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TNT Express UAE Company External Communication

Communication refers to the exchange of information and thoughts either through symbols or words between two or more individuals with the objective of creating a common understanding. Alternatively, American Management Association (AMA) defines communication to include any behavior that culminates into interchange of meaning. Communication is an important component in the success of firms in […]

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Background Summary When people think about Michigan, Detroit falls among the first cities that ring in their minds. This is due to several reasons that make the city famous such as the high population density, ethnic diversity among others. I was born and raised in this city and spent most of my teenage life […]

Coping with Your Issues on Your Own

Proper Scheduling Despite all the excitement and expectations of new life experience caused by the transition to college, this process is also accomplished with much stress for a new student. Freshman year obviously plays a significant role in the personal development as it symbolizes a start of new life – adult life. This is the […]

Nokia Company in China

Executive Summary Communication is an integral part of human life; with increase in technology more communication methods are devised. Mobile technology has taken center stage all over the world. There are many companies that are targeting the increased market. Nokia is one of the leading world producers of mobile phones. China has the world largest […]

Capital Punishment

Death Penalty in the United States: A Brief History The British law helped in forming the earlier US capital punishment law. Finally, different American colonies developed their own lists of capital crimes which varied from region to region (An overview of the Death Penalty and Capital trials, 1994, pp1-18). Overview Abolishing the death penalty completely […]

Poverty and Inequality in Jacksonian America

Jacksonian America is not the work of one man. Jacksonian America is not all about Andrew Jackson even if he was arguably the most influential person in this period of American history. But without the contribution of others it would be impossible to understand the transformation of America from 1815 to 1848 (Howe, p.5). It […]

Solution to Environmental Problems

Introduction In the recent past, human beings have been facing the several problems on the environment they live in. These environmental problems have been brought about by various factors, with the major factor being the increase in population on earth. Environmental problems can therefore, be defined as the issues that result to the degradation of […]

Rayovac Case Study

Executive Summary Rayovac Corporation is contemplating expanding its rechargeable batteries line. This would be a shift from the alkaline disposable batteries. Currently, the company is the third largest battery maker, after Duracell and Energizer. Like all profit-making organizations, Rayovac is interested in maximizing its return on investment. The company intends to maximize shareholder value through […]

The Tawuniya Health Insurance Company

Introduction It is rather interesting to note that various theories of consumer decision making processes always seem to assume that consumers pass through distinct stages/steps before, during and after the process of selecting a particular product to buy or service to utilize. On the other hand Van der Merwe (2010) states that this may not […]

United States of America

The History of America The story of the United States is based on either the Native people’s prehistory or the 1492 voyages of Christopher Columbus to the land. USA or the United States, as it is sometimes called, is a federal republic made up of a federal district and fifty states. Native people, whose first […]

International Education: Features, Aims and Impacts to Society

Introduction Education is widely considered the foundation of our modern civilization. Through advances in education, humankind has been able to achieve tremendous technological and social advances. Traditionally, nations have made use of education systems that are specially structured to suit the needs of the country. This system was adequate since the interaction between nations was […]

World War I Technology

Introduction World War I saw the application of several new technologies to the battlefield, the most important being that of the internal combustion engine, which permitted the development of the first successful mechanized armored fighting vehicles. The war was one of the greatest examples of technological advancements and strategic challenges in history, with the introduction […]

Airbus Strategic Management

Introduction Airbus is an international aircraft manufacturing company with its head quarters situated in Blagnac, France. It is a subsidy of European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company N.V. (EADS) which owns 80% of the company and the remaining 20% is owned by BAE Systems plc (LSE: BA.). The company has three other operational bases in […]

Orange case study

Introduction The wireless telecommunications is fast growing, largely triggered by both how the enterprise segment has been integrated as well as positive convergence on the tastes and preferences of consumers. Similarly, the average revenue per user (ARPU) has continually declined with the emergence and general acceptance of conventional voice services. Indeed, several 3G operators are […]

Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

Introduction This report presents the relationship between strategic management and leadership skills. The report shows strategic management and leadership skills of Robert Eckert, the CEO of Mattel. Eckert demonstrated effective strategic management strategies and leadership skills when Mattel was a troubled company that had lost its focus. This was also the period of the biggest […]

