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Cloud computing Summary

Cloud computing has been gaining popularity for the last few decades. In fact, small as well as large organizations have realized the potential of cloud in saving costs of procurement, installation and maintaining data storage systems. Synchronized sectors, including banking, have realized such benefits in utilizing cloud computing. It is imperative for organizations to make […]

Westfield Shopping Centre Marketing Strategies

Introduction Background of the study Supermarket malls need to maintain their supremacy in enjoying huge and constant number of customers to survive in the competitive business environment. It is therefore a requirement for any supermarket mall that wants to remain champion to put its strategies well fit for market diversity needs and satisfaction of the […]

Mobile Marketing: The Hotelier’s Point of View

Background Mobile marketing is a range of activities that allow the businesses such as the hotel industry to communicate with potential customers through the help of mobile devices, gargets and networks, in a relevant and interactive manner (Aberdeen Group, 2008, p.1). Mobile marketing is the utilization of mobile phones and other wireless gadgets to enable […]

Franchising Concept Evaluation

Abstract Franchising is one of the most effective strategies through which businesses can attain the desired level of growth and competitive advantage. Its effectiveness emanates from the view that it is based on a tested business model. Despite its effectiveness in promoting financial sustainability, the franchising business model has been criticised extensively by various scholars […]

The Relationship between Color Vision and High Altitude

Abstract Color vision is one of the characteristics that are recognized as having an effect on careers and human interaction. This research establishes the effects of high altitude on color vision. It also investigates the color systems that are affected more in relation to others. The research methodology mainly involves the analysis of materials on […]

Types of Cardiac Arrhythmia Resulting From Centrifugal Acceleration

Abstract Cardiac arrhythmia is one of the many health conditions that form the basis of aviation medicine. The absence of adequate information around the condition necessitates studies to that effect. The current paper sought to determine the types of cardiac arrhythmia that result from aviation related movement. The study relied on findings made in centrifugal […]

Teaching Arabian Students English with the book “Flying High for S.A Student Book”

Introduction Background of the Study English is fast becoming an international language and the Middle East is embracing its usage in various activities. This means that it has gained popularity and learning institutions continue to diversify their curriculums by introducing this language in their programmes. Saudi Arabian students are embracing the need to pursue higher […]

Strategic Reorganization of Incoming Call Centre

Abstract This research project was undertaken in order to resolve problems at the call centre, Customer Hotline, at ABC Daily Newspaper in Hong Kong. Customers were waiting too long for calls to be answered and they were complaining for lack of follow-up, poor attitudes of agents and incorrect information being. The supervisor investigates and management […]

The leadership of Amazon

Introduction It is doubtless that the success of any organization depends on a wide range of intertwined factors, which have the potential to propel an organization or make it crumble. One of these factors is leadership. In any organization, leadership is usually charged with the responsibility of giving direction and setting performance pace through formulation […]

Michigan Newspapers’ Biased Coverage of Jewish Persecution in Germany

Introduction Soon after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, he quickly began a process of eliminating political and economic opponents of his usually extremist policies for development in Germany. “The Night of the Long Knives” in 1934 saw Hitler eliminate his political challengers and opponents through extra-judicial executions on the false allegation of an […]

Façade Constructions

Introduction Façade constructions are parts of a building that provides protection of the people inside against extreme weather and enemies. Buildings either for commercial, institutional or residential purposes must fulfill fundamental needs of human beings. In most cases, these fundamental needs relates to the dictates of weather and climate for instance adequate sunlight, cold, wind […]

Comparative Theories of Migration

In the 21st century, migration has become a critical political subject in most countries. Partially, migration is caused by the widening difference between the first and third world countries but other factors such as agricultural revolution, climatic change, rural-urban migration, unemployment, insecurity, and human rights violations still play a big role. Researchers have also observed […]

Stress at the Workplace for Correctional Officers

Executive Summary Stress at the workplace is a common phenomenon in many professions. However, unlike other professionals, correctional officers experience unique work dynamics that introduce new stress factors to their work experiences. Particularly, correctional officers have to manage and supervise the activities of people held by the state against their will. Furthermore, most inmates have […]

Independent Study: Tim Burton

Introduction “A pale, frail-looking, sad-eyed man with hair that expressed much more than last night’s pillow struggle… I remember the first thing I thought was, ‘Get some Sleep,” writes Johnny Depp, a long time associate actor of Tim Burton, in his forward to Burton on Burton (Burton, Salisbury and Depp, Burton on Burton x). The […]

Amarex Case Study

Executive Summary Effective supply chain management and logistics facilitate the growth of international trade; the opportunity to venture in logistics business offered by the growth in international trade has attracted a number of players. Multinational logistics companies are strengthening their market command by putting on barriers to entry in the industry. In Saudi Arabia, Amarex […]

Who is to blame for slow Katrina response?

Introduction The United States military attack on the Middle East received widespread criticisms from all over the world. Human rights activists asserted that the United States concerted efforts on this war reflected the deep-rooted negligence of the important roles a government plays to its citizens. The slow response by the government to the Hurricane Katrina […]

Training Package for Microsoft Publisher Software

MasterIT is a leading performance company in IT solutions that provides businesses with proactive security and protection against critical data loss, threats and malicious software damage. The hardware based capabilities allow secure and remote access to the PC for repairs, upgrades and diagnostics and can be applied to both small and medium-sized businesses, offering lower […]