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Historical Cause and Effects

Person’s name: Nelson Mandela Person’s name: Commodore Perry Person’s name: Pope Leo X Person’s name: Cortez Combined: Nelson Mandela, Pope Leo X, Commodore Perry, and cortex The prohibition of marriages Act was first passed in South Africa in 1949. This Act prohibits marriages between people of different races. Marriages between people of different races was […]

Fire Safety and Prevention in Buildings and Structures

Introduction The economic value of the construction industry is significant and the industry contributes up to 10% of the annual GDP for most nations (Purkiss, 2). The industry encompasses the use of many other complementary industries such as electrical, mining, steel and transportation to name but a few. This involvement of multiple industries suggests that […]

Fires; Control and Prevention

Introduction Fire is viewed as a major hazard that causes extensive damage to property, people, animals and the natural ecosystem of the environment. Fire is a combination of heat, oxygen, fuels and an ignition source such as intensive heat or lightening. Fires can be controlled or uncontrolled where the uncontrolled fires are those that burn […]

Crisis Management Proposal

Introduction It is estimated that fire accidents in United Kingdom kill almost 800 people and injure 15,000 other people every year (Wang Para. 1). In responding to accidents of fire, the findings also show that for the last six decades, the provision for crisis fire fighting response in the country has involved consideration for the […]

Entrepreneurial Audit Report on an existing business

History, founding and ownership In today’s business environment it is very important that companies operate with a clear strategic path. It is this clear strategic path that will enable a company continuously search for new entrepreneurial opportunities and seize them with much effectiveness. It is the result of this strategic process combined with the human […]

Is The World Running Out Of Oil?

Introduction Scientists, geologists and other opinions makers have for years been trying to comprehensively answer the question on whether the world is running out of oil. To this day, there is no comprehensive answer to this question. This research paper argues that the world will not run out of oil as predicted by some environmentalists […]

Introduction to Applied Professional Ethics

The Role of Ethics in the Workplace Description of Concrete Experience I have worked for AT&T for about 20 years now and during my first 9 years I held the non-management positions including Account Representative, and PAF Associate. I must admit that implementing the ethical programs in the organization was not an easy task and […]

The Role of Media’s Influence

The Role of Media’s Influence on Language and Culture Description of Concrete Experience I was born and raised in Mullins South Carolina in the United States. At the age of 19 years old, I moved out to Atlanta Georgia where I met my husband, Olayinka Akinsowon, then 20 years old. Akinsowon is from West Africa […]

Parenting’s Skills, Values and Styles

Subtopic 1: Parenting Skills and Their Development Description of Concrete Experience: I have found parenting to be a very tasking job yet important responsibility that one has in a lifetime. Unfortunately there is no formal education to guide me in parenting; all I have is a handful of literature materials on the subject. I mostly […]

Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategy

Marketing forms a very integral part in the channel of distribution of goods and services. As a result, desirable entrepreneurship skills and competence requires workable marketing plans to be instituted in place. The critical evaluation of marketing strategy contained in this paper focuses on a new product, the Dove body wash which was launched by […]

Complexity of Managing Multinational Corporations: MNC Culture

Globalization has resulted in the liberalization of various countries’ markets, enhanced communication systems, and wide networks of connections. Consequently, the rise of multinational corporations has been steady, with many of such corporations emerging in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Multinational companies have representatives in various parts of the globe of which each society in which […]

Can Children be Reliable Courtroom Witnesses?

For centuries, the law has had mistrust on statements and testimonies given out by children. Justification of lack of trust was brought about by the fact that the children were viewed incapable of differentiating facts from fantasies. The basis of this notion is supported by the fact that sometimes children lie, especially about sexual abuse […]

Time Management: Theories and Application

Executive Summary There are a number of theories which have been developed in relation to time management. This paper provides an analysis of these theories and demonstrates how they can be applied to increase my studying efficiency. The first theory used is the Bucket of Rocks Theory which offers insight into the order in which […]

Making a high fashion brand and use pop-up stores

Introduction The fashion industry is becoming more competitive and as a result high-end fashion brand houses have been forced to come up with new techniques that will enable them successfully market their products (Blaszczyk 2008). The advancement of technology has led to the use of pop-ups stores and internet marketing, which has become a very […]

Planning a Program of Physical Development

Personal exercise habits are particularly vital for body physical and mental functioning. Lack of exercise in addition to bad eating habits basically ruins one’s health and fitness. Motivation, money and time are some of major factors that influence exercises, especially personal training. In addition, regular physical exercises and dieting contribute to a great percentage in […]

The Relationship Between Britain and the US – Is It Special?