Management and Leadership Across Culture

Introduction Following previous successful business endeavors, Disney Land ambitiously set to establish its business operations in various parts of the world. These establishments were in Japan, France, and Hong Kong, among many other destinations. Disney’s executives counted success upon success when they successfully established their business operations in Japan before moving on to France in […]

The Key Elements of Sustainable Development

Market It is the utility rather than worshipping the market that provides the best approach for achieving desirable social goals, as well as for enhancing dynamism of the economy. Open, competitive, and rightfully owned international markets that function in accordance to legitimate comparative advantages are the ones that enhance sustainable development. Both efficiency and innovation […]

Culture and Organisation – Pixar

Introduction This is a report generated after a careful study on culture within the Pixar organisation. Accordingly, the reporter found out that culture stood out as the most vital element in any organisation that had to be addressed effectively in order to come up with a very efficient organisation. Nevertheless, the term culture is at […]

Strategic Management – Apple Company

Introduction In every organization, there is need to have an effective strategic management plan. In the contemporary world, the need for an effective strategic management plan has significantly increased due to the increased level of competition in the market. The contemporary business world has been characterized with a very high level of competition, a fact […]

Industry Analysis

The evolution of motor industry has progressed for decades from innovative individuals to corporate organizations witnessed today. This has contributed to the establishment of material handling industries around the world. Some of these material handling sectors are involved in manufacturing equipments and machines for use in mining, power generation, construction, and transport industry. However, the […]

Proctor & Gamble Company

Scope of the Report. This report is designed to address the economic, political, social and environmental opportunities and risks facing Proctor and Gamble Company in the next ten years. Executive Summary. Several decades ago, organizations have been exposed to limited regulations and existed in less competitive environments. As a result, several companies may not have […]

Multimedia Marketing Campaign

Introduction The purpose of this report is to design a marketing strategy with very little budget for an upcoming campaign. However, this report will concentrate on the number of issues such as Online Communities, reason to joining online communities, Wang and Fesenmaier (2003) model for member needs, the power of social networking, and target Audience […]

An Effective Manager Needs To Be an Effective Leader

In a formal setting of an organisation, managers oversee the execution of duties by other people in the organisation. The theory of management is arguable among experts. There are several theories on how to become an effective manager in an organisation. The classical theory advocates the perspective that there is a single way to run […]

Marketing Mix adjustment strategies

Executive summary This report presents marketing mix that Rose Chocolatier will use in Brazil confectionery market as its target market. The company must use its marketing mix strategy with the price as the determining factor upon which other elements of marketing mix depend. Rose Chocolatier must recognise that Brazil is an emerging economy with most […]

Money Laundering In Russia

Introduction. Money Laundering Money laundering is defined as the process of disguising or “cleaning” money that has been obtained illegally and incorporating it into a financial system of a country (Hopton 12). It is also defined as making money that has been obtained illegally to appear legitimate. Money launderers use a variety of methods to carry […]

SMP Iceberg Vodka

Introduction The basis of this report is to analyze the general marketing strategy of the business organization. The report also outlines the fundamental steps for the application of strategic marketing. The external and internal threats are also analysed. A comprehensive analysis of the basic market factors is important. This report acknowledges this significance and analyses […]

Organizational management

Respect is perceived to the value attached in dignifying oneself and others (Business Lobby Team par.1). In our daily lives, we have to deal with other people at one time or another. Respect comes into perspective when we have to relate with our peers and colleagues. Respect also involves giving dignity to oneself as well […]

Management skills in 21st century

Executive Summary 21st century is like no other. With rapidly technological advancement, managers of corporate organizations are set to meet more challenges related to how technological can be integrated into the management process. This implies that management skills are fundamental to meeting the challenges that corporate organizations are likely to meet in the operation process. […]

How Multinational corporations would respond to risk involved when investing in Sri Lanka?

