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Physical Education Curriculum

Introduction Most schools have often emphasized the significance of other subjects on the school curriculum without necessarily considering physical education. This has contributed to physical education being sidelined. Children at an early age for instance need physical education so as to develop their motor skills hence the need for the subject. It is however unfortunate […]

Saudi Dairy & Foodstuff Company Supply Chain Management

Introduction The purpose of this report is to recommend a selected company “Saudi Dairy & Foodstuff Company (SADAFCO)” to develop supply chain considering collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment (CPFR), green supply chain, vendor managed inventory (VMI), free zones in the UAE, disaster management using supply chain, cold chain logistics, third party logistics, cloud computing applications […]

Managing the Future

Introduction Apple Inc. is one of the most prosperous electronic firms in the world. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started this firm on April 1, 1976. The two were electronic enthusiasts who were interested in developing their ideas into business ventures. They were keen on turning their skills in electronics into a large business unit. […]

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Introduction Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) supplies both electricity and gas utilities to its clientele, mainly based in California. The company has expressed its long-standing commitment to manage its corporate responsibility, through addressing the safety issues of its workforce and public, achieving diversity and widespread inclusion, constantly addressing issues related to environmental performance, as […]

Family Owned Business in the United Arab Emirates

Introduction Companies owned by families are believed to be the current forms of business activities. Family companies dominate the economic background of various key global economies especially in developed economies. For instance, across the globe, two thirds of the currently existing commercial businesses appear to be managed and owned by families. The success of these […]

The Implications of Global Loss of Mangrove Ecosystems?

Introduction Mangroves are woody plants that thrive in shallow seawater in coastlines and estuaries. The plants are salt tolerant and only within the last decade did scientists acknowledge their significance towards the marine environment. For instance, a Florida survey in the 1970s referred to the mangroves as “…freaks of nature… and a form of wasteland…” […]

Anglo-Germanic Writers’ Influence on Popular Environmental Thinking

Although, it now became a commonplace practice among particularly ‘progressive’ social activists to blame Western civilization on account of its environmental unfriendliness, the objective analysis points out to the fact that it is namely in Western societies, where people have traditionally been concerned with trying to preserve nature. The soundness of this suggestion can be […]

Hofstede Labels the Chinese as a Collectivist Culture

Introduction The economy of China has been affluent in the past decades reporting economic growth rates surpassing 8.0%. This makes China to play an imperative role and contribute significantly towards the growth of global economy. However, the corporations found in China have failed to impress the globe different from its remarkable economic growth rate. To […]

The National Curriculum for England and Wales from an Ideal Democratic Learning Society Perspective

Introduction The educational system of a society is fundamental to the development and ultimate advancement of the community. Educators and governments all over the world have acknowledged that the educational structure and practices adopted can have a significant effect on the education of the population. This can lead to significant impact on economic and social […]

The Social, Economic, Intrinsic Values of the Arts and the Legitimacy of Supporting Arts in the UK

Introduction In any country, state capital and cultural capital always walk hand in hand hence can not be separable. In many countries including the United States of America, most of the arts are administered by the private support; however many European countries like the United Kingdom are paying greater public support for the artists. The […]

Business Ethics: Enron

Introduction Background of Study The purpose of this research paper is to discuss Enron case and ethical dilemmas related with business, such as, rise and collapse of Enron, the unethical practices of its executives, audit failure, moral obligation of the leaders and fraudulent operation. At the same time, this research paper also focuses on the […]

The United States of America Military Experience Through the Eyes of Films

Abstract The American military experience as revealed through film tends to downplay the political and social ramifications of war, choosing instead to focus on the emotional impact of war. Destruction, panic, loss of friends, post-traumatic stress disorder, carnage, and the impact of death on the enlisted men are the topics of choice for the vast […]

Importance of Open Innovation in Firm Development

Open innovation is quickly carving out a dominance in today’s corporate world, championed by among others, world-renowned author of “Open Innovation: the New Imperative for creating and profiting from technology”, Henry Chesbrough. When analyzed from this point of view, open innovation is a new paradigm that seeks to benefit from the advantages of technology through […]

The Concept of the Homeland Security After the September 11 Incident

Introduction Following the glaring terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the homeland security became a key national concern. Law enforcement bodies and their respective roles changed at the federal, state, and local levels. The United States’ Congress responded to the attacks by enacting the U.S. Patriot Act, which sought to restructure the federal, state, and […]

Energy Generation Industry in India

Introduction The Ministry of Power is in charge of the power industry in India. The country has the fourth largest total energy consumption in the world; 1.052 terawatt-hours (TWh) (India Brand Equity Foundation 2015). Companies are divided into generation, transmission, and distribution segments of the industry. There are central, state, and private levels under the […]

Children Relationships with Their Siblings

Introduction Research on children relationships takes three divergent routes. The research on parent–child relationships focuses on how parents establish and/or maintain relationships with their children. The second approach entails how children form relationships with their peers in different social settings such as schools. The third approach, which is the main focus of this thesis, is […]

The Relevance of the Claim ‘Might versus Right’ in Policy Analysis

Introduction Policy analysis is an essential element of making public policy. A policy constitutes a number of aims and various specified activities that aid in resolution of public problems once they are implemented (Lyhne 2011, p.321). Alternatively, a policy can be defined as any action that a government considers as right or wrong for its […]

Sustainability of Trade Relationship Between EU and China

Globalisation has opened up channels for different countries to join hands in a bid to strengthen their business ties. China is one of such countries. Upon joining world trade organisation (WTO), China became the EU’s largest trading partner in goods and fourth trading partner in terms of services. Although frustration in the bilateral trade relationship […]