The relationship between the United States of America and the United Kingdom goes a long way back, before the declaration of independence in America. The arrival of the British pilgrims in America heralded the beginning of a relationship that would last for hundreds of years. The two countries have collaborated on several fronts from war […]

History of NATO in 20th and 21th Centuries

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an intergovernmental military alliance which was founded in April 1949. It was formed through the North Atlantic Treaty which was signed on 4th of April the same year. It has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. NATO comprises a system of collective where all the member states are in agreement […]

Business in Saudi Arabia- Past and present

Introduction Saudi Arabia is a premier business location in the Middle East. Arabs first inhabited the Arabian Peninsula centuries ago. The communities that settled at the place gave rise to the present counties that form he Middle East including Saudi Arabia. Recorded history indicates that Saudi Arabia at the time of its inhabitation was one […]

Importance of sound

Life is made meaningful through the five senses present in human beings. The experiences that people go through are facilitated through the senses that enable people to decipher the messages contained in the sounds that they hear. Seeing and hearing are touted as the most fundamental and can only be compared to food and water, […]

Strategic Human Resource Management

Introduction Many people in organizations are not very comfortable with how the HR departments operate. This department is always involved in cutting payroll and other expenditure at the whim of the chief financial officers (Jackson and Mathis 2008, p. 3). Despite of this common perception it has been noted that HR is essential especially in […]

Marketing Report: iPhone

Brief History The initial name of Apple, Inc. was Apple Computer and it was created on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The company was incorporated on January 3, 1977, in Cupertino, California. Initially, the company was engaged in the manufacture of personal computers. In the year 1985, Steve Jobs was ousted […]


Introduction Marketing is defined as a management process that is responsible for the anticipation, identification and the satisfaction of the customer requirements profitably. Marketing can also be understood as an organizational function and combined set of processes that are aimed at creating, communicating and delivering value to customers as well as the managing of customer […]

Nord’s Translation Theory: Reflective Essay

Introduction This essay focuses on the analysis of Nord’s translation theory, including its main functions and elements. It also provides the rationale for applying this model to the practical translation of the chosen article. Within this context, specific benefits and weaknesses will be identified in comparison to other theoretical studies on translation. Christiane Nord’s Translation […]

Economic Crisis in Dubai

Abstract This research article evaluates the debt fiasco in Dubai. The paper starts with the distinction between Dubai and Dubai world, and then proceeds to describe the nature of the liability crisis in Dubai. Additionally, the research evaluates the intervention by Abu Dhabi, reviewing the reasons and effects of the intervention. Finally, the article evaluates […]

Group and Leadership Skills Development

Each human being has unique behavior and qualities. However, some similarities in these behavior and qualities exist between individuals. To develop and practice our group and leadership skills this course required that we form two different groups and by working in them we were able to experience leadership and organizational dynamics. Both my colleagues and […]


Information Abstract Staff development and training, remains a major strategy used in enhancing the effectiveness of employees in various companies and organizations around the world. This is usually spearheaded by the HR department to motivate employees and enhance their production. While this is the case, very few business owners invest in developing their employees in […]

Story of Esau and Jacob

Introduction The bible, which is the religious reference book for Christians, presents the beginning of their faith and the birth of the religion. From the book of genesis to revelation, the bible has everything to offer in the daily life of Christians. There are many stories and poems in the bible all focusing on communication […]

Clearwaters Company Objectives and Issues

Marketing has evolved with the evolving technologies in the world. The emerging technologies have completely changed the marketing processes in the current world. Freeman (2010) observes that for a long time, marketing was considered an operational activity and it was a unit under the production department. This was the time when most firms employed the […]

