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Christian Spirituality in Lewis’s Works about Narnia

Introduction Christian spirituality is a kind of belief that underlines the fact that the Holy Spirit is allowed to control and lead a believer’s life. This belief draws attention to one of the non-contemporary aspects of human reality. This reality is life with God and eternal future. One of the writers who pay lots of […]

San Manuel Bueno, Mártir

Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo was one of the first Spanish writers of the 20th century, who concentrated on the perspective of a man with his passion, desires, and hope and the world itself. This writer tried to analyze the idea of faith in the society. One of his last works was San Manuel Bueno, […]

Terrorists and the Left and Right: Definitions & Examples – Essay

Terrorism is one of the burning problems in the United States. After the events of September 11, 2001, many writers try to analyze, investigate, and classify the sources, reasons, and consequences of terrorism. “Defining terrorism is a difficult but not impossible task.” (Simonsen and Spindlove, 2006) Scientists offer lots of captivating ideas, which define terrorism […]

Abortion as a Controversial Issue

Without any doubts, an abortion is one of the most controversial issues people may face with. Some people can easily agree to abortion and do not think about the consequences, possible future, and the life, taken from a non-born baby. Jay Budziszewski is a Professor of Government and Philosophy at the Texas University. He is […]

Sam Houston: Character Traits and Personality – Essay Example

Without any doubts, character plays a significant role in the life of any person. Character is something that is closely connected to reputation and conscience. When a person carefully listens to his/her conscience, he/she can form own character, taking into consideration personal preferences. In this case, reputation serves as the significant outcome of character and […]

Review of Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy

In 1888, the reader saw Looking Backward: 2000-1887 by Edward Bellamy for the first time. This utopia novel was considered as one of the most remarkable pieces of writing created by American writers. It was a real world sensation, where the author made a wonderful attempt to represent his personal standpoints concerning economic and even […]

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis: A Book

The Screwtape Letters is the book by Clive Staples Lewis, one of the greatest Christian writers of the 20th century. This masterpiece was written in 1942 and published for the first time in book form by Geoffrey Bles in London. The chosen genre of The Screwtape Letters, Christian satire, helps to underline the significance of […]

Accounting and Finance: Importance of the Studies in Today’s Society

The world of accounting and finance is very interesting from different perspectives: first, accounting and finance help to develop new services and improve people’s living conditions; second, these two concepts are the major needs for decision makers; and finally, these current studies may be stimulating and rewarding at the same time, because accounting and finance […]

Religious Convictions: Varied Views of Sayyid Qutb, Abd al Wahhab and John Wesley

Throughout the course of history, some individuals have actively engaged in doing things that have made a huge impact to our collective human history. From Jesus Christ to Adolf Hitler, these individuals have inspired the thoughts of many, leaving an indelible mark on the world stage. Undoubtedly, these individuals have utilized all kinds of means […]

Character Essay on Emma by Jane Austen

Introduction Emma by Jane Austen is a masterpiece exploring dangers of misconceived romance. The main character is Emma Woodhouse, a beautiful, ingenious, moneyed young woman (Aiken para. 2). The story opens with Emma attending a wedding of Miss Taylor after which she introduces Mr. Weston; her suitor to Miss Taylor. At this point, the issue […]

Lectio Divina (Genesis 18: 1- 5)

Interpretation Based On Secondary Sources Abraham is a man who was patiently waiting for God’s promise. The promise of a son is given in genesis 12 and scholars indicate that he had to wait for 25 years before the promise was fulfilled by God. As argued by Brown, Fitzmyer and Murphy (21), the eighteenth chapter […]

Concepts of the Rise and fall of the Babylonian and Egyptian Empires

Introduction Historically many nations that people took to be superior fell due to many varying reasons. A good example is the Roman Empire, which historically people considered very superior and mighty. In addition, another great empire that rose and fell was the Greece Empire, which historically individuals consider as one of the origins of civilization. […]

Concepts of the Yield Management: Room Management

Introduction Revenue income in the hotel and accommodation business varies with seasons, hence the need for a company to adopt good management systems. Proper adoption of such strategies helps organisations to ensure that they remain in business during all seasons, hence business viability and sustainability. Primarily this strategies aim to ensure organisations study well the […]

African American Studies

The introduction of African American Studies in the curriculums has had a lot of support as well as disapprovals regarding the content coverage. This paper forms an analysis of the challenges and the right Trans or multi-disciplinary approaches required to contribute to growth and development of the studies. The first challenges the researchers of these […]

