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Amarex Case Study

The following are the specific challenges facing the company: How to deal with changing customs rules and legislations in both exporting and importing countries How to deal with terrors attacks and ensure their customer get [...]

Façade Constructions

The project will cover the architectural detailing of the integrated facade system, the different forms of facades, and the performance of the system as well as the design of this system.

The leadership of Amazon

This is essential in counteracting the effect of competitors and adopting products and services that address the needs of customers and the market exhaustively.

Franchising Concept Evaluation

The success of franchising is subject to the nature of relationship established between the franchisor and the franchisee. Sidhpuria asserts that the 'flexibility of the franchising system should allow the franchisors to tailor all their [...]

Women’s Emotional Health

The anthropological stance on women is a deviation from the traditional methods because it does not require the patient's historical information and its main techniques are listening, understanding, empathizing, and responding to the patient's counseling [...]

The Development of Soccer Analysis

The fifth chapter is devoted to the analysis of interesting and relevant issues of the reasons of low popularity of soccer in the United States where other sports like baseball and basketball are dominant.