Management: Shareholder Wealth Optimization

Introduction In 1970, the distinguished economics professor Milton Friedman wrote an essay in which he argued that the sole social responsibility of a company is to generate profit for its shareholders. Bejou (2011) notes that the core message that Friedman was advancing through his argument was that the primary responsibility of managers was to the […]

Dell Inc Company Strategic Marketing

Abstract This research paper will delve into a scrupulous analysis and discussion of the modern drift in strategic marketing probing deeper into how it interlocks with the overall organizational goals and objectives. For the purposes of this study, Dell Inc, a colossal company offering a wide assortment of computer products and services will be reviewed […]

Expenditure Plan

Introduction Establishing a medical care facility can double up as a business venture or an entity for the general well being of the society. Demand for quality medical care is on the rise as population takes an increasing trend; to be a successful business man in this sector, one requires being a professional in the […]

The Concept of Broken Love in Poetry

Introduction Every poem and every text are full of ideas. As a rule, ideas are either inspired by some events in the political, economic, and social life of the country when an author decides to write a certain poem, or some emotional and mental state of the author suggests him/her an appropriate way to reveal […]

Best Methods for Oil Clean Ups

Abstract There have been a lot of reports covering issues related to oil spills in the world. The reports cover issues ranging from causes of oil spills to the effects of oil spills on the environment. This report is also covering some of the issues in a different perspective. The body of the report deals […]

Organizational Research and Theory

Introduction An organization’s external environment is very relevant on how the organization is structured and conducts its operations, thus, it shapes the organization as a whole. An organization needs to understand that the environment is highly dynamic and ever changing; what happened yesterday in the corporate world or public sector may be completely different from […]

Managing Workforce Diversity

Executive Summary Workforce diversity is an issue that has generated sufficient interest from business managers, and scholars. Simply put effective management of workforce diversity as recognizing, understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of each individual in the staff. This should however not be motivated only by the potential to increase profit margin. Even so, a diverse […]

Research proposal on Challenges Facing Small and Medium Enterprises in Turkey

Proposed research topic The challenges that small scale business in Turkey face when competing with multinationals and large-scale business. The research will finally devise a way that the government can assist in development of small-scale businesses (SMEs). Introduction Republic of Turkey is the sixth largest Turkic country, located in Southeastern Europe. The country ranks number […]

Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Introduction Spirituality refers to religious attitudes, experimental dimensions, existential well-being, mystical beliefs and other practices of religious inclination. This definition seems to be based on the physical phenomena as opposed to the metaphysical one. This is largely due to the use of scientific methods in trying to pursue the goal of the study. More often […]

Proportional Representation System

The Canadian electoral system should be changed to ensure democratic expansion. As such, it should be replaced with the proportional representation electoral system. This system demands fair representation of the respective political groups and the voters as well. It allows a number of representatives to be elected from one district as opposed to the current […]

Unethical Organizations

Introduction The nature of business and how companies conduct their business today has created a potential for organizational members to engage in unethical conduct or behavior. Unethical behavior is defined as the harmful effect that one’s behavior has on other people. This harmful effect can be either illegal or morally unacceptable by the organization or […]

Employee Retention in Workplace

Introduction According to Prakashan (2008, p.1-51), “employee Retention involves taking measures to encourage the most productive employees to remain in the organization for the maximum period of time” or up to completion of their projects. Additionally, Carsen & CCH Incorporated (2005, p.2) note that ‘retention of employees also involves weeding out underperformers in order to […]

The Role of Needs Assessment in the Organization

Introduction Needs assessment can be defined as the process a systematic approach to evaluating the current state of an organization with the intention of developing strategies to address the constraints in the present system. There are various driving factors behind conducting a needs assessment in an organization, with the principal goal being to address enhance […]

The Importance of Action Research

Introduction Professional development and action research are both very significant in the teaching profession. Worthwhile and effective professional developments are always being sought by principles, supervisors and even specialists. In order to improve their service delivery, teachers are usually prompted to attend in-service meetings, conferences and even workshops. Some of these activities are usually frustrating […]