Introduction It is known that economic and technological forces greatly impact global production. Global economic growth is now positively impacted by liberalization of trade policies and the introduction of Foreign Direct Investment in several developing countries. In this regard, the ongoing process of globalization provides immense growth opportunities for developing countries and enables faster growth […]

Habermas and the Public Sphere

Introduction In 1962, Harbeneas introduced the concept of public sphere as an ideal and also as an empirical description through his seminal work “The structural transformation of the public sphere: an inquiry into a category of Bourgeois society”. Through his work, he created the impression that the public sphere was an arena where different people […]

Retailing in the UK: Case Study

Executive summary The purpose of this report was to compare the strategies of two retailers with a UK presence (Lidl and Iceland) that compete in the same sector of the UK retail-market, to evaluate the extent of these strategies’ circumstantial appropriateness, and to assess the effectiveness of their practical implementation. The findings, obtained during the […]

On-job training

Research questions The aim of this study is to find out whether offering on-job training leads to increased productivity of casual workers within the University. Essentially, the study will explore the impact of offering on-job training on casual workers’ performances within the learning institution. In other words, the intention of this study is to examine […]

Reflective paper on Human Resource Management

Introduction Human Resource is a term used to describe all the people working in an organization. Human resource management is the function within an organization that emphasizes on hiring and recruitment of employees, managing employees and giving them direction. Human resource management can also be preformed by various sectional/departmental heads also known as line managers. […]

Media Art Film studies: Avant Garde

In 1911, Italian writer Ricciotto Canudo who is deemed the first theorist of film considered cinema as “the Seventh Art”. He had the understanding that film incorporated the distinctive elements of both the spatial arts and temporal arts (architecture, sculpture, painting on one side and music and dance on another). He later introduced poetry to […]

Post classical Hollywood

Hollywood is, as Murray Smith suggests, ‘a multi – facetted creature’ and cannot be reduced to a single essence, ‘Old’ or ‘New’. Changes at one level; are related to changes at another, but there is no guarantee that they match up tidily. Much has changed in Hollywood since the ‘classical’ or ‘studio’ era, a period […]

The Power of Pictures: An Analysis of Anthony Browne’s Picture Books

British children’s picture book author and illustrator Anthony Browne has established himself as an innovative force in the canon of children’s literature through such works as Gorilla and Piggybook. The author has published nearly 40 titles since the 1970s and enjoys international acclaim. Anthony Browne’s works have been hailed as penetrating social critiques that encourage […]

International Market Entry Strategies

Abstract Marketing strategies devised by multinational companies in a bid to invest in other countries beyond their national borders is referred to as international marketing. Quite often, this form of marketing borrows a lot from investment principles used in the domestic market. In a stricter sense though, international marketing encompasses all the entrepreneurial activities that […]

An Evaluation of Complexities and Difficulties of Learning Second and Third Conditionals for Iranian Students

Introduction With regards to the comprehension of the second and third conditionals in pedagogical grammar, this study analyses the complexities and difficulties Iranian students face in learning the second and third conditionals. This aspect of analysis is important because Iranian students, learning English as a second language, are often faced with the challenge of composing, […]

Using Information in Human Resources

Introduction The human resource field has taken a strong stand in the global competition for prominence and performance. (Bartholomew et al 2000, p 86-321).This paper interrogates the relevance or otherwise of various information units that are produced by the mixed method approach stating the case for the prominence of the approach in the contemporary human […]

Open Source Project

Abstract Open Source programs are often produced by groups of people who work collaboratively on the internet. The software built, becomes a property of the group and is distributed free of charge to anyone who desires to use it. Open Source collaborations have increased of late thus, becoming socially and economically vibrant venture. Therefore, a […]

Risk Analysis for Pepsi Company

Abstract The focus of the paper is to carry out an investigation of fundamental risks that may lead to volatile situations in the Pepsi Company. Three main situations chosen are fraud and misconducts, water, and health and safety. Methods of qualitative and quantitative measurement of these situations are proposed and discussed in the context of […]

Rethinking Rights and Global Development

Introduction Research surveys have estimated that approximately 600 million individuals, who comprise of an estimated 10 % of the global population, suffer from a particular form of disability. At least two thirds of the disabled persons reside in developing nations (Baehr, 1994). Despite the variations in their living conditions, it is a common trend that […]