Public Speaking in a Democracy

Introduction Democracy is considered to be one of the forms of political government, where the role of people is crucial indeed. The majority becomes the ruling power that supports individual freedom and equality before the law. Public speaking is regarded as one of the most effective ways to attract voters’ attention and make them believe […]

Concepts of Diary Account of the Whiskey Rebellion

Introduction I was in my room watching television news when suddenly, a broadcast of protesters appeared on the screen. There were rampant protests everywhere including my locality. This was on March 3, 1791, a time when the United States Congress situated in Philadelphia enacted into law a policy which allowed a seven percent of tax […]

My Changing Taste in Music

One of the invariable realities in our lives as human beings is that we are in a constant state of changing. These changes may be gradual or abrupt and can be as a result of our surroundings, education, peer influence or various other factors. One of the aspects in my life that has undergone radical […]

History and Development of Dance

The history of dance can be traced back to the very beginnings of humankind history. Dance is ultimately a social event and signalizes occasions of social interaction: not incidentally, therefore, elements of dance can be observed even in such non-human societies as bee swarms and bird couples. Initially bearing purely informative meaning in the animal […]

The Pfizer Company Business Model

Customer value The value the company attaches to its customers contributed to its thriving into limelight of drug business in the year 1941. This was due to the mass production of penicillin which saved many lives during the World War II. This was then later followed by the manufacture of Viagra. Before the firm developed […]

The Magic Ring

Tales are told of how the city of Orleans came to be rescued from the ruthless Hans. However, the role that a humble shepherd boy named Jean and his Magic Ring played remain all but forgotten to the younger population of Orleans; but the older generation will never forget. It all began on a typical […]

Wall Street (1987): Ethics analysis

Introduction Wall Street film is a well-crafted story giving insights to the kind of morality found in the Wall Street. Oliver Stone sheds light on greed and corruption that dominated the Wall Street. Coincidentally, this masterpiece hit the markets exactly 60 days after the famous stock market crash of 1987. The movie revolves around Bud, […]

Memoirs of a Border Ranger

My name is John west and I am an American border guard. I have proudly served my country on the American-Mexican border front since 1905. For the better part of the last decade, the border has been fairly tranquil save for the random illegal migrant and drug trafficking cases. However, the past few years have […]

What are the Stages of Group Development?

Working in a group can be fascinating and challenging. A group, just like human beings, passes through many stages of growth until it matures. Each of these stages shows different characteristics. Group leaders face many challenges as groups pass through these stages of growth as was explained by (Smith, 2005). Several models show how the […]

Teenager Of Alcoholics

Introduction Acceptance is a feeling that emerges from individual’s need for approval and acceptance. This behavioural pattern begins at an early age and continues although life to adulthood but it is at peak during teenage stage. The teenagers are in the process of emulating or declining the parental guidance since they need their freedom and […]

Why the Government Should Review and Add Laws Governing Diet Pills Introduction

Diet control, is one of the primary problem facing the world citizenry; more so women. This is because; majority of individuals always want to maintain body shapes or physiques they consider perfect. Hence due to this reason, majority of individuals will always use any means at their disposal to ensure they attain their ultimate weights, […]

Othello and Snow Country: Personal Opinion

Introduction Love and passion have a lot in common; however, there is a thin line separating the two and this distinction only comes out through the actions taken by the involved parties. There has always been a conflict between love and passion because many people do not love; they are only passionate and as the […]

Comparing and contrasting “The Tyger” by William Blake with “Traveling through the Dark” by William Stafford

Introduction Use of animals in poetry has found wide application amongst different poets. Animals have been used to represent different issues that affect human beings. William Blake and William Stafford are such poets in their works The Tyger and Traveling through the Dark respectively. Although the poetic style and mannerism of William Stafford is somewhat […]

Breaking Point of a Soul

The Nazi death camps of World War II produced some of the most horrific atrocities ever recorded. History has seen many accounts particularly from the perspective of holocaust victims. However, not much attention has been paid to the emotional effects suffered by the individuals who worked in these death camps. These individuals were not guards […]

Rhetorical Analysis of the Article

Structure Firstly, we have to mention that the distinction between structural and stylistic peculiarities of persuasive essay writing have to be taken into consideration. It is commonly preferred to analyze the structure of the essay at first, looking for the author’s methods of achieving his/her purpose of persuading the audience. Hence, at the beginning of […]

Team Building Issues

Introduction One of the most challenging obligations of any enterprise is the ability to manage change and globalization. Globalization and rapid change in the business world lead to competition hence each enterprise works hard to overcome the two since customers will now emphasize on quality and honesty (Bacal 1). Since this has been a difficult […]

