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Action Research Project

Introduction This Action research project is important in understanding why many English as Second Language students are not great academic achievers in a mainstream classroom. This will help me in understanding and coming up with strategies to use in counteracting the effects of the situation. The research project will include an understanding of the problem […]

Difficulties of a Child in a Foreign Linguistic Environment

Introduction One of foremost characteristics of today’s post-industrial living is the dramatically increased degree of populations’ mobility, reflected by exponentially mounting rates of inbound immigration in just about every Western country. As it was pointed out by Neumayer (2005): “Total [immigration] applications in Europe increased tremendously from the early 1980s to the early 1990s, from […]

Modern Libya’s History

Libya is an African country located on the northern part of the continent bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It covers about 1,760,000 square kilometers most of which is desert and semi desert respectively. Libya gained its independence in September 1951 after being ruled by the British and the French administration for almost an entire decade. Libya […]

Nike business code of ethics

Executive Summary With increasing competition between firms due to globalization, the success of any organization today heavily depends on how the organization relates with its customers and publics. Such relationships define how the public will treat the organization and its products. Ethics and social responsibility of companies and organizations has been a subject of interest […]

A Critical Evaluation of the Impact of Project Management Office on the Organization’s Delivery of Information Technology Projects

Introduction In today’s complex and tepid business environment, new projects are invariably being developed as organizations seek new methodologies to reduce costs, improve processes and procedures, enhance productivity, and maintain a competitive advantage by advancing their bottom line. The task of managing these diverse and often multifaceted projects along with their human capital, resources, costs, […]

The Unique Apple Stores Internal and External Forces

Introduction Surveys from Sanford C. Bernstein revealed that Tiffany & Co. generated sales of $2,666 per square foot annually. That’s a stunning revelation. But what is more stunning is that Apple Stores generated $4,032 per square foot in that same survey, according to Jerry Useem’s article ‘Simply Irresistible’. Apple is one of the leading innovators […]

Sustainable Cities: Curitiba

Introduction The 21st century has one of the well-known threats namely the degradation of the environment, which has led to eventual climate change and the demise of man. Urbanisation is a major factor in the preservation and destruction of the environment. However, despite the risk, it is progressing at a very fast rate. Over the […]

Feasibility Study Of KSA Sports and Leisure Club

Executive Summary This feasibility report is prepared for the information and knowledge of the promoters of KSA Sports and Leisure Club, proposed to venture into the activity of sports and leisure in the outskirts of Jeddah, in the country of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The proposed venture will offer the facilities of four indoor sports […]

Gulf Currency Union

Abstract Formal and informal criteria are adopted to assess the readiness of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for a currency union; some suggest that the countries have attained the minimum requirements while others don’t. By using optimum currency area (OCA) criteria, it is evident that GCC countries are yet to meet all the conditions required for […]

The opportunity to succeed for women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia

Abstract Women play a momentous role in facilitating change and development in our society. Their daily contribution to socioeconomic well being of the society cannot be overstated here. One of such areas of importance where women play an integral role is in the private sector through the establishment of Small and Medium-sided Enterprises (SMEs). While […]

Listening Skills and Healthcare

Abstract This study uses a quantitative survey technique, and summarized data collected is used to correlate results with listening skills as its fundamental principle (Punch, 1998). A survey was sent out on the Internet and yielded results from various gender, socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. Communication issues have been maintained by employing a number of […]

Program outcomes in a non-profit organization serving at risk youth in an urban metropolitan area

Introduction Education is a bridge for linking all opportunities for development. In many of the areas of Washington D.C. a good education is vital. However, a report in 2000 stated that more than half the jobs in the District of Columbia were held by employees with a bachelor’s degree or higher, almost twice the national […]

Exploitation of Copyrights, Trademarks and Intellectual Property Rights in Modern Day Business: An Examination of Adverse Practices in an Internet Dominated Era

The Internet and Intellectual Property Right Infringement Intellectual property rights are broadly defined as “exclusive rights pertaining to distinct intangible creations of the mind which range from music, designs and various artistic works to broad categories such as inventions, literature and even phrases” (Woker, 2006). The basis for intellectual property rights is to protect the […]

How an Organization Can Implement an Enterprise Resource Planning System?

Introduction Background Information Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is commonly defined as the software that is designed to address the various business functions in an organization. According to Zeng and Skibniewski, the system is used to manage information and other related activities within a firm (333). Traditionally, ERP is associated with operations in the manufacturing and […]

Shackleton Brand Products

Initially, the Shackle brand was launched for the banjo products. Later on, the company diversified its products, which include Banjo, Sweater, Beer, Flask and Quilt. The Great British Banjo Company plans to expand its product portfolio in the UK market. The potential products include travelling equipments, outdoor equipments and food and beverages. The travelling equipment […]

Mixed Ability Classes

Abstract Students can be grouped into two groups in a classroom setting based on their ability. The tracking of students would entail grouping them according to their academic potentials, as well as putting them in different classes. This would mean that weak students would have their own classes. Those considered academic giants are also put […]