaf ears as evidence from statistics continue to show […]

Pros and cons of abortion to the society

Introduction For a very long time now the issue of abortion has been one of the most controversial and problems on the planet pitying two major sides. On one side pro-lifers insist that it is immoral and amounts to murdering an innocent child while pro-abortionists argue that is just a form of birth control and […]

Bob Dylan Blowin In the Wind

Introduction Music is not only an entertainment tool but also educative tool. Bob Dylan proved this right when he wrote the hit song Blowin in the Wind. Structured in three stanzas, this masterpiece addresses moral issues that surrounded humanity in 1960s when Dylan wrote it. This song taken literary appears like a set of questions […]

Video Games Do Enhance Learning Ability

Technology has entered human’s life quite recently, but has already occupied an important role in it. Technology enables people to improve living standards and give more opportunities for further development. Apart from this technology is also excessively used for entertainment purposes. Thus, children spend a lot of time playing video games instead of learning or […]

Negative Effects of the Internet

Introduction Today it is eminent that the role of computers has a huge impact on every person. Computerization has taken over the majority of the societal roles and has dramatically improved lives. The battle with technology is dynamic and a continuous process expected to bring about new challenges each day. This primary influence comes from […]

Langston Hughes and Black Elite

Langston Hughes lived between 1902 and 1967. He was born in a Negro family and brought up by his maternal grandmother after his parents separated. His grandmother must have brought him up to be proud of being an African American. He lived during a time when there was racial discrimination in America and the White […]

Resource Identification, Evaluation and Selection: Congestive heart failure

Overview Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is one of the common health challenges in aging persons. The health condition is one of the major causes of deaths and health complications for individuals that above sixty five years. Congestive Heart Failure is not only a major cause of health complication and death in aging individuals but also […]

Persuasive Piece: A White Paper

Introduction A white paper is an authoritative report or a persuasive piece that is written by government by interest groups and government agencies to influence government policies and legislature. White papers are usually formulated to address specific issues or problems that exist in government policies or laws. White papers are formulated to educate the general […]

The extent at which personality traits can predict a person’s leadership abilities

Introduction Personality traits are viewed as the determinants of the differences that distinguish one individual from another. These traits include intellectual ability, physical attributes as well as personality. They dictate how moral or immoral a person is in regard to their dispositions which are referred to as character or qualities. A person’s true nature is […]

Salem Witch Trials

Introduction “Salem Possessed” is a book written by Paul S. Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum which focuses on Salem Witch Trials. The writers explain that the problem began in the year 1691 and was marked by the behaviour of some girls in the same village who were involved in fortune telling. They were using a makeshift […]

Fast Food and Hate Groups

The name of the hate cult group is the healthy people’s family which is focused on creating a lot of negative publicity for the fast food industry that is promoting a lifestyle of obesity and nutritional deficiency in the country. The group was started thirteen years ago in response to the increasing rates of obesity […]

Neurological Disorder: Effects of Schizophrenia on the Brain and Behavior

Introduction Human beings have been faced with numerous psychological and neurological disorders for as long as they have existed. According to Robins and Regier, a number of these diseases and disorders do alter the normal functioning of the body system particularly the brain (1999). The manifestation of the diseases and disorders are usually through abnormal […]

Decision making: Purchasing a House

Shelter is one of the basic human needs; international and national human rights provide the right to have adequate, quality and good shelter. Different economies provide for different ways to have shelter; these ways include renting, purchasing, leasing or use of government houses. The method of having shelter that one adopts is dependent on an […]

Bellevue Mine Explosion, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, December 9, 1910

Considering the contemporary situation in the coal mining industry, it is possible to state that not all processes are safe and not all mines are rescue for employees. Even the existence of the innovative technologies and gas detection techniques sill leave the chances for explosions and other incidents. What can be said about the beginning […]

Sex/Gender Differences in Aggression

Distinctive Physiological traits and behaviors coupled with the distinctive and unique biological formation basically associated and partaken in males and females of a certain autonomous species is what sex can be said to be (Helgeson 36). Aggression on the hand is the behavior which is in most cases conceived so as to cause pain, harm, […]

The Search for Knowledge

Knowledge is very important to all humans because it is what influences our actions. In the theory of knowledge the things we say and do are determined by the level of understanding we hold. This understanding comprises of the things we learnt a few decades ago as well as what we have learnt recently. Human […]

Small Businesses Attractivity

Introduction According to Rickman and Roddick, small business is a business that “is privately owned and operated; it’s normally characterized by small number of employees and low volume of sales” (4). A small business could take the form of a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. Small businesses are common and have heavy presence all over […]