Sports Event Management

Introduction Within the past decade there has been an unprecedented demand to host major sporting events by several of the world’s most prominent cities. This is due to such events fulfilling certain multi-leveled economic, social and political agendas in the form of a much improved local economy and greater community pride over hosting the event, […]

Literature Review on Hospitality Strategic Management

Background Strategic Management Since Early 1950s In the early 1950s, budgetary planning as well as control emerged to be the dominant theme in the hospitality industry management. Organizations within the hotel industry used these strategic planning aspects and as such, the hotel industry enjoyed a successful stint. However, the main issue with these aspects was […]

Managing People and Organization part of organization behavior

Introduction The concept of management has been studied and explored for centuries. Many business experts have endeavored to unravel the truth behind management of organizations and its overall impact in the business performance. Based on this analogy, it follows that managers play a crucial role in directing certain activities within an organization. They can either […]

Integrative Learning Project

Abstract This paper is an integrative learning process which focuses on implementation of business concepts in an organization. While using the example of Cooper Vision Technologies, the paper investigates on the concepts to offer valuable information that can lead to the success of the company. Cooper Vision Technologies is a company that specializes in selling […]

Skype and the Japanese Market

Introduction The growth of Skype in the world market has been great. This is especially in Japan that has become vital to Skype’s business. There have been an increase in the rate of calls in the recent past and the growth of the Skype market has been due to the use of disruptive technology to […]

Management and it is role in organization

Introduction Implementation of information systems has helped companies in the management of their activities on a functional basis. The management has since considered managing of activities within the context of processes and sub-processes. This calls for the need of companies in improving both individual and entire set of activities for the purposes of obtaining positive […]

Strategic Information System

Long term Strategy Today, most organisations consider the employment of Information Technology (IT) or Information Systems (IS) in business operations as one of the critical components of successful organisational. As Barlow (1990) provides, Strategic Information System (SIS) exercise should align with SIS objectives for the realisation of business strategic goals. This phenomenon also seeks to […]

How does Turkey’s greater democratization influence the handling of the Cyprus dispute?

Introduction The Cyprus issue has been a major part of Turkey’s political agenda since 1974 with nationalistic sentiments and security concerns dominating the discourse about the problem. The importance of Cyprus to Turkey has remained significant with Turkey consistently asserting its national interests in Cyprus. According to the Turkish ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Cyprus is […]

Biography of Edmund Botsford

Baptist Church Baptist churches are comprised of members of the protestant Christian family who also have similar basic beliefs like many other protestant but put more emphasis that baptism should only be done for the believers. And that the baptism should be strictly be immersion of the convert into water instead of just a sprinkle […]

The Nazi Revolution

Introduction Nazi rule is viewed as one of the bleak periods in the world’s history due to the many atrocities committed by the Nazi regime under the rule of Hitler. The Nazi revolution was characterized by dictatorial rule and the mass killing of millions of Jews. In addition to this, the Nazis adopted an expansionist […]

US Foreign Policy During Obama Presidency

How has President Obama Changed the Nature of US Foreign Policy? Most achievements of Obama’s foreign policy originate from assuming several policies from Bush. Also, other achievements of Obama originate from assuming a number of the strategic doctrines from the Bush government. Some strategic values by Bush government, which became either overlooked or belittled during […]

US National Security Policy

Topic What are the challenges USA faces when developing a coherent US National Security Policy inside the four-year presidential cycle and the failing role of ‘think-tanks’ in National Security Policies affect national policy-making? Hypothesis/Thesis The working thesis statement for this research is that, numerous challenges have been witnessed when developing National Security Policies and the […]

Why do secondary school teachers in Saudi Arabia predominantly use more traditional approaches to teaching English?