Theory between Economics and Ethics. Adam Smith ‘Problem’

Introduction One might ask, ‘What is Adam Smith problem?’ Adam smith’s problem emerged at the end of the 19th century because of a controversy that occurred between Adam’s published books, ‘The Wealth of Nations’ edited in 1976 and ‘The Theory of Moral Sentiments’ written in 1759. The discrepancy, noted by various scholars in the two […]

Compare of Capitalism and Socialism

Arguably, one of the most outstanding features in human beings is their ability to design systems that help them develop various aspects of their civilizations. Over the last century, nations all over the world have implemented various systems that help them allocate, distribute and govern the available resources accordingly. Despite the effectiveness exhibited by these […]

Similarities between Capitalism and Socialism. Compare & Contrast

Introduction Socialism has been regarded as kind of economy which relocates its means of production from individual ownership to state ownership and communal ownership. A state that operates under socialism possesses all the means of production and also supervises them. This system has been believed to construct a different egalitarian system which is founded on […]

Local Museums and their Cultural Heritage

Introduction Museums have a great role in preserving the cultural heritage of various ethnicities. Although they have successfully gained this goal, the pressing issue has remained in its capacity of educating visitors about natural heritage, history and culture, or a chosen subject in context. Many archaeological historians have argued that Museums’ are the only organizations […]

The Tikal City’s History

Introduction Architecture has been considered as one of the greatest inventions of man since time immemorial. The beginning of architecture cannot be traced at the exact date but it is believed that many ancient communities practiced different forms of architectural designs. Although modern architecture has been precipitated by the need to have better places to […]

The Operational Approach to Management

Introduction Management is referred to as the science of using people and resources to achieve goals. Sometimes managers are involved in supervision and, therefore, management can further be interpreted as making sure people do their duties as assigned to them. This means that managers are mandated to ensure that productivity is realized in an organization […]

Analyzing and Critiquing a Paradigm

The presentation of personal ideas normally takes numerous forms. Various activities performed by individuals help them in presenting their ideologies views about earthly things to the public. A paradigm can be defined as a pattern of conducting activities. The drawing paradigm normally offers personal perceptions possessed by draftsmen about views regarding life. While the presentation […]

Blenheim Bridge

Abstract The Blenheim Bridge was constructed after the ratification of legislation in New York, which sought to incorporate the Blenheim Bridge Company. It was constructed under the architectural leadership of Nicholas Powers, who repaired a covered bridge at Schoharie before being asked to build a bridge with a covered design in North Blenheim in 1854. […]

Christianity in the Roman Empire

Introduction There has always been a link between Rome and Christianity since the first Christians were Romans in the sense that they lived in the Roman Empire and had their culture and language heavily influenced by the dominant Roman culture. However, in its early years, Christianity had negligible political power compared to the Roman Empire. […]

Lloyd’s Building

Abstract In this paper, we shall study the facts and figures of the Lloyd’s Building, London and understand the circumstances prevailing at that time. Even though Richard Rogers was a renowned architect, there were some people who were not impressed by his designs. Probably, the reason was that Rogers was a modernist and designed building […]

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

Abstract The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro is in an administrative capital of Ivory Coast, Yamoussoukro. Architectures, designers, and constructors worked on the $ 300 million building between 1985 and 1989. The building heavily borrows its design from those of the Basilica of Saint Peter of Vatican. Pope John Paul II consecrated […]

The early inquisition in the Iberian peninsular

Introduction Inquisition is perhaps one of the most studied topics in medieval history. A proper understanding of European history can never be understood without delving deeply into the issues surrounding inquisition. Religious conflicts that started off with inquisition intensified and introduced European nationalism. Secular rulers started to assert their authority against encroachment from the church. […]

Erving Goffman Theory

Erving Goffman was an important sociologist during the last century. His work mainly focused on the evident routine behavior within the social organizations. Putting different kinds of qualitative methods into use, Erving Goffman came up with categorizations of the various factors of social interaction. His approach’s hallmark was the supposition that these categorizations were heuristic, […]