Cyber Security Technologies

Abstract Advanced cyber attacks that target both public and private sectors at the international level have provoked an increase in research and funding for the establishment of novel cyber security technologies. Government and private institutions are investing in technologies that dynamically appraise networks through real-time and remote agent forensic investigations. Besides, organizations are coming up […]

The Effects of Self Directed Learning

Abstract The main purpose of this study was to identify whether online learning environment had any effects on self-directed learning of English learners when used to supplement traditional teaching strategies. This study begins by exploring the benefits associated with using computers in language testing in such areas as test preparation and test delivery. Several questions […]

Design Management in H&M

Analysis on the significance of quality manuals Organisations’ long-term sustainability is dependent on the management teams’ commitment in formulating and implementing feasible operational strategies. The strategies, policies, and procedures implemented determine an organisation’s ability to achieve business excellence (Chase & Aquilano 2006). The contemporary business environment has undergone remarkable developments over the past few years […]

Tourism Changes and Challenges

Background Tourism constitutes one of the core components in the economic growth and development of most economies (Tarlow 2002). A report released by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation [UNWTO] in 2010 shows that the industry has undergone remarkable growth and diversification over the past six decades. The sector ranks amongst the fastest growing industries […]

The Agricultural Policy in European Union and the United State of America

Brief Outline of the topic of the proposed research The European Union is one of the largest economies in the world and a considerable trade partner for the United States of America. The two blocs are also agricultural trading partners and leading competitors where food market is involved. According to Haas (2007), “The European Union […]

Gender and Polygamy in America

Introduction Since polygamy redefines marital relationships, it has created many public debates regarding gender equality in America. More specifically, many people link polygamy with serious gender inequalities, particularly concerning the status of women. Analysts have not only discussed gender inequality in polygamy as a social issue but also a legal one (Zeitzen, 2008, p. 125). […]

Sentencing For Murder

Introduction Research entails systematic investigation with an aim of establishing facts or collecting specific information. Researchers use varied research methods based on the nature of the research, availability of resources, and time. Research objectives act as the guideline throughout the research. The method of data or information collection used determines the credibility of the study. […]

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank

Abstract The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank are international organisations created to provide financial aid, and enhance the structures of international payment systems in the world markets. In the year 1944, the two organisations began their operation following the signing of the Articles of Agreement by the member states. During its inception […]

Texas Religious Music Company Business Plan

Executive Summary Texas Religious Music Company is a non-profit making company that shall market and promote gospel music genres and Christian activities and festivals. The Company will also offer free consultancy services on logistics. It is a sole proprietorship company. The Company will open its main office in a suburb location within Texas City, Corpus […]

Environmental Conditions in Tunnels towards Environmentally Sustainable Future

Introduction Construction of tunnels, either to pave the way for vehicles, pedestrians, and/or water, requires civil engineers to consider the impacts that such an endeavour has on the environment. A tunnel is a duct that goes through or under the earth surface or another structure purposely to offer passage for rains, people, and cars amongst […]

Compare and Evaluate Reform in One Policy Sector in Two Countries

Introduction The comparison of policies between nations is important as it contributes to the development of stronger policies. The European Union and the United States constitute one of the largest trading blocs in the world, generating over a quarter of the world’s revenue. The EU and the US are also significant trading partners, as well […]

Causes of Noise-induced Hearing Loss

Introduction Hearing loss may be classified differently. The most common classification is based on the pathology where the disease may be conductive or sensorineural. Another classification is based on the cause of the hearing loss, which may be age-related (presbycusis) or in noise-induced cases as discussed below. In conductive hearing loss, the transmission of sound […]

The Principle of Fair and Equitable Treatment

Introduction The standard of fair and equitable treatment is currently the focus of discussions in different podiums. This standard seeks to protect international investors from exploitation and other forms of malpractices by host states. Prior to the establishment of the standard, most intellectual debates on international investment concentrated on possible ways to safeguard alien investors […]

Critical Assess Trade Relations between the US and EU

Trade is an important aspect of any economy. With the advent of globalisation, many countries have established trade relations with their international partners. Such relations have been found to increase the stakeholders’ profitability based on the diverse products and services they have been able to share. Although conflicts between different countries have barred them from […]

Dance Education and Culture

Executive Summary In contemporary sociological usage, the term culture refers to the sum total of all knowledge, customs, beliefs, attitudes and values shared by a large group of individuals with other common linkages. Theories formulated by David Carr suggest that culture can also be described from an evaluative point of view as the things that […]

United States-Iran relations, 1930-1945

The U.S-Iran relations emerged as early as mid-nineteenth century. They had a diplomatic, cultural and economic relation. During this period, the two nations were great allies; Iran government did not trust Russian and British intentions but considered America as a trustworthy nation. Throughout the Cold War, the two governments (Iran and U.S.) supported each other […]

Apple Сompany’s Operations

Introduction The telecommunication industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today (Lou & John 2010). This has been made possible by the rapid development in technological innovations and production of equipments capable of supporting the latest technology. Apple Inc. is one of the world’s leading technological companies. The company has been […]

United States-Egypt relation 1930-1945

Introduction The United States and Egypt continue to enjoy cordial relations in the modern times. However, these relations were cultivated from the ancient times. At the moment, Egypt is regarded as an important ally to the US especially in respect to the Middle East affairs. This realization is critical considering the interests of the US […]

Toms Company: Social Networking Sites

Executive summery Internet usage is the emerging information technology with increased credibility, stronghold and immediacy. Thus, it globalizes all aspects of communication. Internet communication is more particular, effective and interactive. It has generally revolutionized advertising and brought more advantages over the conventional forms of marketing. Marketing through internet is more precise, interactive, interesting, personal and […]