“Who is a hero?” essay

Definition of a hero A hero can be thought as a person who has probably performed a number of actions that are beyond the ability of an average person, these deeds are regarded as extraordinary or amazing. Heroes perform superhuman deeds, some of the most known heroes in the past include Alexander the Great who […]

Equality, inequality, social and cultural stratification from a global perspective

As the executive chef for this hotel and resort corporation, applications for vacancies in the firm fall under my jurisdiction. Most of the respondents for the recently advertised supervisory vacancies are females from your culinary institution. We are also privileged to have a majority of our male employees who are graduates from your institution. What […]

The Effects of Quality Management on the Local and Global Competition

Quality management has greatly developed from a basic business and statistical model that is centered on numerical quality control into a concept that includes a wide variety of subjects and concerns within an organization. This kind of quality management is known as Total Quality Management (TQM) and it dominates the existing generation of quality concepts. […]

Egyptian hotel holiday policy

A holiday policy is one of the basic legal frameworks that each and every business enterprise has to have in place. This is particularly important in private business because unlike the public sector most businesses operate on the principle of profit maximization and as such would operate even on weekends and would-be public holidays. Having […]

The impact of colonialism on cultural transformations in North and South America

Any development project usually brings along economic advantages and helps in poverty alleviation. The project would contribute to social development, which will foster interactions between locals and outsiders. This would undoubtedly affect the neighborhood in both harmful and constructive ways, depending on how they utilize the opportunity. Gambling projects have transformed the landscapes of individual […]

Sources Of Data For Statistical Analysis Both Internal And External To Business

Introduction Background of the study The restaurant industry, both domestic and multinationals, were faced with extremely tough challenges through the end of 2009 due to the economic hardship that lead to weak labor and tight credit markets. The result was a decline in discretionary spending by consumers. With the US economy slowly reviving, the industry […]

Simple Stimulus Learning

Learning is one of the most crucial processes for human beings particularly when it comes to co-existence in the environment (Aslin, 2008). There are a number of ways through which learning can occur and result in the transformation of behavior. Psychologists define learning as a life long mental process endured by human beings through the […]

Critique of the Gersick’s Article

Introduction Gersick’s 1988 study entitled Time and transition in work teams toward a new model of group development can be pin-pointedly singled out as one of the greatest in-depth researches ever conducted with regards to the intrinsic determinants of the effectiveness of any given group. Preliminarily, the research was conducted to bridge the knowledge gap […]

Computer Based Communication

Executive Summary The impact of computer-based communication can be considered as a revolution of communication. Computer based communications are currently the most common tools of communication not only in organizations, but also in social lives. Many people spend most of their time on a computer working, studying or having fun by playing various computer games. […]

Leasing Buildings Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction The purpose of this business report is to analyze and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of leasing buildings, medical equipment and office furniture and equipment. This analysis should explain how the company will benefit (or lose) from selling its headquarters and leasing them back from the buyer. It is essential to understand the pros […]

The Balkan Crisis

Introduction The Balkan crisis that began in 1989 was a revolution that put to an end the Soviet-mode Communism in socialist states of East European nations beginning from the Baltic to Balkans; these proved to be both spectacular and largely unanticipated. The Balkan crisis that that began outgrew from collapse due to economic failures, the […]

Critical Thinking Method vs. The Elements of Thought Questions: Finding Out which method is more effective

There is no need to elaborate the fact that critical thinking is a very important skill that can be the difference between success and failure or just the ability to receive and act upon information provided by authors, commentators and leaders of society. However, the ability to think critically is not a skill that can […]

Theory and Practice of Personal Selling

When looking for luxury in Vegas, it does not get better than the Bellagio. With a check in time of 3.00 pm and a checkout time of 12.00 noon, clients are allowed to maximize on the time spent in their rooms. The city of Las Vegas is recognized worldwide for its beaches and casinos; hence […]

Unilever Company

Abstract Unilever Company is operated by two parent companies which are Netherlands-based Unilever N.V. and UK-based Unilever PLC. It is one of the largest makers of consumer based goods. The product strategy, distribution strategy, communication strategy and pricing strategy that the company has applied over the years has been the main driving force towards its […]

Japan’s comfort women: sexual slavery and prostitution during World War II and the US occupation, 2002

Mr. ToshiYuki Tanaka is a professor, currently attached to the Hiroshima Peace Institute. He is the sole author of five titles, all of which are related to wars of the past and crimes against persons committed during the time. He has made editorial contributions to three books, performing translations for two others. It is noteworthy […]