Introduction English language is widely used for communication purposes worldwide. For instance, English language is used as a medium of exchange in global activities as well as in many international learning institutions. English language is commonly used for communication in the international trade, computing, diplomacy, tourism and aviation (Hughes, 1989). With the increased adoption of […]

Dental Pulp

Development and components of the healthy dental pulp The dental pulp refers to a tissue on an individual’s teeth that is formed by propagating and condensing the neural crest cells of the dental papilla. Trowbridge and Kim (1998) pointed out that a fully grown dental pulp assumes the appearance of embryonic connective tissue. However, the […]

Changes That Feminism and Gender Lenses Can Bring To Global Politics

Introduction The metamorphosis of global gender politics has been rapid, yet profoundly mundane especially, in bringing socio-economic and political changes that may end the gender disparities (Cynthia, Schad & Fullon 2009). Over the years, the history of societies rested on agriculture during early renaissance when states emerged and male dominion took shape in these early […]

Impacts of the ‘War on Terror’ on Human Rights

Introduction The very legacy of war of any kind is its disregard for human rights. The September 11 attacks on the United States’ commercial hubs in New York and Washington provoked America and allies to launch an international offensive to counter the growing threat by terror groups. However, the decision to launch a global war […]

Scuba Diving

Introduction The life of a diver highly depends on the diving gear, particularly the procedure of ensuring every part of a scuba gear is in the required conditions before the activity. It is also important to ensure quality of the gear and the people understand the procedure of using the materials during diving. The scuba […]

Toms Company: Social Networking Sites

Executive summery Internet usage is the emerging information technology with increased credibility, stronghold and immediacy. Thus, it globalizes all aspects of communication. Internet communication is more particular, effective and interactive. It has generally revolutionized advertising and brought more advantages over the conventional forms of marketing. Marketing through internet is more precise, interactive, interesting, personal and […]

United States-Egypt relation 1930-1945

Introduction The United States and Egypt continue to enjoy cordial relations in the modern times. However, these relations were cultivated from the ancient times. At the moment, Egypt is regarded as an important ally to the US especially in respect to the Middle East affairs. This realization is critical considering the interests of the US […]

Apple Company’s Operations

Introduction The telecommunication industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today (Lou & John 2010). This has been made possible by the rapid development in technological innovations and production of equipments capable of supporting the latest technology. Apple Inc. is one of the world’s leading technological companies. The company has been […]

United States-Iran Relations, 1930-1945

The U.S-Iran relations emerged as early as mid-nineteenth century. They had a diplomatic, cultural and economic relation. During this period, the two nations were great allies; Iran government did not trust Russian and British intentions but considered America as a trustworthy nation. Throughout the Cold War, the two governments (Iran and U.S.) supported each other […]

Dance Education and Culture

Executive Summary In contemporary sociological usage, the term culture refers to the sum total of all knowledge, customs, beliefs, attitudes and values shared by a large group of individuals with other common linkages. Theories formulated by David Carr suggest that culture can also be described from an evaluative point of view as the things that […]

Critical Assess Trade Relations between the US and EU

Trade is an important aspect of any economy. With the advent of globalisation, many countries have established trade relations with their international partners. Such relations have been found to increase the stakeholders’ profitability based on the diverse products and services they have been able to share. Although conflicts between different countries have barred them from […]

The Principle of Fair and Equitable Treatment

Introduction The standard of fair and equitable treatment is currently the focus of discussions in different podiums. This standard seeks to protect international investors from exploitation and other forms of malpractices by host states. Prior to the establishment of the standard, most intellectual debates on international investment concentrated on possible ways to safeguard alien investors […]

Causes of Noise-induced Hearing Loss

Introduction Hearing loss may be classified differently. The most common classification is based on the pathology where the disease may be conductive or sensorineural. Another classification is based on the cause of the hearing loss, which may be age-related (presbycusis) or in noise-induced cases as discussed below. In conductive hearing loss, the transmission of sound […]

LVMH in China’s Domestic Market

China is emerging as a very attractive international business destination. This situation arises from the growing middle class in the country. In the last two decades, economic growth in the country has spurred it into the limelight as a serious investment destination. Many companies manufacture their products in China because of the competitive labor costs […]

Environmental Conditions in Tunnels towards Environmentally Sustainable Future

Introduction Construction of tunnels, either to pave the way for vehicles, pedestrians, and/or water, requires civil engineers to consider the impacts that such an endeavour has on the environment. A tunnel is a duct that goes through or under the earth surface or another structure purposely to offer passage for rains, people, and cars amongst […]