Health care Reforms in G8 Countries and Turkey

Introduction One of the main objectives of the governments of G8 countries is to promote and improve the health status of their citizens. In order to achieve this objective, G8 countries have focused on providing effective, accessible, as well as, affordable health care to their citizens. Consequently, health care policies in G8 countries revolve around […]

The Chartered Management Institute Leadership and Management

Introduction The Chartered Management Institute, CMI, is a UK based organization with the mandate to provide both practicing and would be managers with the best management and leadership skills. Being the only chartered organization in the UK that is devoted to improve management and leadership practice, the magnitude of CMI’s mandate cannot be underestimated. It […]

The Truly Global Economy

Introduction Many people have had different questions regarding globalization, some asking whether it is the integration of economic, social, political and cultural systems across the world or the dominance of the developed countries in making decisions at the expense of the poor regions. Others have questioned whether it can contribute to the economic growth, prosperity […]

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Introduction Over the last one decade, several space agencies have had several missions, which form a core part of the Mars Exploration Program (MEP). Prior to the launching of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, several spacecrafts were already operating in the planet under the MEP. The Mars Odyssey was launched in early April 2001 and arrived […]

Mass Migrations and Demographic Challenges

Introduction For several decades now, the world has been experiencing mass migration. Mass migration is no longer a new phenomenon since it has existed for several decades, dating back to the 18th century to 20th century with numerous reasons aligning this migration (Bertocchi and Strozzi 2). Historically, this movement was conventionally nomadic with pastoralists moving […]

Project: Warfare in the High Skies

The rivalry between Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines is the subject of many debates. This is because of the cutthroat competition between the two companies. This competition exists despite significant differences in the business strategies of the two companies. This project seeks to investigate the nature and impact of this rivalry. The research question guiding […]

What Really Happened at the Alamo?

Introduction Several myths and legends have been put in place concerning what really happened at Alamo in San Antonio. Many films, songs, and stories have been composed based on the events that occurred in this fort over a hundred years ago during the Texas war of independence from Mexico. The fort transformed from the original […]

The Lingual Theory: A Hybrid of Semiotics and Stand Point Theories of Analyzing Films

The media is an avenue through which occurrences taking place in a society are communicated to the audience. Such communication is usually guided by specific frameworks meant to deliver information in a certain manner. Colombo (2004) points out that film and other forms of mass communication ascribe to particular theoretical frameworks to deliver their message […]

Adam Smith’s understanding of capitalism

Introduction Adam smith is one of the famous economists whose contribution in the field of economy has shaped various aspects of both the ancient and modern world economy. Most of his economic theories are currently given more consideration to assist in explaining subtle economic conditions. Different economies exhibit different conditions because of different economic theories […]

Insurance for camels (Alba’aeer)

Introduction There is a need to introduce a camel general insurance policy due to the increased needs to protect camels in the UAE. Such an insurance policy should cover camels against sickness, accidental loss of the camel arising from fire, theft, and legal liability arising out of the camel’s damage to properties belonging to third […]

Fast Foods more harm than Good

Introduction Alice is currently eighteen years old and she resides in Tyneside in the United Kingdom. In October 2009, The Guardian published a touching story on her plight: she has been obese since she was a toddler and her father died of a heart disease before she was born. She has been bullied by girls […]

Pre-Stressed Concrete

Introduction Pre-stressing is one of the methodologies applied by civil engineers to mitigate natural drawbacks of steel concrete structures. The methodology is deployed to produce various structures for commercial utilisation such as floors, bridges, and beams among others. Concrete withstands more loads while subjected to compressive loads than while subjected to tensile loads. This behaviour […]

The Religious and Political Views of the Epic Poem

Introduction The poem Paradise Lost by Milton is a piece of art that has been coined wonderfully to pass both political and religious messages. The name Paradise Lost was carefully chosen as a summary of what Milton was talking about in the entire book. According to Sander (64), the way Milton has used diction in […]