The Self Concept of Individuals

Abstract Philosophers and psychologists have for a long time been engaged in efforts that seek to study and understand the self. The paper explains the complex concept of self from both the psychological and philosophical perspectives which are actually closely related. The development of self concept in individuals is discussed in detail. The relationship between […]

A Critical Evaluation of Qualitative & Quantitative Research Designs

A wealth of literature demonstrates that research is a discursive practice that must be carried out using meticulous and systematic means so as to meet pertinent norms and standards, especially in regard to its validity, reliability, and rationale (Lankshear, n.d.). Equally, good quality research must have the capacity to elucidate strong evidence in the form […]

An Enemy of the People

Characters’ positions on the problem of the springs. How are they fulfilling their moral obligations as representatives of their institutions In Arthur Miller’s play “An Enemy of the people,” Dr. Tom Stockmann represents the science institution found in our society. Although he made a discovery that he thought may be of assistance to the people, […]

Idealism and Realism

Introduction Plato, the philosopher, was the first to work on the subject of idealism. Idealism deals with what constitutes a perfect human being, viewing him as one who contains both spiritual and material characteristics. Of the two, spiritual is considered the most important human aspect because it focuses on the mind and character but not […]

Modernization and Democratization

Modernization can be defined as a set of symptoms of social changes in relation to industrialization. one set of these symptoms is motion which infiltrate through all phases of life to make life more comfortable by improving standards of living, enhancing economic growth and development, reducing mortality rate by increasing life expectancy among others. Modernization […]

Modern Liberalism and Modern Conservatism

Introduction Liberalism is no more than a notion from people, asserting that equal rights and freedom are critically fundamental in life. Modern conservatism is an idea that puts hope on the past, rather than the present, and is characterized by a society dominated by the powerful members and traditionalists-individualist contradictions based on politics, religion, and […]

Security Bid Proposal

Abstract Security is a critical issue that tends to be overlooked by so many businesses yet it is of much significance to the operation of any given business. This includes security of both information system and also business property. Poor information security may lead to poor performance since competitors are most likely to have access […]

Discrimination Remedy at Workplace

In the society we are living today there have been several attempts to promote equality in most of the organizations. In these attempts several policies have been established to reduce discrimination especially when hiring women at the same time the minorities in the society. This has been done by promoting affirmative action programs, reverse discrimination, […]

Water Distribution System in Boston

Up until 1795, Boston greatly relied on local wells and rain barrels for its local water supply. In 1795, the city turned to Jamaican water supply which supplied water throughout the city using wooden pipes but the city lacked a sufficient delivery capacity and the Jamaican water supply also started to pose major health concerns. […]

Food Presentation as a Form of Art

First Article Summary According to Kuehn (2005), food is a form of art, since in most cases it forms good presentation such as a table decor is a short-lived and unexpected phenomenon that is able to bring out an inner impression of those involved. This occurs even when those involved do not have a clue […]

Concepts of Development of Jewish Culture

Introduction Like any other people in the world, the Jewish people are an ethnoreligious society that has its own way of life in addition to religious confederacy. These people have their own practices and beliefs that form their way of life-culture. Thus, it is very difficult to differentiate between traditional culture of the Jewish people […]

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

“I wished I looked like Paul Newman. He looks tough and I don’t. The other thing-it’s a long walk home with no company…And nobody in our gang digs movies and books the way I do. So I lone it” (Hinton, 1967, p.6). From this passage, it is evident that the main character, Ponyboy Curtis, who […]

Professional Research Project

Introduction The aim of this paper is to present an implementation plan for the research problem that deals with the use of physical restraints in the intensive care unit. The steps and resources that will be used in the plan will also be presented. The paper also acknowledges the importance of evaluating any plan put […]

Mid-City at the Crossroads: Shaw Heritage Trail

Washington, DC is the place where it is always interesting to be, to listen to other people conversions, and to enjoy the sights offered to the tourists, and Neighborhood Heritage Trails provides people with a number of magnificent opportunities to understand better the nature of the place and get involved into its rich history. I […]

Environmental Health and Safety

The need for waste management is essential in assessing the requirements for properly managed waste in a community. Needs assessment process would involve checking the existing waste management strategies, identifying the areas of importance, focusing on the critical needs, and identifying possible solutions. Waste management involves supervising the gathering, ferrying, processing, discarding and recycling of […]

Solid Waste Management: Hazardous Waste Management

Solid waste has become a major upshot of development and modernization in many countries across the world, and its management continues to present many challenges to the developed nations as well as the developing countries. However, the greatest challenge of solid waste management is felt in third world countries (Thomas-Hope, 1998), where the existing frameworks […]