Texas Religious Music Company Business Plan

Executive Summary Texas Religious Music Company is a non-profit making company that shall market and promote gospel music genres and Christian activities and festivals. The Company will also offer free consultancy services on logistics. It is a sole proprietorship company. The Company will open its main office in a suburb location within Texas City, Corpus […]

Strategy Implementation Barriers

Introduction Organisations identify their objectives and goals, which they seek to achieve through a course of action that they draft out. This course of action, the strategy, can only be achieved as intended if every participant acts as required in executing his or her roles (Clemens & Bakstran, 2010, p. 393). As Beer et al. […]

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank

Abstract The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank are international organisations created to provide financial aid, and enhance the structures of international payment systems in the world markets. In the year 1944, the two organisations began their operation following the signing of the Articles of Agreement by the member states. During its inception […]

Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

Business Description The business has developed out of the need to create employment for young people in Amman who happen to be gifted in calligraphy. The idea is a personal product that has been in existence since childhood. The following is therefore a description of the business from its inception, structure, and ownership. The company […]

Sentencing For Murder

Introduction Research entails systematic investigation with an aim of establishing facts or collecting specific information. Researchers use varied research methods based on the nature of the research, availability of resources, and time. Research objectives act as the guideline throughout the research. The method of data or information collection used determines the credibility of the study. […]

Gender and Polygamy in America

Introduction Since polygamy redefines marital relationships, it has created many public debates regarding gender equality in America. More specifically, many people link polygamy with serious gender inequalities, particularly concerning the status of women. Analysts have not only discussed gender inequality in polygamy as a social issue but also a legal one (Zeitzen, 2008, p. 125). […]

Tourism Changes and Challenges

Background Tourism constitutes one of the core components in the economic growth and development of most economies (Tarlow 2002). A report released by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation [UNWTO] in 2010 shows that the industry has undergone remarkable growth and diversification over the past six decades. The sector ranks amongst the fastest growing industries […]

Evaluation of the Dehumidifier Market

Executive Summary Dehumidifiers are some of the most commonly used household appliances. They are used for the purposes of reducing the levels of humidity in the air. Ideal levels of humidity range between 30 and 50 percent. At this level, the growth of microbes and other disease vectors is inhibited. The appliances are of great […]

Design Management in H&M

Analysis on the significance of quality manuals Organisations’ long-term sustainability is dependent on the management teams’ commitment in formulating and implementing feasible operational strategies. The strategies, policies, and procedures implemented determine an organisation’s ability to achieve business excellence (Chase & Aquilano 2006). The contemporary business environment has undergone remarkable developments over the past few years […]

The Effects of Self Directed Learning

Abstract The main purpose of this study was to identify whether online learning environment had any effects on self-directed learning of English learners when used to supplement traditional teaching strategies. This study begins by exploring the benefits associated with using computers in language testing in such areas as test preparation and test delivery. Several questions […]

Cyber Security Technologies

Abstract Advanced cyber attacks that target both public and private sectors at the international level have provoked an increase in research and funding for the establishment of novel cyber security technologies. Government and private institutions are investing in technologies that dynamically appraise networks through real-time and remote agent forensic investigations. Besides, organizations are coming up […]

Sustainability of Trade Relationship Between EU and China

Globalisation has opened up channels for different countries to join hands in a bid to strengthen their business ties. China is one of such countries. Upon joining world trade organisation (WTO), China became the EU’s largest trading partner in goods and fourth trading partner in terms of services. Although frustration in the bilateral trade relationship […]

The Relevance of the Claim ‘Might versus Right’ in Policy Analysis

Introduction Policy analysis is an essential element of making public policy. A policy constitutes a number of aims and various specified activities that aid in resolution of public problems once they are implemented (Lyhne 2011, p.321). Alternatively, a policy can be defined as any action that a government considers as right or wrong for its […]

Children Relationships with Their Siblings

Introduction Research on children relationships takes three divergent routes. The research on parent–child relationships focuses on how parents establish and/or maintain relationships with their children. The second approach entails how children form relationships with their peers in different social settings such as schools. The third approach, which is the main focus of this thesis, is […]