The Peculiarity of Class Stratification

Introduction Nowadays there are only a few communities which can be regarded as non-class societies. There hardly can be found a state which is not characterized by class stratification. Nevertheless, people still cannot agree on basic points concerning class stratification: the definition of class, origins of classes emerging. Thus, there are several theories explaining what […]

Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)

My Interest in the Subject As far as theology is concerned, it is of paramount importance to learn and be informed about the past, knowing how the then people believed in the traditional activities. Therefore, since my early childhood, I have yeaned to pursue a course in theology and religious studies to build a strong […]

Discourse of the information society

Information is always a key component for an economy to function by acting as medium and ingredient of propelling economic growth. Information, unlike other components of an economy which their use leads exhaustion and eventual replacement, is more regenerative in that its use leads to development of new ideas. The source remains intact and there […]

Effects of divorce on young children

How does Divorce affect young children? The effect of divorce on children depends on the age of the children at the time when the divorce is taking place, the gender of the child, and the characters of a child. Other minor factors that may determine the level of affection is the degree of conflict between […]

Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards

Introduction A few women join the congress in US; however, Donna Edwards constitute such few persons. Born in North Carolina, she attained elevated levels of education. Consequently, she defined her career, which focuses on enlightening the public about their rights. She fought in the quest for rights, as evident in her actions in countries like […]

How GPS locates and finds the user position

Introduction GPS is a Global Positioning System built on satellite knowledge. The U.S. Department of Defence was the initiator of this technology in 1970s. Originally, GPS was functional in the military department; however, later it served both the public and the military. GPS gives nonstop location and timing details, any place in the globe under […]

Gender Roles in The Yellow Wallpaper & Trifles

Introduction In many occasions, playwrights and filmmakers have portrayed marriage as an oppressive institution whereby the oppressed, the wife or the husband, responds appropriately towards the oppression. The two texts; the short story ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins and the play ‘Trifles’ by Susan Glaspell strategically illustrate this claim since they both aim at […]

Hiram Rhodes Revels

Hiram Rhodes Revels was born on the 27th of September 1822 in Fayetteville (North Carolina). He was born as a free child, meaning that his parents were not slaves. His father (a clergyman) was of the African descent while his mother was of the White descent; a Scottish to be precise. His early education was […]

Transcultural Nursing

Module 1 DQ 1 a. Mind-body connection There exist a profound connection between the way people mentally feel about themselves and physical body health status. Human body reciprocates the manner in which people think. When encountering an abnormal state of emotion, the body makes impeccable attempts to suggest something is terribly wrong. As a way […]

Charles John Huffam Dickens

Charles John Huffam Dickens was a male English novelist during the Victorian era whose poetic, comic and florid literature remains iconic up to date. He was born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth, Hampshire by Elizabeth nee Barrow and John Dickens. His father was a Navy Pay Office clerk that educated Charles at William Gile’s […]

Evaluation of the Relevance of Organizational Behavior as a Management

Introduction The modern day business environment is characterized by aggression and excessive competition. To retain profitability and relevance in the competitive arena, an organization has to exhibit innovation and enhance performance among its employees (Malhotra, 2000). Any organization aims at increasing profitability, increasing growth and innovation and introducing new values and culture. To achieve this, […]

Downsizing 10 per cent of the staff

It may seem that the most complicated task an HR manager faces is finding and hiring a new employee who will meet the requirements of the workplace and the expectations of the company. However, making a decision about dismissing staff members turns out to be extremely challenging as well, especially when this necessity is caused […]

Papyrus: Its Invention and Impact on the World

Introduction The ability to write and keep records was arguably one of the greatest achievements of ancient human civilization. Even so, proper writing material was unavailable and as such, writing was greatly restricted. The invention of papyrus paper by the Egyptians changed the scene since papyrus-paper proved to be the ideal writing material of the […]

Symbolism in three literature works

Introduction Use of symbolism in literature works has been utilized more often to represent true meanings of the stories as conveyed by writers. Presenting symbolism in stories has several advantages. These include presenting readers with the opportunity to interpret ideas from such works. In addition, symbolism improves a reader’s critique and presents him/her with valuable […]

A Sustainability Plan for the Mitigation Strategies and Solutions for Global Warming

Global Warming (GW) is a term that connotes elevated temperatures of the globe at closer planes. This originates from the sun’s heat enclosed within the atmosphere. It is notable that such a warming process appears to be escalating. Probably, changes appear negligible to many societies, but they will augment with time. Apparently, the next decades […]

Economic and Social Problems in the Tampa City

Introduction Having been born in the largest city in Hillsborough County, my love for the place has really grown over time. The city of Tampa is one of the most populous cities in Florida with its population representing a third of the total Hillsborough County. It is approximately 200-miles northwest of Miami on the west […]

Industry and Competitive Analysis

The retail industry deals with merchandizing of products and services. This involves the purchase of goods in bulk then reselling them in smaller proportion to consumers. Some companies in the retail industry produce their own branded products and services to gain competitive advantage over other companies in the industry. The ability to produce branded goods […]

To what extent did the text promote socialism?

