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Marlboro Cigarette company case Study

Executive Summary The effects of tobacco use on human health have triggered a number of anti-tobacco campaigners; the campaigns are targeting casual/addicted users, social tobacco user and those people who have not started the habit. The anti-tobacco campaigners use both public education and legal legislations approach to control the use and sale of tobacco products. […]

Schönbrunn Palace Vienna, Austria

Introduction In each country, there is a place that attracts attention of many people from different parts of the world. Such sites have their own history, ideas, and impacts on the citizens as well as on the tourists. There are many reasons of why countries find it obligatory and interesting to have their own sights […]

Economic Policies in The Global Economy

The recent spate of economic recession in the global economy and eventually national economy has prompted policymakers to consider diverse aspects of expansionary economic policies. To some extent, policymakers have adopted policies that can be considered unconventional and highly aggressive in hope that desirable economic conditions can be obtained. Whereas monetary policy has been used […]

Southwest Airlines Business Strategy

Executive Summary This report entails an analysis of how Southwest Airlines should adjust its current business strategy, viz. the low-cost strategy to remain competitive. Currently, the airline industry is undergoing remarkable transformation due to different market forces such as intense competition and an increase in the intensity of competition. Therefore, it is not feasible for […]

Brand Awareness through Motorsport Sponsorship

Introduction Background Brand awareness, generally, is the extent to which a brand associated with a particular product or activity is documented by prospective and existing customers in a positive or a negative manner (McLoughlin and Aaker 2010, p.175). Other scholars have defined it as the proportion of the target customers that can be able to […]

China’s Aid and Investment in Africa: Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Introduction Background Information 2015 is an important year on the calendar of 193 nations in the world and about 23 international organizations. According to the United Nations (2010:72), 2015 is the year that the signatories to the Millennium Development Goal (herein referred to as MDGs) should have attained the policies set out in the agreement. […]