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Sociological Theories and How They Contribute to Our Understanding of Education

Introduction Different scholars look at education functions from different perspectives depending on the theory they deploy in interpretation of their perceived features of education. The theories that tend to explain the sociological functions of education are collectively termed as sociological theories of education. Young posits that sociology of education entails the study of the manner […]

Current Issues in International Management

Abstract Globalization has played a significant role in the world of business by allowing organizations to transact with little regard to national borders. This is so due to declining international trade barriers together with other international legal barriers that are opening the world to interact through trade more frequently. One such international trade organization is […]

Life-Cycle Costing

Abstract The built environment is an all-encompassing industry. The stakeholders have all reasons to focus on achieving the lowest cost of both initial and investment cost, and the Life-cycle cost has gained increased significance in the construction industry in the past few years. However, the UAE built environment industry is marked with limited adoption of […]

Addressing the Impacts of Undergraduates’ Engagement in Community Service on Stakeholders

Introduction Background Information Community service as a concept has gained popularity throughout the world for various reasons. Perold & Rahmat (1997:14) are of the view that this concept is gaining popularity in discourses taking place throughout the world. This is especially the case in community development discussions. Bryant & West (2011) views community service as […]

Danish Aid to Africa: Implication for Civil Society & Democracy

Intrudaction Denmark has put in place initiatives, policies, and programs aimed at improving the welfare of the developing and undeveloped countries in the world. As a result, Denmark is ranked as the world’s largest donor country for offering the highest aid to third world countries. The main beneficiaries of this donor aid are the countries […]

Transportation Improvement Plan: Toyota Motor Cooperation

Introduction Transport system is a very significant component in supply chain. Before the final product reaches the consumer, there are transportation costs involved. These costs involve the transportation of raw materials to the plant and then the ready products to the market. They affect an organization’s profitability directly thus companies have employed transportation as a […]

Organizational Change Plan for Accor Company

Introduction Accor Company Change Management Project Team (ACCMPT) will provide Accor Company with methods that will help sustain customer satisfaction for a long time in Accor Company. ACCMPT has significantly involved in Accor Company different changes implementation. The changes included change to spread the company worldwide, change on methods of recruiting workers of Accor Company, […]

Reflective Journal on The illusion of leadership: Directing creativity in business and the arts by Piers Ibbotson

Creativity — Myths and legends Chapter summary. Reflecting on the area his leadership skills are applied to and observing comparatively scarce information and discussion of it by those who are directly involved in creativity, Ibbotson points out three principal characteristics inherent in creative process. Irrespective of the creative sphere, creative process involves a background that […]

Creative Industries of New Zealand

Introduction Creative industries of New Zealand (NZ) have the potential to create not only knowledge but also goods and services in several fields. These include screen production, television, music, design, fashion, publishing, textiles and digital content. The creative industries have been built on the unique aspects of NZ’s culture. These industries contribute to the economy […]

Ethics of Cloning

Introduction Animal cloning became recognized as a commercial venture in 2001, with the intention to improve the quality of herds. It is one of the many ways in the field of genetics that has been used to improve and advance the quality of life. However, serious scrutiny from several advocacy groups considers the venture as […]

Overtime Analysis

Abstract The main aim of this study was to determine the most cost-effective method that the Immigration Branch of Commercial Bank of Dubai would use to minimize their annual expenses. The choice to be made was between overtime and hiring of new employees. From studies that have been conducted on the topic, it has been […]

Byzantine Art by Robin Cormack

Rome with a Christian Face? Early Byzantine Art 330–527 The discussion of Byzantine art represents a challenge for the researcher. The main issue about Byzantine art is that it demonstrates incompliance with the traditional chronologically-based methodologies of art. Standardly perceived as the art of “religious icons”, Byzantine art can be defined as the religious art […]