Relationship between Substance Abuse and Personality

Annotated bibliography Mercer, Deanna, Douglass, Alan B., Links, Paul S. (2009). Meta-Analyses of Mood Stabilizers, Antidepressants and Antipsychotics in the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: Effectiveness for Depression and Anger Symptoms. Journal of Personality Disorders, 23(2), 156-174. The research implemented by Mercer et al. (2009) aimed at defining whether mood stabilizers, antidepressants and antipsychotics are […]

Companies Web Search: Price Water House Coopers, Northwestern Mutual and Target

Price Water House Coopers Price Water House Coopers (PWC) LLP is a member of PricewaterhouseCoopers international where all the members exist as an independent unit. The company’s website on the World Wide Web is www.pwc.com and it is very reliable. PwC is one of the most renowned companies that offer consultancy services regarding taxes, business, […]

Handling Difficult In-Basket Activities

A special education supervisor is responsible for managing various activities in the education al establishments for special-needs students. Among the responsibilities of the supervisor are based on his/her experience and education. However, the daily duties of every supervisor include creating district policies, lesson plans and direct instructions and performing various administrative functions for school. Supervisors […]

Impediments to Political, Economic and Social Modernisation in Asia

Asia is regarded as the largest continent in the world. It spans from China in the eastern extreme and India in the west. Despite the fact that upcoming economies hail from this continent, some countries are still struggling in terms of making their social, political and economic systems better and modernised. Economic modernisation is characterised […]

Qualitative Approach Used While Assessing Academic Progress after Introduction of Technological Changes and Professional Development Programs

Introduction The assessment of effectiveness of students’ academic performance is significant for further improvements and measures that may be taken to change the situation at school or any other educational institution. In this respect, it is necessary to evaluate the current situation and conduct research to evaluate the situation after implementing changes. The evaluation should […]

The Global Economy: China

China is ranked as the third largest global economy after Japan and USA with an economy of $3.4 trillion in 2007 (Miller para. 5). Its current great economy can be linked to its adoption of strategic economic reform policies in late 1970s. These reforms were aimed at enhancing rural income and incentives, decrease central planning, […]

America’s War on Drugs

Introduction For close to four decades now, the American government has been trying to find a lasting solution for the drug abuse problem in the country. In his office days, President Richard Nixon identified drug abuse as a threat to the security of the nation. At the time, Nixon was concerned by the sudden surge […]

Is a college degree necessary?

Introduction The educational system of a society is fundamental for the development and ultimate advancement of the entire community. Governments all over the world have acknowledged that educational policies can have a significant impact on economic and social outcomes of their citizens. It is for this reason that so much emphasis is placed on the […]

Competition Advantages for Producers and Consumers

Competition is the concept of business people or institutions working towards gaining the greatest market share for their products, both goods and services. Competition is very instrumental in the growth of any industry. This is because as the market environment becomes crowded, companies and other business establishments have to come up with new products or […]

Effects of Physical Education on Brain

There are some differences between a male and a female brain. Females are known to be excellent in solving problems involving languages. On the other hand, males are fair well in tasks involving arithmetic analysis. These are just some of the differences between a boy and a girl. Sometimes these differences, whether knowingly or not, […]

The Vietnam War Outcomes

Introduction The Vietnam War was and is still considered the longest deployment of the U.S military in the history of U.S wars. It took place when John F. Kennedy was in power in the 1960’s. Over two thousand military soldiers were deployed to the South Vietnam where the number increased gradually over time. President John […]

Argument essay on graduates

Strike organized by the institutions of higher learning in San Francisco lacked foundation, both in size and organizational style. According to Barlow and Sharpio, what began as a simple anxiety by a few students interfered with the whole education section. It is vital to emphasize that five student organizations from developing countries also joined the […]

The Future of Music Production

From the early 20th century, people have listened to music using a record player device, i.e. the music is recorded first. Improvements in technology led to the design of the cassette tape, followed by vinyl discs and finally Compact Disc (CD). Modern technology has made it possible to store music in flash memory devices. Advancements […]

Short Detective Story

The detective did not look like the gumshoes from old dime-store novels. He was a lot thinner and he wore a close-fitting bodysuit rather than a raincoat. He was, however, just as focused on getting his man and finding the facts as Sherlock Holmes ever was. However, he was always plagued by a sense of […]

Do I need God to be moral or happy

The creation of earth and man has remained a mystery that has enabled religious commentators and scientists to put forward spirited theories to explain their existence. However, critics too have come up with facts challenging the reports by denouncing their authenticity. The existence of man and earth though can be traced to a deity with […]