Socialism is a form of governance in which political and economic ideologies rest on the concept that the society as a whore should have the responsibility to regulate production, distribution as well as exchange. This means that the power over these activities is not vested over individuals or bodies but rests on the entire society. […]

Graphic Design: Fine Arts or Social Science?

Graphic design has often been viewed only as a form of art; however, its connections with social sciences have often been overlooked (Heller & Ballance, 2001, p 3). In part, it can be explained by the fact that social sciences have their distinct research methods that are not normally employed by designers. Yet, this view […]

American Religious Literature Development

Introduction American religious experience traces its roots and origin from the time the land was discovered. Even before the discovery of America by westerners, the natives who are believed to be Red Indian had their religion that was widely practiced. The gusto and diversity of American religious history is well documented and captured in antebellum […]

Steps of the Job Application Process

1) A. A resume is a critical element of the job application process. People create and submit resumes, to provide the fullest information about themselves, their educational and professional background, as well as their job expectations and motivation to accomplish everyday workplace tasks. More often than not, a well-organized, professionally written resume paves the way […]

Problems facing tourism in Africa

Background On a global scale, the economic sector experiencing expedited growth is tourism. In the developing world, tourism industry exhibits great success as a chief foreign exchange earner, stimulating cross cultural understanding and providing employment. This may not be a uniform case in Africa. In Zanzibar Tanzania, for instance, the economic gain of tourism is […]

Does Decline of Social Capital matter

Introduction Social capital depicts aspects that hold society together. Putnam (2000) asserts that key indicators of social capital have not been moving in the right direction: reducing trust in government; declining voter turnout; reduced participation in political meetings; and others. These indicators are part of a general decline in civic community in the US that […]

History of Jazz Music

Music has multipurpose, which range from entertainment, aesthetic value, and symbol to communication. Since ancient time different genres of music, musical instruments and musicians have evolved. Music genres such as classics, rock, soul, and jazz have undergone considerable growth and development throughout the history. Consequently, a number of personalities contributed to the growth of music. […]

Napoleon’s Retreat from Moscow

During the nineteenth century, Europe witnessed a lot of activities that influenced the manner in which various countries related to each other. Imperialism was one of the major events that occurred in Europe during this time. It was majorly triggered by industrialization and other political reasons. In this process, most of the European powers aimed […]

Common Theme between Books

Introduction The government institution has a tendency of using anything that is in its disposal to ensure that it is in control through hook and crook. This includes to some extent cases whereby the government uses technology to manipulate its subjects and ensure a severe handling of any disloyalty issues. The books ‘1984’ by George […]

Poetry Assignment

The following essay will analyze five poems: two from Emily Dickinson, one from Dylan Thomas, one from Langston Hughes and one from Gwendolyn Brooks. These five poems run the gamut of style, theme and imagery. Each poem has been chosen because it is indicative of a certain aspect of the poet’s work, and will be […]

To Kill a Mockingbird

Introduction The author, in the novel To Kill a Mocking Bird presents a deeper understanding in relation to events occurring in her novel. The author uses symbolism to link events which takes place in the novel. To Kill a Mocking Bird’, according to Lee and Bloom (29), can simply be translated to mean “to wipe […]

The Importance of Social Contract Theory in Modern Society

Social contract attempts to explain the formation as well as maintenance of societies or states as a result of implied contract between individuals and groups. Social contract is an intellectual tool aimed at explaining necessary relationships between individual and their government (Christman 2002, p26). According to Christman (2002, p.28), “arguments related to social contract claimed […]

Effects of globalization and increased modernity on indigenous and Native Populations across the World

Introduction It is undoubtedly clear that globalization is one of the hotly debated topics over the past century. Many scholars, and researchers alike, equate this increased debate to the tremendous impacts that have resulted from globalization. Various cultures and countries have been able to respond differently to globalization and the myriad of effects that come […]

Critical Analysis of Oedipus Rex

Sophocles lived during a time when the Greek society excelled in theatre and drama. Art was a main attraction in the Greek society as was politics. The advancement of art in the Greek cities cannot be compared to any in the other civilizations that existed at the time. Sophocles lived in the same period with […]

