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Cultural Studies: Australian Folk Songs

Introduction Folklore has always been used to pass culture and historic information of communities from one generation to another. According to Bohlman (78), folklores were used to entertain the audience, pass cultural practices, and impart desirable knowledge to the young members of the society. Members of society used folklores to educate the younger generation to […]

Online Education

Trends in Online Education Online education is defined as globalization of human ideas and acts through technology (Tompkins, 2011). It involves the use of personal computers and the internet to connect the world in matters of education. Distance learning is propagated through a wide range of technologies that aim at reaching out to many students […]

Advertising and Body Satisfaction in Women

Introduction The role of women in advertising has remained a contentious issue in the contemporary society. For many years, advertisers have used women as advertising objects thus triggering debates and research interest to unravel the unknown truth behind women and advertising. With most adverts carrying the image of women, it is clear that they usually […]

International Financial Reporting Standards in Kazakhstan

Introduction Global literature on accounting supplies evidence of the economic implications of accounting quality such as costs of capital (Leuz & Verrecchia 2000) as well as international capital mobility (Guenther & Young 2002). According to Land and Lang, the quality of accounting systems has improved significantly throughout the world since the 1990’s (2002). This improvement […]

Enterprise Architecture and Its Implementation in Federal Domain

Definition of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Federal Enterprise Architecture According Michael Platt, “enterprise architecture (EA) is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization” (Platt 5). This definition takes into account how “an organization can effectively use EA to achieve both its current and future aims” (Platt 5). This means that […]

Emerging Technology: Nanotechnology

Abstract Nanotechnology is an emerging technology which is developing at an exponential rate. The technology utilizes novel characteristics of materials that are exhibited only at nanoscale level. Although still in early stages, this technology has signaled potential and breakthroughs in many areas such as medicine, computer technology, food industry, building construction, environment protection to mention […]

Environmental Impact Statement

Introduction In the recent past, the environmental studies have ranked industries as the leading causes of environmental pollution (Syrakov, Batchvarova, & Wiman 1998, p. 118). The current challenges of global warming facing major industries across the globe have necessitated the need for coming up with tools that measure environmental risk. A number of studies affirm […]

The Large and Culturally Diverse Teams Management

Introduction The 21st century economy is increasingly liberalized and collaboration in teams that cross different cultural boundaries has become the norm. More often than not, teams are scattered across geographical locations and work through communication enabled platforms made possible by advancing technology. These teams are normally involved in complex projects and ideally, they are supposed […]

Shuzworld Company

Workflow at Shuzworld (Discussion and Recommendations) Shuzworld’s case embraces the aspects of workflow. This section of the paper discusses the workflow provisions and provides appropriate recommendations applicable in this context. This will ensure credible workflow augmentation in the Shuzworld Company with specific reference to Chinese plants. For example, the workflow in the production system is […]

Project Management Assessment: Green Park Development in Madrid

Scope Statement The city of Madrid uses landfills as part of its waste management efforts. After landfills fill up, they require rehabilitation. This project relates to the construction of a sustainable green park in Madrid as part of a land reclamation program on a decommissioned landfill. The city council of Madrid is in charge of […]

Twitter API Analytics

Abstract Twitter is currently one of the most imperative and powerful social media platforms. Besides, Twitter has become one of the significant new channels for public communications. The studies on the uses of Twitter have emphasized on the isolated and critical events including political and crisis communications, popular culture and events such as sports. The […]

Outbreak Democratic Institutions

Introduction In this analysis, the rational choice theory and sociological theory have been used to evaluate the democratic institutions. Under, the sociological theory, the focus would be centered on the corporatism1. Democracy refers to a set of principles that are considered to be very fundamental to the continuity of humanity2. Although the actual concept of […]

Origin of Trade Preferences

Freiden notes that political systems mediate and change interests into policy using political machinery (Frieden, 2005). Political machinery comes together and change interests of society using different conditions of bargaining and bias among different groups. Established procedures and rules in domestic political systems show group strength normally for a long term. However, institutions can create […]

Suzuki Media Plan

Background Suzuki began operations 105 years ago by producing weaving looms to the silk industry in Japan. Twenty years later, Michio Suzuki had to patent his products to prevent replication. During this period, he managed to protect over 120 machineries and exported most of his inventions to other countries. Since the 1900’s Suzuki has improved […]

Information Technology Companies

Introduction Information technology is probably the most dynamic sector in any economy. What is new and essential today may not be important the following day. Various new technologies are discovered each and every day. Moreover, due to the dynamic nature of the business environment, requirements of each business entity keep on changing now and again. […]

Gate Gourmet Management

Executive Summary Gate Gourmet is the world’s leading company offering catering services to airline companies. In order to improve the efficiency of its business processes, the firm introduced a Scala system to help in integrating various processes in the supply chain. The firm also introduced e-gatematrix to help improve communication within the new system. This […]

Fundamentals of Fashion and Design

Abstract This report outlines how Jimmy Choo, which is an emerging firm in the UK fashion industry, can strengthen its competitive advantage. The report focuses on the strategies that the firm’s management team should take into account. Some of the strategies evaluated relate to investment in information communication technology (ICT). The main technologies cited include […]

Separation between girls and boys in the classroom

Introduction Sex separation is becoming a common practice in most learning institutions globally. The practice is widespread generally in high schools as compared to primary schools. Indeed, separation of boys and girls is considered vital especially among teenagers since it holds the capacity of fostering moral values, sanity, and development of basic human principles. It […]

To What Extent Does the Success of E-learning Depend on a Change in Organizational Culture?