Energy Generation Industry in India

Introduction The Ministry of Power is in charge of the power industry in India. The country has the fourth largest total energy consumption in the world; 1.052 terawatt-hours (TWh) (India Brand Equity Foundation 2015). Companies are divided into generation, transmission, and distribution segments of the industry. There are central, state, and private levels under the […]

US’s Financial Crises in 2008

Discuss the Different Reasons and Causes of the Financial Crisis When examining the causes of the 2008 financial crisis, the facts present a logical sequence of events of a housing bubble that burst in the United States. From this perspective, the logical conclusion would be a crisis in the housing sector. However, as it turned […]

The Concept of the Homeland Security After the September 11 Incident

Introduction Following the glaring terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the homeland security became a key national concern. Law enforcement bodies and their respective roles changed at the federal, state, and local levels. The United States’ Congress responded to the attacks by enacting the U.S. Patriot Act, which sought to restructure the federal, state, and […]

Importance of Open Innovation in Firm Development

Open innovation is quickly carving out a dominance in today’s corporate world, championed by among others, world-renowned author of “Open Innovation: the New Imperative for creating and profiting from technology”, Henry Chesbrough. When analyzed from this point of view, open innovation is a new paradigm that seeks to benefit from the advantages of technology through […]

The United States of America Military Experience Through the Eyes of Films

Abstract The American military experience as revealed through film tends to downplay the political and social ramifications of war, choosing instead to focus on the emotional impact of war. Destruction, panic, loss of friends, post-traumatic stress disorder, carnage, and the impact of death on the enlisted men are the topics of choice for the vast […]

Business Ethics: Enron

Introduction Background of Study The purpose of this research paper is to discuss Enron case and ethical dilemmas related with business, such as, rise and collapse of Enron, the unethical practices of its executives, audit failure, moral obligation of the leaders and fraudulent operation. At the same time, this research paper also focuses on the […]

Coca Cola’s Business Policy in Zambia and El Salvador

Introduction According to the Word Bank, about 1.35 billion people in the world today live below the international poverty line, which is set at $1.25 per day. In addition, it is estimated that the recent global financial and economic recession increased this number by 64 million people. What this means is that a significant number […]

The Social, Economic, Intrinsic Values of the Arts and the Legitimacy of Supporting Arts in the UK

Introduction In any country, state capital and cultural capital always walk hand in hand hence can not be separable. In many countries including the United States of America, most of the arts are administered by the private support; however many European countries like the United Kingdom are paying greater public support for the artists. The […]

The National Curriculum for England and Wales from an Ideal Democratic Learning Society Perspective

Introduction The educational system of a society is fundamental to the development and ultimate advancement of the community. Educators and governments all over the world have acknowledged that the educational structure and practices adopted can have a significant effect on the education of the population. This can lead to significant impact on economic and social […]

Hofstede Labels the Chinese as a Collectivist Culture

Introduction The economy of China has been affluent in the past decades reporting economic growth rates surpassing 8.0%. This makes China to play an imperative role and contribute significantly towards the growth of global economy. However, the corporations found in China have failed to impress the globe different from its remarkable economic growth rate. To […]

Anglo-Germanic Writers’ Influence on Popular Environmental Thinking

Although, it now became a commonplace practice among particularly ‘progressive’ social activists to blame Western civilization on account of its environmental unfriendliness, the objective analysis points out to the fact that it is namely in Western societies, where people have traditionally been concerned with trying to preserve nature. The soundness of this suggestion can be […]

Strategic Audit: Home Depot Inc.

Current Situation Home Depot Inc has grown tremendously since its inception back in the 1970’s when it was formed by three business executives who had left Handy Dan Stores. Then the company had only one store and annual earnings of $ 23M; however now the company has grown and is one of the largest retailer […]

Organisational Design and Performance Management

Introduction This paper is based on the topic of organisational design and performance management. It seeks to explore the topic by looking at two companies namely Tesco and Marks & Spencer (M&S). The paper is divided into two parts. Part one looks at the two companies in terms of organisational design and how the various […]