Social and Cultural Diversity

Identifying information from personal history Cultural diversity can be defined as a variability or divergence in the ways of life of different people that are living together (Neuling, 1999). Globally, The US has the highest rates of cultural diversities. These are black Americans, Native Americans, Asian Pacifics, Hispanics and Immigrants from Europe among others. This […]

Politics in the 1960’s

Vietnam War Though it is mostly referred to by Americans and other Westerners as the Vietnam War, this particular conflict is known by many names. The war which took place from 1961 – 1975 is known to the Vietnamese as the “America war” to distinguish it from other confrontations with adversaries in the twentieth century […]

Theme of Jealousy in Othello by Shakespeare

Introduction The play Othello is among the most famous tragic plays written by Shakespeare. The story concentrates on four main characters namely Othello, Desdemona, Cassio and Lago. Due to its varied nature and the fact that it addresses important themes such as betrayal, love, death and jealousy, it is still performed in many theatres today. […]

Monopolistic Competition

It is important to understand the nature of competition and the competition that exists within the marketplace for the sake of businessmen and consumers. In an ideal setting, all businessmen a rewarded from their efforts and that all consumers are able to get their money’s worth. But in reality completion and monopoly makes life more […]

Are Hybrid Cars Worth It?

Hybrid vehicles such as the Honda Insight or the Toyota Prius have gained considerable market shares within the past few years due the greater fuel economy they possess which leads to fewer emissions being released into the atmosphere. In fact recent sales reports from various dealerships scattered throughout the U.S. indicate that though hybrid car […]

Brand consumption in the UAE

The cotemporary world is witnessed by increased advancement in technology as well as in the business arena. Subsequently, these developments have resulted to emergence of various products from different companies that highly compete with each other. To overcome the stiff competition, firms are using diverse marketing techniques to position their products strategically. Competing firms adapt […]

Are Women Better Parents Than Men?

Traditionally, the role of raising children was the mothers’. Therefore, it is often considered that women are better parents than men. However, today, circumstances have changed, and both the father and mother are responsible for bringing up the children. There is a stronger bond between a mother and child from birth. The relationship that a […]

TSA and the Implementations of the Body Scanners in Airports

After America suffered a terrorist attack in 2001, drastic changes were introduced in commercial airports across the world. In the U.S Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and use of full body scanners at airport checkpoints was introduced by the government. Since then, passengers have to be scanned for threat items thoroughly before boarding a plane. The […]

UAE-Afghanistan Foreign Relations

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) operates within a broad framework of foreign policy. The foreign policy of UAE is founded on three main areas: diplomacy, negotiation and compassion. The UAE places the interests of its neighbors and the international community first, particularly with regards to international and regional peace and stability. The UAE, in order […]

Witchcraft in Europe, 1450 – 1750

Witchcraft is the alleged use of magical powers through the gift of supernatural beings other than God. A practitioner of witchcraft is a witch. Witchcraft was defined as superstition by magistrates in Europe. These magistrates did not believe in witchcraft and hence they reacted in horror at the superstition of the common villagers. From this […]

The economic crisis in Dubai 2008

Introduction The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) economy has grown tremendously in last four decades because it has robust economic sectors such as the oil industry, construction, real estate, shipping, tourism, finance, and hospitality, which have significantly boosted its economic capacity. Moreover, the government provided stable political, economic, and social environment that attracted a fantastic deal […]

Ecological problems play little role in generating violent conflict

Introduction The rising global population growth and environmental problems have caused anthropological pressure on natural resources. As resources become scarcer due to these problems, communities and nations have constantly turned violent, causing conflict over the scarce resources. Although ecological problems might instigate violent conflicts, it is evident that their contribution to violent conflict is minimal. […]

Private School Teaching V.S. Public School Teaching

Introduction Since historic times, private schools have an educational advantage over public schools. They employ an independent learning system from that of public schools. Consequentially, the private school’s education is highly valued, and most parents are willing to pay more for the private school’s educational advantages. In fact, private schools continue to produce most of […]

Five Faces of Oppression

According to Iris Marion Young, America is not prepared to talk about oppression. Young said that it is wrong to believe that oppression is not as relevant today as it was when slavery was still legal in many parts of the world. It presently reveals itself wearing five masks: exploitation; marginalization; powerlessness; cultural imperialism; and […]

The Impact of Fun and Humor in the Workplace on Employee Morale and Performance

Although it has always been known that laughter can lower stress levels and provide several other benefits, it is generally believed that kidding around and having some laughter in the workplace is not helpful at all with regards to employee performance and the general welfare of the organization. However, numerous studies into this issue have […]