Introduction In the contemporary demanding world, the information-based ability of workers is an imperative prerequisite for companies to possess competitive advantage. The typical learning is unable to meet the objectives described for the learning necessities of employees. This aspect demands that organizations integrate e-learning for the employees to enhance the performance of the individuals that […]

Supply Chain Management Techniques

Introduction One of the most outstanding innovations in the contemporary corporate management is supply chain management. Innovation, unlike the prior management techniques embraces the management of all players in the supply chain right from the supplier of the raw materials to the distributor. This change in management techniques has proved worthwhile in helping organizations to […]

Strategic Management Accounting

Introduction Strategic management is founded on strategic fundamentals. Management accounting provides a theoretical framework and a language of discourse for three levels of approaches including pre-enactment, declaration and implementation. Performance indicators are linked to the benchmarking practices and are often identified using specific piloting procedures in order to ensure best higher education programs that meet […]

The Strategic Management of IKAE Furniture Company

Introduction IKEA International is a global corporation that offers home accessories to all global clients. Headquartered in Sweden, IKEA provides quality furnishings in various global markets. IKEA aspires to provide quality products and services to its global clients. To realize this vision, IKEA offers various properly designed and serviceable house-furnishings at very low prices across […]

Communication Skills in Management

Introduction Organisations bring together people from different backgrounds. To ensure that diverse groups of people working in an organisation are organised such that they work towards common aims and goals, communication is an essential skill for any leader. Organisational leaders select various communications strategies depending on the situations that they encountered in their work environments. […]

Nuclear disarmament as a way to keep peace and provide human security

Introduction As the world struggles with the different challenges that are suppressing socioeconomic development in the contemporary days, human security is mainly at stake. Initially, social security was perhaps a mere threat as the involvement of global politics touching on the United States and the United Kingdom among other powerful states in the nuclear arsenal […]

Community Participation in Natural Resource Management: A Case Study of Community Forestry in Nepal

Introduction For a long time, policymakers have been considering that governments have overall responsibility of managing natural resources. However, with the advent of ardent environmentalists, governments have realized that community participation is central to the management of natural resources because community members form an integral part of natural resources. According to Mutamba (2004), since communities […]

Enlightenment and revolution

Introduction The modern political system of the European nations is a by-product of the enlightenment and political revolution that took place in the late eighteenth century in Europe. The mastermind philosophers of this enlightenment resided in France. The world before the enlightened political system seemed full of superstitions, irrationality, and naivety. The church and kingship […]

Marketing and International Business

Introduction In the current globalized world, firms have come to the realization that it is important to look for foreign markets for products in order to remain competitive and sustainable. The emerging technologies have created a global village where geographical barriers that existed before no longer prevent individual from conducting business. Firms can easily spread […]

Understanding of Contemporary Labor Market by Marxist Concept of Exploitation

Introduction The labor market is equivalent to any other market. In fact, it is where labor is traded for wages. Inherently, there are assumptions that guide the labor market. For instance, there is a direct correlation between human resource (labor) and income distribution (wages and profits). Hence, different theories have been advanced regarding labor markets. […]

Strategic operations management: Macy’s Inc

Introduction Operations management is an approach to the management practice in which executives of the firm plan, supervise and control all the business processes (Bowman, 2009). The management process is also concerned with redesigning as well as realigning the operations of the firm to attain the specific goals. The process of designing and realigning involves […]

Operations and supply chain strategies of Wal-mart and Toyota

Introduction There are several examples of very successful companies that became the leaders of various industries due to their effective supply chain and operations strategies. For instance, one can mention Wal-Mart and Toyota. These organizations represent different industries, namely retailing and automobile manufacturing, but their performance indicates the optimization of supply chain and manufacturing procedures […]

Print Media Is Dead

Introduction Print media has been the most powerful pathway for the transmission of fashion, fashion designs and other elements of the fashion industry. In fact, fashion magazines have been the key to the fashion industry (Stone, 2004). For several centuries, the fashion industry has increasingly taken the modern advantage of technological advancements in printing. In […]

Urban Economics: The Urbanization Process and its Effects

Introduction The human society can generally be divided into urban and rural inhabitants. For centuries, the majority of the global population lived in rural settlements. However, this trend has been reversed in the last few centuries with more people joining urban settlements. In the last few decades, the world’s population has experienced a great transformation […]