The Gherkins – London Skyscrapers

Abstract The aim of this paper was to report on the construction of the 30 St. Mary AXE (Gherkin) in London and how a similar skyscraper would be constructed in modern times. The Gherkin was designed by the Foster and Partners and constructed by the Skanska group from 2001-2003. The building occupies the former site […]

Motor Vehicle Industry

Summary The motor vehicle industry mainly concerns itself with manufacturing and selling of motor vehicles and all the related parts to users. Motor vehicles have gradually continued to grow in their usefulness, influencing demand from the markets as users seek to gain from the additional features and technology that manufacturers introduce in their numerous designs […]

Technological Advances in Education

Abstract Technology has had massive impact on education. The recent technological inventions and innovations have changed the approach taken by various stakeholders in this field. The geographical barrier that existed before has been eliminated completely. In the current society, a British student can undertake his or her junior primary education in Britain, high school in […]

General Motors: Branding of Saturn

Executive Summary Branding is one of the most valid practices of marketing management in firms. Best practices in brand management result in the attainment of high volumes of sales by the company. This paper presents a case of branding and its impact on Saturn, which is one of the key brands of the General Motors […]

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines’ environment industry-specific and firm-specific factors can be analyzed from the context of rivalry in the industry entry threats, threats of substitutes, threats of complements, buyers’ bargaining powers, and suppliers’ bargaining power (Porter 2008, p.56). The degree of competition in any business industry determines the general productivity of firms operating in the production. One […]

Customer Perception; Subways Restaurants

Introduction Any business, whether in the services or goods industry, has the customer as the most important stakeholder. Organisations work hard and devise strategies to satisfy the customer. Customers on the other side are motivated by factors within their psychological core, the consumer environment, and by marketer controlled activity. Success in a business is attained […]

Knowledge Management in Organizations

Introduction With increased management strategies and mechanisms, facilitated by increased competition among companies, there is a new wave of management to knowledge management. Globalization and competition has resulted in companies looking for intellectual assets management over and above traditional business assets like physical and human resource. The move has been facilitated by advancement in technology […]

How the AIDS epidemic has affected the world on a political, social, economical way

Introduction AIDS is an international epidemic that has interfered with the political, social and economic status of most states in the world. It is an epidemic that was discovered in the 1980s, and since then it has taken many lives, not to mention, both adults and children, scientists have been involved in vigorous research, although […]

Adoption of an Effective Business Model

Introduction Market analysis The airline industry in Europe is currently ranked as one of the largest and fastest growing industry globally. According to Cento (13), the industry plays a significant role in as far as a country’s economic growth is concerned, by facilitating various economic activities such as tourism, international investment, and global trade. Over […]

Concept of Imperial Powers in History

Introduction Imperialism is a term used to describe the relationship between a more powerful state and a less powerful one (Howe, 13). In addition, imperialism is the creation and maintaining of an unequal economic, cultural, and territorial relationship mainly between states. The relationship is based on domination and subordination. One way of enhancing Imperialism is […]

Gamescorp PLC on the Chinese Market

Cultural differences between China and Europe Factors to consider before investing in China It is essential for any business hoping to enter into the Chinese market to have a comprehensive understanding of the country’s business environment, local culture, business practices and government policies. China has an immensely diversified culture, which means that the country has […]

Nationalism in the Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire was a Turkish empire that existed between the period of 1299 to 1923 through the control of an extensive region in Southeastern Europe, West Asia and certain regions of North Africa[1]. Ottoman Empire consisted of many provinces and states, some of which later got absorbed into the empire while others operated […]

Serialism as a Technique of Composing Pieces of Music

Introduction In music, there are many techniques of composing pieces of music. One of such techniques is serialism that applies the concept of sets to illustrate musical elements. In addition, serialism allows the manipulation of the aforementioned sets to create new musical elements. Many people who believe in serialism think that its construction lies in […]

Financial Reporting

Introduction The following essay examines the fair presentation of financial statements. The essay also examines the objectives of financial reporting, components of financial statements, Principles of Presentation, qualitative characteristics of financial statements and Fundamental Accounting Assumptions. It is important to first determine the meaning of financial statements before examining the fair presentation of financial statements. […]